Grand Hero Battle - Xander

Grand Hero Battle - Xander
Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details
Xander: Paragon Knight

Xander enters the fray with his faithful lackeys surrounding your starting position. Like many other GHBs before, they are cleverly positioned to assault you together once you step in range. Once you step into their line of fire, they attempt to push you further into your starting position using their cavalry and Xander's footsoldiers. Xander leads the charge with his team backing him up, and if you aren't ready to receive him, you will be overrun by the handsome knight.

The easiest way to tackle this platoon is to Divide and Conquer where you take out or severely weaken one side and split the focus of the cavalry.  Units that do well against cavalry or can quickly take out the foot soldiers will help make quick work of Xander and his attendants.

Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Cleric Weapon: Gravity
Special: Solid-Earth Balm
Support: Recover
B: Wings of Mercy 3
C: Hone Spd 3
Lance Fighter Weapon: Killer Lance+
Special: Ignis
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Quick Riposte 3
Xander Weapon: Siegfried
Special: Blazing Light
A: Armored Blow 3
C: Spur Def 3
Green Cavalier Weapon: Gronnwolf+
Special: Glacies
A: Warding Blow 3
B: Vantage 3
C: Hone Cavalry
Sword Fighter Weapon: Killing Edge+
Special: Ignis
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Quick Riposte 3
1st Decree - Divide

Dividing the forces involve two methods of attack, best used together:

  • One  method of attack is to assassinate the blue unit with a ranged unit. This can be done most effectively with a mage such as Nino or a Darting Blow/Lancebreaker Julia. Once their mission is complete, they must be extracted using a Dancer/Singer.  The Dancer/Singer should also be pulled back afterwards (preferably by the unit that has returned alive).
  • Another method of attack is to either execute the red foot-soldier using a red mage or position a bulky red unit near the foot-soldier to draw fire from the green cavalier mage.  Tharja is an excellent unit that can ruthlessly devour the red soldier while beautifully taking care of the green mage.  Ike and Ryoma can handle both the sword-user and bait the green mage into their death.
2nd Decree - Conquer

With the blue unit dispatched and the green mage + red infantry distracted/taken care of by your red unit , Xander attacks you with only a healer at his side. Depending on your red unit's status and whether the green mage and red infantry are alive, your red blockade can choose to continue his assault on the right side, turn to attack Xander or retreat away from the green mage before he dies.

With his forces divided or eliminated, this turn is the opportune time to slay Xander. Once he is taken care of, you can safely clean up any of his remaining forces that wish to die with him. Ideally, his foot-soldiers and mage cavalier already went down before him, and all that is left is to silence his healer.

Recommended Units - Assassins

Xander and his infantry are strong against physical damage, so magical allies will help in killing the saddled knight and his posse'.  It is also important to note that the only source of high magical damage is the green mage.  The healer's damage is not too potent, and it will prioritize healing its allies over attacking you unless it can KO your unit.


  • Nino
  • Julia - Advised to use Lancebreaker or Darting Blow to double attack the blue infantry.
  • Robin (F) - Advised to use Lancebreaker or Darting Blow to double attack the blue infantry.
  • Camilla (Spring Festival) - Her high defense allows her to take less damage from many of the units here.  
  • Merric - Good physical bulk.


  • Linde - Can OHKO Xander with the right buffs
  • Lucina (Spring Festival) - More bulky Linde
  • Ursula - Beware of Gronnwolf enemy mage.
  • Reinhardt - 1-2 HKOs most of the enemies here.  Beware of Gronnwolf enemy mage. 
  • Olwen - Knows Reposition, can quadruple-attack with buffs
  • Robin (M) - High defense allows him to wall Xander well.


  • Tharja - Dispatches the red infantry unit and green mage all before turn 2.
  • Sanaki - Use Swordbreaker to kill the red infantry unit.
  • Lilina - Use Swordbreaker to kill the red infantry unit.
  • Sophia - Use Swordbreaker to kill the red infantry unit. Has high defense to tank attacks from sword users.
  • Henry - Use Swordbreaker to double attack the red infantry unit.  Has high defense to tank attacks from sword users.
  • Raigh - Tome dispatches green mage quite easily.
Recommended Units - Wall and Support

Units the can buff or pull the assassins back and/or act as a wall protecting them from the oncoming charge is ideal.


  • Olivia - Can give another turn to the Blue infantry's assassin while taking neutral damage from Xander and reduced damage from the green mage.
  • Ike - Can block the Red infantry while taking out the Green cavalier with his Ragnell.
  • Ryoma - Can take care of the Red infantry and the Green cavalier.
  • Zephiel - Can wall the sword-user and the green mage effectively.  Might need help from a support move to make it into the perfect position.
  • Draug - Can wall the sword-user and the green mage effectively.  Might need help from a support move to make it into the perfect position.
  • Eirika - Can buff the assassins to increase damage output as well as act as speedy wall.
  • Tiki (Y) - Impressive bulk while dealing good magical damage.
  • Tiki (A) - Impressive bulk while dealing great magical damage from any range at the cost of having low speed.


  • Effie - Able to survive an attack from the green mage while dealing with the sword-user.
  • Gwendolyn - Effie with more bulk, less punch.
  • Ephraim - Offers great support for the Assassins while being able to duel Xander and the other sword user.  Beware of magic.
  • Azura - Handles red units well while giving her Assassins another turn to move.
  • Ninian - Similar to Azura but with magical damage.
  • Nowi - Magical damage with good bulk and can attack from any range.
  • Corrin (F) - Magical damage with good bulk, speed and impressive support capabilities.
  • Lukas - Great physical wall. Beware of Green mage.
  • Spring Xander - Great physical wall. Beware of Green mage.


  • Hector - Can deal with ranged units and blue unit.  Can survive an attack from Xander.
  • Fae - Deals magic damage and has Renewal.  Can tank green mage.  Keep away from Xander.


  • Ranged physical attackers need high ATK to pierce through enemy defense.  
  • Kagero - Handles infantry well with an ATK buff.  
  • Healers can pose a better offensive presence as well as keep your other allies alive.
  • Azama - Has good bulk to survive attacks.
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Black Knights
Updated: 2017-09-25

Submitted by Black Knight


Two Black Knights can easily annihilate the map. With 2 armored sword users with distant counter can destroy all the units. For the last 2 units I choose Nino and Minerva since there the strongest.There is no strategy in it since the BK will destroy everything that attacks him.

Ryoma and Female Corrin FTW.
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by FutureEmblem


My strategy was simple enough. First Ryoma will need to tank Xander and kill the cleric and green mage. Thank God for Distant Counter weapons. After those two are dead, Linde can take a hit from Xander and one round KO him. Because of Gravity, Merric will need to block off the Lance Fighter. Female Corrin will barely survive the Sword Fighter's Ignis. Just use these two to finish the Fighters off.

This works... I guess...
Updated: 2017-05-10

Submitted by Draco_Blizzard


Move everyone into the square above the spawn points. Make sure Tiki is in the top left, Azura in the bottom right, Michalis in the bottom left, and Marth in the top right.

Tiki will take enough hits to stay alive and have one more action before the field attack can be used, while Marth will barely take any damage and takes away a chunk of the red knight's health

Move Tiki next to the Red sword fighter and kill him, thus charging her field attack to max for next use. Then move Michalis up to the lance fighter, and attack. Azura will need to sing to him so he can get the kill. After that, have Marth pivot up to the green mage and kill it.

Marth will now be attacked by Xander and the cleric, but will survive depending if Vantage and Buckler are added. The cleric will move back to attack Marth, so during your next turn, kill him.

Finally, have Tiki attack Xander full force.

That's all.

hit and run
Updated: 2017-05-08

Submitted by schan


Inherited skills:
Bartre: Dragon Fang
Eirika: Escutcheon, Escape Route 2
Azama: Defiant Res 2, Wings of Mercy 2 (was not used)

+1 Speed seal on Effie ; +1 Attack seal on Bartre ; +3HP seal on Azama.

Dont know if the first two helped, but that +3HP seal on Azama was so key, at least for me.

Initial setup:
Eirika in the second row, left side , with Bartre behind her.
Effie in the next row, but on the right side, and Azama behind her.

Smite Eirika upwards using Bartre, then move left one tile using Effie to smite Eirika even higher til she's in front of Xander. Move Eirika, and use her to take out the green mage first.

Enemy's phase, the lancer will attack Effie and Xander + the swordsman will attack Eirika.

Your 2nd turn: retreat Effie downwards, and replace her with Bartre and attack the lancer. The lancer's Ignis should activate, and it'll suck, but have Azama heal Bartre.
Most importantly, retreat Erika using Escape Route and set her beside Effie so that now the four are set up in a square (top left Bartre, top right Azama, bottom left Effie).

The enemy's 2nd turn: The lancer will attack Bartre again, and his ignis will activate again, but Bartre should deal some good damage with Dragon Fang.

Your 3rd turn: Retreat Bartre way back so no one can touch him, and place Effie in front of the lancer but DONT ATTACK. Simply heal Effie with Azama. Make sure Eirika is behind Effie to give her those boosts at the start of turn.

4th turn: Kill the lancer with Effie, heal her again with Azama.

5th turn: Attack healer using Effie, heal up Effie with Azama, retreat Eirika from danger zone because by now, Xander's Blazing Light should be ready to activate, and that + an attack from the healer should mess Eirika up.

Careful strategy from there. because I forget what I did, but it shouldn't be hard to strategize considering the healer is almost dead, and Effie can fare very well against the remaining red swordsman and Xander, so long as you heal the right people with Azama. (Bartre is basically done after you retreat him in turn 3)

I think the team is affordable despite inherit skills. The skills are easy to find (I used Gwendolyn, Cecilia, Sophia, Est, and Frederick). And if not Eirika, any sword wielder who can take a hit should be fine.This was my first time playing with inherited skills and i'm glad it was a success.

Bonus Death Damage
Updated: 2017-05-07

Submitted by ShadowCorrin


Having 2 Jaffar Will Do Bonus Damage for the other Units to take care of them: U can Use Ninian to Do a Lot of Damage to Xander Due to Disavantage: Corrin Male Can Take Care of The Mage and The Healer with its Weapon Yato Grants Him +4 Speed when The Unit is Attacking: