Grand Hero Battle - Berkut

Grand Hero Battle - Berkut
Map/Enemy Details
Berkut Map
69 52 25 34 27
Weapon Berkut's Lance+ A Water Boost 3
Support B Vantage 3
Special Blazing Flame C Ward Cavalry

52 45 35 22 31
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Warding Blow 3
Support B Seal Spd 3
Special C Threaten Res 3

46 49 28 19 38
Weapon Rauðrwolf+ A Distant Def 3
Support B Axebreaker 3
Special C Fortify Cavalry

57 54 32 23 28
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Life and Death 3
Support B Desperation 3
Special Moonbow C Breath of Life 3

55 50 25 27 26
Weapon Firesweep Bow+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Support B Seal Spd 3
Special C Fortify Cavalry

57 53 27 28 33
Weapon Silver Lance+ A Grani's Shield
Support B Renewal 3
Special C Goad Cavalry
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
The tale of a Girl, Two Dancers, and Eliwood
Updated: 2017-07-26

Submitted by Kaihaku


Inferno Difficulty.
Eliwood (1) on the north baits the mounted red mage - mine was able to tank his attack on the defensive tile and then kill. That was Eliwood's only role this time.

Azura (2) moves south out of range. Nino (3) nukes the 57 HP cavalry before being danced to safety by Olivia (4).

The remainder of the battle was Nino nuking everything else - starting with the cavalry archer and Berkut - while the dancers buffed up her blade tome, gave her additional actions, and moved her from danger. The green mage was the only unit my Nino couldn't ORKO but my Ruby Sword Olivia walled it until Nino finished with the other units.

No Cavalry
Updated: 2017-07-25

Submitted by KaylaWolf87


Have Ike at the very top of the map. Robin in the middle. Olivia at the bottom on the left and Bunny Lucina at the bottom on the right. Move Ike 2 spaces left and Robin 2 spaces down. Leave Lucina and Olivia where they are. Ike will take aggro and kill the red mage and dmg to the green axe. Rest will move down toward Olivia and Lucina. Finish of the Axe with Ike, kill the bow mount with Robin. And kill the green tome with Olivia. Move Lucina in front of Olivia to block Berkut from attacking her. He will attack Lucina but she will live. Attack Berkut with Lucina, use dance on Lucina and finish Berkut. All units are 5 stars.

Ride him down
Updated: 2017-07-24

Submitted by akaean


Azura- Wings of Mercy
Camus- Fury, Moonbow, Goad Cavalry
Eldigan- Fury, Ward Cavalry
Titania- Moonbow, Hone Cavalry

Please note that Camus does not use Distant Counter in this build, and thus these three riders likely can be replaced (such as with Eliwood, Peri, and Gunter or Frederick. Azura is only to Dance and draw the axe Cavalier north. She never attacks or takes a hit.

Azura deploys north, Camus deploys east, Titania and Eldigan deploy south.

On turn one,
Titania moves to the fortress tile, Eldigan moves to the spot below the woods, so that Titania is in range of Ward Cavalry. Camus moves 2 spaces south so that he will pick up the Hone next turn. Azura stays put.

Axe Cavalier chases Azura out of position north. Titania gets bruised by the Firesweep and tanks Berkut, and the enemy Lance Cav hits Camus.

Turn 2.
Honed Camus advances and KOs the red mage. Eldigan finishes off the severely wounded Lance Cavalry. Titania KOs Berkut. (NOTE: If you are doing it with this team, Titania should strike last, as the Lance Cavalry with Goad needs to be taken care of for her to score the double and KO Berkut. She also needs moon bow to finish the job) Azura teleports into the square Berkut occupied via Wings of Mercy and reactivates Camus. Camus moves out of range of the Green Mage and ORKOs the Firesweep Archer with Moonbow.

Afterthat, its just a matter of Eldigan cleaning up the Green Mage and Axe Cavalier.

QuadDelia Fatality
Updated: 2017-07-24

Submitted by robin.emblem92


This team focuses on Bridal Cordelia finishing everyone off except for the green mage who uses the raven tome.

Bottom: Bridelia and Azura
Mid: Olivia
Top: Xander (Berkut moves to engage him instead of the units at the bottom)

*Azura must have enough HP to tank a green mage attack, while equipped with Sapphire Lance+.
*Xander needs Quickened pulse to help finish off Berkut by using Bonfire.
*Olivia is 4* with Ruby Sword, to help damage the green mage before Bridelia finishes her off.

Turn 1
Bridelia finishes off the lance cavalier. Azura dances her off to safety. Move Olivia downwards, away from Berkut's range. Xander from the top moves to the right, one tile away from Berkut's range. Berkut will move in the middle of Olivia and Xander.

Bow knight and red mage rider moves to the top of the bottom team, while green mage and axe rider approach from the bottom left.

Turn 2: Bridelia attacks the bow knight. Azura dances while in the range of green mage ONLY. Bridelia attacks the red mage. Olivia dances while stepping in the bottom right defensive tile.
Bridelia attacks Berkut, and Xander finishes him off by activating Bonfire, since his damage is lacking.

Turn 3: Olivia attacks the green mage, and Cordelia finishes him off. Azura hides behind Olivia, from the axe rider. Olivia will survive the axe, even when doubled and with moonbow.

Turn 4: It's done.

Notes: Desperation for Bride Cordelia is kinda useless, since she dies from one hit on the green mage (mine is -res), and she can't double the green mage anyway.

ezpz w/ 4 star units
Updated: 2017-07-24

Submitted by accidentalgreed


As we approach the final day of this GHB some of us can be a little desperate despite having OP units on-hand. I was one of them until I stumbled upon Amaterasu's team (above me) and emulated the YouTube video he/she posted:

Due to lacking a level 40 4 star Legion but having Summer Tiki as my axe infantry unit, I used her instead. Almost any player, FTP or otherwise, should have access to all four units. If any of your units are SI'd or 5*'ed, even better!

4/5* for Infernal (replacements possible)
Updated: 2017-07-22

Submitted by Reyals


All max level
Masked Marth 5* - Luna (don't think it's needed though), can be replaced by any sword unit who 2-shots the red cav on a def tile i.e. most of them)
Olivia 4* - no SI
Bridal Cordelia - Brave Bow+, Luna (should be able to replace with a 5* Nino or basically anything that can 2-shot Berkut and kill the bow cav, needs to have over 17 def minimum)
Legion - No SI (replaced with 4* anna or anything that can 2-shot the lance cav)


Essentially follow what happens in the video, the main key point here is that the green mage needs to be baited up because it will delay him for one turn whilst he gets in range to attack.

100% Infernal Bait
Updated: 2017-07-22

Submitted by Earthes


Life Death B. Cord. (phantom speed for lulz)
Escape Fury Ryoma (quicken pulse)
Vantage Hector (pivot or riot) (+Hp bias seal)
Fury Azura (extra Res seal because why not)

Starting Location (top to bottom)
Hector, Ryoma, B.Cord, Ninian
Phase 1
Use B.Cord to instant delete the extra horsemen, dance her away from danger zone. move hector right and ryoma upwards to avoid getting chased. AI will make Berkut, bow, axe to Azura/ B.Cord, Red mage top and green mage middle.

Phase 2
B.Cord deletes bow, dance her behind azura to right corner direction. pivot hector downwards, move to bait red mage. Axe chases azura /B.cord, Red mage commits suicide on ryoma, green mage moves forward.

Phase 3
B.Cordelia attacks axe user, Ryoma escape route kicks in, move in to kill axe user, dance B. cord to delete green mage or use hector bait to allow green mage to commit suicide.

Lunatic with Common Heroes
Updated: 2017-07-21

Submitted by simon.tang


Katarina (5*) and Genny (4* with Rehabilitate and Breath of Life) are selected for this team because Genny has high resistance and Katarina for the high DPS, can survive three hits from the mages, and can perform counterattacks against them (I don't have any melee heroes that can counterattack from afar). These two heroes would be placed on the bottom. Nowi (5* with Escutcheon) and Azama (4* with Rehabilitate and Breath of Life) for their high defense (I didn't have a green melee physical tank). Nowi has good DPS but her Lightning Strike will not contribute to any damage on the archer during the opponent's turn.

May take some attempts before clearing with this team.

The green (axe) cavalry will go after Genny via center but should be taken out just before reaching her.

Nailed it
Updated: 2017-07-21

Submitted by Gummybear-chan


Sharena the buff supporter, Tharja the magic nuke, Klein the sniper, and Nowi the tank.

Anyone Can Do Infernal, Easy 4 Star Guide Berkut Edition
Updated: 2017-07-20

Submitted by Amaterasu


All you need is them 4 star & 1 atk+ seal

Nino tank?? (inferno)
Updated: 2017-07-20

Submitted by Fish_Beans


Nino: +spd/-def with fury, moonbow, and +3hp sacred seal
Reinhardt has Luna and pivot
Azura has hone atk 3

Start with nino and azura on bottom of the map, and Reinhardt on the very top.
Nino kills the lance cavalier and azura dances her to have nino drag her to the right. Reinhardt stays where he is and Xander moves out of danger. Then nino drags azura forward and gets danced to kill bow cavalier. Xander moves 2 spaces down and Reinhardt pivots to safety. Nino tanks a hit from berkut and should survive with 1 hp. After that it's pretty ez

Camus and Nino saving the day
Updated: 2017-07-20

Submitted by peachibeom


After like 100 tries (not really) this team finally did it for me.
gradivus, rising thunder, fury 3, vantage 3, threaten spd
wings of mercy ****
brave axe+, reposition and wings of mercy ****
and Nino with death blow.
Wings of mercy is the most important thing.

Have Azura on top with Frederick to the east, Camus on bottom to the right and Nino to his left. Let Camus take a hit from the lance cavalier and move Nino to the opposite side of him. Put Frederick on the defense tile and have Azura dance for him directly above then move Frederick again to her left.
The bow knight should move down to the left so move Camus up to the defense tile and have Frederick teleport to his right side, following Azura to dance for Frederick and reposition her behind him and have Nino drag her away. Now from here lol I basically just ran away and used wings of mercy to far left of the map and had Frederick take out the green mage and Camus will end up taking out Berkut and the Red mage cavalier (?). Works whats best for you. Lol this probs isnt helpful

Infernal Clear Complete Step By Step Guide
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by Sushimada


Numbers indicate position on the map each unit should occupy. Units listed are simply the exact ones I happened to have, and all their features may or may not be necessary. All units are assumed to be level 40 unless otherwise stated. Important skills are indicated by a *.

1. Olivia (4*, +HP, -DEF) - Silver Sword, Dance*, Hone Attack 3*
[Notes: IVs are not important, F2P.]

2. Frederick (5*, +ATK, -RES) - Brave Axe*, HP 1, Drag Back*, Fortify Defense 3, Luna* (Bonfire may work as well), Reposition*, Hone Resistance Seal
[Notes: Have enough to damage to 2 round KO Berkut. Easy to get unit.]

3. Camus (5*) - Gradivus*, Fury 3*, Vantage 3, Goad Cavalry 3, Growing Thunder, Reposition*, Spur Defense Seal

4. Summer Tiki (5* +SPD, -ATK) - Melon Crusher+*, Close Defense 3*, Axe Valor 3, Sol
[Notes: Tiki must be able to one round KO the lance cavalier on the first turn. With melon crusher, this is possible with a neutral speed Tiki as she will still be able to double. However, a speed bane Tiki will not be able to accomplish this unless she has Quick Riposte. The boon should not matter. Replacements may include any physically tanky axe units with similar stats.]

Turn 1: Move Frederick to the defensive tile on the top right. Move Olivia into the forest and dance for Frederick. Have Frederick park at Olivia's direct left. Leave Camus and Tiki where they are.
(Enemy Phase: The lance cavalier should commit suicide on Tiki. Every other unit should move up toward Frederick and Olivia.)

Turn 2: Attack Berkut with Frederick, using Drag Back so that you end up on the defensive tile. Move Olivia down under Frederick and dance for him. Finish off Berkut with Frederick. Move Camus right 1 and up 2 spaces. Move Tiki directly below him.
(Enemy Phase: The bow cavalier should move up and right 1 space and attack Olivia, which she should be able to tank. The other units should approach closer.)

Turn 3: Move Frederick down 2 spaces and use Reposition on Olivia. Dance for Frederick. Move Frederick to the defensive tile at the bottom right. With Camus, move under Olivia and use Reposition. Move Tiki right one space.
(Enemy Phase: The bow cavalier should attack Camus. The red mage cavalier should move down, and the axe cavalier should move to the upper right next to the forest and under the defensive tile. The green mage should be lagging behind.)

Turn 4: Move Camus under the red mage cavalier and kill him. With Frederick, attack the bow cavalier, dragging him down. Finish off the bow cavalier with Tiki. Dance for Tiki, and move her up and right to block the axe cavalier's path.
(Enemy Phase: The axe cavalier should attack Tiki. The green mage should move closer.)

Turn 5: Finish off the axe cavalier with Frederick (or Tiki if you can). At this point, only the green mage should be left. This should be an easy kill: just position your units appropriately and ambush him with all your characters if necessary, though Frederick with a Goad Cavalry from Camus should be enough for the job.

As usual, I don't guarantee success because the AI may behave differently based on small changes. Good luck!

3/4* almost no SI / Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by Night


So I found another Youtube video

Definitely worked out for me. Only difficulty was that my Palla had less defense than Olivia, so I had to inherit a Stahls def +3 in order for it to work. Then it worked wonders.

Olivia (free)
Palla (easy one to get)
Narcian (free)
Nino (easy one to get)

All of them four stars (except Olivia, she can be 3 stars).

Nino's Poaching Season
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by SpanS


Olivia on the north must have Wing of Mercy.
Roderick have Savage Blow 3.

F2P units with good build
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by ShoutFox


Anna 5* with optimal build ( but Fury 3 and Draconic Aura is enough )
Sharena 5* with optimal build ( Fury 3 and Ral Atk is enough )
Ursula 4* with her own build so no inheritance
Olivia 4* with her own build so no inheritance

Place Olivia in 1
Place Ursula in 2
Place Sharena in 3
Place Anna in 4

1st Turn -
Don't move Anna she will bait a blue cavalry, with Sharena rally Atk Anna.
Place Olivia in the forest on her right, and place Ursula in the defense zone below Olivia.

2nd Turn - Kill the red mage with Sharena and place Anna in the defense zone on Sharena's right.
Attack Berkut with Ursula and then place Olivia below Ursula and dance.
With Ursula, kill Berkut.

3rd Turn -
With Anna kill the green mage with Draconic Aura.
With Ursula attack the firesweep bow, with Olivia go on Ursula's left and dance for her.
with Ursula kill the firesweep bow.

4th Turn -
With Ursula kill the last cavalry unit.

Well played you cleared the map with a f2p team !

Xander & Cecilia MVP (Infernal Cavalry Havoc)
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by riccochet




A: Grani's Shield (Recommended, Gamechanger)
B: Quick Riposte 2/3
C: Hone Cavalry
Assist: Swap
Special: Ignis
+HP Seal


A: Triangle Adept 3
B: Any (Mine was Escape Route 3)
C: Fortify Cavalry
Weapon: Gronnraven+ (Gronnblade/+ works too)
Assist: Reciprocal Aid (Any is good)
Special: Draconic Aura
Breath of Life Seal

A: Fury 3
B: Vantage 3
C: Goad Cavalry
Special: Moonbow
Assist: Reposition

A: None (Still waiting for Death Blow)
B: Wings of Mercy 2 (My Frederick is 4*)
C: Hone Cavalry
Weapon: Brave Axe+
Special: Bonfire
Assist: Reposition

Xander and Cecilia on the bottom, Camus in the middle, Frederick at the very top.

Turn 1:

Kill Infernal exclusive lance cavalry with Cecilia (Cecilia is on defense tile), then Xander swaps from the bottom of Cecilia. Xander stays on defensive tile. Move Camus down to where the two are and Frederick on the defensive tile.

On enemy phase, red mage attacks Xander for neutral 20 damage and sends back 32 damage (16 each hit with QR); that will put his CD charge to 1. Firesweeper attacks him for no damage, then green mage dies to Xander's Ignis charged attack. Frederick lures Berkut. Axe cavalier moves near Xander.

Turn 2:

Kill weakened red mage with Xander and Firesweeper with Cecilia. Move Camus to meet with the cavalry at the bottom.

On enemy phase, Axe cavalier attacks Xander for only 12 damage, while Xander deals 28. Frederick tanks Berkut.

Turn 3:

Frederick teleports to weakened Xander.

On enemy phase, Berkut moves to player's area.

Turn 4:

Cecilia kills Berkut. Game over. 4* and 2k Feathers. :)

Took me time to think of this strategy hehe.

This barely worked (Infernal. F2P)
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by Smefanye


*Note that unless your Klein is +speed you're going to need either G!Tomebreaker or Spur Spd 2/3 on S!Tiki, and if your S!Tiki is -def or -hp she's going to need either sacred seal hp+3 or rally defense from Klein, and Titania needs the +1 atk sacred seal*

At setup put Tiki to the right, Klein above, Titania to the bottom right and Olivia the bottom left. At turn 1, move Tiki up one space, move Klein to the defensive space above her (use rally defense on Tiki if you need to), and move Olivia to Titania's right.

Berkut and the archer will go for Tiki and the bottom lancer should suicide into Titania; have Klein quad and kill the archer (if he cannot quad put spur spd on Tiki and put him next to her to hopefully push him into quad range), move Titania to one space above the very bottom right corner, have Olivia dance for her and have Titania move up and kill Berkut. (The round should end with everyone out of attack range)

Now's the tricky bit, Klein needs to kill the gronnraven mage, if spur spd isn't enough you'll need G!Tomebreaker to quad and kill. Have Olivia WoM afterwards above Klein and dance him out of danger, and move Titania above Tiki. Everyone should be out of danger. Move Tiki down and attack the red mage, then have Olivia WoM dance her to attack again. This should break axebreaker and let Titania swoop in and finish him off. Move Klein out of range of the green cavalier.

Have Klein attack the cavalier, Olivia dances for him, and Titania finish him off if necessary.

Infernal team Summer tiki Mvp
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by prizeofspades


Gray +1 IV +atk -hp
skills Fury 3 vantage 2 hone atk 1 and hp3 seal with zanbato 1+ and draconic aura
Mathilda is pure neutral and the skills dont matter
Ninian is pure neutral and whole goal is to dance tiki
Summer tiki IVs +atk - res with a spd seal and close def 2 or more as well as QR2 with melon crusher and draconic aura.
if you want to see this team at work here you go

Infernal Squad (Walkthrough)
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by GiantDwarf


Tharja needs to be running +atk seal or have +atk nature.

Olivia 4* or better with WoM.

Julia with Lancebreaker and Dragon Fang

Klein with Bowbreaker (other typical brave bow+ users will work in his place) and draw back

Turn 1: Tharja up top, Klein in the middle, Julia and Olivia at the bottom. Julia kills lance cav and gets danced down and to the right. Klein moves down out of harm's way. Tharja stays put.

Turn 2: Julia kills Berkut and gets danced to the bottom right. Klein kills the archer cav. Tharja moves down and to the left to bait red mage cav.

Turn 3: Oliva WoM's in to finish the red mage cav. Julia moves up towards Klein and Klein drags her back. Julia should now be on the edge of the green mate's attack range. Everyone else should be safe and all characters out of the range of the axe cav.

Turn 4: Julia will survive attack by green mage cav and have her special loaded. Tharja nukes the green axe cav. Olivia WoM's in to whack the green mage. Julia finishes with her special.

Ryoma MVP- Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-19

Submitted by gerry908


Ryoma (-def + res) - any red that can bait and kill red mage and axe
important skills: sol, fury and health seal I survived with one health.

Olivia: mine was four star needs 31 spd or more
skills:hone atk, fortify res seal

Cecilia: +atk -hp
skills: +3 atk and gronnblade+, lancebreaker 1, moonbow,

Reinhardt: anything but -atk
skills:deathblow 3, bow break3, moonbow, reposition

Setup ryoma top, rein middle, olivia bottom left cecilia bottom right.

1. cecilia kills lance dance into safety with olivia.
rein move to second square from bottom.
ryoma move third square from left..

2. rein kills bow horse from defensive tile.
cecilia moves all the way to right.
olivia stays ryoma moves one right.

3. kill berkut with rein and cecilia.
rein fourth tile from the top and all the way right.
cecilia third tile from the bottom and all the way right.
Move olivia two to the right to get rid of seal spd from mage.
Move ryoma down one.

3. reposition ryoma with rein move down.
Dance ryoma atk green mage.
Kill green mage with cecilia.

The Cordelia Twins (Infernal) + Video
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Lafargo

You can switch Bridelia for another brave bow archer encase you don't have her and you should be able to use any axe unit so long as they have wings of mercy
Cordelia needs to run galeforce and have quickend pulse sacred seal

Infernal Team I Used - All Luck!
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Arrowstache


All luck, really. (I can't even beat this map again.) Basically Lancebreaker Sonya and Azura are on the bottom and Delthea and Eirika on the top.

Horse Emblem + Azura (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by seshori



Basically, use Frederick as bait for Berkut and have Xander buff him. Then use Camus and Azura to rescue Frederick when he's low on health.
Azura and Camus took some hits, but they can handle it. Xander and Frederick did all the fighting.
Seals helped a lot.

Unorthodox Skill Comp (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Sieglindefried


This team works splendidly while using some unorthodox skill compositions.
The Ryoma I used successfully was +hp -def; I tried with a +speed -res but for his job Ryoma needs res, so if you have a -res Ryoma try using the HP seals or use a res booster on Tiki/your axe of choice.
Ryoma's skills were Defiant Attack, Hone Speed, and Night Sky - entirely vanilla with only Squad Ace A 1 seal to ensure he can tank. Night Sky is important to use over Astra, although any skill with 4 or less cooldown should work.
Azura's IVs are relatively unimportant as the most vital aspect of her has to do with her B skill. She has speed +3 and Escape Route 2, in addition to her base weapon and Sing. No sacred seal or special needed, but Escape Route is mandatory.

I used Tiki but any fast strong/quick riposte axe user should do the job. She was +speed -res but for her job she should be fine with anything that isn't -attack. Her skills are 100% vanilla with no Skill Inheritence or sacred seal needed.

Last is Reinhardt. Any decent Reinhardt set should do, Ursula also works here so long as she has the same B slot as this Reinhardt which is also vital. I used a +attack -hp Reinhardt with death blow 2, Wings of Mercy, and Fortify cavs (useless here, this spot can be used for anything) as well as Moonbow. The sacred seals aren't necessary but Quickened Pulse works basically the same with this team strategy.

To start you need to have Tiki and Ryoma on the bottom while Azura sits on the uppermost position and Reinhardt stares Berkut face to face. Make sure your axe user is in range of the not-Berkut lance cav, don't move Ryoma or Tiki from their starting positions. Reinhardt moves up near the defense tile and azura, have her dance him to the single space safe from energy range right beside Azura.
Tiki dispatches the Lance while Berkut and the archer move in close to Azura and Reinhardt. The axe cav is not a threat right now.
Move Ryoma to the green mage and kill, there is going to be a red mage on the defense tile near him and move Tiki into the safe zone away from the red mage, inching toward Berkut's direction. Have Reinhardt move behind azura and the tree to hit the Firesweep archer. Dance with Azura and make sure Reinhardt is behind the tree to ensure Berkut has to engage Azura. Reinhardt kills.

Azura tanks a hit from Berkut but is wounded. She can now Escape Route to safety by Tiki, to the right of her. With her safe move Reinhardt with Wings of Mercy to Azura and out of Berkut's range. Ryoma should have tanked the red mage and killed thanks to Night Sky.
As Berkut moves down have Tiki kill him with ease, then leave her in range of the axe cav. she will survive and deal heavy retaliation damage, have Reinhardt move up and finish the axe cav off.

No need for Cavalry
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by legios


Have Hector and Ryoma aggro at the bottom section of the screen. Hector on the right and Ryoma on the left. Hector should have an easy time dealing with the two lance users due to his insane bulk. Have a red unit that can tank magical attacks and retaliate to get rid of the tome users and ensure Hector's safety. In my case Ryoma tanked the red tome cavalry and kill the green tome user via vantage. Place Nino and a dancer/singer unit at the top right corners. The bow knight and the axe cavalry will try to get to them. Have Nino kill the bow knight with dance/sing supp and make sure she's out of the danger zone for the next turn. By now thing became self explanatory since enemy units should be very low or can be one shot.

Got no green F2P
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Amaterasu


Camus neutral (fury, hone, SEAL hp, glowing thunder)
Xander neutral (fury, hone, bonfire)
Reinhardt (any) (fury, goad, quickening pulse, moonbow)
Olwen (any) (blarblade, fury, hone)

The idea is get Camus in the bottom right tile with Xander bottom corner and Olwen right on top.... Reinhardt on top right corner defense area. from there Camus will bait and 3 enemies will be low and take it from there.... wow was hard to come up with that simple solution...
You'll want to do this with camus in the right lower defense tile when he is boosted by a hone. He can me boosted by a goad instead if and only if he is merged to have a increased speed point to double.

No Pain, No Gain
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by MeteorRanger


Be prepared for many close calls.

*28 Res +/- on Azura. WoM 2 would be enough.
* Goad Cavalry and QR on Camus

This is how it's done:
Start by putting Titania on the defensive tile on the right. (2, -2) Next, you should move Camus down and to her righ (2, -3), then Azura below Titania separated by the tree. (2, -4). Finally, Xander goes to the defensive tile on the top right where no enemy should attack him. (3, 3)

Titania MUST be attacked by both Berkut and the Archer, and Camus should be attacked by the Blue Cavalier below Berkut. Now it's time to counter attack.

Titania should be able to finish Berkut thanks to Goad Cav buff or similar. Then, move Xander down and attack the Blue Cavalier that Camus already brought down with QR. Finally, attack the archer with Camus. Now here's the thing...

Azura, using WoM should move besides Camus and attack the Red Cav, and kill it.

Now on the enemy face, the green mage will attack Azura. She MUST have 28 Res (and enough speed to not get doubled) as mentioned previously and survive with 1 hp remaining (Yes, even with her personal Lance, she won't die)

Now, Camus should bring him down to low hp with Sing; use Azura to give Camus another attack, and move her one tile up for Titania, where she should be able to attack and kill the mage with no problem.
Then finally, move Xander in order to block the incoming Green Axe Cav to finish the map.

Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Nyrre


Important Skill Inheritance
Camus - Reposition, Fury 2, Vantage 3, Draconic Aura
Azura - Wings of Mercy 3
Nino - Fury 3, Draw Back (reposition should work), Moonbow
Hector - Pivot, Bonfire. Use G Tomebreaker if you want to make things faster, but it's not needed.

Start with Hector and Camus on the bottom and Nino and Azura on top. Move Azura into the defense tile, keep Hector in front of the lance cavalier, and put Camus behind Hector. The lance cavalier should die, the red and green mages will go down and the rest will go up. Have Hector pivot past Camus, then move Camus behind the tree to bait the red mage. Use Nino and Azura to kill the archer while moving Nino downwards away from Berkut and the axe cavalier. The red mage should die, then the green mage should chase after Camus and Hector. Berkut attacks Azura. Use Nino to kill Berkut, then have Azura Wings of Mercy teleport onto the tree to dance Nino and kill the axe cavalier. This is important so Camus and Hector have room to run, unless if you're using G Tomebreaker on Hector. If you are, just leave Hector there and let him take care of the green mage. If not, Keep running from the green mage until you corner him, then have Camus hit him twice, bringing him to low HP. Nino drags Azura away, and the green mage dies next turn because of Camus's vantage.

FRobin - Ursula - Xander / Lunatic
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Night


So this team is not mine, I found it on youtube and it worked quite well.

Basically you need Ursula on top, Robin in the middle, Xander and a dancer (Olivia here. I wonder if it works with a blue one in terms of luring).

Xander is 5*, Olivia, Ursula and FRobin are 4* without SI, only some seals (+Atk for Robin, +Spd for Ursula).

The horse archer's movement might variate but Ursula was always safe for me, even if it didn't match the video.

Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by onxz


tactic: just snipe the shit out of these fuckers

setsuna 5☆: bravebow+, luna, life n death 3, escape route, +spd seal, atk+ hp-
nino 5☆: darting blow3 (for shits n giggles), moonbow, draw back, +hp seal, +spd -res

my olivias are both 4☆ and dont need to take a single hit

(btw i'm f2p and invested my feathers wisely apparently^^)

just have setsu down and nino at the top. progress to the right/middle with setsu and down on the right with nino. you'll have to snipe the red mage with setsu but she should be able to survive. alternately you can substitute setsu with any quad archer who can survive the red mage. nino is a lifesaver because of her blade tome but as long as the substitute can double and kill berkut you should be fine with another green mage. escape rout on setsu is a muss tho.

goodluck friends~

Lunatic Non-Horse Emblem Non-Bladetome (Wings of Mercy Dancer needed)
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by bellpickle


Put Sanaki and Azura in the bottom two slots and Eirika and Sonya (or Julia) in the top two. Drag Erika to the bottom so she's just out of range of Berkut. Lure the green and red mage with Sanaki and keep everyone else out of range. In the next round lure the archer with Eirika, lure the red cavalry mage with Azura, and keep everyone else out of range. Use Eirika and Sonya to kill the archer. Use Wings of Mercy to dance Eirika and move her out of range of attack. Position Sanaki to the right of the bottom right tree so that she is only in range of the red mage. In the next round, use Sonya and Eirika to kill any enemies near them. Move Sanaki out of range from Berkut. In the next round, use Sonya to finish off Berkut and Eirika to finish off the green infantry mage.

Double dancers Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Rhin


Use nino south, together with olivia, camus in the east and azura north ( she needs wings of mercy).
Take out the blue lance with nino, then retreat with olivia and use drag back with nino on her.
Azura goes to the defensive tile, and camus goes south, just outside enemy range, not his max movement, this is important.
Next turn, take out berkut with nino, then dance her with olivia and kill bow cav.
Camus will go to kill the red cav mage, and azura warps to nino, and both get out of range of the green axe with dragback.
Finish of the green mage and the axe, and enjoy your berkut and 2k feathers.

GHB Team (Lunatic)
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Truffa


Michalis can bait Berkut and the Bow Cavalier, Camus wait behind him and when the Red Mage is near he killed him but is at the Green Mage range but can survive, Xander start in the opposite side of Michalis and Camus but go down and wait one turn to reunite with Leon, these two take down the Axe Cavalier and the Bow Cavalier, Michalis end up Berkut and help with the Bow Cavalier if necessary and Camus escape from the Green Mage left, then finish the Green Mage with anyone

Wings of Mercy to the rescue
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Grasschopp


Olivia with Fury, Hone Atk 3 and Wings of Mercy 3
Cordelia with Galeforce
Ryoma with a defensive build
Nino being Nino, with Draw Back as support

The main idea of this comp is to equip Olivia with wings of mercy to answer for the painfully spread-out starting positions of your team. Start Olivia and Nino at bottom, and take out the blue cavalry with Nino and then move everyone to safety. You should be able to take out Berkut with Nino in the second round. Cordelia takes out the bow cavalry, and Ryoma blocks the green cavalry for her, tanking the hit. This should enable you to warp Olivia next to Ryoma the next turn, and the rest is just easy.

Too cute
Updated: 2017-07-18
Michalis and Ryoma MVPs
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Kraagenskull


Works on Lunatic.

To the bottom go Olivia (with Wings of Mercy) + Michalis (with Lancebreaker) so that he kills the 1st lancer on enemy phase. Then on player phase he can kill Berkut, and Olivia blocks the red mage using the forest.

On the top go Ryoma (with Fury and Vantage) and Nowi (with Triangle Adept). The presence of Nowi makes the green units to go on top with the archer. Ryoma can hurt the archer, and on enemy phase one-shots the axewielder. He then finishes the archer, and then Olivia teleports to him with Wings of Mercy, and all your army is kinda regrouped to take on the green mage and the red mage.

The hardest thing is to make the AI units behave as you want, so if you don't have these particular units and skills it could go different.

Camus tank and mages -Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Alise777


Key skills, stats and seals:
5* Camus- Grani's shield, Reposition, Bonfire, +hp seal
5* Robin M- TA 2, Reposition, either 30spd unbuffed or with bow breaker.
5* Nino- L&D 2, Hone atk3, +hp seal
4* Olivia- Hone atk 3, fort res seal

Position in clockwise direction from top: 1.Camus 2.Robin M 3.Olivia 4.Nino

Robin M moves in to kill Archer, Camus then repositions him out of range of Berkut. Nino kills Lancer, Olivia dances her to move out of danger zone. On enemy phase 1, Camus tanks Berkut and Red mage, killing red mage on counter. Nino then kills Berkut and Green mage, blues move out of range of Axe, leaving final kill for Nino or Olivia.

3 turn death (Works for Lunatic only)
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by 不安定な人


Your standard Cavalry team.

Units + Skills + Positioning:
1. Eldigan (At spot no. 1)
- Weapon: Mystletainn
- Slot A: Fury 3
- Slot B: Up to you
- Slot C: Fortify Cavalry
- Assist: Reposition
- Special: Ignis

2. Camus (At spot no. 2)
- Weapon: Gradivus
- Slot A: Fury 3
- Slot B: Up to you
- Slot C: Hone Cavalry
- Assist: Reposition
- Special: Moonbow

3. Reinhardt (At spot no. 3)
- Weapon: Dire Thunder
- Slot A: Death Blow 3
- Slot B: Up to you
- Slot C: Goad Cavalry
- Assist: Reposition
- Special: Luna

4. Cecilia (At spot no. 4)
- Weapon: Gronnblade/Gronnblade+
- Slot A: Attack +3/Death Blow 3
- Slot B: Up to you
- Slot C: Hone Cavalry
- Assist: Drag Back
- Special: Moonbow

Turn 1: Move Camus a square above his original position. Move Eldigan to a square above Camus. Move Cecilia and Reinhardt to the bottom-right edge of stage (Cecilia above Reinhardt). The Bow Cavalier and Berkut should then attack Camus.

Turn 2: Proceed to kill Bow Cavalier with Eldigan, then kill Berkut with Reinhardt. Let Camus use Reposition on Reinhardt. Move Cecilia to the left adjacent square of Camus. End turn.

Turn 3: Kill Red Cavalier with Reinhardt. Then slaughter Green Mage with either Camus or Cecilia. Remember to block Axe Cavalier's path with Eldigan, who will definitely kill the enemy when he initiates attack (due to Ignis).

You beat the map. Congrats.

Rise of Legion (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by CakeLooper


Legion is very good in Infernal, as with his default Fury, Luna, and the HP +3 Sacred Seal, he can easily deal with THREE units.

Legion needs Luna, Fury 3, and HP +3 Sacred Seal.

Camus needs at least Vantage 2, Fury 3, and Reposition.

Eliwood only needs his legendary weapon Durandal, though his default Axebreaker skill allows him to ORKO the axe cavalier instead of 2RKO.

All Cecilia needs is a Hone Cavalry, as her only duty here is to provide a single turn worth of boost to Camus.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work with Xander or Eldigan, possibly due to their immense Defense stat.

Turn 1:

Make sure Eliwood is on the top, Camus on the middle, and Cecilia with Legion at the bottom. Move Camus three spaces down. Second, move Cecilia adjacent to Camus. Place Legion in the range of the Infernal exclusive lance cavalry. Place Eliwood on the defensive tile that is a space from Camus' starting spot.

On Enemy Phase, the Infernal cavalry will die to Legion.

Turn 2:

Attack the Firesweep Bow user with Legion. Legion should have Luna charged up and ORKO the cavalry. Reposition Legion. Camus should now be on the defensive tile. Move Eliwood to the tile above Legion.

If successful, on Enemy Phase, the axe cavalry will attack Eliwood. If Eliwood has Axebreaker, he will ORKO him. Otherwise, he'll deal enough damage to finish him off the next turn. Camus should be able to tank the green mage's hit and landing on Vantage threshold. Camus will OHKO the Wolf mage cavalry.

Turn 3:

Legion ORKOs Berkut due to Luna. Finish the axe cavalry with Eliwood. Finally, end the battle by killing the green mage with Camus.

Berkut is now added to your collection of Heroes alongside 2,000 Feathers.

Horse emblem + boosted Hector
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by neontetraploid


This was the team I used to beat a Lunatic GHB for the first time
I don't remember exactly how I did this because it took me about 5 tries until I found that Eirika works

-Eirika won't be doing a lot; she's mostly there to tank/finish off the bow cavalier and to buff Hector
-Both Eirika and Hector have Pivot
-Xander has Reposition so he can get Camus out of range of the Green Mage after he kills the Red Cavalier (who inevitably goes after Hector but cannot reach him, leaving him wide open for Camus to ORKO)
-Xander has Hone Cavalry and Camus has Goad Cavalry; both of them have Fury 3
-Everyone except Eirika is running Vantage (my Hector only has Vantage 2 but that was sufficient)

FE: Heroes - GHB: Berkut (Infernal) +Video
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by aiunii


Nino: +SPD/-DEF
Xander/Camus/Olivia: Does not matter.
Builds in video

Nino is the MVP of this battle as she's able to kill off the more dangerous units: Berkut, Firesweep Archer, and second lance unit(at least they were irritating when I played).
Xander is pretty useless; however, he provides Nino with 6 extra defense(spur def 3 & spur def seal) to barely survive the axe cavalier and G.Tome user's hits
Camus is here to kill the R.Tome user.
Olivia gives Nino that extra push when dealing with those nasty blue units.


It's actually hard without inheritance in Infernal.
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Duran


The core is Cecilia and Xander, with Camus as a red check and Ninian is the must (Azura is better but I don't have her)
Key Skills:-
Cecilia: Gronnblade, Life 'n Death
Xander: Hone Cavalry, Reposition
Camus: Gradivus
Ninian: WoM, HP seal

LnD is crucial for my Cecilia since she is not +spd, LnD helped her to double most of the enemies here with the help from Xander's Hone Cav.

The order of the team is as I post.
In the first turn, Cecilia proceed to kill Berkut instantly and Ninian dance her to wipe the lance below and Xander used Reposition to keep Cecilia safe. Lastly, put Camus to the space just beside the top left forest to get him ready for the next move.

The enemies will proceed and the bow and red cav. will attack Ninian, the HP seal shall help her survive with a bit of HP left (this is quite tricky, you should use Azura if possible, while Olivia cannot tolerate red magic and bow).

The following turn, Camus shall wipe the Red cav. with ease, Cecilia destroyed the bow and the axe with a dance. Xander attacks the green mage with considerable damage. In the end of the turn, the green mage will commit suicide.

Infernal, see strategy in description
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by Laggalot


Notable team details details:

- Olivia's rank shouldn't matter much, so long as she can dance and provide a Hone Attack boost to Nino. Also stuck Fortify Res seal on her for extra buff. Might not be interchangeable with other dancers, due to how it may affect the AI.
- Klein must be +Spd to quad-attack the Bow Cav, and must have Luna or something of similar strength to one-round him. Any other decent Brave Bow wielder with sufficient speed OR Bowbreaker should suffice as well, though.
- My Nino has +Atk/-Res nature, Fury and Moonbow, as well as a +Atk seal. If your Nino isn't +Atk, Death Blow 3 could probably fill in if you have it available. All that is necessary if you want to 1-round the Axe Cav on turn 2 and mostly also for Berkut. Otherwise you'll have to adjust your strategy. Also got Reposition on her, though I don't think it's mandatory. Fairly demanding unit, though any other units also capable of these ORKO's will work as well
- Nothing particularly noteworthy about Xander. Mostly serves as bait for the red mage cav.

Start Xander at the top, Klein on the right. Nino should kill the lance cav turn-1. Dance her back to safety after. Leave Xander where he is, and move Klein downwards out of enemy attack range.

Turn 2, kill Berkut right away with Nino. If your Nino can one-round the Axe cav, dance her up (through the forest) to get her there. Klein must take out the Bow Cav. Retreat Xander down and to the right.

Turn 3, retreat your units further down to the edge of the enemy attack range. You should be able to line them up diagonally.

Pick off the green mage. I hit it with Xander, then repositioned him. Klein finished him off, leaving him in range of the red mage cav. He can take that attack, and kill him next turn.

It's a fairly specific strategy, but if nothing else, hopefully this will provide some inspiration.

Both Lunatic & Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by randante


Exactly the same method for both,
Let Ike pull the red mage and axe cavalier to the top left while Nino and Reinhardt do the killing at the bottom.


cavalry double time
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by emanuel8ball


just outgun his bonus with yours. Olivia gives you a little edge for 1 Turn KOs

Quatsuna MVP
Updated: 2017-07-18

Submitted by harrypham_hp


Use your setsuna (4 star +10 )to quad the lancer cavelry and dance her to safety. Hector to bait the bow cavelry and berkut. Reinhardt near Hector to bait the axe. Use setsuna with Luna to kill the red and the bow. Hector and Reinhardt to kill berkut. Then clean up the green and axe with Reinhardt and setsuna

Get out of my swamp
Updated: 2017-07-14

Submitted by nvapor02


Cavalry w/no healer