Grand Hero Battle - Legion

Required Stamina
Map/Enemy Details
Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Legion 1Legion 1 Weapon: Legion's Axe+
Special: Aegis
A: Fury 3
B: Seal Spd 3
C: Savage Blow 3
Legion 2Legion 2 Weapon: Legion's Axe+
Special: Reprisal
A: Fury 3
B: Axebreaker 3
C: Hone Spd 3
Red Mage Weapon: Bolganone+
A: Speed +3
B: Swordbreaker 3
C: Atk Ploy 3
Bow Fighter Weapon: Brave Bow+
Special: Moonbow
A: Death Blow 3
B: Guard 3
C: Threaten Atk 3
Blue Cavalier Weapon: Thoron+
A: Warding Blow 3
B: Lancebreaker 3
C: Threaten Spd 3
Ranged Snipes

Submitted by MikhailLuca


Basically you never want to engage legion in a close range fight because Panic is a pain. Azura with wings of mercy, Nino with Fury 3 and Desperation, Sanaki with Triangle Adept and Axebreaker, Bridal Cordelia with Brave Bow setup

Pretty good

Submitted by 98nchen


Frobin has triangle adept, tharja has desperation, and Xander is Xander. First I kill the legion on the right, then I reposition tharja with frobin, so that tharja won't get hit. FRobin should be able to ohko the blue mage. Make sure your tharja is next to someone with att buff, so she can ohko legion. Xander should be able to easily kill the Archer.
I haven't completed infernal mode yet.

Horse Emblem: The Art of Reposition

Submitted by riccochet


Lunatic Mode. Full force Horse Emblem, all holding Reposition. Cecilia and Frederick are 4*, though Frederick is holding Brave Axe+ and no Death Blow.

Dance of Death (Infernal proof)

Submitted by ModoTheGreat


Ike with Axebreaker and Swap (mine's +spd -def so most natures work)
Nino with standard LnD Desperation kit (+spd nature is optional)
C skills Hone Atk & Hone Spd minimal requirement.

First turn have Nino slay both enemies to the right and have Ike move up to the top right corner of the defensive terrain. Make sure Ike's dancer ends the turn one step above bottom, same column as Ike. Don't break the wall.

Second turn have Nino kill the spawned blue mage and Ike Swap into his dancer then kill the spawned Legion.

Ike can slay the red mage with a dancer. Remaining enemies shouldn't pose much of a threat if you stay careful.

Infernal beaten on the turn the LnD blue mage cavalier spawned.

Klein, the Assassins

Submitted by Valaga


The main highlight of this squad is Klein with Axebreaker to kill Legion easily. 2 Dancers with buff (hone atk and hone speed/ fortify res is recommended) to maximize Klein kill count. Nino is there to support the escape route, kill blue unit, or give klein hone attack buff if he's out of olivia range)

Infernal Clear Mage Emblem

Submitted by Synthesin


Lilina MUST have Axebreaker (axebreaker 1 is fine)
Nino also had B Tomebreaker

Engage first with Linde and Nino to bait the red and blue tomes, killing them in the next turn. Lilina will oneshot any Legion except the one with Aegis (which can be killed in oneshot only with a special skill).
You should always engage the attack and stay out of range (except the first turn). Take one hit and it's over. Use Olivia to move your units around after killing an enemy. Use colour advantage. Except for first turn, you must onehit every enemy.

OLIVIA(mvp) + horse emblem

Submitted by RyanSwag


Horse Emblem I know, but Olivia was the real MVP.
Give that dancer a Ruby Sword and Ax Breaker and watch her work. My Olivia didn't have an A slot or special. I imagine giving her +def, +hp, or TA will make clearing Infernal more smooth. I cleared Infernal btw, Olivia took out the majority of the ax dudes. Beast mode bae right here, no joke.

Infernal made easy

Submitted by Belz


The main purpose is to keep the Legions ALIVE with very little hp (because when you kill a Legion another one appears with more enemy units), so any member of the team can kill them with one hit, this can be done with Caeda.

The lancers and the blue mages should be easily killed with Camila, the legions (if not harmed) and the Brave Archer with Xander due to his high Def, and the sword and the Red Mage with B. Caeda and Azura.

Blades of Fury

Submitted by cheriipai


Infernal mode -
Nino with Reposition and Desperation. Tharja with Axebreaker (any level). Naturally, try and keep units around Eirika for her buffs.

Start by ORKOing the Legion to the right with Tharja and repositioning her with Nino, who then counter kills the mounted blue mage. The red mage can be easily dealt with by Kagero. Desperation Nino takes care of the archer and any further blue mage reinforcements.
Additionally, be wary of the leftmost Legion with Aegis.

The rest is careful positioning and letting the units come to you, who can be dealt with by Tharja alone or a combination of Kagero and Nino (and Eirika if need be).

Legion must die

Submitted by Senkou


Sanaki needs axebreaker to ORKO legions.
Start killing legion on the right, move reinhard to the right and sing him with azura to kill the blue mage.
Next turn bring back reinhard to kill the new blue mage or use hector and sanaki the new legion, after this the game is straightfoward, hector bait and kill all units thats not legion ou red mage, sanaki kills legions and reinhardt cleans up the remains.

Pretty good for the level 30 fight.

Submitted by jojisradicalvoyage


I used this team (consisting of all 5* at level 40) to beat the level 30 fight. Not sure about the lunatic or infernal fight.

Horse Blade

Submitted by sivo


Cecilia/Olwen(can changed with Ursula) /Leo / Priscilla(can actually any Staff Horse
This 3 have ofc all Blade and Priscilla is for Heal buff.
With this Team alone you just one shot everything, Mix the grp with Hone/Fortify Cav and have fun to murder this map.
Give Leo Axebreaker more save give Cecilia Axebreaker too.
This 3 will kill everything under Blade buffs and with Axebreaker on this 2 ensure to kill always Legion. It should be the most esay team to do this map. Be care of Panic Ploy some have it but that can be esay dodged.

This Map is Actually Hard

Submitted by tails512


All units are level 40, five star. Azura is plus 1. Sets are:

Nino: +Hp, -Res; Gronnblade+; Draw Back; Moonbow; Life and Death 2; Axebreaker 2; Hone Atk 3; Atk Seal

Azura: +Spd, -Res; Sapphire Lance+; Sing; Moonbow; Fury 3; Wings of Mercy 3; Hone Atk 3; Fort Res Seal

Reinhardt: +Def, -Hp; Dire Thunder; Reposition; Moonbow; Death Blow 3; Lancebreaker 3; Threaten Res 3; HP Seal

Bride Cordelia: +Atk, -Spd; Brave Bow+; Rally Atk/Spd; Luna; Life and Death 2; Lancebreaker 2; Threaten Def 2; Speed Seal

I started by one shot-ing the right Legion with Nino. Then used Reposition to get out of danger range. I then did my best to stay out of enemy range while cowering in the bottom right corner. I tried using ranged units to kill melee units and Azura to kill ranged units to take no damage. Reposition, Sing, and Draw Back to stay out of enemy range. Unfortunately the battle was too involved, so I don't remember details. The only time I needed to tank hits were Reinhardt taking a red mage attack and Azura taking a different attack (I think from a red unit). Nino and Cordelia were never left in enemy range.

Lunatic team

Submitted by Remnant


Sanaki with Axebreaker and Glacies/Iceberg will be a perfect Legion killer, meanwhile Michalis, better if he has lunge in his B slot, will finish off most units with the help of Ninian's dance. Ursula is just to tank the blue horse mage and finish off the blue horse unit

On the first turn use Sanaki to kill immediatly the Legion on the right and then send Ursula a space in front of Sanaki to tank the blue horse mage

On the second turn kill with Michalis the blue mage that arrived while moving both Sanaki and Ursula out of the blue horse mage's range (use Ninian's dance for Ursula)

On the Third turn use Sanaki to kill the left Legion then send Michalis, thanks to Ninian's dance to kill the blue horse mage. In this turn Sanaki will probably lose the ability to OHKO the Legions since she will tank the red mage's damage.

On the fourth turn use Sanaki to severely injure the Legion that just spawned in and use Michalis to finish him off (i use Michalis with Luna so he pretty much OHKO everyone). After that use dance on Michalis to send him against the red mage. Keep Ursula out of any enemy's range or it will be game over

On the fourth turn the blue knight will shift places with Michalis that remains unharmed. Use Ursula to finish him. Use Michalis to attack the archer and swap places with him while also weakening him. Then use Ninian to weaken the archer a little bit more in order to let Sanaki take the last hit

On the last turn Michalis will have Legion weakened without dying. Use Sanaki to finish him off and the Lunatic Grand Hero battle will be won

My setups are

Sanaki 5* Lv 40 +hp - def
36 Hp
51 Atk
26 Spd
13 Def
34 Res
- Cymbeline
- Harsh command
- Glacies
- Triangle Adept 3
- Axebreaker 3
- Hone attack 3

Ursula 4* Lv 40
33 Hp
32 Atk
30 Spd
17 Def
28 Res
- Blárwolf
- No support skill
- Growing Thunder
- Death Blow 2
- Seal Res 2
- Threaten Res 3

Michalis 5* Lv 40
46 Hp
50 Atk
26 Spd
35 Def
19 Res
- Hauteclere
- Draw Back
- Luna
- Iote's Shield
- Lunge
- Threaten Def 3
- Hp+ 3 seal

Ninian 5* Lv 31 (don't remember bane and boon)
34 Hp
34 Atk
27 Spd
19 Def
23 Res
- Light Breath +
- Dance
- Luna
- Fury 3
- Escape Route 3
- Hone Res 3

Inferno clear

Submitted by Rhin


You WILL need a red with axebreaker, ryoma was mine, but it can be any sword lord. The a nino or another blade tome user, a dancer, and a blue mage, i used robin, but im guessing reinhardt and linde could work too.
Nino takes out the rightmost legion with a dance, and azura gets out of the way using a reposition, then the blue cav will smash himself and die against the little monster.
Move to the center of the map.
Kill the new legion with ryoma (should have axe breaker), and the blue mage with nino.
Move robin to the lower left defensive tile and engage the red mage.
The cav, the mage and the bow will all die trying to kill him.
Robin hits the leftmost legion to disarm aegis, after that nino strikes him then finish him with ryoma.
Move your units to engage the upper legion and the blue cav on the defensive tiles, and should be easy.
Now enjoy your 3 legions.

Both Lunatic and Infernal

Submitted by randante


Infernal: Tharja, Nino, Eirika, Azura (link at the bottom)
Lunatic: Tharja, Nino, Kagero, Azura (link at the bottom)

1st. Kill legion on the right side with fully buffed Nino and wait for the blue mage to attack Nino and get killed.

2nd. Kill the new blue mage at the bottom with Nino+Azura. Kill the new Legion at the bottom.

3rd. Kill Legion on the left and the sword cavalier at the bottom with Tharja.

4th. Kill the archer and the spear cavalier with Nino. Kill red mage with Tharja.

5th. Kill the blue mage with Nino and finish off the last Legion from the top.



Explosive Magic

Submitted by Nyrre


Kagero - +atk seal, axebreaker, hone atk
Celica - +spd seal, moonbow, hone speed, darting blow, reposition (use axebreaker instead if not +spd nature)
Azura - hone attack, wings of mercy
Linde - desperation, glimmer, breath of life

Axebreaker Kagero kills the Legion on the right. Put Linde on the defensive tile to kill the red mage. Blue mage will suicide against Kagero. Have Celica kill the Legion that spawns on the bottom, then Linde and Kagero work together to take out the blue mage (while breath of life heals Celica back to full hp), then Azura sings Linde to safety. After the enemy phase, move Azura to the far left and Linde in the same direction. Celica goes to the bottom and Kagero bottom-right just outside of the danger zone. One Legion should follow Azura. Linde and Kagero kill the lance cavalier, Celica kills the archer. From there, continue to hit the two remaining Legions while singing/ repositioning to safety.

Horse Emblem Team

Submitted by DerTimme


(You'll be able to watch how this team destroyed Legion's legions in the video I'll upload in a few days on my YouTube channel, I am going to put a link here.)

Even though the enemy uses a lot of the new buff-reversing skill which destroys the concept of a Horse Emblem team, this team helped me beat infernal mode with ease.
It is really important to use Reposition and Swap in order to avoid the debuff skill. Also keep in mind that Cecilia and Reinhardt are glass cannons who have an annoying tendency to die just by being looked at.
Team members:
- Xander:
Xander with Quick Riposte is the star player of this team because he can ORKO all Legions in the enemy phase.
- Reinhardt:
Reinhardt is really useful for dealing devastating damage (I command you to call me Emperor of Alliterations, Timme I.) to most of the enemies and he is able to tear great holes in the opposing army.
Cecilia: Cecilia is the one to tank the blue mages, especially the annoying mounted ones. She carries a Gronnblade Tome in order to abuse the cavalry buffs.
Camus: Camus is really viable on this map to. He is able to double many of the enemy units and take them out. I used him for spawntrapping the opposing reinforcements.

Team Spirit

Submitted by mikasa


Sanaki has axebreaker 1
Reinhardt has reposition
Nino (4*) has new moon + draw back

- works for lunatic + hard

First, use sanaki to kill Legion in the far right. Reposition her with Reinhardt and move him next to sanaki (left) with Ninian. Next, kill the 2 blue mages with Nino and the new Legion with Sanaki. After that, use Reinhardt to kill the red mage, Nino to kill the Blue lance and Sanaki to kill the archer. Finally, use Sanaki to kill Legion and you're done.

Kagero and Reinhardt Double Team

Submitted by sonic


See my YouTube video and its description for details:

(Infernal) Ike, Vantage, Reinhardt, and a Dancer

Submitted by PSI_FeelingOkay


Ike NEEDS have AxeBreaker3, and Hector HAS to have Ignis, and vantage 3.

Any dancer SHOULD work, as they would not do any combat.

Ike needs Swap, Reinhdarth needs Repostion, and Hector needs Drawback.

As long as you use Reinhard to take out most of the left side (Legion, Red Mage, and using sing to kill the Bow) Ir shouldn't be a issue. ONLY use Ike for the legions, and Hector's ignis/vantage will kill anything blue.

Kagero + Reds

Submitted by Kraagenskull


Works on Expert

Kagero can kill the left Red Mage and the right Blue Mage on a defense tile on enemy phase, then can beat the archer on player phase. Then you're left with all the Legions. Tharja can double kill them with Ryoma's Hone Speed and Olivia's Hone Atk. Kagero hurts them a lot and Ryoma acts as an emergency counter if you have to take a hit.
Be really careful from Panic coming from the Legion that spawns in the high of the Map.

Ez infernal cheese

Submitted by Wrysexy


ez win

Best boy

Submitted by graciegra


All were 5* but Xander.

Use Robin to break a wall and bait the archer. The next turn kill the blue mage with Nino and put Xander in the defensive title

Speed Team

Submitted by KayDizzel


With LnD2 on Tharja and Nino and Speed+1 on Nino, these are my four fastest characters (38-41). Eirika has Fortify Res seal and rally defense which combined with Hone Spd and her weapon she can boost all four stats and make Nino and Tharja crazy fast killing machines, that even Legion can't stop (but damn did they get close!)

Bottom Feeder

Submitted by Ixion


Tharja have axebreaker, skill lvl doesnt matter.
Hector have bonfire and reposition
Camus have drawback.
Place camus at the left bottom corner. Place azura next to it. Place tharja on top of azura. The hector on the right of tharja.
First use tharja to attack legion on the left, then use camus to drawback tharja. Then use hector to reposition tharja.end turn.
Use camus to attack legion, dance camus to attack red mage, use tharja to attack red mage. End turn.
Move hector to the bottom to kill newly summoned blue mage. Use tharja to attack legion, dance tharja to rigth and attack the other legion. Move camus to the left bottom corner again.
Use tharja to attack the archer, move azura to tharja former position to dance tharja. Use tharja to attack the archer again. Use camus to kill the red cavalry. Use hector to reposition tharja.
Use hector to kill the blue cavalry. Move hector from danger zone with dance. Move evryone from danger zone.
Use camus to kill blue mage cavalry, move everyone from danger zone. Use tharja to kill legion.

2 nukes, 1 Dancer and 1 Melee

Submitted by Chukobeng


Nino with Gronblade, Draw Back, luna, darting blow 3, desperation 3, hone atk 3 and the seal which lessens cool down

Azura with luna, Speed +3, Wings of Mercy 2 and Hone resistance 3 and spur Def seal

Lucina with reposition, aether, defiant speed 3, renewal 3, spur atk 3 and plus speed seal to not get doubled by legion

And default Klein (Any brave bow user can work)

My strategy basically was for klein to go on the offensive thanks to nino and lucina's atk buffs and Azura's dancing.
Klein basically was the one to chip and kill the legions, while nino was back up just in case klein needed help from range and Lucina as a shield.
I found it helpful holing up in the bottom right side of the map and making moves according to the situation. I hope this helps and good luck!

No axebreaker to win Inferno

Submitted by rabbitodan


I just finished this map in HELL difficulty without axebreaker skill(because I don't have). I'm F2P player so my low settings should work for you if you have the characters. I'm only listing useful skills.

Sanaki(+atk): Triangle Adept(A), R Tomebreaker(B), Attack+1(S), Moonbow
Soren(+atk): Darting Blow, Dragon Fang
Xander: Vantage, Bonfire, Quicken pulse(S) (Don't put FURY!)
Ninian: Hone Attack

Starting: Sanaki-topleft, Ninian-bottomleft, Soren-topright, Xander-bottomright

Turn1: Left two chars move up two spaces, Right two chars move up one space

Turn2: Red mage should dead, blue mage low hp, two axes same line with Sanaki, one left one right. Now use Sanaki and dancer kill the left axe, Soren kill blue mage. Xander move up two. End turn. Archer and right axe will attack Xander, with low damage

Turn 3: Two reins show up bottom, Soren move down 1 to kill blue with charged up special. Sanaki move down two attack axe, dancer go down left dance Sanaki then kill axe. Xander STAY on defensive tile WITHOUT attacking.

Turn 4: Archer will go to Xander's left-up, axe stay on Xander right. Both low health. One horse sword appear below Soren. Now, Soren move 1 right kill the axe, Sanaki move down-left attack horse, dancer move down left dance, Sanaki attack again, he is still alive, Xander down 2 kill him, only leaving Xander in range of archer. End turn, archer will attack Xander, die in Vantage. Up to this point, only one axe one lance rein alive from top. Lance will go straight down to bot-left of def tile. Axe will go to top-right def tile.

Turn 5: Last blue mage appear. Soren move left 2 to double hit lance, dance him, double hit again, kill. Xander still no attack, move 1 right, Sanaki move 1 right to attract blue mage. End turn. Blue mage and axe will move to left two def tiles.

Turn 6: This is NOT the time to attack. Xander move 1 right to the edge. Sanaki move 2 right to be out of blue mage's range. Ninian move to bottom-left corner, Soren move 2 left to edge. Only leaving Soren in attack range of blu mage.

Turn 7: Axe will move down 2, blu mage 2 tiles above Soren. They both have Vantage. Don't use Xander. He will die. Move Soren right-bottom to hit axe, then Sanaki left to hit him again. He is dead. Move Ninian 1 up to block the way of blu mage. Blu mage can only reach Ninian at this point, he will move back 1 space and attack Ninian, who is happy to take one hit.

Turn 8: Now it's Xander's show. Move left 3 space, Ninian down 1 dance him, another 3 space just a perfect distance to reach blue mage. He is dead.

Happy feathers!

Axe breaker

Submitted by rakouma


Axebreaker 3 on hector, zephiel, and Merric, ohko legion with all of them and use hector to swap and a dancer to get quad attacks and run away from red time user

INFERNAL Reposition Strats

Submitted by onxz


Sharena (f2p) + Spur Def seal
- 5☆, Spd+3, QR2, Hone Def3, Luna, Swap
Tharja (+Atk/-Spd) + BoL seal
- 5☆, Darting B3, Axebreaker3, Noontime, Reposition
Nino (+Spd/-Res) + HP+3 seal
- 5☆, Darting B3, B Tomebr3, Hone Spd3, Moonbow, Draw Back
Olivia (f2p) + Fortify Res seal
- 4☆, R Tomebr1, Hone Atk3

Positioning is essential with this team.
Starting positions (see map above):
1 Olivia
2 Nino
3 Tharja
4 Sharena

1) Have Nino attack the right Legion, dance on Nino's left for her and kill Legion. Reposition Olivia with Tharja from below and set Sharena under Olivia.
2) Kill the new Legion with Tharja. Attack the new blue mage with Sharena, dance from the right, kill him. Set Nino under Tharja/above Olivia.
3) Kill blue lance with Nino, BraveBow with Tharja, and move Sharena 2 up, dance from right and attack with her the red mage.
4) Kill red sword with Sharena and dance for her from above, reposition so Sharena is under left defensive tile with Olivia on her right side. Kill red mage with Nino and have Tharja be on her right above Olivia.
5) Kill left Legion with Tharja.
6) Attack Legion with Tharja, finish him with Nino. Dance for Tharja and move everyone except Nino out of blue mage's range.
Congrats, you did it~

Infernal Breaker

Submitted by Earthes


Sanaki (axebreaker + Recip Aid)
Hector (Vantage Build + Pivot)
Reinhardt (DB3 + Lancebreaker + reposit)
Azura (Wings of Mercy)

Using this build requires a extremely specific pattern
On Your First turn, you line up the units to the Right side in a single line manner. From Top to bottom (Rein, Hector, Sanaki, and Azura, where the fortification is where rein is, then hector). the Blue tome will attack hector, then will spawn the first legion. Sanaki with azura will destroy the two legions, make sure azura is positioned to the right of sanaki after dance, hector pivots back bottom using sanaki, rein moves backwards to where hector was and break first block. this causes the blue mage spawn and red horse to spawn on top of hector left and right side. sanaki destroy legion, hector, the blue mage, azure destroy the red sword, move rein back beside azura. dance sanaki and move her out of range of the bow, then move in range on red mage. sanaki will barely survive with 8 HP on red but can revenge kill red mage. the next sequence is the blue mage and the blue spear, legion, and the bow. the bow must die to rein because of dumb moonbow. the trick is simply bait the AI out of attack range, and out of the fortification squares. rein should be able to OHKO the bow and lancer, hector should enough HP to vantage the blue mage. use the left side corner to bait them out of corner. hector vantage counters the reinforcement blue mage (has garbage DEF, but rein cannot OHKO due to high res), vice versa for the bow (garbage RES) and Rein should be able to ORKO bow. blue mage and bow will move in first because legion spawns near lancer and the lancer has dumb pathing, taking middle instead. Sanaki must reciporcal AID rein to gain max hp ( or as long as you can trigger Axebreaker). Rein/Azura will take down horse lancer becasue of legion moves slower than it, giving you time to pick them off. once lancer is down, sanaki moves in to OHKO Legion. Congratulations, you just beat Infernal mode.

Dancing Klein. Tank Zephiel

Submitted by ScyTheRin


The most important person in this team is Olivia. She can be replaced with any singer or dance but you will need that specific dance/sing skill. Klein will be doing most of the killing with the help of Dance. Nino is their to eliminate any blue units and draw back allies. Zephiel will be the clutch savior. Able to actually tank hits from Legion and manage to barely survive red mages even when double hit. With his special weapon lowering defense Klein will be able to kill Legion in 2 hits

brave bow +

Submitted by shoura


Having Klein have Axebreaker, he can OHKO all of the Legions which makes them not a threat. The most threatening unit will be the archer since moonbow is active. Have Klein (with Hone atk by olivia) wipe the legion plus the blue mage on right side (with dance) and then retreat as close to the center as possible on the second turn and wipe out the red cav/mage and stay clear of the legion. on the third turn, the archer and the legion should be wiped out while staying away from the lancer. at this point, it should be easy to 1v1 the rest

Dual mage, dual dancers, dual draw back

Submitted by mu_sub-zero


I used this team to beat Infernal. For Lunatic I used Ryoma instead of Olivia, but that was only to give Tharja hone speed buff without axebreaker. He didn't help much otherwise.

For Infernal:
Tharja has axebreaker and needs hone attack buff from Olivia to ORKO Legion barring the one with Aegis. Olivia was 4-star, lv.34, but it didn't matter. Keep her out of range of everything, especially red mage with swordbreaker. After all Legions are dead, have Tharja kill red mage or else axebreaker will be compromised. My Ninian had TA2, should be safe taking damage from red or blue mages (she had 37 speed though, +spd nature plus one merge).

My Soren had heavy investment. Gronnraven+, triangle adept 2, B tomebreaker 2, growing wind. Both Soren and Tharja had Draw Back for extra movement. This was necessary to move each other, themselves, or dancers out of line of fire. Have Soren kill blue mages and brave bow user (archer must be attacked, he is guaranteed to kill one of your characters on enemy's turn!).

For the most part keep Olivia with Tharja and Ninian with Soren, but sometimes may need to swap, or give someone 3 turns.

That's it. Go for right side first (kill Legion with Tharja, Olivia gets her out of line of fire of blue mage, Tharja drags her back, Soren moves in range of blue mage.). After that, move towards bottom right, then finish in the middle.

Tharja had neutral nature plus attack seal, Soren +att, -hp, one merge giving hp, spd.

Legion falls to little dancer girl

Submitted by M1ndraver


I had 4 star neutral Xander and olivia with 5 star reinhardt (+att - spd) and cecilia (+Res - Def). Simply rush your reinhardt and cecilia into range of the mages and have the others wait just outside of range, then proceed to wipe out all but the Legions. Fill in the gaps with your reds and the rest is pie. Just make sure you have a ruby sword or tri advantage on Olivia.

Legendary knights

Submitted by Enter the Vaike


For infernal
-Xander and camus have vantage and fury.
-they have damaging specials bonfire and dragon fang.
-Healer should have heavenly light, everyone gets extremely hurt, plus they have savage blow.
Started off by giving camus all buffs and putting him at top left to bait red mage and archer, xander was 2 spaces under to ward.
Basically just kept healing and buffing the knights and using the tiles as much as possible, reinhardt was only there for the buffs and snipes.

Kill & Bait

Submitted by Dualahan


Works for lunatic. Nowi only needs to be 4 stars and bane/boon dosent meatter for any of the characters. Eldigan needs reposition Julia needs a boost from either fury, triangle adept, or L & D. Use Julia to kill Legion on right. Repsoition Azura with Eldigan once Julia gets her second move thats needed to kill Legion. Then defend the right corner and use nowi to saftly bait the red mage and if needed bait left Legion with Eldigan. Then kill the two units (bow and Legion) that will come down. Kill the bow first and if your Julia cant in one move either then kill bow with Eldigan and baot legion or give Julia a second turn with Azura and use reposition if needed. Eldigan can be replaced by a Xander. Azura can be replaced by any dancer. Camus can replace Nowi. These are for f2p and require few orbs. Julia is the only required unit but can be replaced by Sanaki or Tharja.

Mage Fury

Submitted by SFtoBoston


Basically shift your mages around so you can eliminate all enemies within striking distance of you on each turn so on the enemies turn you can get hit. Use Ninian to dance only in order to shift and second hit as needed. Should take 5 turns.

Desperation Nino, Basic Linde and Tharja. Any dancer should work in Ninian place.

Triangle Adept

Submitted by Roku147


Robinne: Triangle Adept, Blue Tomebreaker, C slot depends on team. Everything else is default
Weapon: Gronnraven+
Robinne plays a big role on this map since she has advantage against that bow unit and the blue units in this map and to take down one of the Legions

(M)Robin: Red Tomebreaker 1 or 2, everything else is default
You'll only need him to take down the red mage and help Robin to take down one of the Legions

Roy: Axe Breaker 2, defaults
It's not necessary to give him Axe Breaker 3 since he has triangle adept, he won't take too much damage from Legions

Azura is only need to sing, and to take down the sword unit that appears later on

Free to Play (Atleast 2GHB Heroes needed)

Submitted by sivo


Done it now with 3 teams.
My main and my second account was actually no problem but my sister needed some help because she played not so much active it was actually hard.
So i tried the tacitc with
She got atleast Ursula Cecilia and Xanders.
Just watch actually everything esay explained. hf for free Legion if you need still some help.

Horses Rules!

Submitted by Duran


The team's core is Xander with Axebreaker which I need only at level 2 because with proper positioning he takes negligible damage from Legions. He also has Reposition and Hone Cavalry to serve as support for the other two cavaliers
Cecilia is at 4-star and equipped with Gronnblade (non-plus) and Fortify Cavalry. She serves the role of hard counter to blues and secondary damage source to Legions also. With Hone Cavalry from Xander and Goad Cavalry form Reinheardt she can even double those fast Legions with considerable damage.
Reinhardt is in his (nearly) ultimate form with Death Blow 2 (man, I don't get Klein or even dare to sac my Effie) and his natural Goad Cavalry is so good. He serves the sole role of red checks and wipe the nasty Brave Bow.
And as I mentioned before, positioning is crucial so a dancer is a good welcome to support getting-in-and-out quick and safe. I chose Olivia due to her resilience against greens.

Cheap shots rampage

Submitted by ace


First of all one thing you really should take note is the enemies reiforces, NOT RED UNIT show up, only that red mage near the Legion of the left side take him out with Klein, the rest is pretty straight foward if you place the dancers in the middle of the start positions.