Bound Hero Battle: Ninian & Hawkeye

Bound Hero Battle: Ninian & Hawkeye
  • Normal
  • Infernal
Map Enemies
  • Hard
  • Lunatic
  • Infernal
36 37 18 19 23
Weapon Zanbato A Armored Blow 3
Support B Pass 2
Special Luna C Atk Ploy 2
36 37 18 19 23
Weapon Ridersbane A Armored Blow 3
Support B Pass 2
Special Dragon Fang C Spur Def/Res 1
34 34 28 18 23
Weapon Gronnraven A Fury 3
Support B Seal Res 2
Special Blazing Wind C Savage Blow 2
48 37 16 21 22
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Death Blow 3
Support B Wings of Mercy 3
Special Growing Light C Threaten Atk 3
44 31 26 18 19
Weapon Light Breath+ A Distant Def 3
Support Dance B Escape Route 3
Special Miracle C Fortify Def 3
49 49 25 26 30
Weapon Zanbato+ A Armored Blow 3
Support B Pass 3
Special Luna C Atk Ploy 3
49 49 25 26 30
Weapon Ridersbane + A Armored Blow 3
Support B Pass 3
Special Dragon Fang C Spur Def/Res 2
45 45 35 23 31
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Fury 3
Support B Seal Res 3
Special Blazing Wind C Savage Blow 3
63 44 23 28 30
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Death Blow 3
Support B Wings of Mercy 3
Special Growing Light C Threaten Atk 3
60 38 34 24 27
Weapon Light Breath+ A Distant Def 3
Support Dance B Escape Route 3
Special Miracle C Fortify Def 3
61 50 37 36 28
Weapon Wo Dao+ A Fury 3
Support B Seal Spd 3
Special Reprisal C Spur Res 3
57 52 27 28 33
Weapon Zanbato+ A Armored Blow 3
Support B Pass 3
Special Luna C Atk Ploy 3
57 52 27 28 33
Weapon Ridersbane + A Armored Blow 3
Support B Pass 3
Special Dragon Fang C Spur Def/Res 2
52 48 38 25 34
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Fury 3
Support B Seal Res 3
Special Blazing Wind C Savage Blow 3
72 47 25 31 33
Weapon Killer Axe+ A Death Blow 3
Support B Wings of Mercy 3
Special Growing Light C Threaten Atk 3
69 40 37 26 30
Weapon Light Breath+ A Distant Def 3
Support Dance B Escape Route 3
Special Miracle C Fortify Def 3
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
The cute, the elegant, and the Berserker!
Updated: 2017-09-28

Submitted by Zeorymer


Basically, the main goal for this team is to use Hector as your meatshield in dealing with the majority of enemies in this particular BHB.

Take note that I partnered Hector and Delthea since my Hector has -ATK but +HP. Also, this can help him utilize Delthea's Dark Aura and Drive Atk boosts.

Priscilla is there to keep Hector healthy, while Celica provides additional firepower for Delthea, as she nukes the Red Cavalry and the Red Infantry sword units that come in their way.

Hector takes care of the Green Mage, the Blue Cavalry, Hawkeye, and Ninian. :)

Give Ike That Res
Updated: 2017-09-27

Submitted by TriforceP

Honestly, wouldn't have made it without the Support System.

Infernal Baiting
Updated: 2017-09-26

Submitted by GoldenCyclone4


Similar to the Bait team at the bottom, but this one handled Infernal. Valter is completely vanilla except for Renewal 1. Celica needs G. Tomebreaker and preferably Iceberg, and I also had Distant Defense Seal on her. Michalis has Reposition, Bonfire, and Quickened Pulse. Olivia is vanilla 4 Star.
Start with Valter and Michalis in top, Olivia and Celica in bottom. Move Valter into Red Cav range and end. Red Cav suicides on Valter and the Blue Cav comes down to hit Michalis. Turn two, kill the Blue Cav with Michalis, move Celica into the corner of the Green Mage range, and get Valter away from Hawkeye. Green Mage should suicide on Celica. Now just use Michalis to block off Ninian, and bait Hawkeye and the Sword user down to a point where you can kill them. Two hits from Celica should take out Hawkeye, and Valter should tank the hit from the Sword. DON'T engage the Sword until he's in kill range, otherwise his Special will proc and kill Valter.

Gray: Kills Horses Dead
Updated: 2017-09-24

Submitted by Sephus


Gray with a ridersbane, and some sweet sweet defense does wonders on this map. He can tank up the middle and kill people.

Armor Emblem does it easy [INFERNAL] [VIDEO]
Updated: 2017-09-23

Submitted by Walrusxyz


My main armor team goes at it again.

Good for both Lunatic and Infernal
Updated: 2017-09-23

Submitted by HnHikari


need to bait the green magician

Power of Ikes
Updated: 2017-09-23

Submitted by venmi


I had success with this team. Brave Ike can tank fairly well, which the other three desperately needed. Keep Nino safe, and this team can do it. Reposition on several units really helps.

Zanbato+ MVP (video)
Updated: 2017-09-23

Submitted by lunacywastaken


Infernal run:
Should work with lunatic and hard too.

Gray: +atk -def
Ninian: +spd - res
Julia: +atk -res
Sanaki: +atk -hp

Sanaki can be substituted with any red mage with decent res. Ninian can be too for any dancer (I realised later that Ninian could be put out of range from that lance cavalier).

3 Turn Win! (Lunatic)
Updated: 2017-09-23

Submitted by kazusunes


Takumi: +HP/-SPD, also has summoner S Support. Fujin Yumi, Reposition, Vengeance, Close Counter, Vantage 3, Threaten Spd 3, SPD+1 Sacred Seal.

Tharja: +RES/-SPD. Has all vanilla skills.

Nino: +SPD/-ATK. Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Moonbow, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Atk 3.

Brave Lucina: +SPD/-HP. Geirskogul, Reposition, Aether, Sturdy Blow 2, Desperation 3, Drive Spd 2.

Player Turn 1: Tharja instakills Hawkeye with help from Nino's Hone Atk 3, then use Takumi to Reposition Tharja out of danger; he will be in the danger area. Move Nino next to Takumi, and Lucina behind Nino. Should be a square formation.

Enemy Turn 1: Takumi will tank the hit from the Red Cavalier, and Ninian will dance the Red Cavalier who will attack Takumi again, only to be killed by his Vantage 3. The Green Mage should move two spaces down on the right side of the map, while the Blue Cavalier should be adjacent to Ninian.

Player Turn 2: Move Tharja two spaces to the right so the Green Mage can attack her. Use Nino to Draw Back Lucina behind Takumi; Leave Takumi where he is. End turn.

Enemy Turn 2: Green Mage will attack Tharja. Blue Cavalier will attack Takumi; Takumi returns fire first with Vantage 3 and survives with 4 HP. Ninian dances the Green Mage, who attacks Tharja. She survives with 6 HP, then counterattacks (with Vengeance overkill) and kills Green Mage.

Player Turn 3: Takumi kills Blue Cavalier easily with some Vengeance overkill, leaving Ninian as the only one left. Move Lucina up two spaces into the danger area, move Nino behind her. End turn.

Enemy Turn 3: Ninian will attack Lucina, who will survive and double attack in return, killing Ninian.

(Note: Nino can be subbed out for anyone else with Draw Back and Hone Atk 3. Takumi, Tharja, and Brave Lucina do all the work, while Nino was mainly for buffs and repositioning.)

Overall a pretty easy win! I'm glad Takumi worked out <3

Anti-Cavalry? What's that?
Updated: 2017-09-23

Submitted by LukasIsGod


Sure am creative, aren't I?

Finish in 5 turns
Updated: 2017-09-22

Submitted by hualala


You can replace Ninian with Azura or Effie with Subaki both can be used as a check on red cavalry. Any red tome mage can replace Sanaki as a check on the green mage(Celica or Tharja). Brave lyn can be replaced with Bridal Cordelia to deal with Hawkeye and cavalry units.

Clive the Chaperone
Updated: 2017-09-22

Submitted by MagerBlutooth


Requirements: Sanaki should have TA3 to tank. Clive needs a Ridersbane+ to one-shot the sword cavalier. (Mathilda might work if she can tank the Sword Fighter).

Sanaki tanks Green Mage and Hawkeye on bottom right. Ninian dances Green Mage, who attacks Nino and gets counterkilled. Nino finishes Hawkeye, and everyone moves to safety with help from Ninian.

Have Clive tank the sword fighter at the top and finish it on his turn. Dance him and one-shot the sword cavalier. Nino should be able to two-shot the lance cavalier. Ninian should be the only one left. Nino can take her out on the next turn. Just be sure Clive is out of her range.

Horse emblem
Updated: 2017-09-22

Submitted by OmegaPrime


Typical horse emblem team with ally supports active to help fight

Who needs red anyway?
Updated: 2017-09-22

Submitted by Irrisory


Nowi has fury 3, swordbreaker 3, threaten res 3, noontime, and swap. She uses the attack ploy seal. Ephriam has triangle adept 3, seal defense 3, home speed 3, and reposition, with the fortify res seal. Nino has death blow 3, desperation 3, breath of life 3, moonbow, and drawback. Azura has darting blow, wings of mercy 3, moonbow, dance, and hone attack with the fortify def seal. Their weapons are all default.

Use Nowi to tank first turn, while bringing the other three lower on the map. Buff Nino with Ephraim and Azura, and use her to kill most of the units. Clean up with Azura and Ephraim.

Nowi can be replaced by another blue tank, Azura can be replaced by Ninian, and Nino can be replaced by another green mage, preferably with Gronnblade+.

Horse Master Race
Updated: 2017-09-22

Submitted by xr2701


Cecillia, with offensive horse buffs and vantage, can kill the green mage. Brave roy kills Hawkeye (with def buffs) and tanks the sword fighter and Zanbato Cav. Reinhardt and Cecilia murder random mooks.

Skill Sets:
Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Draw Back, Luna, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Ward Cavalry

Cecilia: Gronnblade, Reciprocal Aid, Moonbow, Atk + 3, Vantage (Any) , Fortify Cavalry.

Brave Roy: Blazing Durandal, Any Assist, Night Sky/Astra, Death Blow 3, Desperation 3, Goad Cavalry.

Brave Lyn: Miurgure, Reposition, Dragon Fang, Swift Sparrow 2, Sacae's Blessing, Hone Cavalry.

Submitted by xr2701


Cecillia, with offensive horse buffs and vantage, can kill the green mage. Brave roy kills Hawkeye (with def buffs) and tanks the sword fighter and Zanbato Cav. Reinhardt and Cecilia murder random mooks.

Nowi, Cordy and Nina show
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by XrosWars


You must have a tank blu for this bound battle: i use Nowi but BLucina is good for example.

Nina has her classic build with Draconic Aura, Fury and Desperation.

Nowi has Fury and Vantage.

Cordelia has the classic 4: Brave Lance, Galeforce, Life and Death 2 and Threaten Speed.

Azura: her lance, sing and hone attack (si from Olivia or F. Corrin)

Boring Mixed Horses not intentionally
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by -JvanC-


Hone(clarinne) and Fortify(Lyn) in Xander, bait with Xander the Green Mage,make sure survives.
The rest, tray to put hone on Lyn and attack out of range, basically Hit and run

Infernal / armored team + healer
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by ÄäliöGaming


Armored team + healer: Effie, Hector, Zephiel and Clarine. Video:

CYLs make this easy
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by mu_sub-zero


Not much to say. Sanaki is TA with raven tome. Use her to bait green mage on right. Once he's dead, move her back and put Ike forward to take care of lance cavalry and Ninian. Lucina, Lyn, and Sanaki should be able to take care of two swords and Hawkeye.

Lucky in 4 turns (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by Pyromania


Important skills:
Olivia: Dance
Ike: +Spd, neutral Def/Res, Ragnell, Moonbow, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Attack +1, Summoner Support S
Innes: +Spd, Brave Bow+, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2, Threaten Spd 3, Speed +1
Julia: Naga, Fury 3

Starting positions:
Olivia: top left
Ike: top right
Innes: bottom left
Julia: bottom right

Turn 1:
Olivia moves 2 spaces right. Ike moves 2 spaces right, into the range of the Green Mage. Julia moves 1 space right. Innes moves 1 space right. Ike kills Green Mage on counterattack, tanks attack from Blue Cavalier and survives with 1 HP.

Turn 2:
Innes moves 1 space up and 1 space left, kills Sword Cavalier. Olivia dances Innes, Innes attacks Hawkeye from behind the wall, Hawkeye survives with 1 HP. Julia kills Lance Cavalier. Ike moves 1 space left and 1 space down, under Julia.

Turn 3:
Innes moves 1 space down, 1 space right, kills Hawkeye. Olivia dances Innes, Innes moves 1 space left. Julia attacks Ninian from below the wall, Ninian survives with 3 HP. Ike kills Ninian.

Turn 4:
Julia attacks Sword Fighter from right side of the wall. Innes attacks Sword Fighter. Ike kills Sword Fighter. Stage clear.

No dancer/support bonus/mage but need Lukas (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by alendory



Lukas (+Atk/-HP)
Fortress Def 3, Quick Riposte 2, Threaten Atk 2, Quickened Pulse Seal
Killer Lance+, Swap, Ignis

Hector (+Def/-Res)
DC, Green Tomebreaker 3, Threaten Def 2, Distant Def Seal
Armads, Swap, Bonfire

Xander (Neutral)
Armoured Strike 2, Swordbreaker 2, Hone Atk 2, HP Seal
Siegfried, Swap, Bonfire

Genny (+HP/-Atk)
Speed+3, Wrathful Staff 3, Hone Atk 3, Atk Ploy Seal
Assault, Physic, Imbue

Which and who defeated what (in order):
1. Hector -> Green Mage
2. Lukas -> Blue Cavalier
3. Lukas -> Red Cavalier
4. Xander -> Red Infantry
5. Hector -> Hawkeye
6. Hector -> Ninian

Hector baits and kills the green mage from the right opening and Xander stays behind Lukas. The blue cavalier would move in from the middle opening and then danced by Ninian, allowing it to reach Lukas but it won't damage him much.

Next turn, use Lukas to finish the cavalier and have Xander move to the right side (basically, only allow Lukas to take in all the hits from both Hawkeye and Red Cavalier).

Next, move Lukas down and finish the Red Cavalier. Since Lukas now have low health and the Red Infantry would be 2 spaces away, move Xander to block it and move Hector which has been stand by on the right to block Hawkeye. This will create a situation where both enemies can only attack the target in front of them. Xander needed swordbreaker here since the infantry will double him and Ninian will dance the infantry again. With swordbreaker it will prevent the enemy from attacking twice and allow Xander to finish it.

Next turn, use Hector to finish Hawkeye and have everybody else move away before Ninian reached the middle of the map. Use Hector to tank her first and then defeat her in the last turn.


Brave ike, dancer, red mage, and a healer
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by Sudzball


Your brave ike is the main carry for this one. Have s support with him and tharja, and give him an hp seal. I did this with a nuteral iv bike. I gave tharja a speed seal, but not very necessary because tharja only needs to kill a single unit. One unit must have hone speed 3. B ike had his base kit with aether but also vantage instead of beorcs and reposition for an assist. Tharja needs to have draw back, azama with rehabilitate and a dancer, but ninian/ azura is preferred.
On turn one, Make sure b ike gets the hone speed buff. Move bike in range of the red cavalier and everyone away towards the bottom exept for your dancer.
Turn 2, pull b ike far enough to where he only gets hit by a danced hawkeye, and then put your dancer near him while being able to heal b ike to almost full woth rehab. Azama is good because if u mess up he can take a hit. The set up should be tharja on ine space to the right of the bottom left corner, your dancer one space to the right of tharja, your healer above tharja, and b ike infront of your dancer.
Turn 3, hawkeye should have hit your b ike but you didnt kill him. Kill hawkeye from the bottom then shift your formation to the left one space using tharjas draw back and dance, putting b ike in range of the lance cavalier but far away for ninian to be unable to dance him.
Turn four. Kill the lance cav if u didnt already with b ike, the dance him and attack ninian with brave ike from the bottom and move your other units into a range where the green mage, ninian, or the red sword cannot hit them. Hitting ninian is imprtant as it gets lets you kill her with an aether vantage hit after the green mage hits you during enemy phase
Turn 5, attack the red sword with tharja, hit the green mage with b ike, and dance either tharja ir b ike to kill the green mage. Tadaaa 4 orbs.

Horse Emblem? Na Flier Emblem (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by Piko10e


This one is pretty straight forward. You at least want one hone fliers on Hinoka. I also used three goads too. Honestly, if you use the basic gamepress sets you should be fine.

Turn 1: Position Palla so she gets a hone boost and put her in range of the green mage. Just make a L with Spring Camilla being one space away from Palla and Hinoka being under Spring Camilla and Summer Corrin next to Hinoka

Turn 2:
Move Spring Camilla next to Palla and kill the lance unit. Then move Palla up to kill the green mage. Reposition Palla with Summer Corrin. Then Draw Back/Reposition Spring Camilla with Hinoka.

Turn 3:
Kill the sword unit with Hinoka by attacking from below him. Move Spring Camilla up and attack Ninian. Reposition Spring Camilla down with Palla. If Ninian is still alive kill her with Summer Corrin. If not just put her out of range of Hawkeye.

Turn 4:
Move Palla up one space and kill hawkeye. Then attackthe sword unit with Hinoka, but if she dies to the sword unit attack with Summer Corrin then attack with Hinoka. Honestly its one sword unit so you can do anything to kill him.

Easiest BHB Yet
Updated: 2017-09-21

Submitted by SharpEyLogic


Used Ephraim with Lancebreaker to block the left chokepoint while Ike takes care of the green mage on the right with Vantage. Brave Lyn takes care of Hawkeye with Brave Bow+ and Camus buffs her with Hone Cavalry. Afterwards, Ephraim cleans up the rest of the sword and lance units and I have Brave Lyn finish off Ninian.

Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by NippleBeardTM


Olivia: (only 4 star level 40)

Basically arrange your team so that Sanaki (or other solid non-cavalry red mage) is in the top right corner of your team, and send her as far right as you can. The rest of your team's first move will be arranged so that none of the cavalry can rush in via Ninian.

Begining of turn 2, you should be able to clean up the mess on the right with a Sanaki blast and a little bit of dancing to make sure your units are out of harms way.

By the third turn, so long as you make an effort to keep the bonuses up on all units and keep everyone out of harms way, there should only be a red infantry left who is cluelessly away from combat

By turn 4 you can blast him away with basically any of the non-Olivia units.

Don't freak out when Hawkeye warps across the map like a maniac, he's a wuss.

Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by NoahBloodedge


Team comp can be changed
Camilla +def: Can be changed for an axe unit with enough res to tank with ninian or with TA/Emerald axe. Camilla preferred cause Flying move range and Waifu Issues
Ninian: only Dance, can be changed for any other dancer
Ike neutral: Distant counter red unit with vantage to deal with the green mage, Ike preferred due to aether but Lucina with Reciprocal aid can help with getting our swordsman back to full up
Lucina: BUFFS! This is the important buffs from Lucina will help everyone to do the doubles they need or to not get doubles also her good def will help to tank sword units

Questions are free on the video :)

Bridal Cordelia is Scary
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by marsmath


Bridelia has L&D3, Desperation, Threaten Def, Brave Bow+, Luna
Camus has Bonfire, Fury, Vantage, reposition
Ike has QR3
Julia can be replaced by anyone.
Ike baits the green mage. Camus kills the sword fighter, Bridelia kills everything else

help lancina broked this map
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Pitaya


> YTiki: (S summoner support, S support with lancina) - G Tomebreaker, Hone Spd, HP +3 seal, Lightning Breath+ + Bonfire
> Lancina: (S support with YTiki) - LnD 3, Desperation 3, Drive Spd 2, Attack +1 seal, Geirskogul + Aether
> Julia: (S support with Azura) - Hone Atk 3, Fortify Res 1 seal
> Azura: (S support with Julia) - Hone Spd 3

(pasted this from my strategy post on the relevant Reddit megathread, and yeah lancina is really good for most of the map)

Julia and Azura buff Tiki up turn 1, then Tiki lures in the green mage, with Lancina moving right next to her via Azura's Sing. With G Tomebreaker, Tiki removes the green mage after losing 8 health. Ninian dances the lance cavalier into Tiki, who does a whopping 26 damage on Tiki (who has 47 max HP coming into this) and loses more than half of its health to Tiki's double follow-up (Bonfire procs). Julia and Tiki both fall back out of enemy range (the sword cavalier with Pass can be dangerous) while Lancina comes in and finishes off the lance cavalier before being sung to by Azura and moving out of Ninian's threat range while baiting the sword cavalier at the same time. The cavalier dies after doing about 40% of Lancina's health, and Lancina, in Desperation range, can now double and proc Aether on Ninian, recovering right back to full health. At this time, Hawkeye is passing through the bottleneck accompanied with a sword fighter behind him. Tiki, positioned next to Lancina, baits Hawkeye and is able to finish him off on the next player phase while Lancina proceeds to pick off the last sword fighter.

The long distance squad! Video included
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Grimcreeper1234


Sanaki +1 merged -atk +res
Ninian -atk +spd
Clarisse neutral
Lyn neutral
Watch video for all the details!

Camus the Horse Emblem Wall (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Xamuswing


This team is focused on Camus and holding the line where Hawkeye can actually strike Camus. This requires a bit of set up, however.
-Camus needs Dragon Fang or Ignis, either works fine for this.
-Equip Eliwood or other High Res Red with at least Atk Ploy 1 (I used the SS). Lloyd or Sanaki is good for this as well.
(Note: this heavily relies on killing the enemy in one turn. G Tome Breaker may be necessary.
-Your healer needs Rehabilitate, Fortify Cav, and enough Res to tank a hit from Ninian. Just about anyone that isn't Azama can do this, since you only need to move 2 for this to work.
-Gunter is here for buffs and hurting the Blue Cav, so he can be replaced by any Axe with Hone Cav.

Position Eliwood or other High Res Red on the cardinal space below Hawkeye in Turn 1. This will lower his Atk enough to where Hawkeye can't kill Camus on Counterattack.

With Cav buffs, put Camus at the edge of the Enemy Red Cav's range, and your High Res Red two spaces right. He should easily bait and kill him with Grani's Shield. Hawkeye will be danced into range and give a hardy blow, but can't kill Camus. With Cav buffs again, Camus will out-speed Hawkeye and can kill him in Player Phase. Move your healer south of Camus and heal him back to full HP. Move your High Res Red another space right and Gunter under your healer. You should have an L shape of Camus, healer, Gunter, and HRR. The green mage should be approaching the right side. The Blue Cav will move to the right of Camus and Ninian will attack Camus directly. Camus can tank both these hits easily, but be careful of the Blue Cav's special.

Move Gunter in to attack the Blue Cav, as Goad should be enough to kill. If not (Atk-), then equip Gunter with TA or other Atk boosting A skills. Move Camus out of the way and put your healer in Camus' place. Your HRR attacks the green mage on the right. and kills them. Posistion Gunter next to Camus. Ninian attacks your healer, but shouldn't be able to kill them.

From here, it's just a matter of cleaning up. Camus can take out both of the Sword and Ninian on his own.

2 Tanks 1 Range 1 Dancer
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by WE_LIKE_IKE


Zephiel pulls out the red calv to start. He has pass but if you put all other units on the left side, he can't kill b!lyn. Reposition Zeph out using b!ike and b!lyn kills the red calv and Hawkeye usiing dance. Ike should tank everyone except the red sword infantry who gets killed by b!lyn. The green mage on the right is taken out by b!ike and b!lyn can tank a shot from Ninian.

Clinkety-Clank (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by L0TTO


I don't know how to record videos of game footage from my phone, but the basic idea is to keep everyone together. On the first turn, I moved Zephiel within the enemy sword guy's range first, with Hector behind him. The enemy sword guy will attack Zephiel, Ninian will dance for him, then he'll pass to attack Hector and die. From there, you move everyone back 1 square and take out the enemy one by one. I cleared it on my first try.

Zephiel has: Eckesachs, Pivot, Bonfire, Fury 3, Wary Fighter 3, Hone Armor, Fortify Res 1 (seal)
Effie has: Brave Lance+, Pivot, Bonfire, Death Blow 3, Wary Fighter 3, Hone Armor, Breath of Life 1 (seal)
Hector has: Armads, Pivot, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, Goad Armor, Distant Def 1 (seal)
Amelia has: Slaying Axe+, Smite, Bonfire, Earth Boost 3, Desperation 3, Armor March 3, Speed +1 (seal)

Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by AngelsSoul


Skill set
Mulgair - repo - moonbow - swift Sparrow - sacrea’s blessing - hone calvary - spd+1

Skill set
Siegfried - repo - ignis - fury 3 - vantage 3 - hone calvary - Distance def 1

Skill set
Dire thunder - repo - moonbow - deathblow 3 - lance breaker 3 - goad calvary - quickend pulse

Skill set
Lightning breath - dance - Luna - triangle adept 2 - wings of mercy 2 - forify def 3 - hp+3

I hope it helps

The Cina Team
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Yang


Maskes Marth *5 +1 with Fury 3 Despression 3 and Theaten Spd 2 Ardent sacrefice Moonbow
Lancina *5 with Sturdy Blow 2 lancebreaker 2 drive speed 2 reposition moonbow
Nino *5 +2 with LnD 2 Despression 3 Hone Atk 3 arden sacrefice and Draconic Aura + Qiuckend Pulse
Ninian *5 with Wings of Mercy 2 any Dancer Works as long as they have Wings of Mercy

Frederick Emblem: The Missing Frederick
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by TheSeunger


Frederick is not being used this time around in other words. This team aims to lure out then punish with desirable results.

Brave Lyn (Neutral)
Brave Bow+, Reposition, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2, Sacae's Blessing, Atk Smoke 3, Speed +1

Reinhardt (+ATK -DEF)
Dire Thunder, Reposition, Luna, Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker 3, Hone Cavalry, Attack +1

Celica (+HP -DEF)
Ragnarok, Rally Attack, Moonbow, Distant Def 3, G Tomebreaker 3, Hone Spd 3, Distant Def 1 (Seal)

Olivia (+ATK -HP)
Wo Dao+, Dance, Moonbow, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Hone Atk 3, HP +3

Have Celica directly in the attack range of the Green Mage so that she can 1RKO it on Enemy Phase. Place Olivia (or whoever is your dancer) next to her. Quick Riposte can be used as an alternative, but you ideally need Celica to 1RKO the Green Mage or else the strategy falls apart miserably.

Predict where the Lance Cavalier will be after receiving Ninian's Dance, move Brave Lyn and Reinhardt just outside of the attack range of the Lance Cavalier but nowhere close to Celica and Olivia.

Punish the lone Lance Cavalier with Reinhardt, then punish the Sword Cavalier with Brave Lyn. After the Sword Cavalier is defeated, Atk Smoke should affect Hawkeye since he is within the range. Use Dance on Brave Lyn and have her take out Ninian. This will put Brave Lyn within the attack range of Hawkeye, but she will survive the assault as long as Swift Sparrow is used over Life and Death.

With only Hawkeye and the Sword Fighter left, have Brave Lyn take out Hawkeye and have Reinhardt take out the Sword Fighter.

This strategy is also compatible with Lunatic difficulty, which is slightly easier and the exclusion of the Sword Fighter.

Quick Update: Video proof (no audio)

Yeah BK...
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by プーリプーリ


Ok so BK is really Ike. But it would really work the same if Ike was BK.
Ike needs Vantage and Fury to survive the first round. Move Ike into the bottom right, in attack range of the green mage.
Round 1- Green Mage hits Ike, is wounded on counter. Hawkeye teleports in, takes a Vantage hit but doesn't die (he was left with 6 hp), and drops Ike to single digit Hp. Ninian dances the green mage, who dies to Ikes Vantage.
Round 2- retreat with Ike. Move Hector to Ikes previous position and kill Hawkeye. Amelia Moves to his left (protected on all sides from the passing cavalry). Efffie follows Amelia (the 3 armors make a line.)
Round 3- The blue cavalry and Ninian impale themselves on Hector. The red cavalry impales himself on Effie (mine's Opponent Phase, not Brave Lance). You can toy with the last red swordsman, but make sure you kill him cleanly because he does have Reprisal as a special which could kill you on the counter if you're sloppy. Effie works best.

Ryoma Tank
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by kelvinnguyen


Nino with LnD, Despe, hone +ATK (Max) + Moon Bow & Reposition
Ryoma with Fury, Vantage, hone +Spd (Max) + Luna/Moon Bow & Reposition
Olivia (basic set)
Robin Blue (basic set with hone DEF)

Move Ryoma to middle in the danger area of the 1st sword calary, Robin and Olivia beside. Later everything become easier, kill one by one when you had Olivia dance and Nino to kill the Blue Lance and Reposition to move Olivia to the back side.

You shall not pass
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Remnant


A 5* Valter can be used to kill the two cavs at the start if Olivia has Hone atk 3 and Nino (or any unit that has it) with spur atk 3 from Barst or Lilina. Marth instead can just annihilate the rest of the enemy team as long as you give her a special like Luna (I gave her Astra and still worked fine). Be sure to keep an eye out as Marth will have to recover her health with Falchion's passive healing so to be able to kill Ninian in one turn (if she has vantage 3 you can even kill Ninian during the enemy phase)

Brave heroes FTW
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by DarkMessiah


Brave Lyn has her standard build with breath of life seal. Brave Ike has his standard build with Quickened pulse seal and summoner support. Azura has speed+3, vantage 2, fortify res 3 and spur def seal. Hector has Astra, Vantage 3, hone atk 3 and Distant def seal, the rest is standard.
First turn:
place Ike 1 step under the danger area at the left choke point, place azura right to him, lyn below him and hector one step right of azura. Everyone should be outside of the danger area.
Turn 2:
Bait the mage with hector. Hector will kill him but he will be low after that. Move azura 1 step down, and leave the other 2 in place. The blue cavalry will now attack Ike after ninian dances for him. Hawkeye will teleport right of him, and the rest will move towards you too.
Turn 3:
Finish off the blue cavalry with ike, move lyn next to hector and attack hawkeye. Then dance for lyn, leaving azura step below hawkeye. Then finish off hawkeye with lyn. Leave lyn in place otherwise she will be killed by the red cavalry. The red cavalry will now attack Ike (twice due to ninians dancing) ike should be able to tank it thanks to aether.
Turn 4:
Kill the red cavalry with azura, attack the red infantry through the wall with Lyn, and move ike 1 step up to block ninians path. DONT ATTACK NINIAN if you do so he will revenge kill ninian on enemy turn and then he will be killed by the red infantry. Ninian will attack ike, and nothing else will happen this turn.
Turn 5:
Kill ninian with ike and kill the red infantry with lyn.

That's it.

4 colors (infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Oliver


I used tharja to fight green mage, tharja and jaffar together kill hawkeye. Ike was used to protect tharja from green horse. azura used to do two runs to kill the red horse. and then jaffar and tharja can kill ninian and red slayer.ike for blue horse.

Build a wall (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Paradoxeye


Tiki has Lightning Breath+, Triangle Adapt and Quick Riposte 2
Lyn needs Reposition
Lukas needs Bonfire and Lance Breaker

Hector tanking
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Katoptrys


I had Hector clear the units on the right side (first buff him with epraim, then keep Ninian by his side). Lucina took care of the left side (ephraim buffing her was useful)

Ha, that tickles
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Archangelr


Gwendolyn is medic armor with hone armor and just need to aid Zephiel once since he will be tank most of the hits. Hector will take one hit from a rider and the mage sneak around. Effie can switch out after those two hits.

Team Glory
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Croboi


My main thing was the opening, which was the hardest. I decided to give Celica quick riposte so that she could take out the Green mage first. (That is the only time I use her.) The blue cavalier will be sent down far thanks to Ninian, so I make sure both my horsemen (Brave Lyn, and Reinhardt) are moved away and together, to give Lyn the Hone Cavalry buff. Once he moves in, I use Lyn to take out the blue cavalier and then reposition so that when Hawkeye and the red cavalier come in, they are all out of range. I then use Reinhardt to finish off the red cavalier, and Lyn to finish off Hawkeye. (Thanks to the Quickened pulse her Special will finish him off in the 2 hits.) Everyone will be out of range when the red infantry guy comes in, with Ninians help. Reinhardt will finish him, and with Azura's dance, Lyn can finish off Ninian.

Nino cordelia
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Zeherah


Nino standard desparation build

Ephraim buff build

Cordelia has TA and qp with galeforce with reposition

Olivia has WoM

Use buffed Nino to bait green mage on the right and move Ephraim beside her. Leave Cordelia and Olivia in the same spot. Cordelia will tank horse and process gale force the next turn killing it. Umoce Cordelia towards Nino, dance Cordelia and reposition Nino over the cliff. Make sure you draw back into the corner. Move Ephraim 1 to the right so he isn't hit by Hawkeye.

Next turn Olivia will tank Hawkeye and Ephraim will kill red horse. Reposition Nino towards Hawkeye so she can finish him off then move Olivia beside Nino and wait. 1 hit from Nino and 1 from Cordelia will finish off last sword and then it's just Ninian left.

Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by MiThiKaL


Reinhard kills the red horse then Ike repositions him back. Ike should survive the enemy phase while killing hawkeye and damage the blue horse. Have Reinhardt and Leo retreat way back out of range and position Ike out of danger so that azura can bait the blue horse and red unit. Red unit may survive, finish him off and bait the green mage with Leo. Then finish off ninian.

Fearless Horses
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Duran


Even there are anti-cavalry foes, this team is still great.

Key skills are movement assists especially Draw back and Reposition.
Xander: Siegfried, QR2, Bonfire, Hone Cavalry
Cecilia: Gronnblade, LnD3, Axebreaker (optional), Fortify Cavalry
Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Luna, DB3, Lancebreaker, Hone Cavalry
Camus: Standard Fury+Vantage build

Xander can bait-kill the green mage in first engagement with the help of hone, fortify and also goad from Camus.
Enemies will proceed to the center, Camus can absorb a hit from Zanbatou thanks to his high speed then we can kill them one by one. Beware of dance from Ninian, though.

The thing they tried to counter
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by JBRoyal


Another time Four Riders save the day.
Eldigan needs run Draw Back. He can be replaced by any powerful swordsman which can ORKO Hawkeye and at least 2RKO the red guy next to him. (Example: Brave Roy)
Camus should use Reposition. Any other blue horsemen can take his place as long as he can ORKO the Sword-Cavalier. (Example: Berkut with Swordbreaker, Oscar)
Brave Lyn prefers Brave Bow+ and Swift Sparrow amd Draw Back. She is mandatory.
Cecilia should run a Gronnblade build.
She can be replaced with anyone who does not die by the mage and ORKO Ninian.

Important buffs:
Hone Cavalry: Cecilia, Brave Lyn
Goad Cavalry: Camus

How to do it:
Eldigan stands in the upper left, (Brave) Lyn stands in the lower left.
Camus moves to the spot over Eldigan and repostions him. Eldigan attacks and kills Hawkeye so that he slides back into the spot on the left, surrounded by walls. Only the sword-user will attack him.
Lyn pulls Camus back. Cecilia has to go behind Lyn so Camus, Lyn and Cecilia make a line.
In the enemy turn the Swordsman attacks Eldigan. Both survive. Make sure he can be ko'ed in the next round.
The Sword-Cavalier attacks Camus (supported by Ninian's dance) and dies.
Kill the swordsman with Eldigan.
Use Camus to reposition Lyn. From that spot she can reach the Lance-Cavalier and kill him. Kill Ninian with Cecilia. For this combat she needs Darting Blow and one more point of speed (Sacred Seal, Ally Support with Lyn or Camus or +Spd boon).
The remaining Mage attacks Lyn, she survives.
Do whatever you want with him.

You just need to tank the 1st hit
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by duthanduy


Hone/fortify and let Xander tank the red Cavalier. Who cares about his effective weapon?
The rest should be really easy.
P/s: None of my units are merged.

Dragon Emblem
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Azulito


Y!Tiki: +ATK -RES
Armored blow, Vantage, Hone ATK, Reposition
Nowi: +SPD -RES
Fury, Swordbreaker, Threaten Res, Reposition, Moonbow
Fae: +ATK -SPD
Lightning Breath+, Triangle Adept, Vantage, Spur Def, Reposition, Iceberg
Ninian +1: +SPD -ATK
Resistance+3, Wings of mercy, Fortify Dragons, Dance, Iceberg

All about Reposition (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Krid3r


Nowi: +hp -res
TA2, QR2. Threaten Res 3, Reposition, Bonfire.
Reinhardt +1: +atk -? (forgot)
DB3, LanceBreaker2, Goad Cavalry, Luna, Reposition, Seal atk+1.
Xander: Neutral
Armored Blow 3, QR2, Hone atk 2 (help Nowi kills first red), Bonfire, Reposition, Seal Quick.. Pulse.
Kagero: +atk -? (To one shot Hawkeye)
DB3. Vant 3 (dont use it), Theaten Def 3, Moonbow, Reposition.
Maybe I'll submit a video later.

No Horse Emblem and No Dancers
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by i don't even know


Male Robin has Triangle Adept for killing the Red Cavalier, but a +atk L&D Celica gets things done too. Brave Ike has his base set, and Klein has Fortify Res, which is necessary for Ike to survive that green mage's attack. Not sure if this team works for Infernal mode.

Amelia's Squad
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by riccochet


Vanilla armor emblem team.

Triangle adept Henry
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Grant


With triangle adept, Henry takes 0 damage from the green mage AND hawekeye, so he can tank the green mage on the right, tank Hawkeye when he flies in across the map, then kill the green mage when he gets danced for. Oboro can take the top choke and take out both sword units (I know nobody uses oboro so I assume ephraim, Lukas, or nephenee can do the same job). From there Henry takes the guts from hawkeye to charge his special, uses the special to hit the lance cav (this took like 15 turns but hey it worked). Corrin helps with obstruct to stop the blue cav from passing through and killing Henry, genny chips at hawkeye and heals whoever needs it.

Zephiel & Legion Crush all Opposition + Video
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Lafargo


Ninian and Hawkeye vs Brave Lyn and Brave Lucina
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Kurogami


See the video guide

Dragons and Wizards!
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by ZekeSinner


Nowi tanks sword cavalier and lance cavalier, kills the first, then in player turn finishes cavalier, dance her off to run away, and use Rein to reposition Ninian.Then place Sanaki, or any red mage, in range of the green mage and finish him off, when Hawkeye comes closer nuke him with Sanaki (possibly dance her again and finish him), then finish swordlord with Rein and w8 for Ninian to come closer, then just finish her off however you like.

You can try to place your red mage on the left side, to nuke Hawkeye as soon as he comes closer, but i didnt try it, my primary focus was that green mage.

Ninian can be replaced by any dancer, but her fortify dragons helps Nowi.

Rein can prolly by replaced by any speedy blue mage with reposition.

Nowi can be replaced by any blue tank, but preferable with high def and/or TA3.

Sanaki can be replaced by any speedy/nuking red mage.

BHB: Ninian & Hawkeye
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Moritz-D.


Tank w/ Nowi first then kill w/ tharja.
Hector is for hone atk and ninian kill

The original Durandal user is still king. (Ike does some work too)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by Aestus21


I was just going to check out the map, expecting a loss haha. I baited the green mage with Elwood to start turn 1, and had Lyn to his left with lucina below Lyn for the speed boost. I had Ike just out of range of hawkeye/red cav on the left side of the map. Mage will hit Eliwood, then Ninian will dance the mage, then mage will hit Lyn. My lyn is -Spd +Res, so she takes the hit along with Eliwood Spur res/cav res (goad?). The red cav moves in on Ike with Hawkeye behind him and the red soldier after to finish turn 1. To start turn 2, I repositioned lucina with Eliwood, had her demolish the red cav, then repositioned her back with Ike so he is in range of Hawkeye. I moved Lyn to the left of Ike, so she'll be in the corner of the walls on the left of the map. I can't remember where Eliwood is, but he is out of range of all enemies to finish turn 2. Hawkeye will attack Ike, and with Bonfire and Summoner support, he'll kill him. Everyone else moves up and to the left of the map towards ike with no other attacks that turn. Red soldier is in range of ike. To start turn 3, I move Ike out of range, then Lyn attacks the red soldier, and Eliwood to finish the job. I reposition Lyn with Lucina so everyone is out of range of the green mage except Eliwood to finish turn 3 (my Eliwood is -Atk +Res, and he still does well). The mage will attack twice via Ninian, and deal decent damage the second time as I think it has seal res. To start turn 4, I get Eliwood to attack the mage, I can't remember if he blows him up, or just barely misses the kill, but from what I remember, I mess him up, then place Ike in Ninians range to finish turn 4. He nearly gets the kill when she attacks taking little damage and then turn 5 I finish with Lyn for the SP as I just got her.

Ninian needs a doctor (+links)
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by LuxSaul


Builds in description:



Ez Infernal Clear
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by GeGe


Required Skills:
Lucina: Aether (+def iv perferred, otherwise run or have someone run some sort of +def skill. Fury might work but I have not test it yet.)
Lyn: Atk Smoke
Hector: Threaten Def/Atk 3 and Vantage 3
Ike: Quick Riposte

Starting positions:
Top left: Lyn
Bottom left: Lucina
Top Right: Ike
Bottom Right: Hector:

Turn 1: Bait Lucina into the middle choke-point. The Red cavalier will attack into you followed by a Ninian dance. You should be able to tank both hits and the Red Cavalier will die. Move Ike and Hector up one square and don't move lyn.

Turn 2: Move Lucina back two squares and buff lyn with rally attack then move lyn to the left next to the wall where she can get a free shot into hawkeye. The attack smoke will proc on the blue cavalier and red swordsman. Move Hector in front of lucina and move Ike down one square. (Note: The green mage should've moved down after your first turn. Ike should be in position to counter kill the mage with Quick Riposte.)

Turn 3: At this point Hawkeye and the green mage should be dead and Ninian heavily wounded. The Blue cavalier should be behind her followed by the red swordsmen next to the cavalier. DO NOT ATTACK the red swordsman at all cost. Have either Hector or Lyn kill ninian and Lucina move up to kill the blue cavalier with your charged aether. Have Lyn stay in position.

Turn 4: Move Hector away and use Lyn to deal the final blow and there you go you've beaten Infernal!

Kagero+Ninian combo
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by zorniza


Triangle Adept/Swordbreaker Ninian to bait first red horsemen and kill it Turn 1; +Attack/Death Blow Kagero to 1-shot Hawkeye, Summer Tiki or any green unit with quickened pulse to bait and 1-shot lancer; Julia or any magic tank to keep green mage occupied

Master Baiter
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by GundhamTanaka


+ATK -RES Nino w/Gronnblade+, +SPD -RES Eirika w/Triangle Adept 2, +HP -SPD Azura w/Sapphire, +DEF -SPD Hector w/GTome Breaker

The Titanium Woman, The Invincible Man, The Swift Son, and The one that keeps them all alive
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by A2


Seth: The Hone Cavalry Specialist
Oscar: With that Sweet sweet Atk Ploy 1 seal
Titania: Quickened Pulse Luna
Lissa: Here to keep these three at least somewhat alive.

It helps if Titania and Seth are Supported
Set up:
Oscar positioned in one, Seth in two, Titania three, and Lissa four.

Actually getting into the map:
Turn 1:
-Seth moves two squares to the right
-Titania stands next to him
-Lissa moves under Titania
-Oscar next to Lissa
*Green Mage moves down and attacks Seth
*Ninian Dances the Green Mage
*Green Mage attacks Titania
*Blue Cav moves in front of Ninian
*Red Cav moves moves on the opposite side of the wall next to the Green Mage
*Hawkeye sits next to Red Cav

Turn 2:
-Titania explodes the Blue Cav
-Seth annihilates the Green Mage
-Lissa makes Sure that Mama Titania doesn't implode and heals her
-Oscar Sits next to Lissa to save the smol
*Ninian attacks Seth, Seth proceeds to cheat death
*Red Cav attacks Oscar, Oscar sends Red Cav into the abyss
*Hawkeye proceeds to slowly walk to Oscar

Turn 3:
-Make Seth hug the wall
-Send Titania in to bap Ninian on the head
-Oscar moves In between Lissa and Titania
-End Turn or heal Oscar if it makes you feel better
*Hawkeye Still doesn't reach anyone and contemplates why he can't run through sand

Turn 4:
-Move Titania Up one square
-Lissa Continues to keep Seth not dead(Kindled-Fire Balm proc)
-Seth sits next to Oscar and waits for his prey
-End Turn or buff Seth to make him not die easier and also make him nyooom
*Hawkeye Finally hits something but its for zero(0) Damage. (Sad boi) Oh and Seth hits him hard or kills him if your Seth is stronger than mine but thats not the point.

Turn 5:

After Party:
-Cry that you have to do infernal now
-Enjoy your new found orbs

Infernal Clear
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by ShiningLugia


Supports: Lucina + Elincia (Needed for speed), Ike + Lyn.
Ike needs QR and Aether, Reposition
Lucina Needs Fury 3

Turn 1: Place Lucina to just bait the red cav, Elincia can wait to her right. Place Ike below Elincia, and Lyn below Ike, to bait the Blue cav to the right. Both cavs will suicide.

Turn 2: Kill Hawkeye with Elincia, and kill the Red Infantry with Lucina, placing her out of range of the mage. Reposition Elincia out of the way and put Lyn south of Elincia.
Lucina should survive a hit from the mage

Turn 3: Kill the mage with Elincia, and place Ike in Ninians range, ensuring he has Lucina's speed boosts.

The Bait
Updated: 2017-09-20

Submitted by MrManatee


This build consists of: 1. strong lance user to bait the red cav., 2. tank-like axe user to bait the lance cav., 3. red mage w/ green tomebreaker to bait and kill the green mage, 4. dancer.

In formation (left to right, top to bottom) lance, axe, dancer, rmage. Move your lance up one square to bait the red cav. End turn. Blue cav. should move right around the pillar, get danced, and attack your axe. Use your axe to kill the blue cav. Dance your axe, swap places with your red mage and move the dancer and lance user out of the way of hawkeye with reposition. The green mage kills itself on the red mage and now hawkeye, ninian, and the remaining red sword can be dealt with easily. Simply use your axe user to bait ninian, your red mage and dancer to kill hawkeye, and place your lance in the way of the chokepoint to kill the red sword.