Grand Hero Battle - Lloyd

Grand Hero Battle - Lloyd
Required Stamina
Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details
Only really need two units.

Submitted by Yun8207


Use Hector(with Vantage and any 3 turn dmg special) to lure in blue mage and archer on first enemy movement, and lure the blue cav on the second turn. The rest can be taken out each turn with Klein(with swordbreaker for Lloyd). Atk buff and def/res buff might be needed. The two other units can be anything.

Bait and kill !

Submitted by thaigiangit


Use Hector to bait and kill the blue mage. After that forback and wait Ryoma can bait and kill the pegasus. Linde and Ninian can hanle Lloyd and the bow horseman in one turn. After that Hector using pivot to guard Linde from the lance horseman.

Hit from afar

Submitted by Culdred


Lure and kill the archer cav with Robin (F) at the beginning. Wait the flying unit behind the mountain and Takumi will take care of that. Olivia will allow units to better move around thanks to her dance ability. Just wait for them to come to your corner and kill them. Michalis could be whatever flying unit, just used to bait the blue mage at the other side of the river.
Just two attacking units and a dancer/singer are needed to finish this map at Lunatic difficulty.

Bait with a Tank

Submitted by NatePerson


Hector (with Reposition skill) makes this GHB easier because he can counter from either range and make a follow up attack without QR in his B slot because he has it built in his personal weapon. Really any sword unit (with Swap and Hone Speed 3) that ORKOS the green flier will do. Julia is there to finish off Lloyd and take care of the blue mage. Azura for support and taking care of Lloyd himself. First, move Hector to the top spot where the bow cavalier will attack him, but not the mage. The Lance unit will reposition the bow, so you can safely retreat. Move Hector down, So Azura that is to the left can sing him out. Your sword unit then uses the Swap support skill with Azura. Julia stayed back. The green flier will then be baited by your sword unit, attack it and be ORKOED. The other enemies will still advance. Retreat again and the lance unit will attack Hector and use lunge, but fail to put him in range of the other enemies. Finish the lance with Hector, Azura sings and Hector repositions her in range of Lloyd. Move your sword unit and green tome unit back again and Lloyd will attack Azura. The mage can't attack Azura either (not in range). The green tome unit finishes off Lloyd and everone else moves back so the green tome unit can finish off the blue tome unit.

No distant counter cheese needed

Submitted by Guts


The most important hero here is Zephiel (having pivot and without distant counter, because who the hell has that many Hectors?) with Camilla. You jump across the river with Zephiel thanks to pivot, get hit by the archer for +- 14dmg (rally defense on Camilla recommended) and then you just finish him off easily. Ths green flier will rush towards Linde and the dancer while the other units come towards Zephiel and Camilla. At this point you can easily manipulate the enemy movement thanks to the river jumping, but just make sure to kill the green flier with Zephiel at some point or alternatively have Olivia with ruby sword as your dancer. I can see this map being easily cleared with 4* variants of each hero and Linde being replaced by 4* abel/donnel of sth like that.

Boey the tanky mage bait

Submitted by AshtinR


Boey was my main point unit here. He took the hit from the archer no problem with his high defense. Then Ike took out the axe flyer. Honestly you could probably use any decent sword user to kill the axe flyer. Minerva's sole job was to take out the blue mage but since the archer was very attracted to her it was easy to separate the mage and archer from Lloyd and the spear user with some strategic placement. Boey can easily take out the lance user with some assistance from Ninian and Ike can take a hit from Lloyd before taking him out. Finally Boey can bait and kill the archer while Minerva takes out the mage.
Robin could probably just as easily take Boey's place if you don't have him and you can use any dancer.

Bait and Kill (Without Hector)

Submitted by ShiningLugia


(Note (Most likely unnecessary): All of my units are 5*. Raven is vanilla and lvl 38. Klein has threaten speed 3 and attack seal. Tiki has Bowbreaker 3 and health seal. Azura has Fury 2, Wings of mercy 2, Hone attack 2 and is lvl 37)

Tiki must have bowbreaker and Lightningbreath! (I think Tiki must be 5*, as she only just kills the archer)
Dancer with Hone Attack 2 or 3 recommended.

Start with you units placed:
-Klein top left
-Tiki(A) top right
-Raven bottom left
-Azura (Or any dancer/singer, they don't attack) bottom right

Star by moving all units up 2 spaces. End turn.

Move Tiki up one space to bait the archer, and move Azura where Tiki was. End Turn.

The archer will attack Tiki and die.
Klein should be able to snipe the green axe flier now. Move Tiki down, move dancer down and dance, and move Tiki right to the back (Her job is done). Make sure no units are in the danger zone. End Turn.

Move Raven to the right of Klein, and place dancer next to him. End turn. The Cavalier will attack him, and they will switch places.

Finish off the Cavalier with Klein. Move Raven down 1, dance him, and move below dancer. No units should be in the danger zone. End Turn.

Finally, attack Lloyd with Klein, which should kill him. Then move Raven up, dance, and kill the final blue mage.

Cavalry+dancer team

Submitted by Saidin


Turn 1: Bait the archer with Xander
Turn 2: kill the flier with Reinhardt (dancing with Ninian) and bait the blue knight with Titania
Turn 3: kill Llioyd with Reinhardt and put him out of the blue mage range with Reposition (Xander)
Turn 4: kill the Blue mage with Titania

FlierEmblem's Take

Submitted by LexiTactics


Bases it's power off mainly Spring Camilla and... Um, other things.

Note: Camilla here uses Gronnraven and TA. Without it, baiting the Archer will be... Annoying. Michalis carried Hone Fliers for me, making Archer kill much easier.

General strategy involves baiting the Archer at the start with Camilla, who should theoretically survive. Following which, Enemy AI will probably split Lloyd down away from Lance. Smack Lance, use a Blue to tank through Lloyd and kill, but be wary of the really annoying Green. Flier Emblem reds are few and far between.

All these units have infantry counterparts, but I just wanted to not have to pivot across a River.

Cheap? With some Skill Inherit((just to make it easier)

Submitted by OmegaZX0000


Robin(M) for the Archer and Lloyd (he might hace a high resist but still kinda ezz to beat)
Gordin or any archer is usefull (I think Nilles cant OhKo the flier)
Nino to kill the Lancer and Mage
Olvia to support (Add the Resist Seal to buff Nino a lil more)

Landing Party (Budget)

Submitted by Strongbeard


Team Build:
• Anna should have Draconic Aura (or have dancer be Olivia)
• Sharena should have Rally Attack & Fortify Def 3
• Any Lance Flier with Reposition that is bulky enough survive a hit from the blue mage
• Any Dancer (Olivia is best to help deal with the axe flier)

Turn 0:
Position the flier over the mountain to the left of the river, Anna on the square diagonally northwest of the flier, and the dancer and Sharena to Anna's western and southern tiles.

Turn 1:
Sharena buffs Anna with Rally Attack. Anna moves east 1 square (above the flier). Dancer dances for Anna. The flier moves over the river to the right of Anna and repositions her across the river. Anna kills the calvery archer. The enemy will then kill its lance calvery on Anna and the mage will attack your flier.

Turn 2:
Have Anna kill the mage while moving to the eastern edge of the map. Have the flier reposition Anna south. Move Sharena & your dancer out of attack range of the flier.

Turns 3-end:
Eventually have your flier Reposition Anna back over the river to kill the enemy axe flier utilizing both Draconic Aura and Rally Attack from Sharena (or have Olivia kill it if you have her). Then have Sharena kill Lloyd at her leisure.

It is possible to win using any dancer. My team used Ninian & Anna killed the axe flier. If you need Reposition you can inherit it from the Barst you got from the Sacred Seals quest set.

Fall back Team

Submitted by Einerwie


All expect Hawk run forward until nowi can be hit by the cavalry archer. Hawk in that time goes to the river and waits there.(Otherwise the KI will act different)
Then you fall back. Only lyn stays to get a fight with the green guy. Don't forget to heal with Serra.
After that fall back again with all uniits until they stand at the starting area. Now you just use your weapon advantage and kill one after another.

Robin Power

Submitted by Tank Emblem


Robin takes no damage from the archer, allowing a good starting position. Cherche can traverse mountains and can reposition allies and give them +3 def. effie can smite, which can help get zephiel to a tanking position, on the other had effie is a good Lloyd destroyer. Robin is the star, allowing a good opening move and getting the team to a good start.

Basicly the same, but without Hector

Submitted by Yun8207


Julia(easiest with Fury3 and Hp seal) needs to have a combine number of HP and Def that is 60+, Res of 35+, and Spd of 28+. Lure archer and blue mage with Julia. Depending on your stat, the AI either suicide both unit or only the archer. The rest should be extremely easy if you give your Klein swordbreaker 1. The other two units are for buff that help Julia reach the stat she need.

OVERKILL [Hero Fest Summoning Focus]

Submitted by randante


Step 1: Bait Blue Mage and Archer with Hector

Step 2:
Either bait the lone flyer with Ryoma or kill the lone flyer with Takumi (your choice!!!). While eliminating the flyer, don't forget to bait the last blue cavalier with Hector!!!

Step 3: Kill Lloyd with any of your fave units

Double Barreled Cannon

Submitted by Duran


The key success is to bait the mounted archer and survive. I chose Xander despite suffered from SwBreaker from the archer, with Fortify Def 2 from Ninian he can survive the hit. The next purpose of Xander is to finish the axe flier who will fly toward Ninian. Xander is equipped with Bonfire to secure OHKO.
After baiting and finishing off the axe, keep Xander safe and use Nino and Reinhardt to score one-shot kills. Nino can survive the mounted lancer's hit and finish him the next turn while Reinhardt zap the archer and Lloyd to dust.
After that, the Blue mage is nothing...

Scraped by somehow

Submitted by ZeonicGato


All with base skills. Baited everything down to the corner and worked magic with Azura and gang

Budget Team

Submitted by GreenTeaCake


Sharena needs to inherit Sapphire Lance from Subaki. Luckily, he is also a budget unit, but the Sapphire lance requires 300 SP. A possible workaround would be Olivia's Hone ATK, as my Olivia was level 22, and had only Hone 1.

Olivia, Palla, and Cecilia are all inherit-free, but will require all of their passives to be unlocked. Please note none of these units are 5 stars, which is part of the budget.

If you're units aren't quite level 40, worry not. Olivia's level is irrelevent, she will not be fighting. My Palla was level 31, so as long as she can live to fight the Sky Knight, you're fine. Only Sharena and Cecilia are required to be 40 for this map.

Hope this helps all of you unlucky folks who don't have those fancy Distant Counter units.

'Play by Play of map to be added'

Distant Counter to Death

Submitted by Drizzy


I just started with baiting them back starting with the mounted archer with Hector. From there on its pivot each other back to the rock and use it as a choke point and rotate the heroes to kill while healer healed.
Would have been easier with a mix party, but I wanted to distant counter them all to death.

The blue mage was the last to die killed itself on Hector vantage.

Mages can do without tanks

Submitted by Caster


Put lance breaker on Reinhardt and bowbreaker on Júlia.

If You're Paranoid for a Healer

Submitted by Spica V.


- Robin needs to have Swap.
-Alfonse is probably not the best in this situation, so it should be fine to pick another swordfighter.

1) Use Robin to lure out the bow cavalier. Azura will need to use Sing. Since Robin has Gronnwolf, then she should be able to kill it in one hit.
2) After the enemy phase, the axe flier should be in range of Alfonse, so leave him there. Move everyone else our of the danger area. Also heal Robin.
3) Kill the axe flier and then move Robin into the danger area to lure out the lance cavalier.
4) The lance cavalier should've used Lunge on Robin, so you can use Alfonse and Azura to kill it. Then Swap Robin and Azura, since Lloyd will kill Robin if you don't.
5) Lloyd should've taken a big amount of damage, enough for anyone to kill. After this go crazy! (except maybe be careful with Alfonse and keep him away from the blue mage)

Flier Emblem

Submitted by Aintitjay


Fly your troops over to the other side (Green Units in front). Ensure to get all the effects from Hone, Goad, and Ward fliers. Use Michalis and Minerva to take out the Archer, B Tome and Spear Horseman. Also beware that the archer only is able to attack Michalis.

Lloyd and the Axeman flier will be ensuing. They are easily picked off with Hinoka and Palla.

NB: Palla(+1) & Michalis are 4* ,and Palla has Reciprocal Aid to swap HP wih Michalis in case Hp gets too low (Wings of Mercy Warp)
Sacred Seals: Atk+1 Palla, Spd+1 Hinoka, Spur Def1 Minerva,and Fortify Res1 Michalis.

Easy Match ups ORKOed each troop

Minerva the tanker.

Submitted by Kyrone


Only Ike and Minerva need to be at lvl 40. Minerva should have iote's shield. Ike have threaten Spd. Mist can be any healer of your choice that have recover staff and imbue. Trick is to use minerva to first move to the lower right corner of the map where only either the mage or archer can hit her. Then, have minerva retreat back to the left side of the river while baiting the archer and use mist to keep her heal up. Meanwhile use Ike or any character that can beat the axe pegasus and Lloyd on the other side. At some point, both the mage, archer, and lance unit will move to the left side. Just strategically arrange ike and minerva to dispatch them. Make sure to prioritize killing the archer first because it will KO Ike in one move. Use healer to keep their hp up.


Submitted by HiimBkun


- This is easiest Grand Battle Hero. Used 3* only.

Simple one

Submitted by liigk


Xander provides the bulk, Robin is there to bait units, Fae is there to deal with the blue units, and Azura, well. she is a support character there to sing. Xander has Bonfire as charged attack, and the rest of the team has no skill inheritance what so ever. All units are 5* with their default skill set (except for Xander).

Flying Kite Camilla

Submitted by Cunctor


No SI or seals, Lucina 5 stars, everyone else 4 stars
Olivia should be replacable by any singer/dancer
Nino and Lucina can be replaced. Together, they need the ability to oneshot the lance and the sword user and Drag Back.
Oneshot the flying unit with Camilla by dancing here next to it. The enemy will move the bow cavalry into range. Oneshot that with Camilla, drag her back, dance Nino, drag back again. Kill lance with Nino, move out of range, kill the two remaining units