Grand Hero Battle - Berkut

Grand Hero Battle - Berkut
Map/Enemy Details
Berkut Map
69 52 25 34 27
Weapon Berkut's Lance+ A Water Boost 3
Support B Vantage 3
Special Blazing Flame C Ward Cavalry

52 45 35 22 31
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Warding Blow 3
Support B Seal Spd 3
Special C Threaten Res 3

46 49 28 19 38
Weapon Rauðrwolf+ A Distant Def 3
Support B Axebreaker 3
Special C Fortify Cavalry

57 54 32 23 28
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Life and Death 3
Support B Desperation 3
Special Moonbow C Breath of Life 3

55 50 25 27 26
Weapon Firesweep Bow+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Support B Seal Spd 3
Special C Fortify Cavalry

57 53 27 28 33
Weapon Silver Lance+ A Grani's Shield
Support B Renewal 3
Special C Goad Cavalry
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
The tale of a Girl, Two Dancers, and Eliwood
Updated: 2017-07-26

Submitted by Kaihaku


Inferno Difficulty.
Eliwood (1) on the north baits the mounted red mage - mine was able to tank his attack on the defensive tile and then kill. That was Eliwood's only role this time.

Azura (2) moves south out of range. Nino (3) nukes the 57 HP cavalry before being danced to safety by Olivia (4).

The remainder of the battle was Nino nuking everything else - starting with the cavalry archer and Berkut - while the dancers buffed up her blade tome, gave her additional actions, and moved her from danger. The green mage was the only unit my Nino couldn't ORKO but my Ruby Sword Olivia walled it until Nino finished with the other units.

No Cavalry
Updated: 2017-07-25

Submitted by KaylaWolf87


Have Ike at the very top of the map. Robin in the middle. Olivia at the bottom on the left and Bunny Lucina at the bottom on the right. Move Ike 2 spaces left and Robin 2 spaces down. Leave Lucina and Olivia where they are. Ike will take aggro and kill the red mage and dmg to the green axe. Rest will move down toward Olivia and Lucina. Finish of the Axe with Ike, kill the bow mount with Robin. And kill the green tome with Olivia. Move Lucina in front of Olivia to block Berkut from attacking her. He will attack Lucina but she will live. Attack Berkut with Lucina, use dance on Lucina and finish Berkut. All units are 5 stars.

Ride him down
Updated: 2017-07-24

Submitted by akaean


Azura- Wings of Mercy
Camus- Fury, Moonbow, Goad Cavalry
Eldigan- Fury, Ward Cavalry
Titania- Moonbow, Hone Cavalry

Please note that Camus does not use Distant Counter in this build, and thus these three riders likely can be replaced (such as with Eliwood, Peri, and Gunter or Frederick. Azura is only to Dance and draw the axe Cavalier north. She never attacks or takes a hit.

Azura deploys north, Camus deploys east, Titania and Eldigan deploy south.

On turn one,
Titania moves to the fortress tile, Eldigan moves to the spot below the woods, so that Titania is in range of Ward Cavalry. Camus moves 2 spaces south so that he will pick up the Hone next turn. Azura stays put.

Axe Cavalier chases Azura out of position north. Titania gets bruised by the Firesweep and tanks Berkut, and the enemy Lance Cav hits Camus.

Turn 2.
Honed Camus advances and KOs the red mage. Eldigan finishes off the severely wounded Lance Cavalry. Titania KOs Berkut. (NOTE: If you are doing it with this team, Titania should strike last, as the Lance Cavalry with Goad needs to be taken care of for her to score the double and KO Berkut. She also needs moon bow to finish the job) Azura teleports into the square Berkut occupied via Wings of Mercy and reactivates Camus. Camus moves out of range of the Green Mage and ORKOs the Firesweep Archer with Moonbow.

Afterthat, its just a matter of Eldigan cleaning up the Green Mage and Axe Cavalier.

QuadDelia Fatality
Updated: 2017-07-24

Submitted by robin.emblem92


This team focuses on Bridal Cordelia finishing everyone off except for the green mage who uses the raven tome.

Bottom: Bridelia and Azura
Mid: Olivia
Top: Xander (Berkut moves to engage him instead of the units at the bottom)

*Azura must have enough HP to tank a green mage attack, while equipped with Sapphire Lance+.
*Xander needs Quickened pulse to help finish off Berkut by using Bonfire.
*Olivia is 4* with Ruby Sword, to help damage the green mage before Bridelia finishes her off.

Turn 1
Bridelia finishes off the lance cavalier. Azura dances her off to safety. Move Olivia downwards, away from Berkut's range. Xander from the top moves to the right, one tile away from Berkut's range. Berkut will move in the middle of Olivia and Xander.

Bow knight and red mage rider moves to the top of the bottom team, while green mage and axe rider approach from the bottom left.

Turn 2: Bridelia attacks the bow knight. Azura dances while in the range of green mage ONLY. Bridelia attacks the red mage. Olivia dances while stepping in the bottom right defensive tile.
Bridelia attacks Berkut, and Xander finishes him off by activating Bonfire, since his damage is lacking.

Turn 3: Olivia attacks the green mage, and Cordelia finishes him off. Azura hides behind Olivia, from the axe rider. Olivia will survive the axe, even when doubled and with moonbow.

Turn 4: It's done.

Notes: Desperation for Bride Cordelia is kinda useless, since she dies from one hit on the green mage (mine is -res), and she can't double the green mage anyway.

ezpz w/ 4 star units
Updated: 2017-07-24

Submitted by accidentalgreed


As we approach the final day of this GHB some of us can be a little desperate despite having OP units on-hand. I was one of them until I stumbled upon Amaterasu's team (above me) and emulated the YouTube video he/she posted:

Due to lacking a level 40 4 star Legion but having Summer Tiki as my axe infantry unit, I used her instead. Almost any player, FTP or otherwise, should have access to all four units. If any of your units are SI'd or 5*'ed, even better!