Grand Hero Battle - Valter

Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details

Infernal Difficulty Stats

67 53 36 38 21
Weapon Cursed Lance A Darting Blow 3
Support B Desperation 3
Special Luna C Panic Ploy 3
52 43 39 24 40
Weapon Hammer+ A Distant Def 3
Support B Pass 3
Special Aegis C Spur Res 3
59 48 32 32 18
Weapon Silver Bow+ A Armored Blow 3
Support B Escape Route 3
Special Moonbow C Spur Atk 3
52 44 35 22 31
Weapon Rauðrwolf+ A Warding Blow 3
Support B Bowbreaker 3
Special Moonbow C Spur Res 3
57 53 27 28 33
Weapon Firesweep Lance+ A Earth Boost 3
Support B Poison Strike 3
Special Miracle C Savage Blow 3
Infernal Only
78 58 18 45 21
Weapon Silver Sword+ A Defiant Atk 3
Support Pivot B Wary Fighter 3
Special Ignis C Panic Ploy 3
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Brave Destruction
Updated: 2017-09-06

Submitted by LukasIsGod


Olivia and the ranged units do most of the work. Xander is the tank. He ran Attack +3 over Fury to prevent self damage. Reinhardt was +1 merged had Fury 3 due to lack of Death Blow fodder, but it didn't cause problems. The Klein was neutral and kept his base kit except for Glacier, which was switched for Moonbow.

EDIT: This info is useless until his revival, but I did beat Infernal with this team.

I Will Not Fail! Infernal +Video
Updated: 2017-09-02

Submitted by Lafargo


standar archer and dancer with mage and swordman
Updated: 2017-08-28

Submitted by themazeias


Reinhardt needs dead blow 2-3 and attack seal with moonbow.
Takumi needs his vanilla skills, luna and an attack buff is you have neutral attack ivs.
Ike need vanilla skills, Aether, the plus 3 seal to not get killed by a escape route archer and Attack+ or speed + ivs.
Ninian only needs fury 3, she will be used manly for dances.

Well Meta sure helps
Updated: 2017-08-28

Submitted by Nightofslash


With 5* Xander, Reinhardt, and Leon; Olivia is 3*. Rein takes most of lance and red users with death blow 2, lancebreaker 1, and goad cavalry and new moon as special. Xander cleans up any who survive Rein or Leon's attacks if Olivia had been used for dance already, he had Armored blow 3, quick riposte 2 and ward cavalry and bonfire and reposition. Leon has Brave bow+ Reposition Luna life and death 2, bowbreaker 3, and threaten speed. Obviously Leon takes out most of the fliers and whatever is in the way. Olivia only had wings of mercy 2 and fortify atk 3.
Reinhardt was +Spd -res
Leon was +atk -res
Olivia was neutral.
Wait a turn and let the lance cavalry come to rein and the hammer flier to Leon and let the archer atk Leon after you kill the flier and hit him next turn while rein goes after Bottom red mags and use Olivia to dance to get rein to atk valter and kill him. After that try to stay close to the bottom edge of map to pick off about 2 to 3 enemies at a time as half of them have to travel down from the top of the map.

[Infernal] Still build a Mage Team even if the enemy has a lot of Res and just kill them anyways because why not (No Bride Cordelia or Klein or any decent archer)
Updated: 2017-08-27

Submitted by Ultima


Reinhardt (+Atk IV is mandatory):
- +1 Merged
- Life and Death 3
- Atk Seal
- Lancebreaker 1
(This one's my Rein just so you know)


- Death Blow 3
- Atk Seal
- Lancebreaker 1

Sanaki (Any IV's, really. -Atk still might work):
- Triangle Adept 3
- Axebreaker 1
- Hone Atk 3

Azura and Olivia (any IV's)
-Azura's standard Sapphire Lance+ is great for tanking Red Mage damage
-Olivia's Hone Atk 3

Just hang out at the starting point and let them come to you. Let Sanaki deal with the Axe Users, Reinhardt with everything else, and the 2 Dancers to reposition them to safety or kill more foes and/or Valter.

No bow or horse!! (video too)
Updated: 2017-08-26

Submitted by Deadch


IV's and Skills (All 5 star lvl 40):
Ike: +spd, -def
Weapon: Ragnell
Assist: Drawback
Special: Aether
A: Heavy Blade 3
B: Quick Riposte 2
C: Threaten def 3 (not TOO important)
Seal: quickened pulse (pretty important, but def+1 or atk+1 could work too)

Mae: +spd, -res
Weapon: Blarowl+
Assist: Draw Back
Special: Moonbow
A: Life and Death 2
B: Desperation 3 (I used desperation, but Swordbreaker is a much better option)
C: threaten res 3 (again, not TOO important)
Seal: Breath of life (not too important either)

Azura: idk the iv's, all she does is kill a red mage and sing.
Weapon: Sapphire lance+ (If you use a different lance, you should probably run TA 3 for A slot)
Special: Moonbow
A: Speed +3 (or darting blow if you have a +speed azura)
B: Wings of mercy 2 (VERY important)
C: Hone Attack 3 (Or hone speed, hone attack is better though)
Seal: Speed +1 (Again, if you have +spd azura, you can use a different seal)

Cherche: +atk, -res (My Cherche was +2, but it should not make a difference)
Weapon: Brave axe+
Assist: Reposition
Special: Dragon Fang (Ignis, bonfire, draco aura would all work)
A: Death Blow 3
B: Drag back (hit and run could work too)
C: Threaten Def 3
Seal: Attack +1

Here's the general strategy: Use Ike to tank/kill all axe units and most bows and use his draw back to get him and another unit out of danger. Mae is mainly there for the tank and other red units. Azura is there because of Sing and she can also kill the one red mage that appears at the top right of the map. Cherche can kill pretty much any unit on the entire map, so use her to get you out of tight spots.

Replacing units (if you have to):
Ike is hard to replace. He's there to tank and kill most greens and to kill some bows with ragnell's distant counter. If you have another unit that can do this, you can use them instead (ex. Xander, Ryoma[maybe]).
Mae can really be replaced by any high attack high speed blue mage (Linde, Delthea). Reinhardt or Ursula could take Mae's place as well (rip no horses).
Azura is pretty important. You need a dancer/singer that can kill a red mage WHILE taking hits from it. Ninnian would be the best replacement, but I could also see a +spd olivia doing the job as well.
Cherche is the hardest to replace out of everyone. If you needed a replacement for her, you'd have to have a flying physical attacker (Since most enemy units have ridiculous res) that can most units regardless of triangle disadvantage. The only ones I can see working are Cordelia or Tana or maybe Minerva. Of course, you could try to run a brave bow+ archer instead, but you lose mobility.


Like others
Updated: 2017-08-24

Submitted by kirby


The key components are really a DC sword user, a dancer, a brave archer, aaaand Reinhardt. Ike is the only one who takes hits. My specifics were:

Ninian (+Atk/-Spd) - Fury 3, WoM3, Hone Attack. Dance. Moonbow

S!Gaius (+Atk/-HP) - Brave Bow+, LaD3, Threaten Speed. Draw Back. Luna

Ike (Neutral) - Heavy Blade, QR3, Threaten Def. Reposition. Aether

Rein (+1, +Atk). DB3, Lancebreaker 2. Hone Attack. Draw Back. Moonbow. QP

The Brave and the Bold - Infernal
Updated: 2017-08-24

Submitted by riccochet


Ever since the Legion GHB, I depended too much on my Horse Emblem. It took me four days to think of this.

Delthea - base kit + swordbreaker1 and draw back (she needs miracle)

Frederick - brave axe build

Cordelia - brave lance build (use galeforce)

Olivia with ruby sword

Delthea's objective is to support fred and cordelia and most of all, kill the sword units (she has swordbeaker)

Fliers are impossible to outspeed. So brave weapons are the key.


2 archers 2 dancers(lunatic only)
Updated: 2017-08-24

Submitted by krem007


I used a
5*+1 quadsuna
5* Jeorge with luna
5* Azura (she needed to tank 2 hits from a sword cavalier)
3* Olivia who just dances

an Archer and Fliers
Updated: 2017-08-24

Submitted by LesdanGer


I divided my team in 2 pairs, Olivia and Klein to kill all fliers and Blarblade Corrin and Hinoka to kill everyone else

This Shouldn't Have Worked (Lunatic)
Updated: 2017-08-24

Submitted by Breeachu


Only unit on my team that had all of their inherited skills learned was Sharena, and I don't know how this worked. I doubt this'll work with Infernal where it's at now, but I'll attempt it.

Build Details As Follows:

Ryoma (+Atk / -HP) - Raijinto. LaD 3 / Vantage 2 / Hone Spd 1. Smite. Noontime. HP +3

Ninian (+HP / -Def) - Lightning Breath. TA 1 / WoM 2 / Fortify Def 2. Dance. Moonbow.

B!Cordelia +2 ( +??? / -Def) - Brave Bow+. LaD 1. Rally Attack. New Moon.

Sharena (Neutral) - Fensalir. TA 3 / Lancebreaker 3 / Threaten Def 3. Rally Attack. Moonbow. Atk Ploy 1 (I slapped it on her and I don't think it did anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.)

Basically need a Brave Bow user for Infernal
Updated: 2017-08-24
Managed inferno,so will probably work for Lunatic
Updated: 2017-08-23

Submitted by Archer


Ninian(level 40) -Equipped with usual skills and hone def 2
Klein(level 40 - 4*) - inherited Threaten defense 3 from Peri and moonbow from Odin
Olivia(lvl 40-4*) - with Fury 2 her usuals skills and Moonbow(Not used because she's mostly just the dancer)
Reinhardt(lvl40) - Threaten res 3 from Oboro with death blow 2 (3 is preferable) (And not using Luna, though it may help kill singular units faster and has faster charge than the skill he arrives with)

Reinhardt Is used to kill all of the red units and possibly Valter

Klein Kills all flyers but at 4* needs special ready to kill Valter (5* Klein will probably be more efficient)

Ninian can take a hit from an archer at the beginning from an archer a 4* klein cannot kill, and that will allow her to be able to use escape route(3) for the rest of the battle

Olivia(with Fury 2 or 3) can take a hit from a red or green cavalry, but is mainly used as a dancer and her hone.

Boosting a Klein with hone def may have actually caused it to lower due to panic ploy from Valter, but I managed.
Klein was position near the right opening and is used to take out a flying axe and to be danced to be moved to a safe spot above ninian and out of the range of the archer to take out the two other flyers that spawn near the top.
Reinhardt by defeating the lance cavalry first then the red mage(dance from Olivia) and will be used to take out the archer which is to attack Ninian. Ninian should then have access to her escape route and dance Reinhardt fro a safe area to get reinhardt out of harm (and maybe defeat the red heavy if within safe range)

The rest is a series of contorted dancing and moving.
Reinhardt may have to take out all of the red mages esp the one that spawns in the corner to the right (I don't know if a 5* Klein can take the mage out though). There also needs some dancing and vacating and for Klein to take out an approaching flying axe
I managed to take Valter out with Reinhardt sometime between that
The final two units I was left with was a red cavalry and an axe cavalry.
My Reinhardt could only take out the red mage(He hasn't taken any damage yet) and cannot deal much to the axe so A Klein should be able to take the axe cavalry after 4 attacks (hit then danced)

*A Reinhardt without a ready special may be problematic at times*

Double dancer WoM - No brave bow
Updated: 2017-08-23

Submitted by MiThiKaL


Stock 5 star Jeorge

Azura: Saphire lance and WoM necessary

Olivia: 4 star, WoM ( really any dancer work WoM)

Ike: all default skills, replace sword breaker with vantage.

This is a extremely tedious process and took me til turn 25, that's my punishment for not having a brave bow+. The long part is after everyone is dead but the red armored unit. You continuously kite him with double dancing.

To start put Ike on furthest right square move him down and right and dance him with Olivia, then put him right in front of the cliff. You'll have one space between the green flier. Then put jeorge on top of your spawn cliff, with azura on left and Olivia on right. End turn.

Movie Ike left two spaces, standing under Olivia. Have Jorge hit blue calv, dance from Olivia then finish him off. Move azura furthest left to a safe square. End turn.

Have azura attack approaching red mage, then Jorge step behind her and finish off the red mage. Olivia will dance Jorge and he moves up to kill newly spawned green flier above. Do not move Ike, he will vantage kill the archer and be blocking his teammates from attack. End turn.

Have Jorge step down and hit green flier on left, Olivia step to his right and dance him so he gets the kill. Now Azura dances Jorge and he steps ONE space right, he will not attack anyone (it is necessary for him to take damage so the dancers can WoM to him later). Ike hits green axe flier, but it will not kill. This is what we want, so that he will attack Jorge. End turn.

Will finish later...

ganbatte bro
Updated: 2017-08-23

Submitted by nightsiders


ok maybe this was overkill but it worked

Infernal Team
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by LJ


This was my team that barely managed to complete Infernal difficulty and Reinhardt wasn't completely built with SI.

Male Corrin (+HP -Res)
Weapon: Yato
Assist: Ardent Sacrifice
Special: Moonbow
A: Fury 3
B: Desperation 3
C: Threaten Speed 3
Sacred Seal: Speed +1
HP Remaining: 6/45

Yep, I used Male Corrin. He does surprisingly well against the reinforcements at the top of the map taking a hit, retaliating and getting into Desperation range, except for the red infantry mage on the right and protects the team from those dangers that threatens them.

Reinhardt (+Atk -Spd)
Weapon: Dire Thunder
Assist: Reposition
Special: Moonbow
A: Attack +3
B: Lancebreaker 2
C: Hone Cavalry
Sacred Seal: Breath of Life 1
HP Remaining: 31/38

What is there to say... Reinhardt is Reinhardt, even though I don't have Death Blow on him, he takes out Valtar easily and any non-pegasus knight lance units, just beware of the axe fliers.

Cherche (+Atk -Res)
Weapon: Brave Axe+
Assist: Reposition
Special: Luna
A: Death Blow 3
B: Drag Back
C: Fortify Defence 3
Sacred Seal: Attack +1
HP Remaining: 10/46

Cherche was used for the manoeuvrability around the map and dealing with any units that get a little too close to Reinhardt, however she needs to have Luna charged in order to destroy the bow unit without help otherwise it'll one shot her on the enemy phase.

Azura +1 (+HP -Spd)
Weapon: Sapphire Lance+
Assist: Sing
Special: Moonbow
A: Fury 3
B: Wings of Mercy 3
C: Hone Atk 3
Sacred Seal: Fortify Res 1
HP Remaining: 31/41

To be honest, having a singer/dancer is incredibly important for this map and Azura is probably the best one to use as she can comfortably tank a hit from any of the red mages and sword units, which occurs often with the reinforcements.

The Dancing Flier
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by Yang


Most of them have their Basic build except Corderlia she has Hit and Run + Deathblow 3 and Xander has Bonfire

Ventus's Strategy
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by Kin


Looking at the amazing strategies that people make to beat these maps, I saw one that was pretty impressive using only four star units.
This team requires some skill inheritance if you do not have the exact iv spread that Ventus used in his strategy, but with some minor tweaking practically anyone could do this.
I would recommend checking out his video for anyone that is struggling with this GHB map, and be sure to read the comments for info about the minor tweaks others made to replicate his strategy.

Incredibly hard infernal win
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by Rhin


This took me a lot of tries to get it right, so hope it helps.
First, Reinhardt needs lancebreaker, and preferably DB 3, but mine only had 2, and no +atk, so anything better than that will help you a lot.
Xander needs hone cavalry and swap.
Olicia needs wom 2 at least, and her hone attack.
Takumi needs a brave bow.

Place reinhardt south, upwards xander, right olivia and takumi, first turn move xander left, then olicia and takumi left, to avoid valter´s panic ploy.
Second turn, reinhard goes south and kills the lance, then is danced by olivia to kill the red mage, use swap with xander to get him out of the archer´s line of fire, and takumi goes right to kill the axe flier, and he will tank a hit from the bowman.

Third turn, Takumi goes up to kill the sword flier over the lake, reinhard kills the bow archer, swap him with xander, and dance reinhardt to kill the red armor.

4th turn, takumi kills the left axe flier, then is danced by olivia to kill the left axe flier. Reinhardt goes up and right to kill the lance flier, and xander goes just to the left of valter´s range, taking a hit from the red cavalry and killing him on the counterattack..

5th turn, reinhardt will kill valter, and take a hit from the red mage, DO NOT attack the mage, as he will charge his special and kill somebody.
Xander goes south, just below were valter was, and attacks the red mage, wom will let you position olivia to his right, dance him, and finish the cavalry mage off, it doesnt matter where takumi goes.

6th turn, the green axe cav will suicide himself on xander, and reinhardt can finish the red mage off.
Enjoy your feathers and a 3rd valter.

Infernal Clear- Explanation in comments
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by akaean


This map is much easier with a top tier archer- like Innes. Even then, its a brutal 6 turn marathon where any misstep will put you out of commission. Hopefully this guide helps somebody though :). The final list didn't really make use of buffs, which helped manage the panic ploy spam which plagues this map.

Notable Skill Inherits
Innes- Fury 3, Desperation (Innes can probably be replaced with any solid archer who can hit over 50 attack.
Reinhardt- Deathblow, Draconic Aura or Luna, Lancebreaker
Camus- DRAWBACK. Note* if you have an attack +1 seal for Rein, you can replace Camus with any blue lance cav with Drawback. Otherwise you need the Goad for the archer later.
Azura- She will need to finish off the red cavalier. Wings of Mercy may be needed for AI movement reasons.

Turn 1.
Move your squad into a T formation around Innes. I use Innes to bait the red mage. Although it may be doable to use Camus to bait him if you don't have Innes.
Enemy turn, the red mage advances, only Innes should be in range. The Blue Firesweep charges forwards, directly into Rein's range.

Turn 2.
Reinhardt Lasers the Fire sweep, using Lancebreaker to secure the KO. Everyone else holds.

Enemy turn, red mage hits Innes, He tanks the hits, and weakens the red mage. North spawns come in and increase the pressure, and Valter's forces close in.

Turn 3.
Reinhardt moves one to the right, and nukes the Archer. Innes moves one to the right and ORKOs the axe flier with a special proc. Camus moves 2 south and polishes off the red mage. Azura reactivates Innes, who moves left and up to one shot the red archer. Final positions

Enemy turn: Red Cav spawns to the south, and axe flier spawns next to Innes.

Turn 4
Reinhardt moves 1 south to ORKO the Firesweep flier with Lance Breaker. Camus uses Drawback on Azura to move her out of Innes' way without using up her turn. Innes moves one down, and One shots the axe flier. Azura reactivate's Innes, and he runs right and one shots the other axe flier.

Enemy turn. Camus tanks the red armor, and Valter dives left. Final spawn comes in.

Turn 5:
Reinhardt moves two north and One shots the red mage. Innes moves two south and weakens the sword cavalier. Azura reactivates him from the north, and he retreats behind her. Camus retreats next to Innes
Enemy turn. Red sword suicides into Azura. Its finally 4v4. final strech.

Turn 6
Reinhardt advances 3 and ORKOs the red cav mage.
Innes moves down and to the right, out of the way. Azura reactivate's Reinhardt Camus draws her back, out of the way, Reinhardt pulls back one, and polishes off the red armor.

Turn 6
Reinhardt moves up and left to ORKOs Valter with Lance Breaker. Innes moves down and left and fires into the final axe cav. Azura reactivates him and Innes delivers the final blow.

Lunatic mode
Updated: 2017-08-22
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by trickstars


klein is 4 stars
you can just use anyone with good defense as long as they aren't blue to replace boey, because he will be facing the green fliers

Total Eclipse
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by Skarlet


Ike- Used to tank the right side of the map, renewal most beneficial in order to keep up up.
Reinhardt- Sweeper of the map, main dps.
Klein- Cleans up the several fliers of the map well. Overall solid pick of an archer.
Azura- Run of the mill dancer, can take a single hit from one of the lancers with an go seal.

Sacred seals and repositioning skills are a must have!!
Reinhardt- Draw Back
Ike- Swap
Klein- Smite
Azura- +3 hp seal

Infernal is hard as hell
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by Kraagenskull


The killers here were Reinhardt and Innes. I did not have Brave Bow+ on Innes so I had to make full use of his +Atk IV and gave him Atk +3 in A skill. Try to use the Nidhogg passive a lot, alongside with Iceberg skill it's really useful for killing Valter for example. It's clearly waaaay easier with a Brave Bow+ archer tho. He was the main pegasus killer, alongside with Reinhardt to kill red things and Ryoma with Axebreaker to kill some greens.

It's a pain in the beginning of the map, but I basically went left and stayed there the whole time, apart from Ryoma who was wandering in the right to kill some green fliers. Ryoma was the least useful member of the party, and clearly Xander or Ike would have done the same or better. Or even a user of Ruby Sword.
On the other hand, Olivia is mandatory for my playstyle, and I gave her Wings of Mercy, which helped a lot because mistakes in placement happen so often in this map.

I also tried to use Michalis with Lancebreaker, but the ability of Innes to kill fliers from long distance was mandatory.

The Horse and the Dragon
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by LuxSaul


Horse Emblem is the best. Always.
Here are the videos to see how it works:


Xander Camus Luring Tactic -Infernal
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by Yun8207


Xander- Fury 3 QR 2 Reposition
Camus- Fury3 Vantage 3 Reposition
Reinhardt- death blow 3 lancebreaker 1 Reposition
Priscilla- Rehab Live to serve 2 Ward Cavalry

Because most of the enemy units of this GHB is far enough from each other, this tactic works really well. Though I can't really give a precise guide, most should be able to win with a few tries. Use Xander to lure the archers and green units and Camus for the Red units. Put Priscilla near Xander and Camus to maximize their Def. Use Reinhardt to take out any isolated lance/red units. Do be aware of Panic Ploy if you are running with Hone Cavalry, though Goad Cavalry from both Camus and Reinhardt should be enough if you need buffs.

Equus caballus
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by neontetraploid


Standard horse emblem team. Make sure to keep your units out of enemy attack range through position play.
My skills are:
Camus: Gradivus/Swap/Sol
Cecilia: Gronnblade/Draw Back/Moonbow
Xander: Siegfried/Reposition/Bonfire
Reinhardt: Dire Thunder/Reposition/Moonbow

GHB: Valter (Infernal) + Video
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by aiunii


Nino: +SPD/-Def
Xander/Ike: Neutral
Delthea: +SPD/-ATK

Best to watch the video since it's quite a long battle. Hope it helps :3

Kleining Them Up (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Morrighan


Henry (+Def - SPD): 5*
Weapon: Raven+
A: Tri-Adept
B: Flexible
C: Threaten Res
Support: Reposition (Mandatory)
Special: Ignis
Seal: Quickened Pulse
Alternative: Squad Ace B1

Cordelia: 5*
Weapon: Brave Lance+
A: Tri-Adept
B: Drag Back (Mandatory)
C: None
Support: Reposition
Special: Galeforce (Mandatory)

Klein (+SPD - RES): 5*
Weapon: Brave Bow+
A: Death Blow
B: Quick Riposte (Flexible)
C: Hone SPD (Flexible)
Support: Draw Back
Special: Glacies
Seal: Squad Ace A1

Olivia: 4*
Vanilla besides Ruby Sword
Seal: HP +3
This map besides Skill Inheritance requires only one thing for this team. A +Def Henry. If you can give him a Fortify Def buff, then as long as he hits around the +Def range later on (will describe later) he should be ok.

Step 1:
Starting out, you should have Cordelia placed bottom left before you start the map. Olivia should be directly behind her, followed by Klein beside Olivia, and Henry beside Klein. Map starts. The only unit that should move is Henry. Move him in range of both the Archer and the flier. End turn.

Step 2:
The Flier and Archer engage Henry. The Archer should be nearly dead after that encounter, and Henry can finish him off. Due to the advantage the Cavalier Lancer has over Henry, instead of rushing Cordelia, he parks right in front of Klein. Klein initiates, Cordelia moves in front of Klein and finished the Cavalier off. Olivia dances Klein, and Klein moves in to kill the flier by Henry.

Step 3: Red Mage below attacks Olivia. Reinforcements appear. By Henry should be a Blue flier and Armored unit. Klein should be in range to KO the flier. Afterwards, Reposition Klein with Henry, and as long as Olivia hasn't moved, she should be able to dance on Klein. Klein then kills the flier above Olivia. Cordelia attacks the mage directly and drag back activates.

Step 4:
Reinforcements appear. There should be a flier on the left and right. After Cordelia moves out of range of the axe flier on the left, and into the range of the Red Cavalier, (below her current position) Olivia should move left and take a hit from the green flier. Klein should move right, and take out the newly positioned flier. Finally, park Henry directly in front of that Armored unit like a boss.

Step 5:
Surprise surprise. More reinforcements. So at this point, Klein should have Glacies. There should be a Restaurant Mage right above Klein and Henry. Klein can take care of him. Use Henry to then move away from the Armored guy, and Reposition Olivia towards Klein. DO NOT Dance until you have moved out of range of the Armored unit. Dance, then Klein can kill a green flier positioned directly beside him. Cordelia shouldn't waste her now charged Galeforce, and should park right beside a tired Henry.

Step 6:
Valtair realizes his men are having trouble and charges us directly. This step is pretty crucial. There will be a Green Cavalier Brave Luna user, and a Red Cavalier Mage. Use Henry to Reposition Cordelia TOWARDS the Green unit. Cordelia will then position herself in front of the mage and kill. At this point Galeforce activates, and she should position herself in front of the Armored unit. Do not attack though. Now Klein should move two spaces down past Cordelia, and closer to Henry, and Olivia should be right behind Cordelia.

Step: 7
Poor Henry gets his ass kicked some more. (Mine had 3HP) Klein should swoop in, and be capable of quad hitting the axe unit. A suggestion would be equipping Axebreaker to handle him, hence the flexible B slot. After the Cavalier is dead, use the MVP (Henry) to Reposition Klein at the top of the map. Meanwhile, have Cordelia retreat with Olivia. Valtair should be chasing Olivia down due to his advantage, and The Armored unit should be in pursuit as well.

Step 8:
Valtair should be taking his time trying to position himself right in front of Olivia. This gives you time to take out that Armored unit. Henry finally gets a chance to kick ass back, and procs Ignis on the Armored unit. Cordelia can move directly above the Armored guy and finish him off. Drag Back should proc, and Olivia should be moved directly below Cordelia. Klein does not move.

Final Step:
Use Henry to Reposition Klein, and he should be able to attack Valtair. Afterwards, either Klein or Cordelia can finish him off.

Klein does the majority of the work. Axebreaker if you can't quad the Axe Cavalier.
Henry is the tank/Reposition guy who either kills or softens up units. Cordelia is the red unit check. Olivia supports.

Any strong/fast Brave Bow user can replace Klein. You could attempt to use a different red unit to replace Henry, but you should be able to KO the bow user, and survive a hit from the axe flier.
Any blue flier with Galeforce and Tri-Adept will work. For this team, Olivia is mandatory not only to bait, but to tank a hit from a green unit.

Finally, with Henry I barely had him survive against the Axe Cavalier. (Luna proc) If he isn't +Def, a remedy would be giving Henry Renewal (after initial hit from Armor) and Cordelia Fortify Def. As long as he gets close to that 35 range and has the HP to tank a Luna hit.

Klein, a Red, and the Gals do it again - INFERNAL CLEAR, with Video!
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Walrusxyz


So, here we are again. IS decided that they wanted to make a Grand Hero Battle just as (if not MORE) difficult than Legion's. Thanks, IS. Fortunately, Klein is more than prepared to deal with this horror. Get ready for Walrus's In Depth Guide to the Valter Grand Hero Battle! If you want to see a video of this strategy in action, this is the link:
Klein is super helpful in this fight, as a large majority of the enemies you'll be facing are frail/flying units. Any Brave Bow user with decent attack will do the job just as well. Xander survives just barely for a majority of this fight.
I'll go over the builds, as usual. All units are 5* and level 40.

Xander, Neutral IVs.
Weapon: Siegfried
Assist: Reposition (Not needed)
Special: Bonfire
Slot A: Fury 3
Slot B: Quick Riposte 3
Slot C: Threaten Def 3
Sacred Seal: None
Xander works as a better tank than Zephiel on this map thanks in part to his mobility, and also to the Hammer+ Flier Unit on the far right that Zephiel couldn't handle.

Klein, -Def, +HP
Weapon: Brave Bow+
Assist: Swap (Not needed)
Skill: Glacies
Slot A: Death Blow 3
Slot B: Lancebreaker 2 (Quintessential. It is imperative to one round the Lance Cavalier, and maybe even Valter. Never tested that far.)
Slot C: Threaten Def 3
Sacred Seal: Hardy Bearing (Not needed)
Klein functions as the main DPS, with Olivia as his main support. He is able to quad a couple of the enemies and double all of them thanks to the Brave Bow+. Lance and Threaten Defense make sure that he can kill off the Cavalier and any other squishy that gets in his way.

Azura, Unknown IVs. Merged +2.
Weapon: Sapphire Lance+
Assist: Sing
Special: Glacies
Slot A: Speed +3
Slot B: Wings of Mercy 3
Slot C: Fortify Res 2
Sacred Seal: HP+3 (Not needed)
Azura allows you to successfully beat out a sword cavalier later in the map, but other than that, she's a generic dancer.

Weapon: Wo Dao+ (Not that she ever uses it)
Assist: Dance
Special: Moonbow (Again, not needed)
Slot A: Fury 3 (You won't use it)
Slot B: Wings of Mercy 3 (Any Wings of Mercy will work, because Xander will be at like, 1 HP)
Slot C: Hone Atk 3 (This and Dance are the only skills that matter)
Olivia is mainly just here to support Klein. Hell, you can run a Level 1 Olivia for all I care. She just NEEDS to give Klein that Hone Atk 3 Buff.

So, in to the step-by-step, I suppose.
This is the strategy I used in the video, just written out. This map has A LOT of reinforcements. It's also nearly impossible to kill everyone on the map in one go. So, you just have to wait it out. Start with Klein in bottom left, Azura above him, Olivia to the right of her, and Xander on the far right.

Turn 1: Move Xander down one and right one so that he's just within the range of the archer and Axe Flier. Move Olivia over left one so that she is within range of him. Keep Klein and Azura where they are. The enemies will move up, and some will suicide into Xander (They won't die, but they'll be in death range).

Turn 2: Use Klein to kill the Lance Cavalier without moving, then have Xander finish off the Axe Flier. Have Olivia dance on him, and have him finish off the Bow User as well.

Turn 3: Have Klein move all the way down, then have Azura sing for him. Have him kill the Red Mage, then have Olivia move down and dance on Klein. Use Klein to kill Valter. Finally, move Xander to where Olivia was. It's a safe space.

Turn 4: Have Azura go down and kill the Sword Cavalier. Then, send Klein over to the right so that he's out of range of the Red Armor Unit, and have him kill the Lance Flier. Move Xander all the way to the right and have him attack the Axe Flier, then have Olivia Wings of Mercy behind him (south) and have him attack it again. It should kill. The Red Armor should attack Azura, but she should tank it and do a lot of damage in return.

Turn 5: A Red Mage Cavalier should spawn right within striking range of Klein. Have him kill it. Move Xander as far down as possible, then have Olivia Wings of Mercy Behind him and Azura above.

Turn 6: Move Klein up one and have him kill the Red Armor Unit. Have Azura sing for him, then move him back to where he was before and kill the Red Flier. Move Xander between Klein and the Axe Cavalier, and have Xander attack. Then Olivia can walk behind him and give him another attack, which should kill it.

Turn 7: Finally, the last two units are within Klein's striking range. Have Klein move up and kill the Axe Flier, then use Azura to sing, give Klein another move, and allow Klein to kill the remaining Red Mage.
There ya go. I used up two stamina potions figuring this out! Enjoy your 2k feathers and Bloodthirsty Lunatic!

Random strategy.
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by jorgalro95


Ike was equipped with quick riposte, Delthea with hone speed and lance breaker, +Spd -Hp Jeorge with Escape Route 1 and neutral Olivia with fury 2.

Took me like 5 stamina potions to do it, one of the hardest GHB at the moment, good luck for everyone.

Lunatic only
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by KevTon13


I was able to beat this guy on lunatic, though I don't think the team that I used is perfect for infernal. Ike I used to take out the axes and archers. Summer Corrin I used to take out the reds. Arthur I used to take out Valter and any other lance unit. As for Kagero she had rally atk and did some little final blows to mostly some weakened enemies. She wasn't that much though I needed an attack buffer.

Double Delthea
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Explositivity


All units are 5 star Lv. 40s except for Ninian who is level 26. First move, Delthea moves one space down and to the right. Ike will move one space down and to the right as well, with Julia moving to the left of Ike. Because of Ragnell, Ike will kill the bow unit that attacks him and he kills the axe flier that attacks him in the same turn. Delthea will take dmg from the lance cavalier that is to the left of Valter. Then, Delthea will kill the lance cavalier and Ninian will use dance on her. Delthea uses the extra turn to kill the Red mage. Julia moves 2 spaces to the right and Ike will move one space left and up to prepare for incoming reinforcements. After, Delthea will move down towards Valter using Ninian. She will then kill him. Julia will kill the lance unit that comes towards her. By then, the battle should be complete, but any other enemy units could probably be killed by Ike, Julia, or Delthea + Ninian.

Ez Win For Scrubz
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Explositivity


All these units are 5-Star Level 40, and I have maxed everything out with skill inheritance. Zephiel takes out the right side with the help of Ninian's dancing. Nowi will go into the danger area with Julia outside of it right next to her. Nowi takes out the red mage and the blue lance cavalry unit, and Julia cleans up and kill Valter. If you do it right, no reinforcements should spawn.

No archers nor horses - Infernal
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by ModoTheGreat


Ike +spd/-def @ Ragnell/Swap/Aether/Heavy Blade 3/Quick Riposte 2/Hone Speed 3/Attack seal
Ephraim +spd/-hp @ Siegmund/Reposition/Bonfire/Triangle Adept 3/Lancebreaker 3/Hone Speed 3/Fortify Resistance seal
Nino +atk/-res @ Gronnblade+/Draw Back/Growing Wind/Life and Death 3/Desperation 3/Hone Attack 3/Speed seal
Olivia @ Dance/Hone Attack 3

Start Ike off in between Olivia(right) and Ephraim(left) with Nino south. Have Ike march inside attack range of the archer and axe flier with dance, so he doesn't get hit by Panic Ploy. Place Nino next to Olivia and put Ephraim where Nino started so he can reach the red mage next turn.
(To be continued)

Dancing Horses
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Duran


The heavily modified team though, they can crush the enemies down.

Xander is the supreme tank thanks to his own Seigfried, he also equipped Hone cav. and AxeBrkr to quickly dice the axes out. His movement assist for this time is "Draw Back". This is better than usual Reposition since it also retreat himself from the danger zone.

Cecilia is the blue check which is crucial for beating Valter with Gronnblade, LnD, LanceBrkr and Hone cav.

Reinhardt checks the red with his "Bread and Butter" Dire Thunder and Death blow. My Rein is not perfect since he is not +Atk, he MUST use R tomeBrkr and Moonbow to beat the high res Red tome which is very annoying.

If you look in the broad view, you will see that the Breaker skills are the core of skill set-up since cavaliers have poor BST thus too low speed to survive those nasty beefed-up enemies in Infernal difficulty.
For Xander, QR may also be useful.

Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Sephus


Honestly very little movement thought had to go into this one. The downside is it require two dancers. Reinhardt or another strong 2 hit magic user is required, but Rebecca can be substituted with a different brave archer. Just move them around eliminating as many units as you can and keeping both mages out of range. The top left corner of the central area is the best place to make your death trap.

Standard Reinhardt+WoM Dancer, and Vantage Takumi
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Llory


Reinhardt with Lancebreaker
Olivia with WoM
Ryoma+Takumi with Vantage, Reposition

Reinhardt+Olivia will go down the left side nuking everything. Ryoma+Takumi will kill the flier reinforcements. The trick is that Reinhardt can tank the red calvary that spawns, putting him in WoM range. Takumi can get into Vantage range from the archer. From there, Takumi can attack once player phase and once enemy phase to kill any flier.

Easy Infernal
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by GiantDwarf


Build Details:
Ike (+spd / -atk SAD!) - Heavy Blade, Renewal, Threaten Atk 3, Aether, Reciprocal Aid - Substitutions: Any distant counter sword will work.

Reinhardt - (+atk / who cares) - Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker (Key component of build), Any C-skill, Moonbow, QP, Reposition - Substitutions: Olwen might work

Azura - Sing is the only thing that matters - Substitutions: Ninian, Olivia

Klein - Death Blow 3, QR, Luna - Substitutions: any brave archer

Ike moves into position to tank the axe infantry and bow. Reinhardt moves next to Ike with Azura behind him. Klein stays to the left just outside of danger.

Ike kills the axe infantry to start turn 2. Reinhardt finishes the archer and is danced over to the square Klein was in (Klein can simply move back) to kill the lance cav.

From here it is pretty straightforward - Klein and Reinhardt do the heavy lifting, Azura moves everyone around. The one tricky part is that the axe flyer has lunge, so you need to position Ike carefully to deal with him without getting thrown into range of the lance flyer. If he stands right by the water, he can duel the axe flyer without getting thrown into the danger zone.

Double Dancer with Brave Bow+
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Muchacho


Let both dancers have wings of mercy. Reinhardt needs lancebreaker. Let gordin kill the first flier on the right and let him tank a hit from the archer so he can get help from WoM. Let Gordin kill all fliers while Reinhardt takes out all other units. Did infernal and lunatic with it.

I died a lot before coming up with this team
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Camy


All are 5*

Abel and Freddy are max lvl while Ryoma is 33 and Xander is 36. Also I did this on hard since I don't have a team for Lunatic yet. Nearly there though.

The mages are a killer, the other mobs are a cinch. Valter is a little bit beefier with a debuff and more attack but hey, this is a hero battle so no surprise there.

I sent Xander to the far right while keeping Fredrick nearby to attack the lancers and Valter later in the starting 3 position. Xander's Siegfried will help with the pesky archer as well as mages later. Ryoma can take some hits before being pushed back up to the tippy top of the map. If he were higher lvl, he would stay, but since mine is a wee bab, he has to stay safe. "But what about the spawns?!" Just send Abel there too and viola, damage control.

Notice how I don't mention sending my team further down. That is a TRAP that they want you to do. Fish them up then attack. You may have to risk some movements but best choice is to keep being up and keep your distance. While Fredrick takes care of the Lancers and Xander handles the axes and mages.

Another mage will spawn down below so keep on fishing that sucker up. Xander can also kill Valter - gasp what?! GOING AGAINST THE COLOR CODES? Oh the humanity! Seriously, I just play by checking attack + result in the little preview. If it's 0, I'm doing it. It was a risk but it was a winning risk.

It takes a while to figure it out but you can do it. Probably better than me lol

Ignore the dem cliffs
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Anju


Michalis with lancebreaker 3, standard quadstrike cordelia, blarblade+ summer corrin, and esper masked marth for that renewal + falchion healing. High octane reposition plays in the air while lucina, er marth tops up the damaged fliers.

Both Lunatic and Infernal
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by randante


I use the same team (Olivia, Azura, Reinhardt, B. Cordelia) for both lunatic and infernal. Basically just stay in the starting postition and wait for them to dash towards you.

Olivia & Azura have WoM2.
Reinhardt has Lancebreaker 1.
B. Cordelia has Bowbreaker 2.

Link below to give ideas,

Lancebreaker is the Key
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Commander


There's nothing too special about this team other than Reposition Ike so that I can lead the map with KOing the mage and the firesweeper calv on the left side. I slowly backed down to the bottom to deal with the bottom reinforcement first.

Team Do my Best!
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by Lu Bu


I'll do my best for you!

Narcian best Wyvern Raider :)
Updated: 2017-08-19

Submitted by Weather Report


Narvian with emerald axe can take out easily valter and the blue cavalier
Roy can take out easily the axe flier amd if he has distant counter can take out the archer
Camus can take out easily the red mage with gradivus and rebecca is in the team because she is my favourite archer.

Why Not?
Updated: 2017-08-19

Submitted by Draco


Hector - For Valter and other Blue/Green units

Takumi - For Valter, Flyers and Red Mage

S Corrin (F) - For Red Mage and High Resistance

Ike - For Mage baiting

We need more team slots
Updated: 2017-08-17

Submitted by SharpEyLogic


I could add Tana and Amelia into this, but there aren't enough slots to fill them in. Replace Seth with either or, but remember to give Amelia the Dragon Axe from the Berserker on the right to kill Valter or use Tana with the Dragonspear

Updated: 2017-08-17

Submitted by tuflipe


Narcian with is lancebreak and is Emerald Axe can kill the Lance Cavalier and Valter (Narcian on the 4) , Reinhardt for the red mage (on the 1){or an other blue unit} , Ike for the axe and the Bow (on the 3){red unit which can ripost a bow} , Klein to support Ike with the axe or for the bow or to finish valter (on the 2){or an bow}

Double Raven
Updated: 2017-08-17

Submitted by Ashen


Robin with a raven tome and Raven with lancebreaker. Teammates don't matter too much, but a dance such as Azura or Ninian will help. A healer is also recommended, but it is possible to use a Falchion healer(Lucina, Marth, etc.)