Grand Hero Battle - Clarisse

Map/Enemy Details
Clarisse Map
Map Enemies
  • Hard
  • Lunatic
  • Infernal
34 33 25 15 20
Weapon Blárblade A Defiant Atk 2
Support B Watersweep 2
Special Growing Thunder C Savage Blow 3
29 35 19 12
Weapon Gronnraven A Triangle Adept 2
Support B Quick Riposte 2
Special Growing Wind C Savage Blow 3
33 26 30 10 25
Weapon Smoke Dagger A Death Blow 2
Support B Windsweep 2
Special Moonbow C Savage Blow 3
36 31 18 24 23
Weapon Killing Edge A Fortress Def 3
Support Reposition B Renewal 2
Special Aegis C Spur Spd 2
40 35 27 19 15
Weapon Clarisse's Bow+ A
Support B Poison Strike 3
Special Glimmer C Threaten Def 3
45 44 32 20 28
Weapon Blárblade+ A Defiant Atk 3
Support B Watersweep 3
Special Growing Thunder C Savage Blow 3
40 47 26 17 35
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Triangle Adept 3
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Growing Wind C Savage Blow 3
44 37 39 14 32
Weapon Smoke Dagger+ A Death Blow 3
Support B Windsweep 3
Special Moonbow C Savage Blow 3
49 43 25 31 30
Weapon Killing Edge+ A Fortress Def 3
Support Reposition B Renewal 3
Special Aegis C Spur Spd 3
53 42 35 26 20
Weapon Clarisse's Bow+ A
Support B Poison Strike 3
Special Glimmer C Threaten Def 3
52 47 35 22 31
Weapon Blárblade+ A Defiant Atk 3
Support B Watersweep 3
Special Growing Thunder C Savage Blow 3
46 50 28 19 38
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Triangle Adept 3
Support B Quick Riposte 3
Special Growing Wind C Savage Blow 3
50 40 43 15 35
Weapon Smoke Dagger+ A Death Blow 3
Support B Windsweep 3
Special Moonbow C Savage Blow 3
57 47 27 33 33
Weapon Armorslayer+ A Fortify Def 3
Support Reposition B Renewal 3
Special Aegis C Spur Spd 3
61 52 39 28 20
Weapon Wo Dao+ A Life and Death 3
Support B Desperation 3
Special Bonfire C Panic Ploy 3
60 45 38 28 22
Weapon Clarisse's Bow+ A Darting Blow 3
Support B Poison Strike 3
Special Glimmer C Threaten Def 3
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Basically Robin with Support (Step by step INFERNAL)
Updated: 2017-07-05

Submitted by Allerleirauh


Robin is really the star of the show, being able to tank hits from both Clarisse and the thief. As long as you keep him away from the green mage, he'll be fine. Make sure he is running TA and slap the Fortify Res seal on him. Azura and Lucina should be running Fury. Azura also had Hone Atk. Elise should obviously have Rehabilitate.

Position them with Robin in the rightmost square, then Azura, then Lucina, and finally Elise in the leftmost square.

Send Robin up to the first space where he can be hit along the edge of the map and keep the others in their starting positions to avoid being debuffed by the thief when he attacks. On the next turn, move Robin down to the space beside the two pillars to take out the red infantry unit and then sing him to safety (corner) without moving Azura. Move Elise to the bottom rightmost space and position Lucina above her.

The green mage will attack Azura, so make sure you're running Fury on her and the Fortify Res seal on Robin. Mine survived with 1 HP (total HP 40, total res with buffs 33). Kill the green mage with Lucina, move Azura next to Lucina (above Elise), and use Elise to heal Azura. Move Lucina to the other side of Azura so that she's in the crook of the backwards L wall. Move Robin above Lucina.

In the next turn, kill the thief with Lucina. Move Robin above her to kill the red cavalry. Sing to Lucina and move her clear of Clarisse. Heal Azura with Elise again.

Clarisse will attack Robin, do no damage, and die from it. Move Robin clear of the final blue mage and Lucina to the space below the edge of his range. Heal Robin with Elise and leave Azura where she is.

Finally, move Lucina onto the defensive tile and attack the blue mage. Use Azura to sing to her. Attack and kill him.

Infernal - Leo as a Xander Substitute
Updated: 2017-07-04

Submitted by bellpickle


(This team had Goad Cavalry and Hone Cavalry buffs.) I don't have Xander, so I used Leo instead. Use Leo to bait the dagger user and green cavalry mage from the bottom left tile. He should be able to tank both hits. Fyi with this team, if you start the battle virtually any other way, you're much more likely to lose.

Finish off the green cavalry mage then use Azura to get everyone out of attacking distance. In the next round, use Camus to attack Clarisse, then bring Reinhardt in for the kill. Use Dance on Camus so he can finish off the dagger user. Camus should be able to tank the hits from the reds. Use Leo and Reinhardt to finish off the reds, then use Camus to kill the blue mage.

Gallant Steeds
Updated: 2017-07-04

Submitted by Zeorymer


Typical horse emblem with the following skills used for specific units:
1. Priscilla gets Fortify Cavalry
2. Olwen has her Ward Cavalry
3. Camus and Xander both have Goad Cavalry.

The main purpose in this fight is to let Xander do most of the job while Priscilla, Olwen, and Camus provide the necessary buffs Xander needs to survive against all enemies. Priscilla heals, while Olwen kills injured units (if necessary). Camus' major use here is to provide safe positioning for Olwen and/or Priscilla.

Horse Emblem
Updated: 2017-07-04

Submitted by Nava


The builds below are what I have, but they are not necessarily the best; replace skills/heroes as you see fit. I mainly focused on Xander taking hits, healing him with Priscilla, and moving Priscilla out of the way with Reposition from both Olwen and Cecilia. Try to keep Xander out of the blue mage's range until you can get rid of the blue mage safely. This usually involves a buffed Cecelia+Xander. Xander buffed with fortify calvary and placed on a defensive tile should be able to withstand an attack from the blue mage,, but you still need to watch out for other enemy units. When buffing, remember to keep your units out of the cardinal directions of the sword user with panic ploy. The ninja is a mage killer, but you can resolve this with Xander since the ninja's defense is low. Hope these tips help and GL!

- Xander: Siegfried, Ignis, Fury 1, Quick Riposte 2, Hone Calvary
- Olwen: Dire Thunder, Reposition, Iceberg, Warding Blow 3, Desperation 3, Fortify Calvary
- Cecilia: Gronnblade+, Reposition, Chilling Wind, Atk +2, G Tomebreaker 1, Hone Calvary
- Priscilla: Panic, Rehabilitate, Still-Water Balm, Hone Atk 2

Robin + Kagero = <3
Updated: 2017-07-03

Submitted by brown bear


5* Robin (M) with bow breaker, 5*Kagero LnD3 and moonbow, Ike, and 4* Lissa (any rehabilitate user).
Turn 1: robin next to breakable block, bait green mage with Ike.
Rest if fight heal with lissa as needed and take out the Thief and blue mage with kagero.

Robin the great wall
Updated: 2017-06-30

Submitted by Eaze


Worked on infernal.
For people who have no xander or distant counter units like me. Celica can be replaced with any red mage that can kill the green cav. Nino can be replaced with another green mage as long as they have enough res to survive the blue mage.
Robin 5* has Triangle adept 2 and QR1
Nino 5* has LnD 3 and Desparation 3
Celica 5* has LnD 2 and Renewal 2
Olivia 4* Hone atk 3

Round 1: place robin to the right of the breakble wall and nino to his bottom right. Celica and Olivia need to be moved along the bottom wall out of danger.

Round 2: Robin will be attacked by the ninja then Clarisse killing the latter. the green cav should of moved onto the defencive tile where he can be killed by Celica, who then needs to be danced to safety by Olivia. Make sure to dance Celica on the tile to the right of her and not the behind her. Move Nino next to Olivia and move Robin onto the defencive tile and attack the ninja again.

Round 3: Robin will be attacked by most units (the blue mage the only one doing damage) and will kill the ninja. This leaves the Blue mage open to Nino who will kill her with a dance from Olivia. After the blue mage is down the whole map is pretty much won as neither red unit can damage robin while on the defencive tile and can be shot down from afar by the other units.

Infernal Success
Updated: 2017-06-30

Submitted by Insh


This team setup ensures a cleanish run of the map.
Required skills:
Rein: DB3, Reposition
Frederick: Brave Axe, Hone Cavalry
Sophia: Rauorraven, Triangle Adept 3, Reposition
Sanaki: Anything is fine

Turn 1:
Sanaki breaks the barrier, Frederick gives Hone Cavalry to Reinhardt, which allows him (If he has DB3 and neutral attack) to ORKO the cavalry sword unit. Be sure to move Frederick down, that's important for later. Reinhardt OHKOs the sword cavalier, and then Sophia repositions him out of aggro range. Clarisse will attack Sophia and take heavy damage while the other units reposition.

Turn 2: Frederick moves to the bottom left of the map with Reinhardt adjacent to him. Sophia attacks and kills Clarisse. Sanaki must move out of range from the thief, but stay in range of the green cavalier. The thief will attack Sophia, and the Green Mage will attack Sanaki.

Turn 3: Sophia kills the thief. Sanaki kills the green mage. Reinhardt repositions Frederick and Frederick ORKOs the blue mage.

After that, just clean up the remaining sword user and you're golden.

Lunatic Kagero + Cordelia dance to victory
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by realCreencia


5* Kagero with LnD 2 and Attack seal
5* Cordelia with Tri Advantage 3, Aether and Speed seal
3* Olivia
5* Olivia
First Turn;
1. Position Cordelia opposite wall section to be destroy.
2. Position 1 dancer on her right.
3. Position 2nd dancer above right second dancer.
4. Position Kagero above 2nd dancer, destroy wall and then dancer her right.
Second turn:
Red fighter dies by Cordelia, Cordelia attacks Clarisse twice with Dancer, Kagero finishers her off. Dance Cordelia to attack Green mage twice, then dancer her to attack Dagger, then Aether turn to finish Green mage.
Third turn:
Cordelia attack Blue mage.

Nowi tanks, hell unleashes
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by Kraagenskull


Notable skills :
Nowi : Defense+3, Quick Riposte, Pivot, HP+3 Seal
Tharja : + Attack nature, Moonbow and Quickened Pulse seal
Kagero : Death Blow 2 (mine is not optimised at all and had poor nature so any Kagero helps immensely here), Anti-Dagger 3, Attack+1 Seal
Sharena : native buff skills + Fury / Renewal, Seal Res

I don't break the wall at the center of the map. On turn 1, Nowi is boosted in Def and Att by Sharena, survives and hurts both Clarisse and the Thief.
Then Kagero kills the Thief and Tharja the Green Mage Rider, with Nowi Pivoting to keep them from harm if needed. Kagero is really useful for the last 2 soldiers too.
Be very very cautious, the positioning must be really precise and all your units end up having low HP. So try to avoid any unnecessary damage in the first turns, namely by putting Tharja out of the debuffing range of Clarisse's weapon.

F2P Team
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by Sakuya the stand user


Yes, I got this team by being a F2P and skill inheritance
Also let Hector tank the Green Mage and Clarisse, then send Hector back and let B. Cordelia brave bow everybody to death.

Took me a couple tries on lunatic
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by vin25


Xander is great to lower the ninja's hp and kill the green tome in the same action, put him in range for clarisse so he lowers her hp as well, be aware to back down constantly, and when she's close, lower her hp even more and finish off with elise, don't remember how i killed the blue tome but he must to be dead by now, put Xander in a place where the red cavalier and ninja can't attack other units, but Xander has to have some hp left tho, because the red cavalier does like 6 damage, and the ninja does 0 damage, kill the ninja off in the next turn and use reinhardt to finish the red cavalier, it was pretty ez

Infernal Bait-o-meter 11/10 (100% XANDER FREE)
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by Earthes


vantage ryoma +5hp
vantage hector +QP (draw back)
Kami Reinhardt (moonbow)
Waifu Azura

The setup (bottom left to top right start)
ryoma hector reinhardt azura

break wall using reinhardt. dance him and move top right tile above azura. this baits red unit to attack ryoma and the other units to move. kill red with ryoma, move hector one tile up. move reinhardt lower tile right below hector. this causes green mage to die to hector.

use reinhardt to kill red sword. move hector beside ryoma. ryoma reciprocal aid hector. dance reinhardt and kill condescending bow whore. make sure azura dances the left side. and safe from ninja. ninja should be out of fort space. use reinhardt to kill him. ryoma/azura wombo combo blue mage.

Advantage Xandar
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by Wraithlin


5* Xandar
5* Nino or another G Mage with good res/speed (FRobin might work)
4* Wryss

With some finesse, you might be able to pull this off with any decent spear user. I haven't confirmed that though. They only kill the sword users, but dance gives some "safety" against the unexpected. Similarly Nino could potentially be replaced with other G tome users as he only needs to kill the B Tome user.

Open up the wall and put Xandar on the defensive square to tank everything. With desperation he will one-shot the Green Mage and hence survive.

The blue mage will move up and there is a square that only he can hit: sit your Nino is that square to draw him away. Xandar needs to run all the way south so Wryss can heal him, as he peels off the Red Cavalry.

In round 3 Azura/Ninian kill the R Cav and the healed Zandar takes back his defensive square to tank the thief and Clarisse. Again there is one square that only the blue mage can hit, so draw the blue mage into suiciding on Nino.

Round four, draw back again, so that only the R Swordsman can follow and heal Xandar. When he follows, kill him with Azura/Ninian and Xandar can run forwards again to kill Clarisse.

Take care mopping up the thief.

ez infernal cheese
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by Wrysexy


ez win

PhoenixMaster1's Team
Updated: 2017-06-29

Submitted by White☆Glint


Not trying to take Credit from Phoenixmaster1, Just wanted to spread the easy to obtain team to use. :) Thank you so much Phoenixmaster1

Phoenixmaster1's video:

Olivia + Horse Team
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by accidentalgreed


Clarine has Hone Calvary and Rehabilitate, Xander is 5*'d with Vantage and Seigfried (and no good A-slot skill, though I'd recommend Attack +3 or something), Reinhardt is using his usual +Atk Death Blow build, and all you need on Olivia or any Dancer is Dance, really. I would recommend Ninian or Azura to tank a Red attack if you have one of those, though. Clarine can be substituted for Elise or Priscilla if you have them, and they don't have to be fully levelled as they will mostly be sitting around and healing while avoiding combat.

Turn 1: Arrange the team in a way that both Reinhardt and Xander can benefit from Clarine's boosts while Olivia is out of range. Keep them out of the Red sword user's vertical position since he has Panic Ploy (reversing boosts in cardinal directions). Break the wall with Reinhardt, quickly scooch Xander in and have him battle the red horse so he's in the defensive tile and plugs up the entrance, and Dance Reinhardt and put him out of harm's way. In the enemy phase, Xander will barely survive but will also whittle down the opposition so Reinhardt can finish them off.

Turn 2: Have Xander retreat to the south and have Clarine heal him so he's okay to battle if needed. It's okay to put him in the Red horse's attack range. If Clarisse is in KO range, Dire Thunder her butt with Hone'd Reinhardt, and if positioned correctly, you can take out the red swordsman as well so he stops annoying you with Panic Ploy. In the enemy phase, Olivia might be in range of the red horseman, but if she's fully levelled she'll be okay. The blue mage and the ninja will pursue, but won't hit anybody if positioned semi-correctly.

Turn 3: KO whoever is left and in range (most likely the ninja or Clarisse), heal if needed. Stay out of the Blue mage's range since you wanna take him out last. It's okay to put your Horse Healer in range of the blue mage if she has an acceptable Res stat. Put Reinhardt and Xander in position so they benefit from Hone Calvary, and get Olivia out of the way, of course. In enemy phase, the blue mage will come closer, reeling himself for the kill.

Turn 4: Chop that bitch however way you like as long as you don't accidentally mess up your kill.

Infernal victory
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Rhin


Ryoma will need to bait the green cav on the bottom of the map and kill him (careful not to step in too much and bait clarisse too), the ninja will also try to hit, but doesnt matter.
Robin (with TA and raven tome) will deal clarisse a lot of damage, killing her on your turn. Use azura to keep him away from the blue mage´s reach, and the rest of the enemies wont be able to harm him.
Move nino north to kill the blue mage, while robin kills the thief.
The rest can be cleaned up by either azura, nino, or robin.

Just Use Xander
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Nyrre


Just put Xander on a defense tile and have Kagero/Azura clean up the what remains.

Horse emblem Inferno 1st try
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Enter the Vaike


Throw xander on the defense tile 1st turn w/ camus close to exchange goad/ward. Camus can double blue mage ez, reinhardt can easily one hit the red infantry. Xander tanks everyone except blue mage. Much easier than inferno legion.

Robin is a god
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Swirrlix


I used Robin to lure in Clarisse turn 1 by standing in the space to the right of the breakable wall and Ryoma lures in and kills the Green Tome (which is the only real scary thing for Robin). After that you kind of wall with Lucas while healing with Lyn when necessary.
Lyn can be replaced with any Rehabilitate user. And I'm sure Ephraim could do Lukas' job, I just don't have Ephraim

I beat Infernal with this team so it should work if you guys can figure it out ;)

RobinM as the tank (Cleared Inferno)
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Grasschopp


RobinM going Triangle Adept 3+Sword Breaker 2 to basically nullify attacks from all foes save the green and blue mages. Using Bonfire as special. My Tharja doesn't have Death Blow, so I gave Robin Hone speed to buff Tharja so she can ORKO the green mage.
Tharja going Darting Blow 3 (Deathblow is better), Desperation 3 (useless, take your own B slot), New Moon as special (Luna is obviously better, Moonbow has same effect as New Moon).
Sakura going Physic and Imbue (any healer with distant heal and Imbue will do)
Olivia going Hone Attack 3
The Idea is to use RobinM as the tank and carefully take out the only remaining threats to him--the mages; especially the green one.
The fight can roughly be dissected in 4 phases:
P1: Take out the green mage: use the first 2 turns to place your units so: Robin is below the breakable obstacle, Tharja right below him, Olivia and Sakura to the left and right of Tharja. This way Robin baits the red swordsman, Clarisse and the thief, who do basically no damage to him.
On the 3rd turn, the green mage should be on the leftmost defensive tile, take her out using Tharja. The breakable obstacle is now broken by the thief. Move Robin to the resulting tile, attack the red swordsman. Sakura heals Robin, and Olivia moves Tharja out of danger area.
P2: Take out all enemies save the blue mage: This phase is relative simple. In this phase, you want Robin to stay in the same tile as before, so enemies are stopped at the choke point. First use Robin to take out Clarisse, who is now low from your counterattacks. The thief will die from your counterattack. Use Sakura+Olivia to double heal Robin (26 hp/turn). On turn 6, use Robin to take out the red infantry. Now you are left with only 2 enemies: the blue mage and the red cavalry.
Tharja, standing to the right of Robin, can take out the red Cavalry in 3 turns, after which New Moon is charged. Note that in this process Tharja will stand in the danger area, but she is safe. The AI will command the red cavalry to attack Robin, so the blue mage cannot move over to kill Tharja.
P3: Heal up: After Tharja kills the red cavalry, immediately move Robin to the red cavalry's previous tile. Continue healing Robin and Tharja, until they are full. DON'T make any move other than healing these two units until they are full.
Now, in a few turns you will be in the following situation: the blue mage occupies the uppermost defensive tile, Robin in the middle defensive tile. Tharja, Olivia and Sakura are placed so that Sakura can heal both Tharja and Robin in one turn. Continue like this until both Robin and Tharja are full.
P4: Kill the blue mage: My tharja doesn't have Deathblow, so the attack buff from Olivia is needed to do the job. After she is fully healed, move her to middle tile along the right edge of the map (right below the danger area). The blue mage will continue to hit Robin for 19hp/turn (38/turn if special is triggered). Keep an eye out for the special countdown and keep Robin alive in the process.
The final step is to bait the blue mage out of the defensive tile. Wait until the following conditions are met: Robin has 27+ hp, Sakura has imbue, and the blue mage's special countdown is 2+. In the following turn, move Olivia towards Tharja. Robin stays put. In the enemy phase, he takes a hit of 19 hp. In the next turn, move Olivia below Tharja so the latter gets attack buff. Sakura heals up Robin, so he has at least 26 hp. Then move Robin 1 tile upward. The Blue mage will be forced up 1 tile to attack Robin, which will not kill him. In the next turn, use Tharja and Robin to finish her off.

3 turns Infernal explained step by step - Horse Emblem + Hector
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Demeion


No unit merged, Ivs are not important (except -atk Rein).
Xander Reposition Bonfire Fury QR Hone Cavalry,
Camus Reposition Bonfire Fury QR Goad Cavalry,
Reinhardt Reposition Luna Atk+3 Goad Cavalry,
Hector standard vantage build.

Turn 1) Move Xander in Thief/Green Mage range, Thief will attack first and will be repositioned by Red Horse, Green mage suicides himself. Important: Move Rein under Xander to get hone buff for next turn.
Turn 2)Kill Clarisse with Rein(Camus buff+ Xander buff will be enough), reposition Rein out of atk range with Camus leaving Camus in Red horse range, move Xander in a safe tile and move Hector in blue mage range.
Turn 3) Kill Thief with Xander's Bonfire, put Hector to safety and move Camus in Red Infantry range.

No xander horse emblem
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by nerebane


Cecilia raven, TA, goad cavalry
Élise, Wrathfull, assault, hone cavalry
Reinhardt Luna, goad
Ike qr2, heavy 3, aether, threaten ATK.

Move ike to the left, bait Green mage, Elise below him and the other 2 always outside of danger zone near Elise. When the red cav moves in next to ike its when you need to move ike to the bottom left and engage with rein and cecilia. After that the AI go all in and totally misses on lethal. Reinhardt will take a hit from The blue mage but you kill everyone the turn After that.

I Guess you could change the team having a healer, a red vantage or QR2 min powerhouse, blue range and a colorless check

Somewhat budget team.
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by koala911


This is the team I used for the battles besides infernal. This team is somewhat for people who are free to play. Xander gets rid of pretty much every unit while Jeorge helps. Priscilla helps while Azura sings. Azura can be replaced with with Olivia and Priscilla with any other healer, although I'd recommend a calvary healer. Jeorge can also be replaced with a quicker archer such as Setsunna.

infernal ready
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by 98nchen


any horse healer with calvary att buff and any dancer with spur attack. Any tanky armored red unit with distant counter will do as well. Reinhardt needs to be near horse healer to get the buff and 1shot most of the enemies. ocasionally, xander may need to attack first for reinhardt to finish them off

Beating Clarisse with Mage-Bait
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by shoura


The only real problem here is to clean up the green mage on inferno and the lunatic is not that difficult if you just bust through the right side with a strong unit. Bait the green mage on the left corner and everything else should be fine given that you take out the blue mage on the right side so the only thing you need to do is bait the mages and thats about it.

Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by onxz


1 - Tharja 5☆ (+atk needed!): Darting Blow3, Spur Res3, Moonbow, breath of life seal
2 - Olivia 4☆: Hone Atk3, Fortify Res seal
3 - Sharena 5☆: Spd+3, QR2, Fortify Def3, Luna, Swap
4 - Olivia 4☆: Hone Atk, Hp+3 seal

1) Place Sharena under the breakable wall with one space between and her partner Olivia on her right. Destroy the wall with Tharja, dance for her (from below) and position Tharja on the tile over her Olivia's starting position.
2) Get Sharena in the left corner and place her Oliva on her right (in Green Mage's range). Now put Tharja over Olivia, dance and move her to Olivia's left side.
3) Position Sharena under Green Mage and kill with Tharja from the bottom right (Don't attack with Sharena! It's crucial to get her there because she needs the BoL heal!). Dance for Sharena and swap her Olivia's positions. No one should be in Clarisse's range now. End your turn.
4) Attack Clarisse with Sharena (Luna) and finish her with Tharja from the tile below Sharena. Dance from left for Sharena and weaken the ninja from the tile under him. Dance from the right for Tharja and finish the ninja from the tile on Sharena's left.
5) Now kill the remaining units using your Olivias to dance.
Congratulations on your 2k feathers and another 4☆ Clarisse~

Both Lunatic & Infernal
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by randante


I swap Azura and Olivia for infernal and lunatic.

First you want to break the wall using Xander and let him take the defensive tile while the others stay at the back. (most of the enemies will attack him)

The rest is easy. Just pull Xander back for healing while Reinhardt's cleaning up the mess.


Horse Emblem (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by CakeLooper


Pretty much what the title suggests.

Heroes used as well as the skillsets I used:

Xander: Siegfried, Reposition, Retribution, Fury 2, Threaten Defense 2.

Camus: Gradivus, Ardent Sacrifice, Glimmer, Death Blow 3, Renewal 3, Goad Cavalry.

Olwen: Dire Thunder, Reposition, Glimmer, Life and Death 2, Hone Cavalry.

Do note that Olwen must have a +ATK IV. Any other IVs except for -ATK will require LAD 3 and Attack +1 Sacred Seal. A -ATK Olwen won't be strong enough in taking Clarrise down. LAD 1 should be enough, though LAD 2 should be used regardless.

Cecilia: Gronnblade, Draw Back, Glacies, Attack +2, Escape Route 3, Hone Cavalry.

A -ATK Cecilia should only be used as a 5 star. Otherwise, a 4 star Cecilia should suffice.


Turn 2: Place Xander on the range of the dagger user, Camus on the most southwestern spot on the map, Olwen next to Camus, and Cecilia next to Olwen

On Enemy Phase, the dagger user and green tome cavalry will attack Xander. Xander should be bulky enough to survive and kill the green tome user.

Turn 3:

The wall should have crumbled by the enemy's attack. Use Olwen to ORKO Clarrise. Provided you used the proper Olwen, Clarrise should die without having a chance to counter. However, Olwen must get Goad Cavalry to ORKO Clarrise. Without Goad Cavalry, she would die upon the retaliation strike. Before attacking Clarrise, move Camus next to Xander. After killing Clarrise, reposition Olwen to the right with Xander. After this is done, Drag Xander back with Cecilia. This is done to get Xander out of the blue tome user's range.

On Enemy Phase, Camus will be hit by the sword cavalier. Camus will kill him upon retaliation strike.

Turn 4:

Attack the blue tome user with Xander. Retribution should be active, leaving the blue tome user at 19 HP. Cecilia should deal just ENOUGH damage if she is a neutral ATK 4 star. Immediately reposition Cecilia to the right with Olwen. Use Camus' Ardent Sacrifice on Xander.

On Enemy Phase, the dagger user will attack Camus, whereas the Infernal exclusive sword user will attack Xander.

Turn 5:

Move Xander out of the way. Move Camus in and proceed to kill the dagger user. Lastly, use Olwen to finish the sword user.

Clarrise is now added to your collection of Heroes.

Infernal Clear
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by marsmath


Ike has QR3, Ephraim has reposition, Robin has bowbreaker 1, and julia has btomebreaker

Horse Emblem with a little inheritance
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Duran


Xander is the MVP for this map.
Xander inherited Swordbreaker and Hone Cavalry (both are not necessary) and should have Reposition to retreat quickly.
Reinhardt inherited Death Blow 2 and he really need this, period!
Camus inherited Swap and Clarine inherited Fortify Cavalry which is highly recommended.

Xander must conquer the defensive tile immediately after receiving Fortify Cavalry and attack the sword cavalier. Camus should be 2-space under Xander to goad him without being at risk.
In the first Enemy phase, everyone will proceed to attack Xander, Clarisse would be damaged considerably and both cavaliers committed suicide.
Next turn, Reinhardt can OHKO Clarisse and Xander MUST retreat and reposition Reinhardt to avoid the nasty Blue mage who can OHKO, if he is damaged Clarine can heal him to nearly full health.
Camus should be fine to take out ninja and blue mage, Reinhardt can OHKO sword fighter, but be aware of Panic Ploy from the sword because the team depends on Cavalry buffs.

Xander to the rescue! (infernal approved)
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Gwynnbeidd


5* Xander (Fury/Desp/Ward Cav.)
5* Cecilia (Triang./G.tomebreaker/Hone Cav.)
5* Abel (Hp/Swordbreaker/fortify cav)
4* Priscilla (whatever)

The idea is to break the ruin, and move xander on a defensive tile, meanwhile moving Cecilia to the wall, so that clarisse can attack her, dealing almost no damage, while recieving metric tonns of it to her own face.
Move Abel near Cecilia so that she is protected from the red infantery (infernal), and make sure to stay hydrated while enjoying the carnage, and occasionaly healing Xander.


Sophia vs The World
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by MrManatee


Raventome Sophia with swordbreaker walls out the entire cast with the exemption of the blue mage. Draw all units into the bottom left corner making sure to keep the bmage out of range. Use a dancer to allow Sophia to score blows and move out of the way of the bmage. +def Sophia is optimal if you don't want to use a healer. You can snipe the bmage with a distant counter (not lightning breath unfortunately due to watersweep).

Easy Infernal Step by Step
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Kelemvor


1st+2nd turn: You move Wrys and Jaffar at bottom left along with Ninian, Wrys should be in the tile that can break the wall and Jaffar left of him, Ninian can be in bottom right one, Xander above her. 3rd turn: Wrys breaks the wall, Xander goes to the defensive tile and hits red cavalier, Ninian moves 1 space up (out of harm's way ofc). 4th turn: Xander goes back to Wrys, Wrys heals him to full, Ninian dances Xander and he goes to his former position (the defensive tile). 5th turn: Xander goes to Wrys, Wrys heals him to full and end turn. 6th turn: Wrys heals Xander, Jaffar kills red cavalier (Xander might have already killed him), Xander kills dagger user (he has charged bonfire),Ninian dances Xander and Xander repositions Ninian to safety from last sword user. 7th turn: kill sword user with whatever you want.

Xander: Weapon: Siegfried, Assist: Reposition, Special: Bonfire A: Fury 3, B: Quick Riposte 2, C: whatever (you could use savage blow 3 to make it easier), Sacred Seal: HP+3

Any healer with Rehabilitate

Any dancer

You don't even need a 4th unit actually, just get a ranged blue/red/archer/rogue to damage or kill the 2 sword users.

Infernal Riders (budget? Infernal clear)
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by ModoTheGreat


Xander, Camus 5*. Ursula, Frederick 4*.
Xander, Ursula w/ Hone Cavalry. Camus w/ Goad Cavalry. Frederick w/ Fortify Cavalry.
Ursula w/ Draw Back, Blarblade (3* version is fine). Camus w/ Vantage, Swap, Moonbow. Frederick w/ Reposition, Wings of Mercy (2 is plenty). Xander Bonfire, Swap, NO Fury; empty A slot is fine.
Xander HP Seal, Frederick Spur Def Seal.

T1 - Xander receives Hone and Fortify buffs. Place Xander to the bottom left of the breakable wall with Frederick below him, Ursula to the right of Frederick and Camus two spots right of Xander. The green mage should kill itself on Xander while Clarisse breaks the wall.
T2 - Xander uses Bonfire on Clarisse, Ursula finishes Clarisse off. Frederick Repositions Ursula south, Camus Swaps with Xander. Xander should barely survive the blue mage attack thanks to his HP Seal.
T3 - Camus kills the blue mage. Ursula damages the sword soldier. Frederick Repositions Ursula. Xander retreats for sweet life.
T4 - The sword units should have suicided on Camus by now. Have Camus damage the thief, then have Xander Swap into Ursula so she can reach Camus and use Draw Back. Frederick uses Wings of Mercy to jump in and finish the fight.

Lunatic EZ
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Nottock


Zephiel 5* with threaten attack 3 and Bonfire
Bridal Cordelia with brave bow+, Lnd 3 and Luna
ANY dancer/singer
4th unit not needed
Turn 1:
Use Zephiel to break the obstacle from the right and let him tank.
Turn 2
Use B cordelia to kill the sword cavelier and use zephiel to kill the dagger user. dancer/singer to give zephiel an extra turn to move onto the defensive terrain and kill the green cavelier.
Turn 3:
Use B cordelia to kill clarisse and dance/sing zephiel to let him attack the blue mage twice and win the GHB

Infernal Team
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by 0ares0


I use this team to pass infernal, Xander is a must, any healer is ok, and the other two can be any blue ones with reposition skill. Xander bait green mage and tank dagger at left. Your blues are fight with red and blue.

Horse team - Inferno in 1st try
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by SunKat


Xander with Quick Riptose, reposition, Clarine with Fotify Horse, goad horse for two another. Let Xander and Reinhardt kill all. Ez GHB.

Tharja OP
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by Patatajavi


Tharja can oneshot to cassie, green tome rider.
Sharena weakens the rider with sword and gives increases to tharja.
Minerva can oneshot to the user of daggers and the blue tome.
Olivia to position the units and amuentar the dmg of minerva.

Tharja with desperation set.
Sharena with hone speed.
Minerva with reposition.
Olivia ..... Olivia.

Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by PkBeta


Ryoma with Vantage
Robin with Swordbreaker to tank the swords, will also deal with Clarisse
Lyn heals up every now and then when HP gets low for Ryoma/Robin
Nino to get rid of the blue mage

Kinda horse emblem
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by darklink9922


Just break the destructible wall have Xander sit in the Defensive tile with Reinhardt two spaces below him and Camus one down and to the right then heal when needed

Mini horse emblem
Updated: 2017-06-28

Submitted by TG15


Hard and lunatic are extremely easy with these units, infernal is a true challenge, but extremely doable. My units have the following skills inherited:

Xander: reposition, ignis, fury 3, quick riposte 2, fortify cavalry, speed +1
Camus: reposition, ignis, fury 3, quick riposte 2
Anna: fury 3, threaten def 3, spur def 1
Elise: rehabilitate