Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F) - Hard

Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)
Required Stamina

The female version of Robin is available in this Grand Hero Battle, but she won't come easily. She is accompanied by two mages and melee units and your point of entry is only one space wide with every space inside the danger area susceptible to two attacks or more. 

High Res is the Key

Make sure to bring units with high Res as your main concern will be Robin and the mages. The axe fighter is in a position that allows you to take it out quickly without the threat of attack from the lance fighter.

Azura and Olivia

Dancers and singers are once again incredibly useful on this map. Placing them right at the entrance will allow you to shuttle most of your units into striking range against the enemy which is imperative, especially on the first move.

Avoid Using Cavaliers and Blue Mages

Robin's weapon is strong against cavaliers and she also has the Blue Tomebreaker passive so although units like Leo or male Robin might be effective against the other enemies on the map, take extra care to keep them out of Robin's range if you do use them.

Map/Enemy Details:
Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
RobinF Weapon: Gronnwolf+
Skill: Ignis
A: Darting Blow 2
B: B Tomebreaker 3
BlueMage Weapon: Thoron
Skill: Bonfire
A: Defiant Res 3
B: Seal Def 3
LanceFighter Weapon: Silver Lance
Skill: Glimmer
A: Death Blow 2
B: Drag Back
AxeFighter Weapon: Killer Axe
Skill: Glimmer
B: Seal Res 2
C: Threaten Atk 3
RedMage Weapon: Bolganone
Skill: Bonfire
A: Armored Blow 2
C: Threaten Res 3