Grand Hero Battle - Xander

Grand Hero Battle - Xander
Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details
Xander: Paragon Knight

Xander enters the fray with his faithful lackeys surrounding your starting position. Like many other GHBs before, they are cleverly positioned to assault you together once you step in range. Once you step into their line of fire, they attempt to push you further into your starting position using their cavalry and Xander's footsoldiers. Xander leads the charge with his team backing him up, and if you aren't ready to receive him, you will be overrun by the handsome knight.

The easiest way to tackle this platoon is to Divide and Conquer where you take out or severely weaken one side and split the focus of the cavalry.  Units that do well against cavalry or can quickly take out the foot soldiers will help make quick work of Xander and his attendants.

Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Cleric Weapon: Gravity
Special: Solid-Earth Balm
Support: Recover
B: Wings of Mercy 3
C: Hone Spd 3
Lance Fighter Weapon: Killer Lance+
Special: Ignis
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Quick Riposte 3
Xander Weapon: Siegfried
Special: Blazing Light
A: Armored Blow 3
C: Spur Def 3
Green Cavalier Weapon: Gronnwolf+
Special: Glacies
A: Warding Blow 3
B: Vantage 3
C: Hone Cavalry
Sword Fighter Weapon: Killing Edge+
Special: Ignis
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Quick Riposte 3
1st Decree - Divide

Dividing the forces involve two methods of attack, best used together:

  • One  method of attack is to assassinate the blue unit with a ranged unit. This can be done most effectively with a mage such as Nino or a Darting Blow/Lancebreaker Julia. Once their mission is complete, they must be extracted using a Dancer/Singer.  The Dancer/Singer should also be pulled back afterwards (preferably by the unit that has returned alive).
  • Another method of attack is to either execute the red foot-soldier using a red mage or position a bulky red unit near the foot-soldier to draw fire from the green cavalier mage.  Tharja is an excellent unit that can ruthlessly devour the red soldier while beautifully taking care of the green mage.  Ike and Ryoma can handle both the sword-user and bait the green mage into their death.
2nd Decree - Conquer

With the blue unit dispatched and the green mage + red infantry distracted/taken care of by your red unit , Xander attacks you with only a healer at his side. Depending on your red unit's status and whether the green mage and red infantry are alive, your red blockade can choose to continue his assault on the right side, turn to attack Xander or retreat away from the green mage before he dies.

With his forces divided or eliminated, this turn is the opportune time to slay Xander. Once he is taken care of, you can safely clean up any of his remaining forces that wish to die with him. Ideally, his foot-soldiers and mage cavalier already went down before him, and all that is left is to silence his healer.

Recommended Units - Assassins

Xander and his infantry are strong against physical damage, so magical allies will help in killing the saddled knight and his posse'.  It is also important to note that the only source of high magical damage is the green mage.  The healer's damage is not too potent, and it will prioritize healing its allies over attacking you unless it can KO your unit.


  • Nino
  • Julia - Advised to use Lancebreaker or Darting Blow to double attack the blue infantry.
  • Robin (F) - Advised to use Lancebreaker or Darting Blow to double attack the blue infantry.
  • Camilla (Spring Festival) - Her high defense allows her to take less damage from many of the units here.  
  • Merric - Good physical bulk.


  • Linde - Can OHKO Xander with the right buffs
  • Lucina (Spring Festival) - More bulky Linde
  • Ursula - Beware of Gronnwolf enemy mage.
  • Reinhardt - 1-2 HKOs most of the enemies here.  Beware of Gronnwolf enemy mage. 
  • Olwen - Knows Reposition, can quadruple-attack with buffs
  • Robin (M) - High defense allows him to wall Xander well.


  • Tharja - Dispatches the red infantry unit and green mage all before turn 2.
  • Sanaki - Use Swordbreaker to kill the red infantry unit.
  • Lilina - Use Swordbreaker to kill the red infantry unit.
  • Sophia - Use Swordbreaker to kill the red infantry unit. Has high defense to tank attacks from sword users.
  • Henry - Use Swordbreaker to double attack the red infantry unit.  Has high defense to tank attacks from sword users.
  • Raigh - Tome dispatches green mage quite easily.
Recommended Units - Wall and Support

Units the can buff or pull the assassins back and/or act as a wall protecting them from the oncoming charge is ideal.


  • Olivia - Can give another turn to the Blue infantry's assassin while taking neutral damage from Xander and reduced damage from the green mage.
  • Ike - Can block the Red infantry while taking out the Green cavalier with his Ragnell.
  • Ryoma - Can take care of the Red infantry and the Green cavalier.
  • Zephiel - Can wall the sword-user and the green mage effectively.  Might need help from a support move to make it into the perfect position.
  • Draug - Can wall the sword-user and the green mage effectively.  Might need help from a support move to make it into the perfect position.
  • Eirika - Can buff the assassins to increase damage output as well as act as speedy wall.
  • Tiki (Y) - Impressive bulk while dealing good magical damage.
  • Tiki (A) - Impressive bulk while dealing great magical damage from any range at the cost of having low speed.


  • Effie - Able to survive an attack from the green mage while dealing with the sword-user.
  • Gwendolyn - Effie with more bulk, less punch.
  • Ephraim - Offers great support for the Assassins while being able to duel Xander and the other sword user.  Beware of magic.
  • Azura - Handles red units well while giving her Assassins another turn to move.
  • Ninian - Similar to Azura but with magical damage.
  • Nowi - Magical damage with good bulk and can attack from any range.
  • Corrin (F) - Magical damage with good bulk, speed and impressive support capabilities.
  • Lukas - Great physical wall. Beware of Green mage.
  • Spring Xander - Great physical wall. Beware of Green mage.


  • Hector - Can deal with ranged units and blue unit.  Can survive an attack from Xander.
  • Fae - Deals magic damage and has Renewal.  Can tank green mage.  Keep away from Xander.


  • Ranged physical attackers need high ATK to pierce through enemy defense.  
  • Kagero - Handles infantry well with an ATK buff.  
  • Healers can pose a better offensive presence as well as keep your other allies alive.
  • Azama - Has good bulk to survive attacks.
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Ryoma and Female Corrin FTW.
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by FutureEmblem


My strategy was simple enough. First Ryoma will need to tank Xander and kill the cleric and green mage. Thank God for Distant Counter weapons. After those two are dead, Linde can take a hit from Xander and one round KO him. Because of Gravity, Merric will need to block off the Lance Fighter. Female Corrin will barely survive the Sword Fighter's Ignis. Just use these two to finish the Fighters off.

This works... I guess...
Updated: 2017-05-10

Submitted by Draco_Blizzard


Move everyone into the square above the spawn points. Make sure Tiki is in the top left, Azura in the bottom right, Michalis in the bottom left, and Marth in the top right.

Tiki will take enough hits to stay alive and have one more action before the field attack can be used, while Marth will barely take any damage and takes away a chunk of the red knight's health

Move Tiki next to the Red sword fighter and kill him, thus charging her field attack to max for next use. Then move Michalis up to the lance fighter, and attack. Azura will need to sing to him so he can get the kill. After that, have Marth pivot up to the green mage and kill it.

Marth will now be attacked by Xander and the cleric, but will survive depending if Vantage and Buckler are added. The cleric will move back to attack Marth, so during your next turn, kill him.

Finally, have Tiki attack Xander full force.

That's all.

hit and run
Updated: 2017-05-08

Submitted by schan


Inherited skills:
Bartre: Dragon Fang
Eirika: Escutcheon, Escape Route 2
Azama: Defiant Res 2, Wings of Mercy 2 (was not used)

+1 Speed seal on Effie ; +1 Attack seal on Bartre ; +3HP seal on Azama.

Dont know if the first two helped, but that +3HP seal on Azama was so key, at least for me.

Initial setup:
Eirika in the second row, left side , with Bartre behind her.
Effie in the next row, but on the right side, and Azama behind her.

Smite Eirika upwards using Bartre, then move left one tile using Effie to smite Eirika even higher til she's in front of Xander. Move Eirika, and use her to take out the green mage first.

Enemy's phase, the lancer will attack Effie and Xander + the swordsman will attack Eirika.

Your 2nd turn: retreat Effie downwards, and replace her with Bartre and attack the lancer. The lancer's Ignis should activate, and it'll suck, but have Azama heal Bartre.
Most importantly, retreat Erika using Escape Route and set her beside Effie so that now the four are set up in a square (top left Bartre, top right Azama, bottom left Effie).

The enemy's 2nd turn: The lancer will attack Bartre again, and his ignis will activate again, but Bartre should deal some good damage with Dragon Fang.

Your 3rd turn: Retreat Bartre way back so no one can touch him, and place Effie in front of the lancer but DONT ATTACK. Simply heal Effie with Azama. Make sure Eirika is behind Effie to give her those boosts at the start of turn.

4th turn: Kill the lancer with Effie, heal her again with Azama.

5th turn: Attack healer using Effie, heal up Effie with Azama, retreat Eirika from danger zone because by now, Xander's Blazing Light should be ready to activate, and that + an attack from the healer should mess Eirika up.

Careful strategy from there. because I forget what I did, but it shouldn't be hard to strategize considering the healer is almost dead, and Effie can fare very well against the remaining red swordsman and Xander, so long as you heal the right people with Azama. (Bartre is basically done after you retreat him in turn 3)

I think the team is affordable despite inherit skills. The skills are easy to find (I used Gwendolyn, Cecilia, Sophia, Est, and Frederick). And if not Eirika, any sword wielder who can take a hit should be fine.This was my first time playing with inherited skills and i'm glad it was a success.

Bonus Death Damage
Updated: 2017-05-07

Submitted by ShadowCorrin


Having 2 Jaffar Will Do Bonus Damage for the other Units to take care of them: U can Use Ninian to Do a Lot of Damage to Xander Due to Disavantage: Corrin Male Can Take Care of The Mage and The Healer with its Weapon Yato Grants Him +4 Speed when The Unit is Attacking:

Tharja kills Xander
Updated: 2017-05-07

Submitted by pol


Basically I used Tharja to kill the sword user the first turn after giving her fortify defense from Sharena and hone speed from Azura (both level 2) and rallying attack from Sharena. Tharja also killed the green tome user during the first enemy phase. Then I combined my Arthur with axe to kill the lance user, azura to deal big damage to xander, and tharja finished him off. The healer was easily picked off afterwards

Crazy Miracle
Updated: 2017-05-06

Submitted by Camy


Ryoma and Cherche were lvl 30 while Frederick and Abel are MAX level (only two who were). This was really just a guess of what would work after rotating around units to try and see if I could manage to beat it bizarrely.

Yes I'm crazy. I could've spent more time lvling Cherche and Ryoma but what's the fun in that? [I was going to if this last resort wasn't going to work.]

(This only works for HARD stage. Abel sadly can't defeat the mage in Lunatic???? Despite being 5 star max? Nintendo whut.)

1. First moved Abel to the upper area to the safezone hugging the dangerzone.
2. Ryoma goes to the space underneath Abel so that the SPD buff can activate for all.
3. Frederick goes to the lower area near safezone.
4. Cherche goes to the space underneath Frederick, her buff for DEF will activate for all.

(I tried to recreate how I won earlier this morning before going to sleep, but this is another way that you can do it which has longer steps than I took originally.)

1. Move Abel to attack red sword first.
2. Don't move anyone else, END turn. This will make the mage go to Abel while Xander, healer and lancer goes down.
3. Get Abel to kill the mage.
4. Move Frederick to attack the lancer.
5. Move Ryoma next to Frederick.
6. Move Cherche above Ryoma. She will be attacked but will survive.
7. Get Cherche to kill the lancer after turn.
8. Get Frederick to kill the healer.
9. Move Abel down so Xander can't move to him.
10. End turn without moving Ryoma.
11. Xander will attack Frederick.
12. Kind of obvious but kill Xander with Frederick.

Dine N' Dash
Updated: 2017-05-05

Submitted by Lucky_Hipster


You want Nino with draw back and you want a dancer/singer

You go into the first hall way thing with Nino top right Azura bottom right then keep Reinhardt and Takumi in the two corners. This is important because you're going to sing Nino once she runs in and kills the blue lance unit. Then once Nino is done killing the blue lance draw Azura back so everyone is safe then you end turn. The rest of it falls in place. Just follow the triangle. But make sure you kill the green unit with Nino she'll survive at two health. Then put Takumi in front of the red sword unit. Then have Reinhardt and Azura kill Xander. Then boom map cleared.

Dance n Draw
Updated: 2017-05-04

Submitted by kekaku


Nino with LoD 2, Desperation, Drawback, and HoneAtt, and Draconic Aura.
Ryoma with reposition for a extra insurance.
Ephraim with speed rally and fort def 2.
Azura for dancing and hone res 3.

You'll want Nino to get buffs from Ephraim and Azura. Generally its best to place Azura below nino so you can execute a hit n run after the blue kill. Ryoma generally is on standby.

Fight: After getting buffs from Azura and Ephraim, oneshot the blue lance unit with nino and dance and proceed to draw back. Don't move Ryoma or Ephraim. Xander will give chase followed by green mage giving chase. Engage the green mage with Nino. You should be able to survive the hit and be in desperation mode along with draconic aura being up by then. Dance Nino and you should have more than enough power to ORKO Xander at this point. Move Ephraim up to wall the red unit and kill Xander with Nino. Next turn should be an easy flush.
Any unit with re positioning.
For Ephraim: An Eirika might work too although it'll require a change of strategy since she'll likely die to the red unit.
Olivia can be a stand in for Azura.
Nino: Hard to replace due to bladetome and drawback although other bladetome users can work as well.

Zephiel is actually GODLIKE
Updated: 2017-05-04

Submitted by KYUUUREM


Easiest GHB for me. Zephiel with Reposition makes this too easy.

Used Reinhardt to kill the Lance unit, the repositioned him behind Zephiel to get him out of the green mage's range. Zephiel tanked hits from Xander and the Green Mage, and the healer healed Xander. Subaki attacked the sword on the right, Rein killed Xander and Zephiel killed the green mage. Lastly, Zephiel killed the healer and Subaki killed the sword unit. Ninian stood between Zephiel and Subaki, giving them the fortify Defense boost.

Lilina the Baiter and Destroyer
Updated: 2017-05-04

Submitted by BladeGuy9


This was actually just a second test run with Lilina instead of another character, it actually ended up winning me the battle.

The only reason Lilina was brought in was because I didn't have an easy way of dealing with the green mage (i.e. Ryoma or Ike). Basically, the idea was to position Lilina to a point where Azura can sing to her and she'll be in range to attack the red sword unit and the green mage will go after her. Even with Eirika's buffs, she still couldn't kill the red sword unit, so I almost thought using Lilina wouldn't work. But even without sword breaker, the sword unit wasn't able to kill Lilina, and the green unit couldn't finish the red unit's job. So next turn, I had Linde take out the blue unit, and Lilina take out the red unit. Then, I positioned Azura in front of Xander to sing to Lilina so she could take out the green unit.

Positioning Azura in front of Xander was crucial. If I hadn't done that, he would've gone after either of my mages and kill them off. Azura was able to take a hit from Xander easily and weaken him to the point Linde could take him out next turn, and the healer tried attacking Lilina, but couldn't kill her and ended up dying.

As long as Lilina isn't -Def, she is able to take an attack from the sword unit. Eirika was really there just to buff Lilina in hopes she would've been able to take out the sword unit in one blow. But aside from that, that's how I was able to beat Xander on Lunatic.

Mage Bomb
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by ike79


Turn 1: Tharja moves to take down the Red Sword unit.
Turn 1 enemy phase: Green Mage attacks Tharja and dies. Blue Lance moves towards Tharja and Xander moves down.
Turn 2: Move Tharja to side of the wall (where the red sword started) Nino kills blue lance and Reinhardt kills Xander.
Turn 2 Enemy phase: Cleric attacks (attacked Eirika for me)
Turn 3: Kill Cleric with whomever.

F2P Luck
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by riccochet


I did not expect this team to get through the map. I only got Ryoma a day ago and he's like lvl 36 now. A couple of tries I tried to get Olivia in a safe spot where she won't get bullied by Xander and the healer.

Cordelia handled both the red infrantry and the green cavalry (Cordelia only took 30dmg from the green mage, then defeated it on player phase). Michalis handled the blue infantry and Xander after weakening him with Ryoma. After taking out Xander, I had one dance with Olivia on Ryoma to finish the final blow on the staff user.

Just out of luck! :)

Tank and Revenge
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by LilinVT


Note: Jaffar doesn't actually do anything here.
I used Tiki to tank the onslaught with the help of Fortify Def from Sharena and Hone Spd from Julia. Place her in the furthermost range with Sharena next to her and Julia behind her.
After tanking, the lance user will be right in front of Tiki, the green mage behind and Xander behind the green mage. The sword user will be two spaces away from the lance user and the cleric next to the lance user. This is where the fun part starts.
-With Julia right behind Tiki, finish the lance user.
-Have Tiki finish the green mage.
-Finish the sword user with Sharena

In the next enemy phase, Xander will attack Tiki. My Tiki has Moonbow which allowed her to ORKO Xander.

Now all you need to do is take care of the cleric. Anyone will do.

Doing what I can
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by IronButterfly


First, I had Reinhardt take out the lance wielder. I then had Ninian dance in order to move him out range of Xander and the green tome user. I then had Nino use her Draw Back skill in order to get Ninian out of range of everyone else. My turn ends.

On the next turn, all of the other units move towards my team, but wasn't able to attack anyone because they were not in range. Once my turn begins again, I then have Reinhardt destroy Xander and have Chrom take care of the remaining units. I hope that this helps at least somewhat.

Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by Spica V.


Tiki is the MVP here. First, move Tiki to the right where the sword user is. You'll need Azura to use Sing on Tiki for this to happen. Klein should be moved a little bit forward so that it can attack the lance user on the next turn. Also, move Priscilla into a position so that on the next turn, she can heal Tiki and not get in the way of the battle. After the enemy phase has taken place, the lance user will be in a place for Klein to attack easily. But Klein won't kill him in one hit, so use Azura's Sing on him to finish it off. Tiki will have taken a considerable amount of damage, so use Priscilla to heal her. Xander will have moved behind the lance user, so you can use Tiki to attack him. On your turn, she won't kill him, but in the enemy phase, she will. The sword user will also be killed by Tiki too. Then after this you can just use Tiki to kill the green cavalry mage and Klein to kill the healer.

Positioning Nino with Buffs
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by Azure


Use Nino to carry. As always, make sure to place the units as close to the danger area as possible. I put Nino closest to the red infantry unit with 5* Eirika (with Rally Res or Def) behind Nino. Olivia (3* is fine) is used mainly to dance. She should be closest to the blue infantry, with any unit that has draw back (I used Takumi with Draw back) behind Olivia.

Now for the first turn... Eirika rallies Nino. Nino takes down blue infantry, then Olivia dances Nino. Nino then takes down red infantry. From there, the unit who was originally behind Olivia will then use Draw Back to move Olivia out of the danger area. The rest is just figuring out a way to take down Xander (he should go down 3 spaces). Nino with Desperation is great, since after she takes down the red infantry as mentioned before, the green tome mage will attack Nino, bringing her to her Desperation range. This allows Nino to take Xander down before he can counter Nino and one shot her. I used Takumi to attack Xander first, and then finished him off with Nino. Keep in mind that Eirika has Rally Def/Res, so make use of that.

Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by Placeholder


Nowi tanks a shot from both the green mage and Xander, while putting Xander within OHK range. Tiki can one shot the mage, while Nowi is capable of finishing on Xander next turn. Ignore the healer it doesn't matter at all. You then dance Nowi behind Azura, because with Sapphire Lance she can reliably take care of the remaing sword character while leaving Julia free to also ORKO the Lance. The healer is just a free kill.

Lol wut
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by Kristoph66


This team has a very specific way of fighting this GHB. Put Tiki in one space down, one space left of the sword unit which will put her in the range of the green mage and red sword BUT not Xander. Set up remaining units with Ryoma (who has shove) 4 spaces down from the original location of the green mage, Reinhardt one space down and left of him, and Ninian directly below. End turn. The sword and mage should have attacked Tiki and the healer should have teleported to the red sword and now Xander and the blue spear should have moved up to where they are 2 and 3 spaces down from Xander's original location. Use Reinhardt (Linde or Olwen can replace) to kill Xander first. Then dance him and kill the blue lance. Be sure to block the green mage from being able to attack Reinhardt as they will insta kill him. Once Xander and the blue lance are dead, use whoever you want to finish off the remaining enemies.

Ryoma-Any red really
Reinhardt- Linde, Olwen
Ninian- Azura or Olivia
Tiki (Young)- Any red unit that can withstand hits. Would be better to put a mage that can ORKO the red sword and retaliate the green mage.

Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by Me Me Big Boy


This worked using Robin w. Poison and Zepiel w. swap (might work without b/c my robin and Ike are both low atk but idk)

- Ike 2 spaces up
- Nin behind Ike
- Rob 1 right + 1 up
- Zep 1 left

- Ike 1 up + 1 right
- Nin 1 up
- Zep 1 up

- Rob atk blue
- Nin dance Rob
- Rob atk blue
- Ike kill blue
- Zep swap Ike

- Rob kill Xander
- Zep kill red
- Ike 1 back
- Nin dance Zep
- Zep kill white

Come at me cavalry
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by A_wild_Gallade


Nino will advance and take out the blue unit on the left, ninian will dance for her then Nino will drag ninian out of danger
Nowi then will block he right hall to protect Nino and attack Xander twice with a dance who has moved forward in rage, Nino kills the green horse mage before they hit nowi, nowi kills the red an Nino kills the mage with ryoma using ardent sacrifice and speed buffing Nino along the way

Non Dancer Team
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by slydinii


Use Linde(Life and Death 3) to Kill Red Sword user, and move hector to the space Linde was previously. Faye stays in the back as she has Wings of Mercy. Mine has 46 atk, and can finish Green Mage. Move Linde to the right to allow Faye to Finish Green Mage. Next use Hector to attack blue lancer, and protect Linde and Faye. Spring Camilla moves down to the bottom middle right space to be out of Xanders range. The blue lancer will kill himself on hector, and Xander will place himself below Hector. Use hector to attack the mage, and finish with faye. Use Spring Camilla to attack Xander, and Finish with Linde.
Notes: Hector has Vantage, Camilla is running Gronraven build, and Linde has LD 3, and vantage. Faye has nothing outside of her starter skills

Slay the Red Unit
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by MegaTerrabyte


Sanaki slays the red sword, tanks hits from the green mage, julia kills lance with azura, cordelia tanks hits from xander. EZ WIN

Elegear's Team
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Elegear


Red Mage kills the unit to the right + Tanks the top Green Mage

Corrin (F) attacks Xander with her high defense and magical attack (which Xander is weak to) and tanks him

A green mage deals with the lance on the left

Sweep it out

Only pivot inherit
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Paragon Knight


A team whose heroes can easily be swapped. I hardly used any inheritance, just had Corrin F eat a cherche for Pivot.
Here's a turn by turn guide.

Turn 1

Have Lilina move to the top right to the right wall.
Have Corrin F move right under Lilina.
Have Olivia to the left of Corrin.
Have Camila below Corrin.

Turn 2

Have Lilina attack the swordfighter.
Have Corrin pivot to the right of Lucina.
Have Olivia move to Lilina's original position.
Have Camila move to Olivia's original position.

At enemy phase Swordfighter should be dead.

Turn 3

Have Corrin attack Lance.
Have Lilina finish off the Green Mage.
Have Olivia dance to Corrin.
Corrin finishes the lance with Dragon's Gaze/Seal Res.
Have Camila move to the left of Olivia.

On enemy phase the healer uses Gravity on Corrin, and
Camila is attacked by Xander.

Turn 4

Have Lilina attack Xander. Thanks to growing flame, she can destroy Xander.
Have Camila move up to fight the healer.
Move Olivia to the left.
Move Corrin to Olivia's original position.

The healer attacks Camila.

Turn 5

Have Camila attack the healer and you'll have a shiny new Xander!

The main pro for this team is that it hardly requires any inheriting, and that the heroes on this team can be easily replaced.

Win/ no dmg taken
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by zerofox


ranged units have reposition. tactic is to use only the brave weapons to hit and kill sword user first, dance, reposition dancer to safety. then sweep the remainder the following turn after the enemy charges, leaving only the healer alive.

Nino and her merry band.
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Rhin


Have nino take out the blue lancer, then retreat using olivia to give nino another turn and drag her back.
Take xander out with corrin, and the green tome with nino, olivia corrin to killl the red sword.
Use whoever you want to kill the healer.
And profit!

Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by oberon


Tiki can one-shot Xander! Selena can be substituted for most units with Reposition, like Eldigan. Using her and Olivia, Nino can move up, one-shot the Lance, and get Repositioned back to safety. Selena then needs to survive attacks from Xander, the green mage, and the cleric, so I gave her the +3 HP seal to pull it off.
After that, Tiki OHKOs Xander, is danced and OHKOs the green mage, and then it's just cleaning up the cleric while making sure that Selena stays clear.

Magic Makes this Easy
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by tails512


Used Nino to one round the blue lance. Ninian danced her out of range and Reinhardt repositioned Ninian out of range. Next turn Reinhardt killed both red units (Ninian dance) and Nino killed the green mage. Nino survived the healer's attack, and Reinhardt finished her the following turn.

Inherited skills include Hone Atk on Ninian, Moonbow, Life and Death, and Desperation on Nino, and Reposition, Moonbow, and Death Blow on Reinhardt.

The Cavalry and His Army
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Wingedflight


This is a very risky team play, but it has the ability to work. This was made for the Lunatic version, so the hard version should work fine and doesn't require precise movements. On Lunatic, however, it requires very carefully thought-out moves.

Pre-Battle Warnings:
- Linde MUST still have her Fortify Res 3 skill otherwise Eldigan WILL die upon the green mage's attack on Eldigan.
- Eldigan must have either medium or high Res to survive the green mage's attack and Fury 3 equipped.
- Takumi was NOT a primary unit, he literally only existed to finish off the healer and to damage the lance user, HOWEVER, don't disregard this position.
- Linde has equipped Chilling Wind. This IS vital.
- The horrors of this fight should be done within 2 turns - as the 3rd turn is the main battle and the 4th turn allows you to kill the healer -, so the skills listed are needed to be safe by the 4th turn.

Boons/Banes of My Units (For reference):
Eldigan: +Def/-Att
Linde: +Spd/-HP
Azura: No boons nor banes (This build exists)
Takumi: HP+/-Def

Important Skills:
Eldigan: Fury 3, Lunge, Growing Light
Linde: Chilling Wind, Fortify Res 3, Vantage (Any, it'll scare off the healer)
Azura: Sing, Fortify Res 3
Takumi: None

Lunatic Strategy:
Pre-Battle Formation:
Eldigan should be somewhere on the right side of the map with Linde beside him. Azura should be placed near the entrance of the battle with Takumi beside him. Turn on the Danger Area to see where Xander and the lance user can reach you.

Turn 1:
Allow Eldigan to reach the edge of the safe area, Linde safely behind him. Azura should move right behind the two and Takumi placed a space away from the danger zone. End your turn.

Turn 2 (The following units are buffed: Everyone):
Get Eldigan to attack the sword user. The damage should be very minor, plus the 6 damage. Lunge occurs. Get Linde to attack the sword user, killing him off. As she's in the danger zone of the green mage, Azura MUST sing and allow her to move behind her. Don't move Takumi. End your turn.
Enemy Turn: Green mage almost kills off Eldigan but he survives - thanks to Linde's Fortify Res 3 and his Fury 3 - and is left with 1 HP. He isn't in range of more attacks. Lance user is 1 space away from Takumi, Xander is behind the lance user and healer is also beside the lance user.

Turn 3 (The following units are buffed: Everyone but Eldigan): Immediately get Eldigan to finish off the green mage with Growing Light and his normal attack. Lunge occurs and he is now in danger. Linde MUST kill off Xander FIRST, so attack him with very low health remaining. Attack the lance user with Takumi to ensure his death by damaging him and sing to Linde with Azura. Her Chilling Wind will cripple the lance user and she'll attack twice, killing him off. Takumi, Azura, and Linde will be in range of attack.
Enemy Turn: The healer goes to Azura and engages a feeble attack as she is the only one unable to counter them. No severe damage is done.

Turn 4:
Simply get Takumi to 2-hit kill the healer. The battle is over.

Nino and the Clean Up Crew
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by SunnyRaine


This battle is definitely a lot easier than most of the Grand Hero Battles, especially with a dancer on the team.

The first couple of turns require a bit of set up before you attack. I recommend giving Corrin Hone Speed 3 just so Nino can outspeed the lancer to the left. Peri having Life and Death 2 gives her enough attack and speed to drop Xander to low health and allows Corrin to finish him off and block the swordsman to the right. Olivia will use Dance on Nino on the first attacking turn so Nino can use Draw Back, just so she doesn't get immediately destroyed by Xander. Another Dance on Peri and she should be able to take out the Green Mage that follows Xander. After that, Corrin and Peri clean up

A quick video on how it all went down. Sorry if it's too loud.

Mage Team for Lunatic Xander map
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by SharpEyLogic


Send Tharja to the right side of the map and buff her attack with Robin (Rally Attack). This will give her just enough damage to one-round the Sword Fighter. Place your other units outside the Lance Fighter's range, but don't go into it. On Enemy Phase, the Green Cavalier will attack Tharja, but due to the weapon advantage, Tharja will easily kill it. Xander, the Lance Fighter and the Cleric will follow after, so use Robin and Klein to take out Xander, then Draw Back with Nino for Tharja to knock out the Cleric. After that, the battle is won and you just got a free four star Xander!

Thai Giang
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by thaigiangit


The key successful is Ryoma with vantage 3 can kill the green mage and swordman. After that lance fighter is killed by Hector and Takumi kill. Olivia dance for Takumi and he will kill cleric for one shot. The enermy only Xander survive and easy to be killed.

Nino Ftw Redux
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Callen


Nino does (almost) all the job here.
I have a + Atk - Spd IV with Fury 3 and + 1 Atk Seal. With 56 attack and 40 Spd (Eirika buffs) she OHKOs Everyone except Xander himself.
So first Go up and kill the red on the right then Sing and kill the Lance on the right. Bring Sharena in front of Xander and Eirika near Nino with Pivot your dancer.
Nino will bait and kill the Green mage. Proceed then to kill the healer with her, and Sharena deals with Xander (Mine has Swordbeaker, so he dies whether I initiate or not but you should be able to handle him just fine with a y decent Blue).
Good Luck !

Double Mage
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Nyrre


Lilina hits the sword fighter. Azura sings her, then she hits the sword fighter again and kills it. Use someone with reposition (in my case, Nowi) to get Azura out of the way. The green mage then attacks Lilina (quick riposte) and dies. Lilina kills Xander with growing flame and Linde takes care of everyone else.

Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Theomus


bladetome Ursula get buffs from hone and fortify cavalry and hit the blue lance. then cecelia draw back, olivia dance ursula to move her out of attack range then put gunter under her. Next turn, ursula oneshot Xander, bladetome cecilia kill blue lancer, brave axe gunter kill the green mage. With buff ursula can take one hit from red sword before you kill him next turn. Healer can die however you want her to. All units are 4stars.

Wear Them Down
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by DasBlutGeist


The idea behind this team is to be able to kill the big read threats quickly with male Robin and use Ninian's super useful dance to take out 2 red enemies in one turn by way of Robin. Ryoma acts as the bait. Put Ryoma within range of Xander with Healer Lucius behind him. Xander attacks Ryoma first. Then use Robin to take out Xander and other red unit. Next take out green mage with Ryoma. While utilizing Lucius to keep your units healthy. Over next couple of turns kill the lance user mainly using Robin. Finally make quick work of the enemy healer. You should have a 4* Xander now.

Nino save
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Fish_Beans


Use Nino to ohko lancer and use sing to let her drag herself and azura back (any dancer would do). Then use sharena to 2hko Xander.

Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by kiran_nominated


Klein draw back
Hector or any heroes who have swap.
Kagero Glowing Ember
Ninian base

1) set up kagero and ninian for killing red sword(klein on bottom of ninian and hector on the leftside) then kill him with kagero+ninian_dace then drag back by klein after that hector swap position of klein
green cava -> hit kagero but she can hadle it.
2) kill lance by kagero and klein then move ninian to lance position move up hector to last ninian position( however is no need to move)
now Xander going to take down ninian but he cant. Xander fail and now you have only cleric.
end it with your choice. for me let ninian atack first and kagero end this job GLHF

Reinhardt killing spree
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Duran


This team relied on Reinhardt to secure One-Shot-Kill on most of the enemies except for the Green Knight who is equipped with the Wolf tome.

Reinhardt is equipped with Death Blow 2 for more damage in Player phase.

Key buff is Hone Atk 3 from Nino (natural skill) to make Reinhardt strong enough to one-shot the Lance fighter.

Tiki(Y) serves the role of tank and she also learned Reposition for the help of hit-and-run Reinhardt on top of Dance from Ninian.

Very Little Inheritance Required
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by EcchiWaifu


I just used my units that I had and trial and error'd. I have little to no inheritance on my units, so base units should be fine. My ike and lucina are -atk. I tried with julia first, but she couldn't take the hit from xander.

Robin M Focus
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Somia


Sanaki Base
Robin Tri-adept Draw back Sword breaker
Ninian Base
Hector Base
1. Let Sanaki hit the Sword Fighter then Ninian Dance for 2nd hit kill.
2. Robin M Drawback Ninian to avoid the Green Mage. Next turn the Green Mage will hit Sanaki for 0 dmg.
3. Finish the Green Mage with Sanaki, Hector kill Lance Fighter with Ninian Dance.
4. Robin M kills Xander.

Nino Ftw
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Callen


Huge damage Output but one misplacement leads to loss.

Guardian Beatdown
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Zeorymer


Basically, the main focus of this party is to ensure that Zephiel takes the majority of the damage dealt by the Green Mage unit and Xander himself. So here's how I did the Lunatic trial.

Step 1 - Make sure that Zephiel is within the attack range of the Green Mage and Xander. This will make sure that Blue Spear unit will be unable to advance and for the Red Infantry Sword unit to move forward a bit. I've used Attack +3, instead of Life and Death, on Zephiel.

Step 2 - Use Olwen to kill Xander. Then move Zephiel to the tile where Xander once stood and kill the Green Mage. That way the left side is completely helpless, while Olwen takes the brunt of damage from the Red Sword unit.

Step 3 - Use Kagero to kill the Cleric and Olwen to kill the Red Sword unit. From there, Zephiel will get hit by the Spear Unit during the Enemy Phase.

Step 4 - Move Zephiel away and use Nowi and Kagero to kill the final unit. ^_^

And BAM! 4* Xander :D

GHB with Tiki
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by uglynproud


Tiki baits right with ninian buff. Green and red attacks Tiki, healer warps and heals red. Zander and Lance moves down. Kill red with Klein. Dance him back, hit healer with Tiki. Xander attacks Tiki lives with low hp. Use Tiki to kill Xander and Klein to kill Lance. Finish up.
Notes: Klein with luna, ninian with fortify dragons, Tiki quick riposte, Robin triangle adept

Eliminating Xander with no inheritance
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by randante


[first we will maximize olivia and kagero usefulness for honing atk n spd]

phase 1: set the position of ephraim behind the closest danger zone. Olivia is right next to him and Tharja would be on the top of Olivia.

phase 2: kill the sword user on the right. Later on, the green mage will be killed by her as well.

phase 3: kill the lance user with combination of Kagero and Tharja. Let the "Dancing Ephraim" kill the healer. Thus, leaving Xander stuck alone in front of the "full-life Ephraim".

phase 4: you have ephraim, tharja, kagero and the dancer to overwhelm him!!

Ike takes Green Mage
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Kenmei


This is all made possible by having Ike take the Green Mage on the enemies turn but being out of range of all else except the red unit on the right. There's a spot on the right that you can move Ike too that is out of range of everything but the Green Mage and the red unit on the right if you set it up the turn before by moving him to the edge of their attack zone. Ike will easily handle the the Green Mage on the enemies turn and will survive the red units attack with about 8-10 health while having Aether ready on the next turn to take out the red unit and heal up. Nowi (with Sing from Azura) and Kagero will be set up to take out Xander and the Blue unit on the left after they have moved up into range. Finish the healer off the next turn and you're golden!

Keys to the strat:
Ike must have Vantage 3 and have Aether and Heavy Blade 3 for this to work.
I used Nowi to buff Ike's defense before he went over there as well. My Nowi has Fury 3 and Swordbreaker 3 but that shouldn't affect killing Xander too much with a dancer and a heavy hitting ranged to take the Blue unit down.
I used Kagero but Nino or Julia would work well too. This revolves more around Ike and having a very strong Blue unit who can take Xander down in at least two hits with Sing.

Red Mage Team
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Gwynnbeidd


The idea is to buff Tharja up with the Hone Atk from Olivia, to annihilate the Red Infantery at the right from the get-go. Coincidentally, this counters the Green Cavalry Mage near Xander as well, while putting Tharja out of the range of the Blue Infantery unit to the left. It is important to be able to ORKO the red one, lest the Cleric (left) uses Wings of NoMercy, enabling the Red infantery to KO Tharja with the help of the Green Cavalry.

Now, ideally, you already killed the Red Infantery and the Green Cavalry mage, the Blue Infantery can be killed by Tharja, and whatever fourth unit you brought with you, in my case Taco. Should your damage not suffice, use Olivia to attack again, disposing of the Blue Infantery. Xander is easily ORKO'd by Abel, while the Cleric should be of no threat to you at all. Enjoy your 4* Xander^^

Optional units;
-Anything green to kill the Blue infantery in the second Turn. I used Taco, as he is one of my favorites, and I lack mages.
- Azura with Hone Atk (any unit with Hone Atk, tbh)

Hit hard
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by bento


This team nearly OHKO every enemy they face.

First team member is Robin (M) with swordbreaker 2. He takes out Xander and the Red Sword User in one hit.
Second team member is Olivia. She is used for Dance and Hone ATK 3.
Third is Lucina. She takes out the Green Tome and the Mage in the end. Plus she helps with Spur ATK 3 (although I don't think its necessary).
Fourth is Nino. She takes out the Lance User and helps to get Olivia out of range and Lucina in range to attack with Draw Back. Important: She has to be at 40 SPD to double the Lance User (mine was +SPD with +1 SPD seal; maybe Fortify SPD will help if you don't have enough)

When you have Danger Area activated Nino has to be on the front left line. Robin right next to her and Olivia behind her. Lucina stays down in the left corner.

Nino takes out the Lance User by double him. Then Olivia uses Dance and Nino falls back behind her by draging her back out of the range of Xander. Lucina moves 2 squares left next to Nino. Robin don't move. End Turn. Attackers approach.
Now it's Robins turn. He takes out Xander in one hit so that the way to the Green Tome behind him is free. Nino uses Draw Back to Move Lucina to the left that she is behind Olivia. Then she moves up and get Danced by Olivia to kill the Green Tome. End Turn. The enemies left are no threat anymore. They attack but none of them can kill the units you have in the front line. In the last turn Lucina can kill the Mage while Robin takes out the Red Sword that is left.

Robin can maybe be replaced by a hard hitting Blue Tome which can take a hit from the Red Sword User.
Lucina can maybe be replaced by another strong Sword User that can take a hit from the Mage and maybe the Red Sword User.
Nino is hard to replace thanks to his high SPD and ATK along with his Draw Back which has not to be inherited.
Olivia could be replaced with another Dancer/Singer maybe with Hone SPD/ATK to get your unit upon the threshold.

Hope it helps and good luck.

kill dat green mage on da horse
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Picorinnu


I got through this battle first try using this team. It is crucial to eliminate the green horse mage so i sent Tharja to defeat the red sword fighter on the right. Tharja later on will be attacked by the green horse mage but fortunately WILL survive the encounter. (At this moment make sure that there are no other units in the danger zone as the mage may choose to differ his attack.) By this point the blue lancer will be between the healer and Xander so use an appropriate archer/mage to finish the blue lancer off. When he is gone position your tank to attack xander. This attack will not defeat him however your tank should be able to survive until it finishes Xander off. Kill the healer afterwards.

Gut's Team
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Guts


This was a first try win for me. The only hero using inheritance is Linde, with desperation 3, fury 3 and moonbow. Start the fight by positioning the girls so that linde can one-shot the red swordsman on the right. This makes it so that only the green mage can get to her, but she'll survive, activating desperation mode. All other enemy units will rush towards your position, so use desperation activated linde to slaughter xander, sanaki to kill the green mage and camilla to kill the lancer and dance her to kill the cleric. If you can't make it in two rounds, make sure that only the cleric survives, cause he won't even be able to deal a single point of dmg to linde who should have 1hp at this point.

Overall, this fight is much easier than many other grand hero battles and definitely can be done with a wide variety of heroes, if you can make it past the first turn and use a hero, which Xander can't counterattack (desperation, brawe weapon).