Grand Hero Battle - Robin (F)

Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)
  • Normal
  • Infernal
Map Enemies
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Infernal
34 24 18 18 14
Weapon Gronnwolf A Defiant Res 3
Support B B Tomebreaker 3
Special Ignis C
28 25 20 12 17
Weapon Elfire A Armored Blow 2
Support B
Special Bonfire C Threaten Res 2
32 27 19 19 14
Weapon Steel Lance A Death Blow 2
Support B Drag Back
Special Glimmer C
32 27 19 19 14
Weapon Steel Axe A
Support B Seal Res 2
Special Glimmer C Threaten Atk 2
28 25 20 12 17
Weapon Elthunder A Darting Blow 2
Support B Seal Def 2
Special Bonfire C
45 35 25 24 18
Weapon Gronnwolf+ A Defiant Res 3
Support B B Tomebreaker 3
Special Ignis C
36 36 28 17 23
Weapon Bolganone A Armored Blow 2
Support B
Special Bonfire C Threaten Res 3
42 38 26 26 18
Weapon Silver Lance A Death Blow 2
Support B Drag Back
Special Glimmer C
42 34 26 26 18
Weapon Killer Axe A
Support B Seal Res 2
Special Glimmer C Threaten Atk 3
36 36 28 17 23
Weapon Thoron A Darting Blow 2
Support B Seal Def 3
Special Bonfire C
52 45 35 22 31
Weapon Rauðrraven+ A Armored Blow 3
Support B Bowbreaker 3
Special Iceberg C Threaten Res 3
61 49 34 33 25
Weapon Silver Lance+ A Death Blow 3
Support B Drag Back
Special Glimmer C Threaten Def 3
61 45 34 33 25
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Distant Def 3
Support B Seal Res 3
Special Glimmer C Threaten Atk 3
52 47 35 22 31
Weapon Thoron+ A Darting Blow 3
Support B Seal Def 3
Special Bonfire C Spur Res 3
61 45 34 33 25
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Distant Def 3
Support B Seal Atk 3
Special Sacred Cowl C Drive Def 2
64 42 32 32 25
Weapon Gronnwolf+ A Defiant Res 3
Support B B Tomebreaker 3
Special Ignis C Spur Def/Res 2
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Idk but it works and it's fairly budget
Updated: 2017-09-27

Submitted by Respect The Ration Ball


Olwen: DT, Reposition, Iceberg, Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker 3, and Fortify Def 3

Celica: Ragnarok, Draw Back, Luna/Draconic Aura (take your pick), Distant Def 3, Vantage 3, Hone Atk 3

Azura: Killer Lance + (Keep Sapphire if you don't have KL+ fodder), Sing, Moonbow, TA3 (Flexible if you keep Sapphire), WoM 3, Fortify Res 3

Hector: Armads, Swap, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, Hone Spd 3.

As for IVs it doesn't really matter.

One Man Army Sheena with armor support
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by mu_sub-zero


Effie has hone armor, hector with fortify armor. Sheena has +def, -spd, wary fighter, distant counter, ignis, distant def seal. All armors have pivot and distant counter. Elise has spur def/res 2 and spur def seal.

Get Sheena into position to get full armor buffs at start of turn 2, left edge in front of wall opening. Move Elise to right of Sheena and pivot Sheena into range of all enemy units!
Turn 3, pivot Sheena back left, move Hector down, move Elise back and heal Sheena, Effie should be at top of formation to take out red mage from distant counter (takes two turns). Take out Robin before she triggers Ignis. Once mages are all dead, Sheena can easily take out melee guys, but might take a few turns.

Reposition all the way
Updated: 2017-09-19

Submitted by Grant


Send brave lyn in to shoot an axe unit, dance her out, then use reposition on the other 2 units to spilt your team towards the corners. Have lyn and lucina turtle the top, sonya and ninian turtle the bottom. Sonya can jump in, do a pick, then get danced out, lucina tanks the axe units to protect lyn, lyn cowers in fear of the wolf and Raven tomes and the map is called out until you win. (Oddly specific I know but it worked lol...)

Team Do My Best
Updated: 2017-09-18

Submitted by riccochet


Nino and Amelia did their best. Other factors: Galeforce, Amelia can be replaced with Hector as both can take on the lance (they need swap). Nino lures top axe unit, then Olivia dances and she draws her back. Then Cordelia kills weakened axe unit, Olivia dances and she kills blue mage, activates Galeforce, and kills red mage. Amelia swaps with Olivia, takes on the lance on enemy phase, gets hit by Robinne, and her Ignis is fully charged. Amelia kills lance unit, Nino kills Robinne. Olivia takes care of the last axe unit.

Ryoma Back At It Again With The Infernal Wins
Updated: 2017-09-17

Submitted by Breeachu


Basically the same team and strategy as "Ryoma kills stuff - step-by-step guide" by user velynven (thank you by the way if you see this, I wouldn't have even beat Infernal w/o this strategy), but with Julia and a different way the last few turns had to go.

Build Details As Follows:

Ryoma (+Atk / -HP) - Raijinto. LaD 3 / Vantage 3 / Hone Spd 3. Smite. Noontime. HP +3

Reinhardt (+Atk / -Res) - Dire Thunder. DB 2 / Vantage 1 (I'm so mad I meant to learn LB 1 and I hit Vantage by accident) / Spur Atk 1. Reposition. Luna.

Olivia (4*) (+Def / -Res) - Silver Sword. Dance. Distant Def 1 (Sacred Seal).

Julia +1 (+Def / -Atk) - Naga. Fury 3 / Bowbreaker 3 / BoL 3. Draw Back. Iceberg. Speed +1.

Ryoma kills stuff - step-by-step guide
Updated: 2017-09-15

Submitted by velynven


Here's my team with the skills that were the most important for my run.

Nino 5*: lvl 40, 52 atk, 37 spd with +1 seal, Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Fury 3, Hone Atk 3

Olivia 4*: lvl 40, no SI

Reinhardt 5*: lvl 40, Reposition, Death Blow 3 (may not be needed), Lancebreaker 3

Ryoma 5*: lvl 40, Moonbow, Fury 3, Vantage 3 (didn't lose enough health to proc but would be worth if it yours has lower hp), Hone Spd 3, Attack+1 seal

Starting position from top to bottom: Olivia, Nino, Ryoma, Reinhardt

Turn 1:
- Nino to chokepoint
- Ryoma to Nino's left to give her the speed buff so that she can double an axe user
- Reinhardt up one
- Olivia doesn't move - important!
+ No enemy movements

Turn 2:
- Nino attacks upper axe user, won't kill him
- Ryoma moves below Reinhardt
- Reinhardt moves to the spot below Olivia and uses Reposition to move her into range to be able to dance Nino
- Olivia dances Nino
- Nino uses drawback to pull Olivia out of enemy range
+ Enemy advances. For me, the axe and blue mage line up on top. Below the chokepoint, axe, lance, and red mage make one row, Robin is below them against the wall.

Turn 3:
- Reinhardt retreats to the top left corner and out of enemy range (blue mage will probably kill my Reinhardt)
- Nino moves up one to kill top axe user (one hit)
- Olivia moves left and down one
- Ryoma doesn't move
+ Blue mage attacks Nino, Nino takes a hit and kills him with one hit
+ Red mage hits Olivia once
+ Axe and lance line up at the chokepoint
+ Robin lines up behind red mage

Turn 4:
- Ryoma kills axe at chokepoint
- Nino uses drawback on Ryoma to make room for Reinhardt
- Move Reinhardt down to where Ryoma was and kill the lance.
- Dance Reinhardt with Olivia.
- Move Reinhardt below Olivia and use Reposition to get her out of enemy range.
+ Red mage suicides on Ryoma. His HP is going to get low but you should be alright. If not, try an HP seal. Ryoma should double the red mage and kills him easily.
+ Robin advances.

Turn 5:
- Ryoma should easily take care of Robin. If not, you should be able to use Nino or Olivia to finish the job.

Good luck!

Quadelia Nino team
Updated: 2017-09-15

Submitted by YuzakiNakamura


Whole map can easily be done with just about any Brave Bow + LnD user and a Nino

Caeda MVP (with flier buffs)
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by mojomojo


Basically use hinoka and summer corrin to buff up caeda so she can take hits from the mages and kill the axe. Then let caeda use WoM to warp back to safety and use summer corrin/azura to finish everyone else.

Nino + 3 dancer
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by XrosWars


Nino must have 40 or more Speed (set with Fury and Desperation)
Ninian and Azura must have wings of mercy.
Two dancer must have Hone Attack 3.
Nino must have Draw Back.

Youtube video

Summer Corrin Saves the Day
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by Thomasawesome55


Summer Corrin:
Blarblade +
LnD 3
Fortify Fliers

Death Blow 2
Everything else is normal.

Vantage & Hone Atk 3 for Hinoka.

Brave Axe +
Death Blow 3
Hit & Run
Fortify Fliers

Scales have been tipped + Video
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by Lafargo


Dancing Duo (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by karibouspatial


First turn: Attack the top Axe Fighter with (LnD+Despair+Drawback) Nino, dance her, move behind dancer and Drawback.
Afterwards its just a matter of waiting for the enemies to gather in the walled choke point area with Nino on the top side and (Any)Sanaki on the bottom side. Every turn, kill anything that enters the choke point, then dance both mages and move back to safety.
The dancers wont matter in this strategy.

Kagero Featuring her fangirl supporters
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by Asant


Lemme just say Bless Ally support---I mean. Kagero was able to basically solo this, weird, a unit without a brave weapon or Emblem clear on infernal.😏 Honestly going into detail with this battle is hard, alot of requirements i dont feel like listing 😂 just leave a comment if somebody wants the builds and such.

Flier Hybrid Stomps Infernal - VIDEO!
Updated: 2017-09-14

Submitted by Walrusxyz


Over all, this is a really easy GHB. The only issue I had was with the Blue Mage, and that's the reason I didn't use Zephiel on it. Regardless, the Corrin is +Atk -Hp Blarblade+ Nuke, Hinoka has reposition to support her, Olivia needs Wings of Mercy, and Celica is there to deal with the obnoxious green units.

Xander, Freddy, and the Damage
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by Myed


Ursula and Frederick buff up Xander with both Hones so he can tank the first wave, manipulating the ai slightly so the red mage attacks first, preventing dragged back into the blue mage after which they will be led back to the entrance where Frederick can tank the axe user and spear user blocking the mages while Ursula and Brave Lyn pick off the mages and infantry users, being repositioned out of danger if need be.

Roy MVP in Infernal (detailed instructions/suggestions)
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by kirby


No ally or summoner supports. I included my specific details, but some of them are overkill for the job.

Nino, 5*+1. +Spd/-HP
Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Moonbow
Fury 3, Desperation 3.
-The merge is probably unnecessary. You want a +Spd Gronnblade+ mage with at least 40 speed to double

Olivia, 5*.
Dance, Hone Atk 3
-Any dancer w hone attack

Reinhardt, 5*+1, +Atk/-Res
DB3, Lancebreaker2, HONE CAVALRY (VERY important)
-The +1 merge is not necessary.

Brave!Roy, 5*+1, +Atk/-Res
Blazing Durandal, Reposition, Galeforce
Steady Blow 2, Desperation 3, Ward Cavalry
-The merge and +Atk is probably unnecessary (see below)

Note: Hone cavalry buff is crucial on Roy so that he can reach 40 speed (44 w steady blow) when initiating on the two axe fighters, killing them both, and allowing galeforce to proc to allow for his retreat. A neutral attack, neutral speed B!Roy under Hone Cav should still have 40 speed and enough attack for the heavy blade/Galeforce hijinks to work.

Swap: From top to bottom - Olivia, Nino, Roy, Rein.

Turn 1:
* Move Roy to the chokepoint.
* Move Rein to his left so Roy will be buffed for next turn
+ No enemy movement

Turn 2:
* Roy to kill the axe fighter that is to Robin's left.
* Roy procs galeforce, retreat back to original position
* Move Rein down two.
* Move Olivia down two, dance Roy.
* Move Roy below Olivia & above Rein
* End turn
+ Axe fighter moves two to the right of Nino
+ Blue mage moves to axe fighter's right
+ Red mage moves to blue mage's right
+ Lance fighter is two spots below blue mage
+ Robin is two spots below red mage

Turn 3
* Roy to KO axe fighter
* Roy's galeforce procs, move back below Olivia
* Rein drawback Roy
* Move Nino to top square
* Move Olivia below her
+ Lance fighter moves to the right of the chokepoint
+ Blue mage moves above lance fighter
+ Red mage moves to right of blue mage
+ Robin is below lance fighter

Turn 4:
* Nino to kill Blue mage
* Olivia stays put, dances Nino
* Nino kills Robin (Desperation)
* Rein kills lance fighter
* End turn
+ Rein will be hit in the enemy phase by red mage, but he will survive

Turn 5:
* Use Rein or Roy to kill red mage

Eirika the invincible
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by Grasschopp


Eirika going TA
Nino going Draw Back instead of Ardent Sacrifice
Default Brave Lyn
Defaut Azura

There is no rigid requirement on team members. All that's essential is a reasonably tanky red unit with TA (and of course, a ranged hitter with Draw Back to kick things off). Then you want a dancer/singer and ideally two nukers that can take out the blue units swiftly.

The idea is to use TA Eirika as wall soaking all the green units at the narrow breach while carefully taking out the blue units.

First turn place Nino at the threshold before danger zone, Azura right behind her.

Second turn use Nino to hit the green Axe on the bottom. Azura sings on her, and then Nino retreats, dragging Azura back.

Once the enemies are mobilized the rest is easy. Now the narrow choke point will work in your favor. Use Eirika to block the entrance, carefully placing her outside the range of blue units. Your Lyn and Nino should be able to safely take out the blue mage and Spear infantry, respectively. The rest is simply cleaning things up.

B!Lyn, Reinhardt and the gang
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by Duran


Xander: Siegfried, Reposition, Bonfire, QR2, Hone cav.
B!Lyn: base kit and Reposition
Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Death Blow 3*, Moonbow*, Quickened Pulse seal*, Draw Back
*My Reinhardt is not +Atk, he needs this set and Hone cav. to finish the blue mage, otherwise he's dead.
Olivia: Dance (of course) and Hone Atk 3

The team cannot face the enemy head-on. I have to use hit-and-run strategy.
Lyn is to chip Axes and tank Robin once then she can finish her off at the following turn. She can also finish the Lance with Dance from Olivia
Xander is to provide buffs and bait the Axe.

in case you don't have a horse emblem team but you DO have a 5* raven sophia with axebreaker for some reason
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by akiraita


in all honesty this set-up is so ridiculously specific it might not help you much but i'm posting it anyway in the event that it does; in all likelihood you will not have one or more of the units listed or built in the specific way i have described so i'm going to try to give some general guidelines as to how these units are used so you can swap em out for other units as needed

full team and strategy (with pictures!) can be found here:

Reposition too OP Saku- I mean IntiSys pls nerf
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by psykadelic


The trick is to not rush in this map. First Station Celica at the wall opening, with Olivia (4* is what I used for Olivia) behind her. B!Lyn above Olivia and Robin below her. As for skills, let Celica have Axebreaker 3 with S.Seal Attack +1; B!Lyn with quickened pulse, Olivia with Hone Atk 3 and S.Seal Fortify Res 1, and Robin with R.Tomebreaker 3 and S.Seal Distant Defence.
Use Celica to defeat the axe fighter at the top of the map, Olivia for an extra move, and Reposition Olivia out of danger; Move Lyn 3 spaces below and Robin 2 spaces up. Move Celica below Olivia, Lyn right above Celica and move Robin and Olivia out of danger. You should defeat Robin, Blue Mage and Red mage in the next turn, with only the lance fighter remaining. Finish him off, and congratulations! You cleared the infernal map! :D

Infernal - Horse Emblem + Olivia - 5 turns step by step
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by Demeion


1)Xander Fury3 Bonfire Reposition Hone Cavalry Distant Def seal
2)Rein Atk+3 Lancebreaker 2 Fortify Cavalry Reposition Moonbow Quickened Pulse seal
3)Cecilia L&D2 Gronnblade+ Drawback Hone Cavalry Night Sky
4)Olivia 4* (skills doesnt matter)

Further infos on team:
Do not run QR on Xander - All must have Reposition and Drawback - Deathblow3 and +atk nature can replace lancebreaker.- Cecilia needs a 4time special skills, that becomes 5time because of Gronnblade (I used NightSky, but you can really use almost any other 4special skill)
Rein - (wall)
Cecilia - Olivia
Xander - (wall)

Carefully place each heroes as explained above
Cecilia attack(do not kill) Axefighter under the bue mage - Olivia dances her - Cecilia draw back Olivia
Move Rein 2 tiles Up from starting position - Cecilia moves 1 tile up and kills the green axefighter - Olivia dances Cecilia - Xander repositions olivia to safety -
Cecilia drawbacks Rein placing herself in blue mage range

If everything went right so far the blue mage suicide himself on Cecilia and Robin attacked Xander injuring herself ( If u run QR on Xander Robin dies, after that the red mage would kill Xander and Its Gameover, so do not use Quickrisposte)
Cecilia attacks Axe fighter(he wont die) - Rein repositions Cecilia to safety - Xander kills the Axe fighter - Olivia dances Xander - Xander repositions Olivia to safety (repositions down)
Rein kills Lancefigher - Xander kills Robin - Olivia dances Xander - Xander attacks red mage - Cecilia finishes off the red mage with her fully charged special mentioned above. Win.

If you need help or you want to try other units, I m ready to help in the comments area.
Add me in game! My ID: 6244086116

Zephiel Indomitable
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by akaean


This strategy uses a pretty kitted out Zephiel.
Zephiel- Summoner's Support (or Merged +2), Distant Counter, Bonfire, Threaten Attack, Distant Defense Seal.

Genny- Rehabilitate. Can be replaced with any healer with red tomebreaker or enough res / speed to avoid getting doubled by the Red Mage.

Azura- Can be replaced with any dancer

Bow Lyn- Can be replaced with any strong ranged unit. Such as Reinhart, or even Innes.

Zephiel with summoner's support and Distant Defense 1 can face tank the entire first assault. After a rehabilitate he can facetank another round, etc. With a healer supporting him, the enemy will shatter on his mighty bulwark. Threaten Attack and Distant Counter mean Zephiel is dealing a heavy blow every time he tanks, and is debuffing the enemy to make it harder for Robin's forces to break through your lines. The ranged unit is just flying around behind the wall sniping off targets on player phase that come into range.

Ruby Wall
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by trickstars


What you really need;
Olivia - Ruby Sword
Tharja - Draw Back + Darting Blow

Additional skills if you want to play more safely
Brave Lyn - Hone Cavalry
Reinhardt - Fortify Cavalry + Lancebreaker 1 (if you don't have Hone on Lyn, this works)

Firstly, position your unit so that Tharja stands right in front of the danger area (not inside) and place Olivia right beside her (The cavalries shouldn't move)
Turn 2, Move Tharja up and attack the Axe user, she would leave him almost dead (or kill him if you buffed her, but either way, it doesn't matter), make Olivia dance on Tharja who should move behind Olivia and draw her back outside the danger zone, end turn for now
Turn 3, enemies would move by now, the almost dead axe user would moved on Lyn's attack range, kill him, after that move Olivia right below Tharja, who should move below Olivia after that so she will be safe from the axe user's rampage
Enemy's turn, Robin will attack Olivia for tiny damage and the blue mage will attack Lyn and will be left almost dead by Lyn's counterattack
Turn 4, kill the blue mage with Lyn, move Olivia up and dance Lyn to get her away from the Raven tome's rampage, Tharja should be able to kill Robin by now, and you should obviously do so, end turn
Enemy's turn, the other axe user will attack Olivia, but that's that, the remaining units will move in closer
Turn 5, kill the red raven with Reinhardt, then, move Lyn next to Reinhardt if you have hone on her, if not, just end turn
Turn 6, kill the axe user with Tharja and move Olivia out the way, opening the path for Reinhardt and kill the last enemy

Aaaaand, it's done, whew
Not the best way out there, but at least, imo, it's quite f2p friendly, good luck

Kept trying til it's done
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by KevTon13


It took me some tries and a stamina potions to win, but luckily I was able to beat this infernal battle. Had to use r tomebreaker for Summer Corrin to kill the red mage. Azura sings and Corrin uses reposition to retreat. Corrin was also able to deal with the blue lance fighter. And the blue mage is for Nino to deal with. As for the 2 axes and Robin, Ike dealt with them. Nino did finished of a damaged axe user. Luckily wings of mercy Azura songed Nino to safety to avoid getting in Robin's attack range. In the end Robin was able to survive Ike's attack. Unfortunately for her Ike was weakened and he's in vantage range. Basically in the end I won by vantage Ike.

Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by Fish_Beans


Nino:draw back+fury+desperation+moonbow
Sonya:lancebreaker+moonbow + quickened pulse
Ike is just there to support nino because they have S support, anyone else to buff nino is fine too
Sonya below left axeman for res-5, then use nino to ohko him. Dance Nino and use her to drag herself and azura out of danger. Place Sonya below lance dude and Ike next to Nino. Nino kills second axe dude and azura dance her below the blue mage. Rest is p ez

Mother of horses
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by LuxSaul



Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by ShiningLugia


I really don't know how I did this, but I do know it involved a lot of moving around units, and choke point tanking with Lucina.

Quest: Use Sharena to Defeat Robin
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by psykadelic


The goal is to defeat Robin with Sharena for the quest reward. It's better is Sharena has Sacred Cowl as her special for this. Use Brave Lyn to defeat the mage situated at the top right, position Sharena in-between the wall gap, with Olivia (4* is fine) behind her. Brave Lucina is just there so don't worry much about her. On the second player turn, use Sharena to defeat the lancer, then make Olivia dance for her and go for robin. Pull back Lyn so that she doesn't kill Robin. Keep on going till you defeat Robin with Sharena.

Hard hitter surprise
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by Emy


When you play your cards right, this team is actually incredibly strong together. Depending on the builds you have for the characters, it is probably best to be taking on the second to the top battle. If you do fail, Ephriam, Brave Lucina, and Brave Roy are good finishers. So is Brave Lyn, but not too good with Ike. If you have Hector, he would be an amazing powerhouse to kill of the rest.

4* difficulty but Kagero can solo it
Updated: 2017-05-28

Submitted by Pepe Urself


Just have Kagero take down the Axe, and on your next turn the Lance.

Elite squad
Updated: 2017-05-05

Submitted by Desertfox64


Camila's blow can weaken others around her and Lucina is able to take down (F) Robin while takumi can blow off other troops!

Basically 2 Guys
Updated: 2017-05-02

Submitted by Vonpell


Tharja 5 star +Spd/-Res level 39 without inherited skills
Lucius 5 star level 35 with Hone Atk 3 inherited, equipped with Pain
Jakob 4 star level 26 used only for Rally Res
Navarre for the quest

Lucius has a huge Res, which makes him perfect for tanking all the mages. Tharja gets the hone atk buff and the rally res buff and goes to front line, takes down the axe fighter and survives the blue attacker. Red attacker decides to attack Lucius for some reason, which boosts Imbue for healing Tharja. Robin attacks Lucius and does no damage. After that you go back with Tharja and Lucius and take the remaining units one by one. Tharja is able to OHKO the lance fighter as well. Just be careful with Robin's special. Jakob is basically used only in the first moves.

Updated: 2017-05-01

Submitted by Phdgf


Have Julia go into the danger zone on the first spot. Then, after the attack her and she kills them. Send in
Robin and Eldigan to kill the others.

Navarre Quest Magic
Updated: 2017-04-30

Submitted by Clara15


The strategy is mostly focusing on baiting with high res units. You can probably use any set of high res units. There is a down side to using mages, since Robin's low res means she can kill herself starting a fight with another mage.

Team Breakdown:
Red Mage (Sanaki)
Mounted Green (Cecilia)
Support Magic (Lachesis with Fear and Physic)

Sanaki offs ax user. Then I move Lachesis next to her to give Sanaki a res boost against the blue mage and make sure that I bait Robin.

Next turn, the blue attacked Sanaki, and Robin and the red attacked Lachesis. Then I moved Navarre in and offed Robin. Pulled Lachesis back to heal Sanaki, then had Sanaki finish the red mage. Cecilia moved in to start the offensive against the blue units.

The others assisted, (Navarre hits blue mage, Sanaki or Lachesis hit the lance user).

Eliminate Robin (F) with Robin (F)
Updated: 2017-04-30

Submitted by randante


Position (from top to bottom): Takumi, Olivia, Robin, Matthew. My matthew is just lvl 20, so any SPD buff users will work just fine.

1st: move olivia in the middle, takumi next to olivia, matthew (top of olivia), robin (bottom of olivia).

2nd: kill the green axe user with takumi, dance takumi, kill blue mage, move robin(f) and matthew behind her.

3rd: kill red mage, dance takumi, move takumi away (both olivia and takumi should be away from danger area now). This way robin (f) will go after robin (f) and lance user will walk towards robin (f)

4th: kill robin (f), dance robin (f), kill lance user.


Quest team
Updated: 2017-04-28

Submitted by graciegra


Use Lilina to bait the top blue and red mage, she will kill the red and survive the blue. When the blue lance comes for her kill it with her special and use Kagero to kill the blue mage. With chrom bait Robin and hit her once with silver/steel sword (since falchion will kill her) and then kill her with your Robin.

Possible team
Updated: 2017-04-26

Submitted by N80wnage


Use hone attack on Lucina as well as rally resistance before having her attack and KO the axe user. She'll survive the next two enemies and should be able to attack the lance user and KO it next turn. Use Kagero to attack robin then use dance so she can attack the blue tone user later that turn to finish it off. Move Cecilia in to finish off Robin and then you should be good. My troops were 3* lvl 30 Olivia 4* lvl 33 Kagero 5* lvl 35 spring lucina and 4* lvl 35 Cecilia
Updated: 2017-04-24

Submitted by Beorgit


Takumi, Olivia and Anna carry this fight quite easy. Position Olivia on the most northern tile, Takumi beneath her, Anna or another strong axe user with decent resistance below that. You can use any unit in the southern most tile. For the challenges in the late april reappearance of the map, you'd probably want to go with Alfonse/Navarre/Robin (F).

Make sure Takumi has Vantage and Vengeance and Olivia has Hone Attack. Move Takumi into the archway and Dance for him. Let him kill the blue mage to the north-east of the pond. Move Anna to where Takumi was before dancing, right of Olivia.

In the enemy's turn all units but the Lancer and Robin (F) will kill themselves on Takumi. The Lancer will move into Anna's attack range. On your turn, kill the Lancer with your axe user. Dance for your axe user and kill Robin (F).

Congratulations on your win.

Alternately, you can move who-ever you need to do the quest with in after killing the lancer with your axe user. Make sure Takumi is out of Robin (F)'s range, or she'll target him. Anna can take a few hits from Robin (F) without dying, while you bring your Quest-unit in position to finish Robin (F).