Grand Hero Battle - Camus

Grand Hero Battle - Camus
Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details
Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Camus Weapon: Gradivus
Skill: Growing Thunder
A: Grani's Shield
C: Goad Cavalry
Axe Cavalier Weapon: Silver Axe+
Support: Rally Defense
A: Grani's Shield
B: Pass 3
C: Ward Cavalry
Red Cavalier Weapon: Bolganone+
Support: Rally Attack
Skill: Moonbow
A: Darting Blow 3
C: Goad Cavalry
Troubadour Weapon: Fear
Support: Rehabilitate
Skill: Miracle
B: Wings of Mercy 3
Axe Cavalier Weapon: Silver Axe+
Support: Rally Defense
A: Grani's Shield
B: Pass 3
C: Ward Cavalry
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
4* Nino - requires Draw Back + Eirika's Pivot
Updated: 2017-06-07

Submitted by bellpickle


Use Bridal Lyn + Nino's Draw Back to bait Camus into the bottom right corner without taking damage. Finish Camus off with Nino, using Lyn + Azura if necessary. Use Eirika's Pivot to take Camus's spot when he dies, so she can block the red mage from Nino. After that use Eirika as main attacker with Nino + Azura + Lyn as support.

Tryna get that 4 Star
Updated: 2017-06-07

Submitted by DarkAuraful


Lucina: +ATK -SPD
A: Defiant SPD 3 B: Desperation 3 C: Spur ATK 3
Special: Moonbow

Azura: +RES -HP
No A, B, or C (saving SP for skill inheritance)

Soren: +DEF -ATK
B: Watersweep 2 C: Fortify RES 2
Special: Moonbow

Spring Chrom: +ATK -SPD
No A or B; C: Axe Experience 3
No Special

Move Spring Chrom to the far right, Soren beside him alongside Azura and Lucina at the far left.

Turn 1:
Have Chrom go within near enemy range with Soren following up beside Chrom. Don't have Chrom in danger area immediately because you want Lucina to be near Chrom at his right of the map.

Turn 2:
Have Chrom go within enemy range and Soren go in the tree space. Camus will attack Spring Chrom.

Turn 3:
Have Soren finish off Camus, then after that have Lucina handle the rest (she kills the Troubador behind Camus as the Troubador attacked Chrom first, then the Red Magic unit). The two axe users will go for Soren and Azura.

Turn 4:
Have Lucina finish the nearest axe cavaliers off. Soren will defeat the axe fighter with Azura's assistance.

Note: This is what happened to me. I won't guarantee the same will happen to you but with a team setup like this, this map is doable on Lunatic.

Hit and Run Nino with Tank Xander
Updated: 2017-06-07

Submitted by SacredPikateon


Nino must have LanceBreaker or at least be able to reach 42+ speed. Everyone else can be dealt with Xander that has Fury 2, Vantage 3, and either Glowing Ember or Ignis. Xander will need Vantage. Fae must have Draw Back and optional Fortify Res Seal. Place Nino in the first forest tile so she can easily reach Camus on the next turn. Fae will be behind her. Xander should be right outside the danger zone and next to Fae if she has the Fortify Res Seal. Cordelia is a place holder. Next turn, Nino MUST double Camus to kill him then use Draw Back on her with Fae. Put Xander on the first tile of the danger zone so he is outside of the red cavalier's range. Optional use of Rally Atk/Spd on him. He will not kill the Troubadour, nor the Axe Cavalier. From the tree, Nino kills the Axe Cavalier. Put Xander up a tile. Troubadour will be trapped and Red Cavlier will attack, prompting his special to trigger and kill the red cavalier. Troubadour will attack and be killed. Use Fae or move Xander out of the danger zone because he should be at 1 Hp. Axe Cavalier comes into range. Use either Cordelia or Nino to weaken the Cavalier then attack with Xander or just finish it from range. If Xander doesn't take damage, he can also kill the cavalier by himself, but the cavalier has Pass, so kill it on that round.

Camilla Lure, Tandem Finish
Updated: 2017-06-06

Submitted by Kurtisninja


Ike - 5* Level 40 - Fury 3/Vantage 2/None - No Assist - Moonbow
Camilla - 5* Level 40 - Darting Blow 3/None/Savage Blow - Rally Attack - Draconic Aura
Seliph - 5* Level 37 - Defiant Def 2/Brash Assault 3/None - Rally Speed - No Special
Nino - 4* Level 37 - Res+3/None/Hone Atk 2 - Draw Back - No Special

Prep: Position Camilla in the left-most spot (the other three don't really matter - I had it as: Camilla-Ike-Seliph-Nino).

Turn 1: Move Camilla towards the mountains. Move Ike one space behind her. Move Nino one space under the trees with Seliph either behind her or on her left side.

Turn 2: Move Camilla to just outside the danger area in the mountains. Move Ike to the space bordering the water and the danger zone. Put Nino in the tree with Seliph one space behind her.

Turn 3: Move Camilla into the Healer's range. Healer will get Rally Attack and Defense and then attack and do minor damage to Camilla. Camus will get a Rally Defense and then move out to the right side of the bridge - far enough away that he loses his Horse Emblem bonuses. The setup has begun.

Turn 4: Use Seliph's Rally Speed on Nino (have him positioned one space below Nino - she should still be in the trees) and have Nino take out Camus. My Nino survived with 2 HP. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE SHE'S OUT OF RANGE OF EVERY OTHER ENEMY. I found it works best to move her diagonally down-right from the tree to attack Camus. Have Ike attack the healer to block the path to Nino. Healer will survive because of Miracle, but it's moot. She gon' die anyway. Side note: I found it helpful to toggle the red mage's attack area because it murders Camilla. You have to make sure she stays out of range at all times. After Ike attacks the healer, I moved Camilla next to him and used Rally Attack because why not. During enemy phase, the healer didn't move and attacked Camilla for a fat 1 damage. The axes stacked behind her but be wary - they have pass. Mage still in original position.

Turn 5: Kill the healer with Ike. Move Seliph into the bottom-most square of the danger area with Nino to his right. You can leave Camilla where she is. Enemy phase, mage uses Rally Attack on the axe that attacks Seliph. He takes the hit and deals some solid damage back. The other axe attacks Ike. My Ike had 15 HP left at this point.

Final Turn: You have options on how you want to finish it. Seliph or Nino kill the bottom axe. If you use Seliph, you have the option of using Nino or Camilla for the top axe. Ike deals the final blow to the mage with insult to injury - a charged Moonbow. Feelsgoodman.

And there ya have it, a 4* Camus is now yours!

This works fine
Updated: 2017-06-06

Submitted by vegito77


4* Cordelia
5* Camilla and Eirika
4* Olivia
Works the same as one of the F2P

Narcian the Great Bait
Updated: 2017-06-06

Submitted by Lion123248


Narcian baited the healer by moving on the mountain. Effie then moved to tank an axe cavalier's hit, then Ike killed them. Narcian and Effie made short work of Camus, and Ike killed the other axe cavalier and the red mage. Olivia was there for moral support, dancing, and buffs like hone attack and spur defense.

HP+3 saves Chrom
Updated: 2017-06-05

Submitted by Akithyra


Use Chrom with spur spd 3 from Marth. Robin & Julia to take down Camus

A Green mage, a Red sword, a Blue tank, and a Dancer
Updated: 2017-06-04

Submitted by Faris


I used Effie to Bait the Axe fighter on the left. The Troubadour then heals the axe fighter. Then Camus will move over to Soren and Olivia. What you must then do is move Effie to the left so that you can kill the axe fighter with Marth, then kill Camus with Soren. After that Soren will be injured and weak, so use Olivia's dance on Soren and move him out of the danger zone. When the enemy phase rolls around, a Red Mage and a Troubadour will attack Marth. You must then kill the Red Mage with Marth. Then, use Olivia's dance on Marth (make sure Olivia dances BEHIND Marth. This will keep her out of the danger zone.) Then attack the Troubadour with Marth. Only the Axe Cavalier is left now. The Axe Cavalier will attack Marth and Marth will counterattack and finish him off. This is how I beat Camus's Grand Hero Battle.

F2P 3* Units ONLY
Updated: 2017-06-04

Submitted by Brotel


All units are F2P 3* heroes except Olivia. She will require either +HP IV's or a HP seal equipped.

Video demonstration:

Ryoma's Really Great
Updated: 2017-06-04

Submitted by Spica V.


-Ryoma, Merric, And Maria are 5 stars. I don't think you need to have Maria as a 5 star though.
-Merric should have Poison Strike 2.
-My Subaki had Holy Vestments on it, but it's probably unneeded anyway.
-You also probably don't need Maria. I gave her Rehabilitate. You need a healer with Rehabiliate, like Priscilla.
Turn 1:
1) Move Subaki to the forest tile nearest to the mountains.
2) Move Ryoma next to Subaki, then Merric next to Ryoma.
3) Move Maria behind Merric.

---Nothing happens yet.---

Turn 2:
4) Move Subaki to the mountain tile in front of him.
5) Move Ryoma up one tile.
6) Move Maria behind Ryoma.
7) End your turn.

---Nothing happens yet.---

Turn 3:
8) Move Subaki one up.
9) End your turn.

---The Troubadour has attacked Subaki. Camus has moved in front of it and an axe cavalier has moved behind it.---

Turn 4:
10) Move Subaki backwards 2 spaces.
11) Move Ryoma in front of Merric. Do not attack Camus.
12) Attack Camus with Merric.
13) Heal Merric or Subaki if needed.

---Camus gets healed and attacks Ryoma. Ryoma's taken a lot of damage.---

Turn 5:
14) Heal Ryoma.
15) Attack Camus with Merric.
16) Attack Camus with Ryoma.
17) Swap Subaki and Merric.

---The red cavalier has attacked Maria and the Troubadour has attacked Ryoma. After that, the axe cavaliers use Rally Defense on them.---

Turn 6:
18) Kill the red cavalier with Ryoma.
19) Move Subaki in front of Ryoma and swap them.
20) Move Merric behind Subaki.
21) Heal Subaki if you want.

---The Troubadour attacks Subaki. The axe cavalier diagonal to it attacks Ryoma, and gets killed.

Turn 7:
22) Move Subaki out of his place. For me, I moved him 2 spaces to the right.
23) Heal Ryoma.
24) Attack the Troubadour with Ryoma.
25) End your turn.

---The axe cavalier attacks Ryoma, and Ryoma successfully kills him! You've got Camus now!---

Initiate -> Retreat -> Roll over
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by Rainglaze


Julia/Gmage attacks Camus through forest -> reposition/draw back/double dance to retreat. Lucina rolls over /w ardent+desperation when the enemy gets in to convenient positions. Robin/Bmage kills the mage.

Gmage needs fury so that Lucina can Ardent her. No need to ORKO Camus on initiation.

Difficult, but doable
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by TG15


my team and stats as follows:

Olivia, lvl 20 4* with hone atk 2

Xander, lvl 40 5*, inherited fury 3, quick riposte 2, ignis, and has speed seal to prevent a double attack from the mage

Anna, lvl 40 5*, inherited fury 3 and threaten def 3

Cherche, lvl 37 4*, nothing special.

Use cherche to bait the healer with the other 3 in a right angle formation just under the left choke point (Olivia in center). Pull cherche down 2 spaces, and use your honed Anna to ORKO Camus. Dance Anna below Olivia, and put xander where Anna was. Olivia should survive a round from the healer. Attack with Xander, and move the others to safety. Take out the healer in the next turn, and then carefully kill off the axe users while dancing if necessary. In the last turn, you should have a Xander at 1 HP, and with Olivia's dance, you should be able to kill the mage and get your 4* Camus. This is not easy, but it is very doable.

A Shit Tier Team That Beat Camus
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by vegetavsluigi


Karel was there to take hits for Julia from the Axe Fighters and to kill the healer, Julia was there to kill Camus, Abel was there to kill the Red Tome, and Olivia, despite her only being Level 23+1 and a Bronze Characer, was there to Dance to everybody.

Defense is the best offense
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by riccochet


I used up alot of SI in this team. Ryoma and Michalis took most of the kills in the map, while Sharena took care of buffs and debuffs and Olivia took care of extra turns.

I had Michalis choke the left side of the bush near my area, then during enemy phase, the staff attacked it, leading Ignis charge to 2, then an axe cavalier on the left attacked it, having Michalis activate QR and killed it instantly. Michalis was left to 12 HP, but Camus could only do 6 damage total to him while he dished out 21 on him. On the next player phase, Michalis activated another Ignis on Camus, killing him, then Olivia uses dance on him so he could escape from being killed. Ryoma then took care of the rest of the map.

Dance to Reposition around the enemy!
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by Blayde_Army


The entire team composition here relies on the fact that support skills save you every step of the way. You'll want to use Camilla to immediately land a blow on Camus, then use Ike's Reposition to pull her back out of harm's way. By the time the next step occurs, take Camus out with Camilla, and then move her out of the way. The rest of the match relies on your own movement of Azura's Dance, Ike's Reposition (Especially on Effie, since she has limited movement), and Effie's Smite. After killing Camus, Camilla is no longer needed, unless you want to buff the attack of Effie or Ike, but doing so may end up costing you the battle.

Eat shield and die!
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by Drizzy


Armor folks, pretty self explanatory...

Possible Team?
Updated: 2017-06-03

Submitted by PrinceAsia


Michalis baits the healer left. Minerva goes right and kills Camus. Ike tanks one cav and the red cav mage. Cain kills the last horse. Healer can be killed as desired.

Cavalry Team
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by DershMan


Reinhardt can kill Camus and the red mage with Hone Cavalry buffs from Gunter. Xander is perfect for killing the two axe cavalry units. Priscilla is just here to provide some buffs and to heal the units.

Fairly f2p
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Beorgit


Zephiel was my main damage dealer for this one.
Any green mage with enough defence to live Camus counter once will do. They also need to be able to hit him for at least 40% damage. Equiping Breath of Life is recommended.
Any Dancer and any Rehabilitate healer to round out the team.

For the first turn, position your Green mage below the lower forest, Zephiel to his/her right and your support units directly below them (preferably honing the attack of Zephiel).
In turn two, move all characters up one tile, so that Zephiel is in the danger zone - the green cavaliers will buff Camus and the mage and Camus will proceed to attack Zephiel, proccing his default Reprisal. The healer will also attack Zephiel from behind Camus.
Turn 3: attack Camus from the forest with your green mage. Dance for your mage and finish of Camus. Move Zephiel one tile to the north and OHKO the healer. Rehabilitate Zephiel back into Wary Fighter range, so that the mage won't double you.
On the enemy turn you're going to live the mage's attack, proc your reprisal again, barely live the 2nd hit of one of the green cavaliers and probably kill them on the counter.
Turn 4: if the green cavalier attacking Zephiel died, proceed to take out the Red horse mage, Zephiel should OHKO him. If the green cavalier lived, take him out with your mage first. The remaining green cav won't be able to hit you.

Good luck. Hope this'll work for you guys. My Nino, Olivia and Clarine are 4*, while Zephiel is 5* with Death Blow.

Easy Win
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by DragonSlayer


*Hector tanks the healer and green unit to aggro the enemy.
Sheena or Effie kills Camus and the red unit. Sheena kills the axes. Hector kills the healer. Azura helps reposition and kill with her dancer skill.

Very EZ!

Block and heal
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by rakouma


Position hector to the right of main bush and ryoma in the bush put healer behind hector and Ninian behind that, heal hector's damage twice and let ryoma kill the healer, hector will retaliate kill the spear user and ryoma must be used to OHKO the red tome user. Use Ninian to help hector run away and move Ninian and ryoma upward to take red tome hits

Lure the healer!
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Culdred


Lure the healer at the left side with the flying unit then move everybody to the right. The healer will attack the flying unit and Camus will advance towards your mages. Kill Camus with Nino, kill the Green axe unit with Celica then go at the bottom of the map and lure them.
Olivia and Nino can take out the other Green axe unit.
Pay attention to the red mage, stay out of his range and when he's close enough kill him with Celica.
At the end you can kill the healer.

4* Team that works
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by SincatAstolfo


I can't take credit for this team, but it worked the first time I used it, compared to other I used. There were slight variations in the enemy movement and attacks, but it didn't make any real difference.

This is the video I stumbled upon that really helped me:

Red Dragon Rules
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Duran


The core of this team is Tiki and Nino.
Nino is used to trigger Camus (I think any fast green mage should be fine). Then Tiki with Reposition pulled Nino back from the threats. And I placed Reinheardt in the right, waiting for Camus.

The next turn, Reinheardt checked Camus and retreated with the help from Ninian, while Tiki baited all other threats. The red mage would be busy buffing the axe cavalier so I set Reinheardt stand-by.

Tiki will handle the axes effortlessly, then Reinheardt can zap the red mage.
After that, corner the healer to make him unable to attack and blow up with Tiki.

All Max 5 Star - No Inherited Skills or Seals
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by seshori


This will take a few moves to set up, but what you want to do is get Camilla all the way to the left where she will be targeted by only the healer. I had Hinoka right under her so she can get the Hone Flier buff. Have Azura to the right of Hinoka and Lucina should be one to the right and down from Azura. They should both be just out of reach from Camus and the Axe Cavalier.
The healer will attack Camilla and after every enemy moves, Camus should be one space away from Lucina's front. Take Camilla and KO Camus. Have Lucina attack the healer, then have Azura sing so Lucina can finish off the healer. Grab Hinoka and have her go up one spot.
One of the Axe Cavaliers will attack Lucina and regret it. And when it's back on Player Turn, take Lucina straight up to deal with the other Axe user, Axer if you will. Hinoka won't be able to make it all the way to the Red Cavalier, so have Azura sing to her so she can initiate combat and kill him.
And done!

Video Guide:

It's Hector!
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by randante


SETUP: Linde-Hector-Eirika-Nino

Eirika move in front of Hector w. Rally Defense.
Hector Pivot in front of Eirika.
Linde next to Hector and Nino next to Eirika.
(this way Hector will kill the healer and 1 axe user)

Rally Defense Hector.
Kill Camus w. Nino.
Kill Red Mage w. Linde.
Rally Defense Hector and Pivot him in front of Linde.

Kill the last axe user.

F2P 3*
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by graciegra


This worked for me
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by JimmyDehesus


In this team, Chrom has Fury 3, Nino is 4 star, Lucina has Aether for her special, and Ninian has Wings of Mercy 2 along with Fortify Def 2. Your first move should be moving Chrom to the right of the map, one space below the attack ranges of Camus, the Troubador and the Axe Cavalier, then put Ninian on the space below him, Nino on the space left of him, and Lucina on the space Left of Nino. That should end your turn. Next turn Chrom will get the Def buff from Ninian, move him to the attack range of the three horseman, then move Nino to the space below Chrom and Lucina to the space left of Nino. Ninian should not move on this turn. The next turn Chrom will get attacked by the Troubador and the Axe Cavalier, with the buff from Fortify Def, this leaves him with 1 HP after Fury damage. Camus will move to the left bridge of the map. On your turn attack Camus with Nino. Camus will put Nino in Wings of Mercy range, use Ninian to sing for Camus and then attack Camus again with Nino for the kill. Move Chrom back two spaces and have Lucina kill the first Axe Cavalier. Next the Red Mage and the Troubador should attack Lucina and then put her into Wings of Mercy range. Your turn. First attack the Red Mage to gain access to Aether, teleport Ninian to Lucina and sing for her, then with Aether activated, use that to kill the Troubador while gaining back HP. End your turn here, and on the enemy phase the second Axe Cavalier will attack Lucina and Lucina will end up killing the second Axe Cavalier. Congrats, you now have a 4 star Camus

Battle Eirika
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Callen


My Eirika is absolutely Neutral, with just a little Glimmer from SI.
First, Chrom goes to the right and tanks the Green axe user. Position Nino just behind him.
Next turn, camus comes to the right. You can kill him with Nino with Eirika m's buffs, then use Sing to reposition Nino and then move Chrom out of harm's way.
Finally Eirika advances and has no difficulty killing all remaining threats (focus first on the mage) with Azura's help.

Simple strategy (F2P)
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by zigs


These heroes arent necessarily required, but this is what I used. You need a fast green mage who wont get doubled by camus, two swords and a dancer. First hit camus with the green mage, and use the dancer to get him out of danger and use support skills to get all your heroes out of the way. Next turn kill camus with your green mage, and then the two sword should take out the axes for free, as long as you can hit the red mage before it hits you, which you can do with a simple bait and counter kinda thing. Pretty much once you kill camus, the map is free for good sword units

In the fields of bodies burning....
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by That_Marth_Main


Starting Positions (From Left to right): Abel, Hector, Eirika, Tharja
Turn 1: Eirika buffs Hector and Tharja, Eirika moves to space above Hector and uses Rally Defense , Hector Pivots over Eirika, Abel moves to Hector's Left with Spur Def, Tharja moves to Eirika's Right. End Turn.
Hector kills Troubadour, and one of the Axe Cavalier 1, while also dropping Camus' HP to a little under half-way.
Turn 2: Tharja moves to Hector's right and finishes off Camus. Abel moves in to kill red cavalier. Eirika buff Hector with Rally Defense. Hector pivots over Abel. Axe Cavalier 2 attacks hector during the enemy phase.
Turn 3: Abel uses Drag Back on Tharja, Eirika buffs Tharja with Rally Defense, Tharja kills Axe Cavalier 2 and the map is cleared.

Attack from the right corner
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Kyrone


For this set up, begin by moving and set up all the unit in a sideway T-tetris block (-|) to the right corner of the map. With Minerva on top, Ike and Olivia on the second row, and Julia or whatever unit you want on the bottom. After 1 turn, which Olivia atk and def seal up took effect on both Ike and Minerva, move the whole formation 1 space upward. which should get Minerva and Ike to be within one space of the danger zone. This will cause Camus to attack Ike, which he should survive, and Minerva attacked by only the healer. Next turn, kill Camus with minerva and use Ike to kill the healer and subsequently the red mage or what ever unit is near with Olivia's dance. Julia or unit with pull back can be use to drag Minerva back. Afterward, just use Ike to clear the remaining green axe unit and any action appropriate.

Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Zambedos


The members of this team are flexible, but Ike will make it a walk in the park.
The gist of this strategy is to kill Camus on the first turn and returning that unit to safety behind a bulky red unit who can tank the axe users, while keeping the red mage out of play until the end. Ike was chosen because his Distant counter and (inherited) Quick Riposte (axe breaker can be a substitute) speeds up killing the axe users and the healer, as well as having built in sustain. If you don’t have him ensure that your other units can help end the fight quicker and/or heal your red.
I did this first using the team I listed, then without using Cordelia at all (you still have to bring 4), and finally with just Ike and Soren. All you need to kill Camus is a green mage with Lancebreaker and 45 attack. That’s very easy. Alternatively you can use a blue mage with 54 attack, drop lancebreaker if you have 42 speed, or use dire thunder to get the second hit (if you can get them to 54). That last option takes some work, but if you’ve already invested in Horse Emblem you can do it and avoid Camus’ distance hit altogether. Finally using Moonbow, Reprisal, or a killer weapon can lower the attack needed to kill him, but make sure you get two hits.
From here if you have Ike with swap and Quick Riposte you can just swap Soren out of danger (I hit camus from the tile between the two trees) and tank/counter kill everything that’s left on the field. But originally, and if you have different units, I would dance Soren to help him retreat and then use an assist skill (swap/reposition/draw back) to get him totally safe while then baiting an axe user (and the healer) with my red unit. This axe user should die if you have the right B skills, and if you have distance counter and Quick Riposte you will get rid of the healer’s miracle as well. On your second turn just back up if you want to avoid the red mage’s hit, and you should be able to kill then second axe user and the healer by the end of the enemies second turn. Worst case scenario you haven’t dealt with miracle yet and you finish him off at the start of your third turn. Then you can bait the red mage with Ike, TA Cordelia, your blue mage if you brought one, really whoever. But if you want Cordelia and Olivia to have a purpose you can use them to blitz and dispatch him before he's even got the chance to attack anyone.

Dual blades
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by ModoTheGreat


Marth using Draw Back, Ike using Swap (or the other way around)

T1 Ike swaps Nino next to the tree, Nino moves on top of it with Olivia ending behind her. Turn two, Nino can kill Camus, Marth uses two moves (Dance) to draw her back into the woods. Ike can advance and counter kill(?) the healer and one axe unit. Turn three is mop-up.

Not-so-great team, but I got 4-stars Camus
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by bipuds


Reinhardt with Reposition
Priscilla with Def+3, Hone Atk 3, Rehabilitate
Hector with Vantage 3

I used hector to bait the right axe. And followed by priscilla with hone atk 3, below him. Once you got the enemy's team move, use priscilla to heal hector with rehabilitate and to bait the axe. Then camus will attack your hector (and obviously died). Keep reinhardt far from the axe, and let him attacked by the trobadour. Use tiki to kill the axe, and use reinhardt to repositioning hector, so he wont die from the red tome.
Then retreat to the left, and wait until they come to you. Kill red tome with reinhardt, axe with tiki, and the troubadour (that have used Miracle --> you can attack her using priscilla first to deactivate miracle) with hector.

Danger Area was very useful back then.

Horsemen fastbreak
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Venom


Basically I use a "Cavalier Emblem" Team + a dancer. Elise has Hone Cavalry for the C slot, so she is mainly providing the buff for my Reinhardt and Xander, which are the two nukes. Both Reinhardt and Xender have Reposition for the support skill. Reinhardt kills Camus first, then use Azura repositioning him back. Next turn, Reinhardt takes out the Healer as well, and wait for the rest foes approaching. Reinhardt finishes the red mage, and Xender uses reposition to pull him back, then just watch the two axe guys taking suicede with my Xender.

Stalwart Offense
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Zeorymer


1. Spring Camilla is used in increasing the ATK of my main attackers, Nowi and Zephiel. Kills Camus once the Sable Knight has been taken down to low health.
2. Nowi is used to deal with the healer, red mage, and tanking Camus' attacks.
3. Zephiel is used to deal with the green ax riders and tanking Camus' attacks.
4. Priscilla's role is to keep the team healthy with Rehabilitate and Spur buffs.

I Have Good Units
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by tails512


Hector tanks the healer and green unit to aggro the enemy. Reinhardt kills Camus and the red unit. Celica kills the axes. Hector kills the healer. Azura helps reposition. Pretty thoughtless if you have these units.

My team
Updated: 2017-06-02

Submitted by Xios Angelis


Basically, you want a green mage with good mobility, maybe given lancebreaker. I used Cecilia. Use what you will. A Red for dealing with the Axe guys. I used marth. A blue physical unit for the Red Tome. I used cordelia, bane of all things red. I use a healer in the fourth slot. Have someone with reposition to get the green mage out of dodge just in case, and have the green mage attack from the tile between the forests in front of camus.