Grand Hero Battle - Ursula

Grand Hero Battle: Ursula
Map/Enemy Details
Ursula: Blue Crow

Ursula's map consists of a cavalry sword user, an armored user and two Poison Dagger Thieves.

Immediately you might notice that the bottom thief and Ursula herself can be baited and taken care of individually. As such, very specific tiles on this map must be used.

During the enemy phase, all of the units approach you, and the Armored unit will deal massive damage to any and all blue unit that tries to take care of the Sword user.

If you ever think about using infantry units in this map, extreme caution should be used due to the Thieves going from 33 to 49 attack against foot soldiers. Otherwise, they deal absolutely nothing and could be entirely ignored.

Swap is an extremely good assist in this map.

The best way to approach this fight is to have any Green Mage to deal with Ursula. It is imperative that she be killed in one hit on counter-attack.

Next, a non-infantry Sword user with good defense should be used to hold off the Armored Axe and Cavalier Sword.

Finally, a Triangle Adept Raven Tome user or a Bowman or Thief that can reach 35 speed can be used to deal with the ninjas. The bowmen/thieves will require a minimum of 31 speed + Hone Speed to not get doubled by the Poison Dagger Thieves.

As for the fourth unit, it is up to you, the player. A dancer, buffer, Recover or Martyr healer, or another Archer will work quite well.

Of course, a lot of these steps can be ignored by simply using a Flier/Armor/Cavalier team (or Hector) and handling this map with ease.

First Turn: Kill Ursula

To kill Ursula, a green mage should be used.

A green tome user will require a hefty 67 attack to kill her in one hit. Unfortunately, the only unit that can achieve this is Spring Camilla with a Blade Tome and Cavalry Buffs.

However, a double hit will require a very small 46 attack from a green mage. If you were to use a -Attack 4star Nino, this can be achieved with only two buffs (28 Base + 9 Weapon + 4 Hone Attack + 4 Hone Speed + 8 Bonus Total = 53 attack).

If you were to use a Level 40 4star Female Robin, Robin will always kill her.

Second Turn: Hold the door

This is when your non-infantry Sword and anti-thief unit comes in. Your anti-thief unit will need to bait the top thief and duel him to delay his approach.

Next, your Sword unit will need to go to a very specific tile on the map, as shown on the following picture.

Third Turn: Slow Elimination

Utilize your green mage to eliminate the Sword Cavalier. From full HP, a double hit from a green mage will require 69 attack. However, the Sword Cavalier will be damaged from its skirmish with your own Sword unit, and will very likely be killed.

If you have a healer, now is the best time to heal your Sword frontline.

Next, your Sword unit will take the place of the now dead enemy Cavalier, and will attack the bottom Thief. 

If a KO is not immediately possible, the fourth extra unit you use can help finish it off. Either with Dance/Sing, Brave Bows, etcetera.

After all this, eliminate the top thief with your Anti-Thief.

Fourth Turn Onwards: Finish the Mission

Now that there are only two enemies left, it should be a breeze to finish the map.

Finish off the last thief as so and win the map.

Recommended Units

To recap: Green Mage, Non-Infantry Sword Unit, Thief Baiter, Filler.

Green Mages

Ursula has 32 speed, requiring 37 speed to double-attack her or a simple Female Robin.

Non-Infantry Sword Unit

Anyone with good defense.




Thief Killer

A mounted mage, any Triangle Adept Raven User, or high speed Bowman. Ursula can be used for this role to complete the quest.

Do note that physical units are highly recommended due to the thieves' high resistance.

Raven Tome

Mounted Mage


Requires Hone Speed



A Dancer, Healer or Buffer.



Any healer with Rehabilitate, Recover, or Mend. Imbue and Swift Winds Balm are great specials.


Blue Units

Blue Units will perform well only if you choose another strategy.

If left with no option you can ignore the Axe Armoured unit by blitzing the bottom part of the map or blocking his movement by baiting the top thief with smart placement.




To summarize: Any non-infantry lance wielder or anyone with a Brave Lance. Assault the bottom part of the map and escape the Armoured Axe.

Axe Users

Axe users will perform quite sub par due to the Red Cavalier rushing in. If the player can somehow kill him without risk or completely neglect its damage (such as Hector), the problems subside and dissipate.

All non-infantry axe users except Titania will do well as long as the Sword Unit can be handled.

Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Just tank & heal
Updated: 2017-05-17

Submitted by Ouch Rude


I did this awhile ago, so I apologize in advance if the enemy movements are a little off. First, put Kagero in slot one, Serra (with recover and hone attack) in 2, Nino in 3, and hector in 4. Start by moving Nino just into ursula's range and bait her, make sure she is not within range of any other enemy. Next move Kagero up one space to deal with the ninja later. Move hector to the right and keep Serra where she is. Ursula will attack Nino, nino OHKO's her, and the bottom ninja will attack hector and get KO'd. The the rest of the units will move in. Move Nino behind hector and keep kagero in the higher slot, make sure both Serra and Nino are out of harms way. The red cavalier will attack hector, but not kill him. On your turn, let hector finish him off. From here you should be able to tank the rest without moving hector, though depending on your skills and his boon/bane, you may need to heal him.

F Robin + 5* Xander = WIN
Updated: 2017-05-14

Submitted by TG15


F Robin only needs to be in the mid 30s to be able to take down Ursula in one round. Once she takes out Ursula, Xander comes in and cleans up the rest of the map without breaking a sweat.

Nino N' Xander
Updated: 2017-05-14

Submitted by Dreemeh-JustAHector


- Nino that can double Ursula, not hard to achieve. Robin (F) can be used as well.
- Vanilla Xander, will work even in 4 stars.
- Any healer, i personally use Lissa because of her extremely useful support healing skill.
- Azura, or any dancer. Level doesn't matters.

Note: Starting positions are, Xander at the bottom, Nino at the right, and the rest doesn't matters.

Turn 1: Put Nino in Ursula's range, out of the ninja range. She should be able to KO her (remember, your Nino needs at least 37 speed!)
Turn 2: Move Nino to safety, and move Xander into the way (one tile to the right.)
Turn 3 and going: Xander should be able to tank the hits of the Sword Cavalier, and the Ninjas as well. Homewer, the Sword Cavalier does high damage to him, so be sure to heal him each turn, then move the healer out of the ninja's range with your dancer.
When the Sword Cavalier has low health, KO it with Nino, then attack any ninja, Xander will normally KO each in two hits. But keep in mind that you need to stay blocking the exit, otherwise, a ninja could sneak off and KO any other unit. When you KO both ninjas, KO the Axe Knight with Nino, with a little help of your dancer.
Hope it helps!

I hate myself
Updated: 2017-05-13

Submitted by Teach


So after spending three days, it seems the simplest solution is to let Ryoma handle everyone. Essentially what this takes advantage of is Vantage and Defiant Attack on Ryoma, who will kill most everyone. Dancer of choice is Olivia because she's free, and any healer with psychic is there to keep Ryoma topped off to take advantage of his All Counter/Defiant/Vantage. Nino is there to hit Ursula ONCE. Any more and the AI uses an entirely different configuration, making this strategy useless.

Heal / Dance
Updated: 2017-05-13

Submitted by lukewarmtea


Based off of the 3* version from Mkv (, except subbing out for some different units. Use Julia to bait and kill Ursula and then get her out of range with reposition (on Reinhardt, who can take the hits of the thieves). Reinhardt, due to mediocre defense, takes damage from the thieves and therefore will need the dance + heal combination to stay alive and take them all out. The one thing is that it's absolutely necessary to kill the axe and sword user together in one turn, though that shouldn't be much of a problem with a singer.

Any singer/dancer can be used -- there was no combat from Azura in the run.
Any healer can be used -- my Clarine (4*) had the standard reconcile / imbue.

Lunatic Ursula Quest
Updated: 2017-05-12

Submitted by graciegra


Ursula and Zephiel must be L40. 4*

Order is, Olivia, Sakura in the middle, Ursula and Zephiel on the bottom. Bait the ninja with Zephiel for two turns and move the others to safe spots for those two turns, then in the 3rd turn move Zephiel one space above and Ursula will attack him, attack back in your turn and finish her with your Ursula, heal Zephiel with Sakura two times using Olivia. Then the rest is easy.

Ursula GHB Analysis Heroes
Updated: 2017-05-11

Submitted by Elegear


This is the team used in the images.

Tank Squad
Updated: 2017-05-11

Submitted by Chris2456


2 Hectors, Ike, and Azura. Hectors at top and bottom. Ike right above Hector.

Vantage 3 and Hector
Updated: 2017-05-10

Submitted by OmegaZwart


I used a neutral Hector with Vantage 3 for the annihilation of this map. Hector go, with the dancer's help, between the too walls. (Near the breakable one). Than the others wait for the first turn. After the first attack you need to move back Hector and healing two time with the healer and the dancer/singer. Repeat this process and Hector will kill every enemy. You can use any healer and dancer, Hector recive all the damage.

Xander Emblem
Updated: 2017-05-10

Submitted by SharpEyLogic


Note: Xander must have Quick Riposte 2, Robin has to have Seal Speed 2 or 3 and Nino might need Fury 2 or higher. All three should be five star. Xander MUST have Siegfried otherwise the strategy doesn't work

Put Xander on the bottom corner of the starting position to lure out the Thief. Thanks to Quick Riposte and Distant Counter, Xander can easily kill the Thief in one round. Place Robin and Nino in the upper corner. On Enemy Phase, the Thief will suicide on Xander Cancer and Ursula and the Sword Cavalier will break the two walls. On player Phase, put Robin in the range of the Sword Cavalier and Ursula. Put Nino beside him, but not in the range of any enemies. Move Xander away from Ursula and put him in the top corner to kill the second thief. On enemy Phase, Robin will be attacked by Ursula and the Sword Cavalier (he doesn't need +Def to survive). Robin will need Seal Speed, Defiant Speed and Bonfire/Ignis to kill the Sword Cavalier. After he's dead, Nino can kill Ursula in one round and you can use Xander to clean up the Thief and Axe Knight. After both are done, you get a four * Ursula! Hope my team helps!

Eldigan the Great
Updated: 2017-05-10

Submitted by vanba1462000


Sorry everyone, I have a misunderstood between this one and the Xander's battle, so i'll put my team here so that you guys can try. Eldigan can be a tank (can be anyone else but i only got him) without fury, I used defiant atk 3 instead. For the 1st turn, you can put him in the range of the belowed ninja, and a green-infantry-mage in the range of Ursula (right next to where Eldigan is standing. The others fall back to the uper-left corner. As the ninja comes, he'll attack Eldigan (<4 damage) but Nino will receive damage too (my choice). After she kills Ursula the other enemies will begin to move, move Nino out of the ninjas' ranged. The 2 units who retreated before should include a red tome user (Leo is the best here, because he is on horseback and the ninja on the right is ready to fight). Use him to atack the knight and Eldigan will take care of the rest. Once again, I apologize, and thank you for reading this.