Grand Hero Battle - Michalis

Michalis - Lunatic
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Klein Kills Dragons
Updated: 2017-09-27

Submitted by TriforceP

I chose Klein because of his Speed stat. Really the key to success here is a fast archer, and some red fighter to take out Michalis.

"Just like Ma used to make!" (Infernal Clear)
Updated: 2017-07-23

Submitted by SuperJobe


This Team will require some Skill Inheritance. Gray won't be needing all too much (Bonfire could come in clutch). Julia Will need at least Death Blow 2, and Lancebreaker, and Azura needs Wings of Mercy, and lastly, Eliwood will need Reposition, and a HP+3 Seal.

Turn 1- On the Bottom, have Julia and Azura. Julia can take care of that Lance Cavalry in one round with Lancebreaker. After that, sing to Julia and back away. Over on the right you'll have Gray and Eliwood, which just need to be moved to the top right corner, but not in the forest.
Turn 2- This is where Eliwood comes in clutch. Have Gray get Repositioned onto the forest and have Gray kill the Bow Calvary. Once that's taken care of, run with Julia and Azura, have Julia in the Corner, and Azura one to the left.
Turn 3-Ok, time to Kill Berkut. Move Julia above Azura, and then have her sing, and have Julia Attack Berkut. Once that's done, Gray will finish him off. Make sure Eliwood isn't near any enemy.
Turn 4- Have everyone get away from danger zones, and have Azura Wings of Mercy over to either Gray or Eliwood, as both will be low on health.
Turn 5- Now just kill the last 3 remaining enemies and you're golden! Hope this helps!

Safe Bet
Updated: 2017-06-27

Submitted by JayDiesel


Focus on the right side initially with Klein or really any Brave Bow user (as in Bridal Cordelia if available). Follow with Azura, who can tank the red flier on top right screen. Take out the flier to the right of Michalis with Klein and then use Sing to get him out of there. Azura tanks and if speed is high enough, will take out that red unit. Ike or any tankier red unit (Ryoma, etc.) will take the lead to take care of Michalis with the help of Klein. All you have left now is another red flier who Azura will take out after some repositioning on the bottom right of the map. Finally, any green unit, mage or axe, will take out the final blue unit.

Blade and Thunder
Updated: 2017-06-25

Submitted by Duran


Nothing to write home about, I just open by zapping the upper right with Reinhardt and retreat with Xander's Reposition.
Keeping Cecilia (with the overpowered Gronnblade) to get Hone Cavalry from Xander makes her a blademaster.

Klein goes Lunatic ft Alfonse
Updated: 2017-06-25

Submitted by OhISee


Draw back on Merric, nothing else worth mentioning, Nino works probably just as good.

Klein doubles flying on right, Azura takes him back and tanks/counters Red Horse. ( 2 enemies dead, hard part over )

So what follows up is that Blue Infantry moves up-right, he will not be a threat before fliers are dead.

Klein can kill Red Flier easily with walls/dance/draw back. For Michalis Klein will need help but at that point there are no other enemies. You can tank a hit with Alfonse, let Klein shoot him and let Alfonse get the kill for Quest.

You do not need Alfonse with anything resembling this team. He is there for Quest.