Grand Hero Battle - Navarre

Grand Hero Battle: Navarre
Map Overview and Tips
Poison Dagger +

All units are Infantry. A Kagero with Poison Dagger + is great for this map.

Pull enemy units to the right side

Use a unit with a ranged attack who can survive the attack from the ninja.

Try not to bait with Armored units on the first turn

The Axe Fighter has the Hammer+ weapon skill which is effective against armored units.

Blárraven (Robin M)

Weapon triangle advantage against neutral attribute units. Effective against every unit except for the Axe Fighter.

Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details
Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
4 Weapon: Killing Edge+
Special: Blazing Wind
B: Desperation 3
C: Threaten Spd 3
1 Weapon: Rogue Dagger+
Special: Moonbow
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Bowbreaker 3
C: Hone Spd 3
5 Weapon: Silver Dagger+
Special: Moonbow
A: Death Blow 3
B: Poison Strike 3
C: Hone Atk 3
3 Weapon: Hammer +
Support: Ardent Sacrifice
A: Death Blow 3
B: Obstruct 3
C: Spur Spd 3
2 Weapon: Panic
Support: Physic
Special: Solid-Earth Balm
B: Live to Serve 3
C: Fortify Def 3

Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
[Grand Meme Team] The Defensive Spectrum
Updated: 2017-07-14

Submitted by kagroami253


Murdering low Atk units and brain cells since 2k17. With Distant Counter and Quick Riposte and a side of Ignis or Dragon Fang, tears will shed and blood will spill.

Forest Assassin
Updated: 2017-05-03

Submitted by Zeorymer


Minerva is used for offensive support, Kagero is used to kill the majority of the infantry units found on the map, Nowi served as the trump card against Navarre (as well as against other ranged attackers), and Priscilla is there to ensure that the team is healthy at all times.

Thai Giang
Updated: 2017-05-01

Submitted by thaigiangit


I using Hector to draw attention of ninja, Hector can kill the the ninja for one turn and lost very little hp. Then using Takumi to hit Navarren. After that Olivia dance for Takumi and kill Navarren immediately.

Eliminate Navarre with Navarre
Updated: 2017-04-30

Submitted by randante


Move Robin to the bottom of the forest (the sole red danger zone) to pull the ninja. Jaffar will be next to him and Azura behind Robin.

Next, kill the ninja and the axe users with whatever combination you like (Jaffar, Robin, dance). However, keep in mind in the end all of your character shouldn't be in Navarre red zone.

Last step is to kill Navarre with both Jaffar and Navarre. After that it's easy. Just dance Jaffar and kill the rest with both Jaffar and Robin.

Quest team
Updated: 2017-04-28

Submitted by graciegra


Use triangle adept Robin to bait the ninja, ninja will attack and be healed but hit again with Robin and use Olivia to dance so Robin can kill it. Olivia will take a hit from the second ninja, then use Robin to hit Navarre and Kagero to kill the second ninja.

Now use your Navarre to kill the enemy Navarre. Robin will be hit by the green but he will survive and then kill the green axe with Kagero. Kill the healer and it's done.

grand hero battle revival missions
Updated: 2017-04-27

Submitted by ikoroshia


this is the team i used for the "defeat a level 40+ navarre with navarre" and "win grand hero battle - navarre on lunatic with frobin on your team" missions. this strategy requires you play the map twice, once for each mission, replacing navarre with frobin for the second mission, but it's also quite easy to use. for this strategy, simply move eirika into the forest on the right so that she is in range of only 1 of the ninjas/theives. have nino stand directly behind/next to her, and the other two units move as far back as possible. the idea behind this strategy is to have eirika attack the enemy units that have attacked her on previous turns + use her skill drag back to bring them into nino's range so she can finish them off. lukas can be used to hold off units from the left side + keep them from attacking your other weaker units.

also of note is that the members of this team can be replaced with other units of lower rarity. eirika can be substituted with donnel (or any other unit that has drag back) if you don't have her or her defense isn't holding up. just note that if you choose to use this strategy, you'll probably need to rely on another unit on your team to rid of the axe fighter. it's possible to substitute lukas with another high-def unit, just be mindful of the hammer on the axe fighter if you choose to switch him with an armored unit. nino can be replaced by most high spd + atk mage units. i found nino to be best, however, because with a spd buff from eirika she was able to weaken the enemy navarre just enough so that my navarre could finish him off.

anyway, that's the strategy that i used. idk if it'll work for everyone, but i hope it was helpful. : P

effie bait
Updated: 2017-04-25

Submitted by thomasrod


use effie as a bait to draw attention fron the rogue dagger and hammer user while maria keeps her alive and kagero and karel or other red unit to clean the map

GG izi
Updated: 2017-04-25

Submitted by Ephraim2


Take navarre's aggro from robin M first now use dance from olivia (robin must have swap) And put him in the right corner side now put your ryoma close to olivia and takumi move just 1 space. Now navarre and the ninjas will atack you just attack first with robin to navarre and Ryoma can take him down . Use dance to ryoma and he take down the ninja with death blow. Takumi can tank the another thief without problems

Double tap
Updated: 2017-04-24

Submitted by Midrow


Its simple
Bring everyone to the right and down, and make only marth figth on right, he will kill the axe and the ninja, and after that use scape route to bring he to a safe spot
Robin and Donnel, with olivia's dance, kill navarre and the ninja
Choose Robin or donnel to recive the olivia's dance, if your olivia its not so good, bring her and robin to the center down of the map, and make the dance only on robin
I am not so good to make these, but i hope these will help someone

Bulky Offense
Updated: 2017-04-24

Submitted by JJLuigi


What I did is I first moved my Jaffar unit to the left to bait and kill the first thief, taking along Nino for the Attack boost. I then retreated for a turn to regroup my team, then spent the next turn taking out Navarre. The Silver Dagger Thief did heavy damage to my Corrin, but I simply killed it with Lucina and Jaffar a turn later. I simply used Lucina to finish off the Axe Fighter and Cleric as well.

Two Mages and Two Dancers
Updated: 2017-04-22

Submitted by BPHageman


Basically ripping off the two dancers/singers. Except the only high level mages I have are Linde( 5 star and level 40, yes I am lucky) and Cecilia(3 star and level 34). The Olivias are used were both 3 star, one level 15 and other level 10(just enough to get dance).
You put Linde into range to lure the red mage. Then you attack and dance just keeping your mages just out of range. For me only the blue mage was a threat, but beat Olivias untouched but Cecilia and Linde were single digit hp. I hope this helps. :)

Victory In-Klein-ed
Updated: 2017-04-22

Submitted by Klein Train


This team revolves around using Klein to kill things, and everyone else is here to peel for him, with a possible kill assist here and there. You will need Klein (or any brave weapon user, but Klein is the best for this), a dancer (I used Ninian), a unit with Reposition (Selena), and a unit with Smite (SI Beruka). Position Klein right out of range of the enemies, standing near the red mage on the left, leaving someone with a hone attack buff next to him, and have Ninian/whatever dancer you have stand near him. Start the next turn by moving him up to kill the red mage, then dance him back into safety, making a successful hit and run. Use Smite or Reposition to get your dancer back. Form a wall between Klein and the enemy, and play defensively. Pick off the other mage ASAP, and you should be good to go. Make sure to be mindful of everyone's health. My Klein inherited Breath of Life 3 and Reciprocal Aid to function as a combat medic, but this is not mandatory.

Nowi + Mages
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by gsellman


Nowi with quick riposte to tank and kill the mages. Wrys to top off her health. Any two mages can kill the slowly approaching tanks one by one.

Luci's Team
Updated: 2017-04-07

Submitted by Luci


Ephraim has Luna, Def+1 Seal Def 3, Threaten Def 3
Lyn is maxed out with with wings of mercy
Takumi has everything but seal def 2
Elise has everything but rehabilitate

No Inherence Team
Updated: 2017-04-07

Submitted by liigk


Keep Kagero and Azura together and advance them to the right into the forest, you should be able to use the range and the ability of sing to your advantage and take down one of the thief during the first few rounds with no damage taken. Make sure you calculate your move because Kagero can only survive maximum one hit from the enemy. Keep Abel (counter for Navarre) and Tharja (counter for the axe user) in the middle. You can swap Azura for Olivia (dancing bot), Tharja for any powerful red magic user that can on hit kill the axe user, Able for any lance or neutral unit that can either one hit kill Navarre or can at least tank one hit from him, and Kagero for powerful archers that can one hit kill the thieves. This map should not be difficult.

Effie for the win
Updated: 2017-04-06

Submitted by bento


It's a pretty simple strategy (even if I tried this map a couple of times with different teams...).

The most important part is Effie with Brave Lance (I've inherited it from 3* Donnel which everybody could have from the daily hero battle - the 200 feathers to upgrade Donnel to 3* shouldn't be an issue). My Effie was 4* and takes out all of the enemies except the axe fighter. I think she is the only one in this team that couldn't be replaced because of Wary Fighter which save her from double hits of the thieves and their moonbow. Maybe Subaki or Catria with Brave Lance could make it but they have lower ATK than Effie and maybe couldn't OHKO the enemies which makes it harder to survive.
Another important part is a mage that can take out the axe fighter. Here it is Spring Camilla. She takes him out in two attacks due to the use of Sing from Azura. A mage that can OHKO him is even better but not necessary if mage and dancer could do it in the same turn.
The third member is Azura. She can also be replaced by Olivia which is available for everyone. She only uses Dance/Sing to make sure the mage takes out the axe fighter and to keep the mobility of Effie (but thats only a bonus)
And then there is Lucina. She doesn't fight at all just use her Spur ATK to help the mage to get rid of the axe fighter. She could maybe be replaced by a healer that can keep your units healthy especially the lance user if he/she can't take that much hits that Effie can. Be careful not to take hits from the thieves in that case. A ranged healer with Physic might be the best for this job.

Effie is standing on position 2 (in the picture above)
Spring Camilla is on position 4
Lucina is next to her on the right side (when another mage is used that can only make one step in the forest than he/she takes her position)
Azura is placed in the bottom right next to the mountain.

First moves:
Effie moves one step right and enters the forest -> End of the turn. That was the bait for the thief and the axe fighter. The axe fighter should now be in the range of the mage who moves also to the right. Azura/Dancer can help to take him out.
Effie should move down to get out of the range of the cleric which is the only unit left that can harm her. One by one she takes out the rest (even Navarre should be a piece of cake due to the triangle advantage).
And that should be it. Good Luck.

Buffing Robin (mostly without inheritance)
Updated: 2017-04-05

Submitted by PantheonFefnir


This teams worked well in the Hard version by itself, but required Shurikenbreaker on Robin to beat the Lunatic version.

The best start is having Robin get buffed by Gunter's Hone Attack 2, then positioned by the tree to the right of the 2 starting position. Lilina and Gunter should be placed nearby Robin, Lilina for her Spur Attack and Gunter to grant Hone Attack 2 again. You should be able to kill one or both, depending on your Robin's attack.

On the second turn, if one of the Shuriken units is still alive, move your Robin down one space. Use Gunter's Harsh Command to bolster Robin's defenses, and make sure he remains nearby Robin. Regardless of the current enemy count, keep everyone out of Navarre and the axe unit's path.

Ideally, the Shuriken unit should kill himself on the second attack against Robin, and Navarre should be in range, and the Axe unit should be close to Navarre. On your next turn, have Robin and Lilina attack Navarre, dropping his HP enough that Laslow can get the kill without taking a hit. If you're lucky with your positioning, the axe unit should only be able to target Laslow. He'll kill himself against Laslow due to Axebreaker.

To take out the staff unit, just position yourself outside of range so that you can attack when she enters your range. She should give you no trouble.

Other units can function well in place of this team, but Robin's -raven tome and solid defenses, Gunter's natural mixture of Harsh Command and Hone Attack, Lilina's naturally high magic damage and Spur Attack, and Laslow's Axebreaker work well together.

My Team
Updated: 2017-04-05

Submitted by Haoting


Move camilla all the way to the right and bait out that dagger. When the dagger moves, advance all the other units forward by 1 square. When camilla kills the thief, it can go ahead and kill the cleric the next turn. Use klein to kill the second thief that comes up and easily wipe out navarre and the remaining axe user.

No Inheritance Flier Squad
Updated: 2017-04-04

Submitted by melo


Since the map is mostly forest and there are no archer enemies, a flying team will have little difficulty in moving around even without dancers or positioning assists. Key skills here are the C slot flier buffs: Hinoka's Hone, Minerva's Ward and Palla's Goad. Palla is used over Caeda because of higher defense, 2-square range combat buff, Ruby Sword and Moonbow, though the latter can work too. Spring Camilla will be the primary ninja bait while Minerva will chop them down when they take it. Hinoka's assignment is Navarre and Palla's is the Axe Fighter. If Camilla takes too much damage, use others to tank hits, preferably Palla first to charge her special. With the forest as shield, only the ranged enemies should be able to land hits.

Just My A Team
Updated: 2017-04-04

Submitted by That_Marth_Main


Lucina didn't really do anything besides support with Spur ATK 3, probably would benefit more from a healer such as Lissa, or a dancer such as Olivia. Only inherited ability used was Pivot on Hector. I Used Hector to bait ninja on the right next to the Axe Fighter with a Hammer +. Used Hector to Pivot over past Lucina so Tharja could move up and take out the Axe Fighter and he could bait the next Ninja. Tharja baited the healer to attack, and finished her off next turn. Ephraim finished Navarre. The Key is to just bait and survive. An archer could probably be used, Klein and Jeorge come in to mind, instead of Hector, or possibly raven tome user such as Male Robin. Just a Red Mage with decent attack and speed could take out the hammer. Any lancer with decent bulk could probably be used if Ephraim isn't available.

No inheritance team
Updated: 2017-04-04

Submitted by Elice


Klein does most of the heavy lifting here. He can take out both ninjas so long as he's the one initiating the attack. To start out, get him to bait the bottom ninja, then kill him on the next turn. He's also there to give Lucina some support in weakening Navarre since she can't take him out in one hit. Keep him out of range of the top ninja on enemy attack turn at all costs.
Lucina to take out the axe wielder and Navarre. It doesn't have to be Lucina, just any red unit with high enough attack to finish off a weakened Navarre and tank a hit from an axe wielder
Azura will be dancing to reposition Klein or give him an extra turn to attack. She won't need to attack at all, so she's interchangeable with any other dancer.
To be honest Lissa isn't necessary unless you want some extra assurance that Klein won't die.

Distant Counter Build
Updated: 2017-04-04

Submitted by csk0304


Build around the team which can counter ranged attack. Azura was to give Hector new turn away from the armoured killer. Hector to combat dagger units while Tiki (Adult), 4*, was to counter the healer and protect Azura from Navarre head-on. Takumi, on the other hand, helps to weaken units when needed with "Poison Strike 3" and " Savage Blow 3".