Grand Hero Battle - Narcian

Grand Hero Battle: Narcian
Required Stamina
Newly Introduced Character: Narcian
Starting Position
Starting Position
Enemy Units:
Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Narcian Weapon: Emerald Axe+
Skill: Vengeance
B: Lancebreaker 3
C: Savage Blow 3
Sword Fighter Weapon: Silver Sword
Skill: Escutcheon
B: Axebreaker 3
C: Threaten Res 2
Bow Fighter Weapon: Brave Bow
Skill: Reprisal
A: Death Blow 2
C: Savage Blow 3
Green Cavalier Weapon: Gronnraven
Skill: Reprisal
A: Death Blow 2
Blue Cavalier Weapon: Thoron
Support: Ardent Sacrifice
A: Triangle Adept 2
B: Swordbreaker 3
Elise ORKO'd Narcian so that's ok i guess
Narcian Vs Narcian

Submitted by randante


Fourth slot can be anyone to help killing the sword user.

1st Let the "fortify res camilla" kill the archer and tank the others.

2nd (stay away from the range of the sword user) Kill Narcian with Narcian and kill one of the mage with Camilla

(I'm playing safe after this)

3rd Pull back and let the sword user and the other mage come to you. Kill the mage easily with Camilla and the sword user with any of your fave chars.

how did this work?

Submitted by Spica V.


*Note: Robin should have Reposition.
1) Move Robin to lure out the blue cavalier and sword fighter. Have Priscilla stand behind him. (This will take two turns.)
2) Move Robin backwards and have Priscilla heal him.
3) You can put Narcian on the nearest forest tile if you haven't already.
4) Put Alfonse behind Priscilla if he isn't there yet. End your turn.

---Now, a sword fighter will be in front of Robin, and enemy Narcian will have attacked your Narcian.---

5) You can use your Narcian to attack the enemy Narcian if you want.
6) You can attack the enemy Narcian with Robin, but place him behind your Narcian.
7) Place Alfonse in front of Priscilla. End your turn, but heal Robin if you want.

---None of the enemy units have died yet, but the enemy Narcian is at low health, and so is your Alfonse.

8) Heal Alfonse.
9) Attack the enemy Narcian with your Narcian. End your turn.

---The sword fighter will be at 1 HP.---

10) Move Narcian one space to the right. End your turn.

---Alfonse and Priscilla will be at very low health.---

11) Heal Alfonse if needed.
12) Attack the archer with Narcian.
13) Move Alfonse behind Priscilla.
14) Move Robin next to Alfonse and use Reposition on him.

---The green cavalier will have attacked Narcian, and the blue cavalier will have attacked Priscilla.---

15) Attack the green cavalier with Narcian.
16) Attack the blue cavalier with Priscilla if you want.

---The blue cavalier will have attacked Narcian.---

17) Attack the blue cavalier with Narcian or Priscilla. Either way, the cavalier's dead.