Grand Hero Battle - Xander

Grand Hero Battle - Xander
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  • Infernal
Xander: Paragon Knight

Xander, how we’ve missed thee! Finally, the dark knight of Nohr himself has returned from GHB purgatory, and now sports a new Infernal difficulty mode to boot. The re-run of Xander’s map has been hotly anticipated pretty much since his GHB originally expired, and now he’s back and better than ever -- if only Camus could be given the same treatment...

Originally, this map was so simple to defeat on Lunatic that even the right team of free 3 star units could clear it. The advent of Infernal, however, has somewhat complicated matters, though with the right units you still should be able to complete this GHB with relative ease, especially if you’re sure to have a clear answer to Xander himself.

Who To Choose

As is generally true of GHBs, the individual units you will use is very important as they will primarily inform your strategy. There are a few routes you can take depending on what units you have available to you, and, of course, adjustment based on the units you possess is always a possibility.


Since the easiest ways of starting this map require a striker, Brave Bows prove useful in this GHB due to their quadding potential, especially when combined with SPD buffs / spurs / drives or a breaker skill. Speedy bow users are an additional option although their damage output may be less depending on their currently active buffs. Brave Lyn, Bridal Cordelia, and Klein are potential strikers you may want to use.

Alternatively, Brave and Blade tome users can also serve to be just as useful if your team composition provides them with the appropriate buffs. Reinhardt, Blade Cecilia, Blade LA!Lilina, Blade S!Corrin, Blade S!CamillaNino, Tharja, and Tailtiu are all options here, though Reinhardt is particularly notable for being an effective check to almost half of this map on his own if he’s running Lancebreaker.

Due to Xander’s RES being exceptionally low and his SPD only being marginally better, he is incredibly susceptible to any unit who can target his RES, especially if they can also perform follow-ups on him. Linde, Delthea, Nowi, L’Arachel, Olwen, and even +SPD Robin (M) with the Speed +3 seal can all outspeed Xander and wipe him off the map.


Although it’s more effective to use a striker on this map, if you don’t have one, you may attempt to bait instead.

To effectively bait on the right side, you’ll need a red unit. This is because you’ll naturally prefer taking neutral damage to the sword user and less damage from the green tome cavalry -- though you shouldn’t use a cavalry unit yourself, as this enemy totes weaponry effective against horses. Winter TharjaIke, VL!Ike, Ryoma, Black Knight, Zelgius, A!Tiki, and Lightning Breath Y!Tiki are all potential baiters that could work in this position. Be warned, however, that if you don’t choose this setup and go to the left instead, then you’ll be forced into a situation where one of the enemies you’re baiting will have a weapons triangle advantage against you. Unless you have a Close Counter colorless unit who can survive the onslaught, baiting on this side of the map is not recommended.


Dancers help support units with high firepower, may even have a decent offensive presence themselves, and can usually tank a hit or two, if need be. Olivia, PA!Olivia, PA!Inigo, PA!Azura, Azura, Ninian, and NY!Azura all provide the support that high-firepower units need while also possessing the ability to net a few KOs themselves.


Strategizing for this GHB is made much simpler by the fact that there are no reinforcements. While it’s difficult to exactly predict what will happen due to IV / Merge variance, here’s some general tips to get you started.

The Opening Number

The enemies on Xander’s map will not start to move unless they are baited, damaged, or KO’d. Since this map layout allows for a strike and retreat strategy and a baiting strategy, you’ll have to choose between an offensive or defensive opening turn.

As was mentioned in the baiters section above, you really only have one viable option for baiting -- the space directly in front of the infantry sword user on the right side of the map. Unfortunately, similar spaces on the left expose you to all three colors of the weapons triangle, which is something that even a highly buffed unit would have trouble enduring.

The decidedly more viable strategy, however, is to use a ranged unit to attack the infantry sword or lancer, have them be danced, and then Draw Back or Reposition your dancer out of the enemy’s range. The advantages of this strategy are clear and numerous -- since both these foes have rather low RES, it’s likely that you’ll get an easy KO here, especially if you have a fast mage at your disposal, have the weapons triangle on your side, use a breaker skill, or have an inclination towards just using Reinhardt. Brave bow users or particularly speedy archers are also an option, although they’ll hit these enemies in their stronger DEF. A breaker skill is also suggested here along with a low cooldown special like Moonbow or Luna, as when you attack an appropriate unit with a Brave Bow unit, you’ll be able to quad.

Preferably, you’ll want to net as many KOs as you can this turn, although that may not be possible depending on the units you have available to you. If your bait is missing out on finishing off the red sword or green cavalry mage, try the Quick Riposte seal or inherit the 2nd level of the skill onto your chosen baiter (which can be found on a 4 star Subaki). Vantage may also work here as a method of hitting the green cavalry mage hard once you’ve damaged or KO’d the infantry sword. A healer may also be useful, especially if they tote Physic+ -- they’ll be able to heal at-range or provide an assist with a Wrathful / Dazzling attack, if need be.

Knighty Knight

While it’s always a good idea to keep in mind how you’ll handle all the units on this map, your primary threat is, of course, Xander himself. If you lack blue mages or tanks that deal damage to RES, Xander might give you quite a bit of trouble, especially since his stats are so inflated.

Although you may be tempted to duel him with your next best option -- a red unit -- this isn’t the best idea given Xander’s high ATK and ability to counterattack at distance. You’re much better off bringing a dedicated counter for him, which can be found in the form of a 4 star Ursula with her native kit and Swordbreaker 1 or 2. She is able to survive a hit from Xander and KO him with effective damage, though if you decide to use her, take care to keep her away from the green mage cavalier.

Use Dancers

As always, dancers serve a valuable role refreshing your units and allowing them to get some KOs they cannot net outright. Some dancers can even provide valuable buffs that can help a unit either deal greater damage or survive a round of combat they would be KO’d by otherwise.

Hidden Dangers

Of all the units on this map, the healer is perhaps the most understated threat. If you’re using a striker + dancer strategy, then she shouldn’t give you trouble. If you’re forced to tank a hit from her, though, then you may be put in a rather unfavourable position due to her use of the Gravity staff, as your chosen unit may not be able to retreat. Other threats that aren’t immediately apparent include the green cavalry mage, who possesses weaponry that’s effective against cavalry.

The solution to these problems are simple -- know thy enemy, and know them well. Whenever you start a map (whether you’re in the Arena or single player modes) it’s worthwhile to do a quick survey to know what you’re going up against, otherwise enemies like the red infantry sword carrying Quick Riposte on this map may take you by surprise. From there, you can adjust the units you decide to use and your strategy based on the immediate and hidden dangers. For example, you may find that your team composition has an easier time in this GHB if you prioritize KOing the healer first, or that she’s not much of an issue at all.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

As is true of all high difficulty content, the potential variance in unit builds that Skill Inheritance brought along with the random nature of summoning has resulted in pretty much every single player having different “building blocks” to work with. This, when combined with the high difficulty level of Infernal, may prove frustrating while someone is trying to find the right combination of units and moves. The key thing to keep in mind is that it may take multiple tries of the map and a few stamina potions for you to find a strategy that works for you. Every single turn you complete gets you one step closer to completing the puzzle. Reading about or watching videos of successful strategies may also help you break through a particularly difficult turn that you can’t complete, or may give you ideas of a new unit to use.

Map Enemies
  • Hard
  • Lunatic
  • Infernal
46 41 18 29 12
Weapon Siegfried A Armored Blow 3
Support B
Special Blazing Light C Spur Def 3
39 31 23 23 16
Weapon Killer Lance+ A Armored Blow 2
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Ignis C
30 27 20 17 28
Weapon Gravity A
Support Recover B Wings of Mercy 3
Special Solid-Earth Balm C Hone Spd 2
39 31 23 23 16
Weapon Killing Edge A Armored Blow 2
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Ignis C
29 34 19 12 27
Weapon Gronnwolf A Warding Blow 2
Support B Vantage 2
Special Glacies C Hone Cavalry
61 48 25 38 17
Weapon Siegfried A Armored Blow 3
Support B
Special Blazing Light C Spur Def 3
52 42 31 30 23
Weapon Killer Lance A Armored Blow 3
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Ignis C
42 34 28 24 36
Weapon Gravity A
Support Recover B Wings of Mercy 3
Special Solid-Earth Balm C Hone Spd 3
52 42 31 30 23
Weapon Killing Edge+ A Armored Blow 3
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Ignis C
40 46 26 17 35
Weapon Gronnwolf+ A Warding Blow 3
Support B Vantage 3
Special Glacies C Hone Cavalry
70 51 27 42 19
Weapon Siegfried A Water Boost 3
Support B Guard 3
Special Aegis C Panic Ploy 3
61 48 34 33 25
Weapon Slaying Lance+ A Sturdy Blow 2
Support Swap B Knock Back
Special Ignis C Drive Spd 2
52 41 33 26 39
Weapon Gravity+ A HP/Spd 2
Support Recover+ B Wings of Mercy 3
Special Kindled-Fire Balm C Hone Spd 3
46 51 28 19 38
Weapon Keen Gronnwolf+ A Mirror Strike 2
Support B Vantage 3
Special Glacies C Fortify Cavalry
52 50 38 25 34
Weapon Rexcalibur+ A Fury 3
Support B Bowbreaker 2
Special Glimmer C Drive Res 2
61 48 34 33 25
Weapon Slaying Edge+ A Sturdy Blow 2
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Ignis C Drive Atk 2
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Infantry Standoff (Infernal Step by Step)
Submitted by Ouch Rude
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Tharja: +res/-spd
Raurblade+ (Need)
Rally resistance
Luna (need)
Darting Blow 3
Green Tome Breaker 2 (need)
Fortify Defense 3
SS: Atk smoke 3 (need)

Shiro: +spd/-res
Bright Naginata (need)
Bonfire (need)
Steady stance 3 (need)
Defense tactic 3
SS: Hone attack 1

Preforming Azura: +atk/-hp
Uror (need)
Sing (need)
Night Sky
Fury 2
Escape Route 3
Drive res 2
SS: Squad Ace A 1

Eirika: +spd/-res
Sieglinde (need)
Rally Defense
Atk +3
Sword Breaker 3
Hone Speed 3 (need)
SS: Fortify res 3 (need)

Note: I’m pretty sure any tanky blue unit with not too low res could substitute for Shiro. You can use Ephraim instead of Eirika (if he has the needed skills), and pretty much any raourblade User with speed over 30. None of the units used are merged. Also, I’ll be calling Preforming Azura just Azura.

Place your units in this order, from left to right: Azura, Shiro, Tharja, Eirika

Turn 1: Move Tharja up 2, and Eirika underneath her. Place Shiro next to Eirika, and Azura underneath Eirika.
Enemy Phase: No one moves.

Turn 2: Have Tharja attack and kill the sword user to the right. She should be in range of both Green tome units, but no one else. Move Eirika up one, and Azura under her again. Keep Shiro where he is.
Enemy Phase: Both green tome units will attack Tharja, and both will be killed on counter. The rest of the units should move into a line, starting at the left side of the map with the healer, then Xander, then the lancer. The lancer should be two spaces from Tharja.

Turn 3: Have Tharja attack the lancer (she should not need to move). Make Azura sing to Tharja, so that she is in between Tharja and the lancer. Then have Tharja attack the Lancer again. Her special should be ready for this attack. Make Shiro finish off the Lancer. Move Eirika imbetween Azura and Xander.
Enemy Phase: Both Xander and the cleric will attack Eirika. She’ll survive, and do barely any damage to Xander.

Turn 4: Move Eirika up one, then have Shiro attack Xander. Make Azura sing to Shiro, and then he should attack and kill Xander. Keep Tharja where she is.
Enemy Phase: the cleric will attack Shiro, and effect him, Eirika, and Azura with Gravity.

Turn 5: Make Shiro attack the Cleric, Have Azura sing to him so he can finish her off.

Infernal - Cavalry Quest
Submitted by Benox
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Only Cecilia is Required, the others are replaceable as long as they manage to assist Cecilia

Cecilia requires Gronnraven TA, and in my case, lancebreaker, reposition cecilia so it can attack the healer, since the healer is the most annoying unit in this map since it basically neglects your damage to any other unit, removing it first is the way to go, in the 2nd turn the healer should die and the rest of the map will be a piece of cake, see related video

Video here:

Infernal | Roy's Harem 3 (All Cavalry Quest)
Submitted by melo
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LA!Roy (+Spd, -Res): Brave Bow, Deathblow 3, Hone Cav
5* Mathilda +1 (+Spd, -HP): Anti-Cav Ridersbane+, Hone Cav
S!Eirika (+Res, -Def): Gleipnir, Moonbow, Swift Sparrow 2, QP seal
Gunnthra (Neutral): Blizzard, Chilling Seal, Ward Cav


Keys to the strat:
1)Take out the sword guy: A neutral Atk Eirika needs at least Attack 1 seal to do this. I used 2 charge special + QP as that's my build for her. -Atk Eirika might need that set-up.

2)Survive the mages: Chilling Seal debuffing the anti-cav mage paired with Ward Cav and Eirika's +Res IV allows her to survive. While Fortify Cav is an easy alternative for Eirika's nature, 39 Res + Atk Ploy 3 is required to (almost) replicate Chilling Seal. Jagen's your man for this.

3) Green Unit: If there's no green unit on your team, the lance infantry will swap with Xander. Mind your counter units' position if so.

4)Take out Xander: Anti-Cav effect weapon makes it easier but a lower variety with enough offense support to get the ORKO should get the job done.

5)Take out the lancer: Gunnthra and Brave Bow Roy takes care of him. If you used Jagen for #2, Titania is a good choice for the last member as her Guard will keep the enemy from charging Ignis.

Robin v. Xander
Submitted by TriP
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Start off the map attacking the units on the right with BK, instead of leaving him in a position to bait Xander. Use Azura to keep him out of Xander's range.
Use Black Knight to tank a lot of hits.
Nephenee will need to be quite sturdy as well. She'll end the battle with a lower health than BK.
Use Robin's Gronnwolf to off Xander. With his resistance And the tome's Strength against mounted units, she'll overcome the color disadvantage.

Horse quest
Submitted by Zappypants
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Ironically, this quest is best done with Xander at 5 stars himself. To pull this off, Xander requires quite a bit of assistance without sacrificing a spare Camus for Grani's Shield.

Skills needed:
Ward Cavalry on Lyn with Brave Bow
Fortify Cavalry on Reinhardt with classic set
Hone Cavalry on L'arachel
Distant Defense seal on Xander with qr, and he must have Sacred Cowl (this may be substituted with other skills e.g. ta, grani's shield)

Position Xander below the wall, directly on the same line of tiles below the green mage cavalier. He must have a Hone and Fortify Boost, and then be boosted further by Lyn with Ward Cavalry. This way he will be able to bait the mages, sword fighter and Xander. With Qr he will defeat the Mage Knight. The cleric will warp to help the Sword Fighter on the right afterwards.

This will put everything in range: take out the Lancer with Brave Lyn quadding, Xander with Reinhardt. The Fury Rexcalibur mage will be above the wall, where Xander can finish him off. Larachel can then defeat the Sword Fighter, leaving the Cleric, who cannot oneshot your team due to Xander being out of range.