Grand Hero Battle - Narcian

Grand Hero Battle: Narcian
Newly Introduced Character: Narcian
Starting Position
Starting Position
Enemy Units:
Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Narcian Weapon: Emerald Axe+
Skill: Vengeance
B: Lancebreaker 3
C: Savage Blow 3
Sword Fighter Weapon: Silver Sword
Skill: Escutcheon
B: Axebreaker 3
C: Threaten Res 2
Bow Fighter Weapon: Brave Bow
Skill: Reprisal
A: Death Blow 2
C: Savage Blow 3
Green Cavalier Weapon: Gronnraven
Skill: Reprisal
A: Death Blow 2
Blue Cavalier Weapon: Thoron
Support: Ardent Sacrifice
A: Triangle Adept 2
B: Swordbreaker 3
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Ryoma Takes Arrows to the Spleen
Updated: 2017-09-17

Submitted by Breeachu


Ryoma almost died multiple times, but Noontime and Elise with Rehabilitate brought him back up to full health. Will try to add a video later.

Replacement Options: Ryoma can be replaced by an Ike or Xander, as long as they don't have their DC weapon equipped. Bridelia can be replaced by any Draw Back BB+ Archer. Elise can be replaced by any Rehabilitate healer. Ninian can be replaced by any dancer.

Build Details As Follows:

Ryoma (+Atk / -HP) - Silver Sword**. LaD 3 / Vantage 3 / Hone Spd 1. Smite. Noontime. HP +3 (**Super important that Ryoma couldn't attack the Bow Cavalier and kill it too early. Also, without the HP +3 seal, Ryoma wouldn't have survived the Moonbow hits.)

B!Cordelia +2 ( +??? / -Def) - Brave Bow+. LaD 1. Draw Back. New Moon. Atk Ploy 1 (Not sure if it did anything.)

Elise (+Def / -Atk) - Gravity. Live to Serve 3 / Hone Atk 2. Rehabilitate. Imbue.

Ninian (+HP / -Def) - Lightning Breath. TA 1 / WoM 2 / Fortify Def 2. Dance. Moonbow.

Strat thanks to Shadow Austin Gaming on YT.

Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by L0TTO


If you mess with the AI in this map with an armored unit to lure the enemy archer to 2 spaces away, other enemy units will clump in between the two units. You kill them off, one by one, until it's just the archer left. Then you kill him, too

Cherche and Delthea MVP
Updated: 2017-09-06

Submitted by Night


So this team seems to work for everything.

Cherche causes the aggro by hitting the archer. He doesn't die but hit n run + dancer takes her out of harm.

Then it's just a matter of terminating the enemies one by one with Delthea, Cherche or YTiki.
Narcian can be eaten by YTiki, Ruby Olivia or dance + Delthea.

Builds are
* native delthea
* brave axe + cherche
* quick riposte fury ytiki
* dancer. I used Azura. Maybe with Olivia the aggro will change, but since there is just one way for the enemy to reach the players' heroes, I'm not sure it'll change much more than the order of arrival.

Only issue with that team is that I couldn't find a way to fit a Narcian in order to get the rewards ...

Last Gwen Standing
Updated: 2017-09-05

Submitted by Lothgrimm


Olivia - 4 Stars
Gwendolyn - 4 Stars ( had a Def+3 as A Passive and a HP +3 - Seal)
Celica - 5 Stars (needs DragBack as Support)
Lissa - 4 Stars

You can use any other Red Mage instead of Celica as long as he/she is able to defeat Narcian with two attacks

First Attack the red soldier on the upper left side with Celica, then give her dance by Olivia, so that she can drag Olivia back out of Aggro Range. Position Gwendolyn in the Forest under the mountain.
In Turn 2 get Celica and Olivia Out of Aggro Range, so that Narcian will attack Gwen in the Forest (she will survive it). It is important to position the three others as follows: Celica directly behind Gwen, Lissa to the right, Olivia to the left. In Turn 3 Narcian is in attacking Range of our Red Mage, so give him hell :-). Use Olivia's dance for a second attack if necessary. Then position Gwen to the left of the forest and let her block the path the enemies will run through now. Since every enemy is a distant fighter (except the red soldier who can be dispatched of easily now) they will block each other and try to engage yout team while only one archer will be able to shoot at you each round. So let Gwen be the wall between your team and the enemy and let Lissa heal her up every round while you watch the enemy force slowly crumble to the ground ;-)

Infernal Horse Lyn Spotlight
Updated: 2017-09-03

Submitted by Earthes


Reinhardt (Death Horse Build Attack Bias) Repos
Archer Lyn (Spar/Blessing build) Repos
Azura (Wings of mercy)
Fourth Slot open (draw back is a must for this unit, I used Bridal Cord for safety net)

Using Reinhardt to initiate, kill the red swordsman, back off using lyn, dance her, then draw back azura, using your fourth unit, repos rein again to get him to safety. your next phase should be setting up to bait and pick off each target one by one while using reposition / dance/draw back when necessary. avoid using hone buffs just to keep yourself from getting panic ploy'd.

Magic is everything kills everything but narc/mages
Pony Lyn pick off the two mages easily.
Azura for extra turns.
Fourth slot must have draw back.

Lure by killing archer first, then pick them off
Updated: 2017-09-03

Submitted by 3613robert


First use clair to take out the archer by flying over the mountains, make she has hit and run to avoid getting killed by narcian. then use azura (who you should position below clair before she attacks) for her to get out of the way. Then position ike to take out narcian and use delthea to take out the mages.

Ike 5* (heavy blade, QR, Threaten att, Luna)
Azura 5* (Fury, Wings mercy, Fort res, Moonbow)
Clair 5* (life/death, Hit and run, Spur spd, Iceberg)
Delthea 5* (Death blow, Desperation, Drive att, drac aura)

Infernal - anti-horse & mages
Updated: 2017-09-01

Submitted by Briopha


This probably would have been easier with a Reinhardt but i don't have him :/
I KO'd the sword with Olwen, then used dance and reposition to get both out of range, while Gray stood in the bushes and waited for Narcian.
For the rest, weaken with Gray and finish off with the mages.

Zephiel the God (Infernal EZ mode)
Updated: 2017-08-30

Submitted by Lord Ryko


Any 5* Armor unit can be used instead of Zephiel, but Wary Fighter 3 is a must. Any healer can be used instead of Priscilla, but they must have Rehabilitate. Any archer can be used instead of Takumi, but they must have Draw Back. Any dancer can be used instead of Ninian.

Strategy to do this is available on YouTube, and it can be done with F2P units.

Go forth my magic babes! (infernal)
Updated: 2017-08-30

Submitted by ZekeSinner


Ninian can be replaced by any dancer, of any quality and lvl, she is not supposed to take any dmg at all.

At the beginning Tharja will chip swordlord, mine has darting blow (40spd) and is +atk, but anything outside of -atk should work too, its important to double him. You can also use Sonya to res ploy that swordlord.

Then Ninian just dances her and Tharja draws back or repositions Ninian.

In next phase just make sure to move every1 out of harms way and wait. Then in 4th phase nuke that swordlord with Thraja, dance her and move both Ninian and her out of harms way. So move Sonya, but put Robin in harms way, just make sure only unit having him in range is that horse archer, he will melt him with his base anti-colourless build (QR2 in my case).

When its done move every1 out of harms way beside Robin again (swap on him helped me with that, and i also used Tharja's draw back twice to move Ninian out of the danger, through forest field), so infantry archer will kill himself.

Then retreat again, just with Sonya in the way of horse blue mage, he wont die, but if Sonya has moonbow or something alongside 2-3 turn cooldown, she should be able to kill him back as payback.

Lastly, Tharja should just take down Green horse mage, then dance her and take out Narcian.

I think you can replace both Robin and Sonya in one go with anti-colourless Boey (with QR2 or B tome breaker). Tharja with any good, speedy red mage.

Keep Narcian for the dessert
Updated: 2017-08-30

Submitted by seth_imperator


Infernal :
Use Rein on the first accessible red sword man and dance/reposition Azura and Rein to safety.
Then, keep your team pretty close and secured until you can launch your Ike on the green mage.
Kite them whole enemy team killing units one by one and repositionning with Rein. At the end, Ike strikes once Narcian => Narcian does 0 on Ike and Ike kills Narcian on the final turn.

Here is thing for you! [Infernal] + Video
Updated: 2017-08-30

Submitted by Lafargo


Infernal Mode
Updated: 2017-08-30

Submitted by Deadch


Almost all of these units are pretty flexible as long as you keep their weapon types/roles, so I won't be posting their stats/skills.
Hector can be replaced with any armor unit that isn't blue (since they need to take hits from narcian)
Lyn can be replaced with any healer with rehabilitate
Leon can be replaced with any high tier archer or any archer that can do a lot of damage, just make sure they have draw back
Olivia literally just dances, so azura and ninnian and a 3 star level 1 olivia with dance can replace her.

The strategy: you poke the swordsman with your archer, then dance the archer and use him/her to draw your dancer back
Then, with your archer, you should be able to finish the sword guy, get danced, and then kill narcian after he attacks your armor unit.
Then the rest of the units will start to get caught in the left part of the map, where you use your armor unit to slowly chip away at the enemy health until you win.

Zephiel and Klein get a free 2k Feathers
Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by Walrusxyz


I'm not writing a comprehensive guide for this. It's too easy. My usual beasts, Zephiel and Klein, did the work. Here's the video. Easy Cheesy. Any healer with any level will work, but preferably one with rehabilitate. Any archer works as he/she can 2RKO Narcian. Any dancer at any level works. If you don't have Zephiel, all you have to do is feed Wary Fighter 3 from Effie to Draug.

You shall not bar Zephiel's path
Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by Orochi


- Zephiel without life and death can do well tanking against the units.
- Olivia with hone attack and dance helps
- Faye or any archer can work with draw back or reposition
- Any healer with rehabilitate works also.

You want Faye or archer to weaken the red sword user, dance and draw back to avoid enemy line. Then after enemy phase bait Narcian to attack zephiel. Then kill narcian with your archer, then use zephiel to block the path which will confuse the Ai. This will help and attack and heal and soon you'll win

Placement + Dancer (Infernal clear)
Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by rokubiraijuu


Azura can be replaced with any dancer; didn't use her for anything else.

Robin needs Swordbreaker, TA, and Reposition. There was a lot of dancing Robin and then moving him behind Azura to Reposition her out of the way. He handled the Zanbato and the bows.

Julia is there to counter-kill the blue horseman. She has QR but with a +spd nature, might not need it.

Innes has full SI with Brave Bow, Ardent Sacrifice, Luna, LnD, Desperation. AS + Desperation was needed to kill Gronnraven horseman.

Flier Emblem actually works here (Infernal Strat)
Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by Lickwit121


Palla - Budget Generalist set listed on her page, -HP +Atk

(Note: Palla tanks the green cavalier mage especially well, even at low health. Don't be afraid to use her as bait.)

Summer Corrin - DB3/B Tomebreaker 3/Fortify Fliers/Sealife Tome/Reposition/Luna, +Spd - Def

(Note: Blue Tomebreaker 3 on Summer Corrin gives an emergency option against the blue cavalier mage but can be replaced if you feel safe against him.)

Michalis - Iote's Shield/Renewal 3/ Threaten Def 3/HP+3 Seal/Hauteclere/Reposition/Ignis

(Note: Iote's Shield is mandatory, Renewal is not. However, the latter gives a bit of breathing room in case Michalis has to tank a hit from a red unit.)

Cherche - Attack+3/Hit and Run/Threaten Def 3/Brave Axe/Reposition/Luna, +Atk - Res

(Note: I did it with her as a 4 star level 40, so she wasn't fully ready for it. If you can, make sure she's 5 stars and has something like Death Blow 3 instead of Attack +3 in her A slot.)

Michalis takes center stage to begin the battle; maneuver him towards the edge of the map where the bowman can hit him but the mage cavaliers can't. Make sure he is boosted by Fortify Fliers before doing this (the way the enemy units are initially positioned, Panic Ploy DOES NOT trigger with this arrangement). Maneuver your other units close to the bowman as well.

Once Michalis takes damage and the other units have moved, kill the bowman. In any case, make it so that Palla is in range of Narcian at the end of the turn or can attack him next turn, and keep the other fliers away from the cavaliers.

Once Narcian is down (Palla always survives engaging him at full health, with or without Fortify Fliers), this is where it gets a bit tricky. You need to simultaneously kite the cavaliers and the Zanbato infantry around the map while staying out of their range. The bow knight especially is dangerous but can be killed easily by Palla or Cherche. Kite the remaining units around the map and repeat until you separate one of them, then kill as necessary. Repeat until the enemy is dead.

Congratulations, 4 star Narcian and 2000 feathers are yours.

Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by tails512


Aggro-ed with Bridelia attacking the sword unit, then Azura singing her, and Bridelia dragging her back to get out of range. I then use Sing, Drag Back, and Reposition on both horses to stay out of enemy range while picking off the closest enemies as I retreat into the right corner.

Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by trickstars


Well, not really, the key is position play

Notable skills:
Olivia - WoM (doesn't matter 1,2 or 3)
Nino (4* -def/+res) - Resistance +3, Hone Atk 2, Draw Back
Rein and Tharja will run their standard build (DB3 + Swap on rein and glass cannon build on tharja, use breaker if needed)

I think I'll post a video for Infernal later, because the position play is a little bit tricky to explain

Both Hard and Infernal (all mission cleared)
Updated: 2017-08-29

Submitted by randante


As for infernal, I'm using Tana (Hit and Run) to bait all units coming to you and kill them all with Ike (axebreaker 2) and Reinhardt (swordbreaker 1). Olivia to dance.

Hard (Killing w. Narcian):
Hard (Killing w. Anna):

Lissa the Champ
Updated: 2017-08-21

Submitted by FutureEmblem


The main gimmick is to have a Home Speed Unit and a Rehabilitate unit. First, Michalis will need the +4 speed to take out the Brave Bow user. A 4 star Level 40 Michalis will be able to take hits from Narcian and both Mages. Michalis will need to be pulled back afterwards to get healed. REHABILITATE IS MANDATORY. My Michalis had Moonbow, allowing him to kill Narcian in one or two more combats. Michalis will then need to pure out the blue cavalier before killing him. Meanwhile, just get Ryoma and Female Corrin ready to kill the Sword Fighter and green mage.

Narcian V.S. Narcian Mission
Updated: 2017-05-30

Submitted by That_Marth_Main


I did this with a 4* Narcian. Spring Xander had Attack +2, but I don't think it made that big of a difference for this fight. I used Spring Xander to bait the Blue Tome Calvary unit and the sword fighter, buffed from Olivia's Hone Atk 3 and Seliph's Rally Speed. The next turn I moved Spring Xander out of attack range, and moved Seliph to where only Narcian could hit him. I used Seliph because he could bring Narcian to 2 HP without any attack buffs, and his speed was low enough that he wouldn't double Narcian. If your Seliph can OHKO Narcian, you might have to equip a less powerful weapon to him. It is crucial that you don't place Olivia next to Seliph as the the attack buff will be enough to kill the enemy Narcian. The next turn, send Spring Xander in to kill the other enemies, and use Olivia to have him take care of another enemy. Move Seliph, and have your more elegant, graceful, and superior Narcian take down the enemy's Narcian and go ahead and que the victory theme of your choice!

how did this work?
Updated: 2017-05-27

Submitted by Spica V.


*Note: Robin should have Reposition.
1) Move Robin to lure out the blue cavalier and sword fighter. Have Priscilla stand behind him. (This will take two turns.)
2) Move Robin backwards and have Priscilla heal him.
3) You can put Narcian on the nearest forest tile if you haven't already.
4) Put Alfonse behind Priscilla if he isn't there yet. End your turn.

---Now, a sword fighter will be in front of Robin, and enemy Narcian will have attacked your Narcian.---

5) You can use your Narcian to attack the enemy Narcian if you want.
6) You can attack the enemy Narcian with Robin, but place him behind your Narcian.
7) Place Alfonse in front of Priscilla. End your turn, but heal Robin if you want.

---None of the enemy units have died yet, but the enemy Narcian is at low health, and so is your Alfonse.

8) Heal Alfonse.
9) Attack the enemy Narcian with your Narcian. End your turn.

---The sword fighter will be at 1 HP.---

10) Move Narcian one space to the right. End your turn.

---Alfonse and Priscilla will be at very low health.---

11) Heal Alfonse if needed.
12) Attack the archer with Narcian.
13) Move Alfonse behind Priscilla.
14) Move Robin next to Alfonse and use Reposition on him.

---The green cavalier will have attacked Narcian, and the blue cavalier will have attacked Priscilla.---

15) Attack the green cavalier with Narcian.
16) Attack the blue cavalier with Priscilla if you want.

---The blue cavalier will have attacked Narcian.---

17) Attack the blue cavalier with Narcian or Priscilla. Either way, the cavalier's dead.

Narcian Vs Narcian
Updated: 2017-05-26

Submitted by randante


Fourth slot can be anyone to help killing the sword user.

1st Let the "fortify res camilla" kill the archer and tank the others.

2nd (stay away from the range of the sword user) Kill Narcian with Narcian and kill one of the mage with Camilla

(I'm playing safe after this)

3rd Pull back and let the sword user and the other mage come to you. Kill the mage easily with Camilla and the sword user with any of your fave chars.

Elise ORKO'd Narcian so that's ok i guess
Updated: 2017-05-26