Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika

Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika
  • Normal
  • Infernal
Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika

Team Compositions

When facing Eirika and Ephraim Bond Battle Infernal, many team compositions employing several plans exist.  This demonstration involves one of the more easily-attainable setups.

  • Unit 1 - Dancer/Singer (Recommended Level: 1+)

Any level Dancer/Singer of any type will do.  They will not enter combat at all.

  • Unit 2 - Dancer/Singer (Recommended Level: 40+)

Any Dancer/Singer of any type will suffice, but they will need to take one exchange from the Sword Cavalier.  This will not be an issue for Ninian or Azura, but Olivia should have a minimum speed of 29 and a combined sum for HP and DEF of 58.

  • Unit 3 - Repositioner or Dancer/Singer (Recommended Level: 1+)

They will not engage in combat.  Repositioner has the benefit of being able to be danced and reposition if something goes awry, but if you follow this guide, you should be fine.  If your "Unit 4" needs a Hone Atk boost, this unit needs to be the one that does it.

  • Unit 4 - Brave Bow Archer (Recommended Level: 40+)

Any archer with Brave Bow will suffice (Niles may not reach minimum ATK strength).  In combat, the archer needs to reach 48 ATK no special, 45 ATK with Moonbow, or 43 ATK with Luna + Quickened Pulse.

  • Brave Bow - 4 Mt
  • Brave Bow+ - 7 Mt

Neutral ATK Archers:

Useful A Passives

  • Death Blow 3 - +6 ATK (Skill Inheritance from Klein, Effie, Ursula)
  • Life and Death 3 - +5 ATK (Skill Inheritance from Hana, Jaffar, Minerva, Zephiel)
  • Swift Sparrow 2 - +4 ATK (Skill Inheritance from Spring Lucina, Katarina, Lyn - Brave Lady)
  • Attack +3 - +3 ATK (Skill Inheritance from Cherche, Gordin, Tobin)

Many other useful A Passives exist such as: Sturdy Blow, Fury, Mirror Strike, etc.

Useful Seals:

Summoner Support:

  • Provides up to an extra +2 ATK.

In Action:

For example, if we use a neutral 5* Gordin, we will have his 31 ATK plus his native Brave Bow+ Mt for an extra 7 ATK.  Placing him at 38 ATK.  If we use a Hone Atk 3 Repositioner, this will place him at 42 ATK in combat.  Tack on the ATK seal, and he will be at 43 ATK.  Because we are already using an Attack +1 seal, we will need to attain 2 more ATK + Moonbow special or 5 more ATK with no regards for the special.  This can be easily fulfilled with the A passives described above.  If we attain Summoner Support S and Atk + 3 on him, he no longer needs to worry about a special activation. A stronger archer allows for more breathing room in terms of ATK strength.

Turn 1:

  • Position Unit 1, 2 and 4 on the edge of the enemy attack range.
  • Unit 2 should be in the southern edge block. 
  • Place Unit 3 next to Unit 4.

Turn 2:

  • Reposition Unit 4 towards the group of three enemies.
  • Use Unit 4 to kill Thief first. 
  • Move Unit 2 inside the Red Cavalry's attack range and dance Unit 4.
  • Use Unit 4 to kill Blue Tome enemy.
  • Move Unit 1 to Unit 4 and dance him once more.
  • Move Unit 4 up and attack the Green Cavalry.
  • Final setting: Unit 1, 3, 4 outside of enemy attack range.
  • Unit 2 inside of Red Cavalry's attack range.

Turn 3:

  • Can vary.  If Unit 3 can finish off Red Cavalry, proceed to do so and then use Unit 4 to kill Eirika and retreat from Ephraim. 
  • Otherwise, use Unit 4 to kill Red Cavalry and safely retreat from Eirika and Ephraim.

Turn 4:

  • If Eirika is alive, kill her with Unit 4 (and dancer do-overs) and retreat from Ephraim. 
  • Otherwise, kill Ephraim and run is over.             

Turn 5:

  • If you could not kill both Eirika and the Red Cavalry on the same turn, then this turn is needed for defeating Ephraim.

Final Notes: Congrats, you have bested Infernal Bond Battle Eirika and Ephraim!

Example Playthrough
Map Enemies
  • Hard
  • Lunatic
  • Infernal
29 37 19 12 27
Weapon Gronnblade A Defiant Atk 2
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Vantage 3
Special Miracle C Drive Atk 1
36 38 18 19 23
Weapon Silver Sword A Darting Blow 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Lunge
Special Growing Flame C Hone Atk 2
34 33 25 15 20
Weapon Blárblade A Warding Blow 2
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Guard 2
Special Luna C Atk Smoke 3
48 47 22 28 18
Weapon Siegmund A Fury 3
Support B Seal Def 3
Special Moonbow C Threaten Def 3
44 37 28 20 20
Weapon Sieglinde A Armored Blow 3
Support Pivot B Drag Back
Special C Hone Spd 3
40 49 26 17 35
Weapon Gronnblade+ A Defiant Atk 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Vantage 3
Special Miracle C Drive Atk 2
49 50 25 26 30
Weapon Silver Sword+ A Darting Blow 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Lunge
Special Growing Flame C Hone Atk 3
45 44 32 20 28
Weapon Blárblade+ A Warding Blow 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Guard 3
Special Luna C Atk Smoke 3
64 55 29 35 23
Weapon Siegmund A Fury 3
Support B Seal Def 3
Special Moonbow C Threaten Def 3
58 43 36 27 28
Weapon Sieglinde A Armored Blow 3
Support Pivot B Drag Back
Special C Hone Spd 3
46 52 28 19 38
Weapon Gronnblade+ A Defiant Atk 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Vantage 3
Special Miracle C Drive Atk 2
57 53 27 28 33
Weapon Silver Sword+ A Darting Blow 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Lunge
Special Growing Flame C Hone Atk 3
52 47 35 22 31
Weapon Blárblade+ A Warding Blow 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Guard 3
Special Luna C Atk Smoke 3
50 38 43 15 35
Weapon Rogue Dagger+ A Armored Blow 3
Support Rally Atk/Spd B Poison Strike 3
Special Iceberg C Panic Ploy 3
73 58 31 38 25
Weapon Siegmund A Fury 3
Support Pivot B Obstruct 3
Special Moonbow C Threaten Def 3
67 45 39 29 31
Weapon Sieglinde A Armored Blow 3
Support Pivot B Drag Back
Special Moonbow C Hone Spd 3
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Is that a 3* Olivia?!
Updated: 2017-09-12

Submitted by RoseRaynier


Used the strategy above to great effect. While I did use B! Lyn, she is in no way required. Any brave bow user that can get up to 48 (through a combination of hone, spur, and A skills) can munch through this map with ease. I used a lvl 1 3* Olivia, and had absolutely no issues. As long as you have one unit to tank the red sword and either kill him, or have the other unit the walk through mentions do it, it's all about kiting the twins. Ephraim seemed drawn to my 3* Olivia no matter where she went. So I used that to kite him away from Eirika, and took her down. Be extra careful to keep distance from whichever of the twins you aren't fighting, and dance your way to completion.

Edit: I didn't even have Brave Bow+... I SI'd a brave bow off of a 3* Gordin...

No Lyn No Rein
Updated: 2017-09-12

Submitted by Meikou


Hector should be equipped with Vantage & Bonfire.
Ryoma have Reposition.
Azura & Elise is vanilla.
Equip Distant Def seal.
Bait ninja & mage after he's buffed by Azura & Ryoma.
He should kill all the range unit.
Kill Cavalry with Azura. Repos her with Ryoma if she cant reach him.
Heal hector so he can kill Ephraim.
Let Azura (&Ryoma) deal with Eirika

Mixed Horse and Dancers(Based on the Page Strategy)
Updated: 2017-09-12

Submitted by -JvanC-


Basically just follow the steps on the main page strategy.
--The Attack come from B-Lyn
--Xander Buff B-Lyn ans move with reposition
--Dancers give extra turns for Reposition Unit

Default set
Draw Back

Vantage 3

Standard Set

First without break the wall.
With B-Lyn buffed by Xander (Hone Cavalry) defeat the red Horse, With reposition and Dancers move away from enemy range
After that all is hit and run

Gronnblade Vantage Calvary
Updated: 2017-09-11

Submitted by CamM15


The most important thing is that Cecilia has Gronnblade & Vantage. Also, that the other 3 units have Calvary skills.

Lyn 4 The Win
Updated: 2017-09-10

Submitted by SpiritKitty


Attack only with Lyn. If any of your units take damage you've messed up.

2 dancer with ike and brave lyn
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by Kurogami


Brave Lyn: +def -res
Draw Back, New Moon,Swift Sparrow 2, Sacae's Blessing,Threaten Def 2
Ninian: +atk -def
Moonbow, Triangle Adept 2, Swordbreaker 3, Hone Atk 3, Seal Fortify Res 1
Olivia 4*: +vel -atk
Ruby sword, Draconic Aura, Fury 1, Escape Route 2, Hone Atk 1
Ike: +res -atk
Reposition, Aether, Heavy Blade 3, Quick Reposte 2, Threaten Def 3, Seal HP +3

When Ike kills more than Brave Lyn
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by Pyromania


Unit builds:
Brave Lyn (Neutral): Mulagir, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Swift Sparrow 2, Sacae's Blessing, Atk Smoke 3
Nowi (+Spd, -Def): Lightning Breath+, Reposition, Moonbow, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Hone Atk 3, Squad Ace A
Olivia (+Spd, -Def): Silver Sword, Dance, Wings of Mercy 3, Hone Atk 2
Ike (+Spd, -Atk): Ragnell, Reposition, Moonbow, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Hone Atk 3, Attack +1, Summoner Support B

Turn 1: Lyn & Nowi in top spots, Olivia & Ike in bottom spots. Lyn breaks wall, Olivia dances on Lyn's right side, Lyn moves above Olivia, Nowi moves on Olivia's left, Ike moves under Nowi.

Turn 2: Lyn kills Blue Mage, Olivia dances on Lyn's right, Lyn moves on Ike's left, Ike moves above Nowi and Repositions Olivia, Nowi stays put, end turn. Ike tanks Thief's attack, Vantage OHKOs Green Cavalier, Ephraim & Eirika move down.

Turn 3: Lyn attacks Sword Cavalier below Thief, Ike kills Thief, Olivia dances Ike from below, Ike kills Sword Cavalier, Nowi moves beside Ike and Olivia. Ephraim & Eirika move closer.

Turn 4: Lyn attacks Ephraim, Olivia dances behind Lyn, Lyn moves behind Olivia & Repositions her behind, Nowi kills Ephraim, Ike moves in front of Lyn. Ike tanks Eirika's attack and is Dragged Back.

Turn 5: Eirika is killed by Lyn & Nowi.

Xander the Great
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by Duran


For infernal, inheritance is needed to end this quickly.

Xander must have Reposition and Quick Riposte (mine is only 2), Hone cavalry is a warm welcome for the other three to wreck havoc. Bonfire is also great on him because of it's fixed damage, he can even kill weakened Ephraim.
Brave Lyndis is neutral and no other skills more than her own base kit, which is very great.
Reinhardt must use Dire Thunder (don't even dare to use other tomes on him, ever!) and has Draw Back along with Goad Cavalry (base kit). Death Blow is recommended, mine is only 2 but that's enough.
Cecilia is the most augmented one here with Blade tome and LnD (mine is not blade+ but that's enough). Raven-TA build is also great to boot.

The strategy is to kill the blue mage with Lyn and reposition her back with Xander, then Reinhardt draw her back leaving only Xander in threat range of green cav. and ninja. On the enemy phase both of them will commit suicide on Xander. Thanks to AI, ninja should strike first with rally from sword cav., it will do ZERO damage (if the green mage hit first QR would not remain active on Xander)
The next turn, just kill the sword with Reinhardt and reposition him with Xander.

After that the only enemies remained are Ephraim and Eirika which is sweet for Cecilia and Reinhardt.
Cecilia might not be able to double Ephraim but will do a big chunk of damage and Xander can score a kill with Bonfire.

Armor Emblem Does a Grand Hero Battle - INFERNAL CLEAR WITH VIDEO
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by Walrusxyz


Bound Hero Battles are always difficult to do. I personally hated Lilina and Cecilia. However, I decided to take it upon myself to clear it with Armor Emblem, a little bit of a challenge for me. My favorite units in the game are armor units, so this was actually really fun for me. And, a relatively quick clear. Don't worry though, if you REALLY want to clear this map, all you need are three dancers and a Brave Bow Unit with Draw Back. This is just a fun way I decided to do it, taking a break from the meticulous strategizing and having a little enjoyment. All units are 5 Stars and level 40.

Video is here:

Zephiel, Neutral IVs
Weapon: Ecksachs
Assist: Reposition
Special: Ignis
Slot A: Distant Counter
Slot B: Wary Fighter 3
Slot C: Threaten Atk 3
Sacred Seal: Squad Ace A (HP+3)
Support: Amelia (C)
Zephiel doesn't really do much in this battle aside from assist Amelia. She really needed a resistance buff, and C support does that fine. I also needed a good reposition-er. If you don't have Zephiel, you can literally just replace him with a Barst just so long as you C support with Amelia.

Amelia, -Def +Res
Weapon: Slaying Axe+
Assist: Draw Back
Special: Moonbow
Slot A: Distant Counter
Slot B: Quick Riposte 3
Slot C: Armor March 3
Sacred Seal: HP+3
Support: Zephiel (C), Summoner (C)
Amelia is a great unit for this battle, but she needs resistance buffs since it's so low. The HP buffs also help a lot, and Distant Counter + Quick Riposte makes her just as strong as Hector, so it's really no argument as to why you should run her, especially on Armor Emblem.

Hector, -Def +HP
Weapon: Armads
Assist: Reposition
Special: Ignis
Slot A: Distant Counter
Slot B: Vantage 3
Slot C: Goad Armor
Sacred Seal: Squad Ace 3 (Res +1)
Support: Effie (C) (Not needed)
Hector functions as, well, a tank. They all do. He dishes out and takes what he needs to on this map well enough, and reposition comes in handy later. Not much more to say.

Effie, +Atk -Spd
Weapon: Brave Lance +
Assist: Smite (Not needed)
Special: Bonfire
Slot A: Death Blow 3
Slot B: Wary Fighter 3
Slot C: Threaten Def 2
Sacred Seal: Atk +1
Support: Hector (C) (Not needed)
Effie is able to kill off a lot of important units on this map thanks to her insane attack power and Brave Lance. Not really much more to say here.

Those were the unit builds, onto the step-by-step guide as usual. Positioning Effie in bottom left, Zephiel on bottom right, Amelia on top left, and Hector on top right.
Turn 1: Move Effie and Hector as far left as they can move (Effie should only be able to move one, but Hector will move two thanks to Armor March). Have Amelia break the wall in front, then move Zephiel in front of her and reposition her into the danger zone. On enemy turn she should kill the green tome cavalier and leave the blue tome user in a near-death state.

Turn 2: Move Effie up one and have her execute the Red Cavalier brutally. Have Amelia move behind Zephiel and use draw back. Move Zephiel down and to the left so he's in the space between the little corner and Amelia. Basically, just move him out of the danger zone, then move Hector up one. Hector should be put into Vantage range by Ephriam, then kill the blue tome user.

Turn 3: Move Effie up one and have her kill the shuriken user. Next, move Amelia up and have her finish off Ephriam. Finally, use reposition with Hector and put Effie in front of Eirika, protecting your other units. She'll easily tank the hit.

Turn 4: Finish off Eirika.

Enjoy your free orbs! Working on a FTP Infernal guide featuring Valter catching his prey! Hopefully, I can get it before the event is over.

Hector and +Res Buffs
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by mudkip


At least Spur Res 2 on Azura and then Hector can DC the green mage and dagger. Vantage to finish off blue mage. Then Reinhardt and Lyn to finish off the horse and E&E.

Scalebound Horses (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by Paradoxeye


Make sure Nowi has Sword Breaker.
Fae with Lightning Breath helps a ton too.

Infernal: dual push w/ mixed units
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by alendory



Hector (+Def/-Res)
DC, Lancebreaker 1, Threaten Def 2, Fortify Res Seal
Armads, Swap, Bonfire

Brave Lyn (Neutral)
Swift Strike 2, Desperation 3, Atk Smoke 3, Speed Seal
Mulagir, Reposition, Draconic Aura

Azura (+HP/-Spd)
Speed+3, Wings of Mercy 2, Fortify Def 3, Spur Def Seal
Sapphire Lance+, Sing, Luna

Genny (+HP/-Atk)
Speed+3, Wrathful Staff 3, Hone Atk 3, Atk Ploy Seal
Assault, Physic, Imbue

Ally Supports:
A -- Hector w/ Lyn (Res/Def/Spd+2)
B -- Azura w/ Genny (Res/Def+2)

Summoner Support:
B -- Azura (HP+4, Res/Def+2)

Turns Taken: 5

Which and who defeated what (in order):
1. Lyn -> Blue Mage
2. Lyn -> Green Cavalier
3. Lyn -> Red Cavalier
4. Hector -> Ephraim
5. Genny + Hector -> Eirika
6. Azura + Lyn -> Thief

Turn 1: Preparation
| x | 1 | 2 |
| 3 | 4 | x |

Lyn [2] destroys the nearest wall on top of Hector [1] and he swapped position with her to let her soak on res buff from him and hone atk from Genny [4].

Turn 2: Baiting
Lyn moves 2 spaces up, attaching herself right at the end of the wall to bait the blue mage. Hector moves left to [1], get danced (sing?) by Azura and moves up to provide further res buff from support to Lyn. Genny moved to Hector earlier position on the right [2]. During the enemy phase, the blue mage will attack Lyn and left her <50% HP. Lyn can't double the mage, but it's okay. Enemies will pursue from top (Ephraim and Eirika) and the rest will come from the left side. Ephraim will pivot to arrive right at Lyn's face.

Turn 3: First Kill
Use Lyn to finish off the blue mage, then Hector will swap his position with her to tank Ephraim. At this situation, Eirika can't yet reach Hector so he will only deal with Ephraim alone later. Genny should heal Lyn from where she is (+8HP) and Azura will sing her out of the single danger zone behind Hector. Lyn moves to the position below Genny to receive on hone atk buff for the next turn. During the enemy phase, Hector will tank Ephraim's special once and hit back twice. Fury will proc on Ephraim, leaving him with a small amount of HP. Eirika will finally arrive at her side. The enemies on the left will come closer but should not be able to hit anything.

Turn 4: Sweep
Lyn should still be under desperation zone at <75%. Moves her to double the green cavalier first, readying her special to proc. Azura will then refresh her and have Lyn attack the red cavalier, without a special she won't be able to ORKO it (missing 3-4 damage). With this the two big threats from the left field are gone and most importantly, the thief will have its attack reduced by Atk Smoke (38->31). The reason Lyn needs a speed seal here is to prevent her from getting doubled by the thief at the next turn (43-38=5, so a +1 negates it). The Atk Smoke itself is needed to prevent Azura and Genny from dying to double as their speed is far below what's needed. On the top side, Hector's special will proc and use it to finish Ephraim, Genny will then heal him (+18HP) to let him survive Eirika's moonbow+attack next turn. In the enemy phase, the thief will attack Azura as she's the only melee that won't counter and reduce her health down to half. Eirika will nearly down Hector and dragged her back 1 space to the north.

Turn 5: Finishing
Hector won't be able to KO Eirika.
Lyn won't be able to KO the thief.
So Genny should first weaken Eirika with a ranged attack, and similarly, Azura should do the same with the thief.

If you decide or are able to run with this set up, the most important skills to SI are:
Lyn: Desperation 3
Hector: Lancebreaker (even level 1), Swap
Genny: Hone Atk 3

Supports don't really make a huge contribution other than the baiting part to slightly reduce the blue mage's attack, so it's not necessary.


Lots of Support
Updated: 2017-09-08

Submitted by JJLuigi


This team cleaned house. I had Hector tank the thief and the mages (note he had Spur Atk, Drive Atk, AND S support supporting him), let my Lucina kill the Sword Cav, from there I backed up and let my Bridelia finish off Ephraim with her S-support boost from Delthea, then I weakened Eirika and finished her off with Lucina's Aether. Easiest BHB BY FAR.

Elise, Xander and Lyn
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by XrosWars


Must Have:

Xander: Siegfried, Reposition (SI from Barst, Selena), Armored Blow 3 (if you have Vantage 3 and Bonfire this battle is more easy)

Elise: Rehabilitate (Lissa 4*), Hone Cavalry (Gunther 4*)

Lyn: Her skill (No SI)

Azura: Sing (if you have Threaten Defense is more easy)

Youtube video (ITA):

Horses- no inheritance needed (infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Briopha


If my pathetic +hp -spd Olwen survived this map, then you can too!
Break the wall, line up Lyn, Camus and Olwen in that column, Olivia to the left of Olwen. Lyn KOs both mages, Camus KOs cavalry and weakens dagger. Stay out of the twins' range, they each take 2 or 3 hits.

Horse Emblem with Brave Lyn!
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Nano1124


Here's a video of how I did it since it would be easier to watch this than to make a wall of text.

Sorry... NOT SORRY!
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by NoahBloodedge



5* Full Inheritance Horse Emblem-Team without Lyn or Reinhardt, pls
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by BBRexy


Eldigan (40+1): Fury, Swordbreaker (!), Bonfire, Fortify Cav
Camus: Fury, Reposition, Moonbow, Goad Cav
Titania (40+1): Fury, Reposition (!), Iceberg, Hone Cav
Cecilia: Gronnraven+(!), Triangle Adept 3(!), Green Tomebreaker, Moonbow, Ward Cav

To life an attack from the ninja AND Green Mage-Cav my Cecilia needs the +3 HP and +2 Res from C-Rang-Support with yourself, maybe +Res-Cecilia can handle this without. Let get her the full boost off Titania and Eldigan and went to the point left of the destroyable wall, put Eldigan under her and Camus under him, Titania waits under the destroyable tile.
The ninja with Sword-Cav-Boost would attack Cecilia and only made (the unfortunate) Poison Strike-Damage and the Green Mage-Cave attacks her from above and bring her to very low HP.
Next turn, get Cecilia under Titania and destroy the wall to take off the green Mage with Titania, which has to take a hit from the Blue Mage, that means get (in my Skill-Set) only 6 Points Fury-Damage, thanks to Emerald Axe+. Meanwhile took Eldigan out of the Range of any unit and stay with Camus in the range of the damaged Ninja and end your turn.
The ninja runs into Camus an dies and the Blue Mage attacks Titania. Now Ephraim should be in your Range. Attack him with Cecilia, go down with Titania and do Reposition on Cecilia and take care, that only Titania ist in Ephraims range. End Turn.
Ephraim dies when he attacks Titania and now the Sword-Cav and Eirika (from the Top of the Map) is near enough to handle them without beeing scared, cause know you can OHKO Eirika with Eldigan, thanks to his Bonfire and Swordbreaker and can take out the Sword-Cav with Camus and his Moonbow, that should trigger.
Now wait for the Blue Mage and blew him away (my Cecilia can OHKO him with Boosts / Moonbow).

Finished! That was what I made in Infernal-Mode because Lunatic and Hard are way too easy with this Squad needing any specific plan.
(Hint: Maybe you have to take care in positioning your Heros right, to get needed Boosts at the right time, but I think everyone can do this easily, because there are not that much possibilities, because you never really left the bottom right corner)

DC Berkut
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by JT3465


Distant Counter Berkut With Cavalry buffs FTW.

I just winged it
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by i don't even know


i didn't know what i was doing but i cleared it on lunatic mode anyway

5-Turn Infernal
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by RobHar


Lyn: Neutral IV's Brave Bow+, Reposition, Draconic
Gaze, Swift Sparrow 2, B Tomebraker 3, Hone
Cavalry, Any Seal with HP+3
Camus: Neutral IV's, Gradivus, Reposition, Moonbow,
Fury 3, Vantage 3, Threaten Spd 3, No Seal
Julia: HP+, Atk-, Naga, Swap, Draconic Aura,
Resistance +3, G Tomebraker 3, No Seal,
Partners with Lyn(B-Rank), Summoner
Olivia: Dance, Hone Atk 3(Everything else is pretty
much unneccessary)
Other IV's / Summoner and Partner Ranks might work as well.

Turn 1: Start off like this:
Lyn moves left by 1, Camus moves right by 1
and breaks the wall, Olivia moves to where
the wall was, Julia stays where she is.

Turn 2: Lyn moves up by one and left by 2 and
kills the dagger, Olivia dances for Lyn, Lyn
moves left by 2 and repositions Olivia back
to where the wall was, Julia swaps with Lyn,
Camus stays where he is.

Turn 3: Julia finishes off the green mage, Lyn
repositions Julia, Camus repositions Lyn, Olivia
moves down by 2.

Turn 4: Camus moves up by 1 and kills Eirika, Olivia
dances for Camus, Camus moves down by 2
and reposizions Olivia, Julia moves right by 2,
Lyn stays where she is.

Turn 5: Camus moves left by 1 and up by 1 and kills
the sword-user, Lyn attacks Ephraim,
Julia moves left by 1 and finishes off Ephraim,
Olivia Dances for Lyn, Lyn moves left by 1 and
up by 1 and kills the blue mage.

And done! (Sorry if my english isn't perfect, it's my second language)

It's ya boy Hector!
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by ecastle2


Hector - +Res, -HP - DC, Vantage 3, Fortify Armor, HP+3 seal, Bonfire, Pivot

Azura (+2) - +Def, -Atk - Fury 3, WoM3, Hone Atk 3, Breathe of Life 1 seal

Brave Lucina - +Atk, -Res - Sturdy Blow 3, Renewal 3, Drive Spd 2, Spur Def 1 seal, Reciprocal Aid, Aether

4 star Sheena (lol) - all that matters is she had Fortify Armor, Swap, QR1, and Squad Ace A 1 seal

Basically with this set up Hector baited and killed the ninja, blue mage, and green mage cav turn 1. Azura baited and killed the red cav turn 2, Azura baited Eirika turn 3, BLucina moved into Azura's spot turn 4 to block Eirika while Sheena moved next to BLucina which was in front of Ephraim so neither Ephraim nor Eirika could move to attack the opposite unit because they were next to each other so they were forced to attack the unit blocking their path. Then Swap Sheena with Hector to let Hector finish off Ephraim.

Bladetome full buff
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Unlucky


Nino can tank both mages and kill them with a fortify res buff if she doesnt have -hp IV. After that, the job is easy to deal with

The Brave Tactician (Infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Morrighan


Weapon: Gronnwolf+
A: Fury 3
B: B Tomebreaker 3
C: Fortify Res 3
Support: Draw Back (Required)
Special: Bonfire
Seal: Atk +1 (Required)

Cordelia: (Must be neutral attack) (+Def -Hp)
Weapon: Brave Lance+
A: L&D 2 (Required)
B: Drag Back ( Hit and Run works)
C: None
Support: Reposition
Special: Galeforce (Required)
Seal: Quickened Pulse (Required)

Klein: (+Spd -Res)
Weapon: Brave Bow+
A: Death Blow 3
B: Quick Riposte 3
C: Hone Spd 3
Support: Draw Back
Special: Luna
Seal: Hardy Bearing

Olivia: Neutral (I did have Ruby Sword equipped though)

Due to the overwhelming amount of units with inflated stats, leaving them alive to encroach isn't a good idea. We have two brave users to handle the units' pitiful defenses, and Robin pulls her weight along the way.

Step 1:
So you'll want to start out by positioning your units accordingly. Robin will occupy the danger area above the breakable tile. Cordelia will position herself right beside the wall on the left. Klein will position himself right beside Cordelia, and Olivia will position herself right above Klein.

Step 2:
Green Cavalier should attack Robin. Blue Cavalier should have moved beside Green. Ephraim and Eirika should be directly in front of Robin. Red Cavalier should be in range of Cordelia, and Thief should be close by Cavalier.

Step 3:
What you want to do is get Robin the hell out of there. Move down two spaces, if Olivia is where she should be, use Draw Back on her and get Robin out of range of Ephraim. Kill Green Cavalier with Klein, dance on him, then kill Blue Cavalier. This next step is essential. Cordelia should be neutral attack, no merge should give her even 1 attack, and she should have L&D 2. If you meet these requirements, Cordelia should get a Galeforce proc after single combat with Red Cavalier. Olivia should still be in the position she started in, and thus after killing the Red Cavalier, Cordelia shouldn't move from Drag Back. Move in and kill Thief.

Step 4:
Ephraim and Eirika move in. Robin should be at 1 with her Special. Move down two to get in range to attack Ephraim. Shortly after that, dance on her (make sure not to be in Eirika's range) and move towards Cordelia and Klein before attacking again. attack with a Bonfire proc, and Ephraim should be dead. Reposition Robin out of there.

Step 5: Eirika moves in. Brave bow her, then kill with Cordelia.

Notes: Dancer is required. Enemy may move differently depending on who you use though. I attempted to use another green mage, but the Red Cavalier would run straight up to attack said mage. He moves towards the others instead because of Robin having the Gronnwolf tome. If you can kill the Red Cavalier, get a Galeforce proc and live, as well as kill Eirika, any Brave Galeforce user can take Cordelia's job. Enemy may move differently though. Finally any Brave bow user can work.

Our Brave Gurl Lyn
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by ZekeSinner


Simply: Lyn to the rescue, Eldigan not short behind!

Neutral Brave Lyn needs Brave Bow or Brave Bow+, and HP seal.

Eldigan mostly for Hone Cavalry, but if you dont have Brave Bow+ he will need to do some cleaning (can be repalced by any red riders with 50+ atk or any blue rider, as long as it has hone cavalry)

2x Dancer/Singer, any. But if you have only Brave Bow on Lyn (like me, coz im not big fan of that build) you need spur atk on one of them.


Just destroy the wall with Lyn(from spot closest to noname enemies) in first turn and place one of dancers there. Put cavalier next to Lyn and second dancer so she will be able to Dance/Sing Lyn, after Lyn jumps on the thief.

In next turn just go and kill thief, then dance Lyn with the one of the dancers (the one with spur if you dont have BB+) and melt blue mage, then dance her again and melt green mage. Let red cavalier hit you, and kill him in next turn as payback.

Then just sweep the rest, if you have BB+ there is no trick to it, if not you need to fall back (i got separated from one of my dancers, pivot!) and then in next turn severely injure Eirika, dance Lyn and injure Ephraim, then finish Ephraim with your second rider, dance him with second dancer and finish off Eirika.

Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by tails512


Start by killing dagger with Lyn (brave bow), then sing for her, and use her to reposition Azura out of danger (previously broke the wall so Azura can go there). Julia swaps with Lyn and on enemy turn kills blue mage (Julia is my summoner support, which might be necessary for the ko depending on ivs). Next turn Camus kills the red cavalry, other units pull him out of danger, and Julia goes in range of green mage. Next turn Camus finishes off green mage. Azura kills Eirika (Swordbreaker on Azura so she doubles). Julia attacks Ephraim to weaken him, and Lyn finishes him off.

Infernal w Detailed instructions
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by kirby


My team specifics. No Ally or Summoner supports:

Xander - Neutral.
Attack+3, QR2, Hone Cavalry.
Siegfried, Reposition, Bonfire

Brave Lyn - Neutral
Swift Sparrow 2, Sacae's Blessing, Atk Smoke 3
Mulagir, Reposition, Draconia Aura

Ephraim. 5*+1. +Atk/-Def
Siegmund, Reposition, Moonbow
Defense+3, QR3, Hone Speed

Nino 5*+1. +Spd/-HP
Gronnblade+. Draw back, Moonbow.
Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Atk 3

================Turn 1================
Player phase:

Move everyone so that:
-Lyn is up one, right two from the red cav.
-Xander is to her right
-Nino is above Xander
-Ephraim is to the right of Nino. Have Ephraim break the block

Enemy phase: No movement

================Turn 2================
Player phase
-Honed cav Lyn takes out the blue mage
-Move Xander to Lyn's right and have him reposition Lyn so that she's above Nino.
-Have Nino draw back Lyn.
-Xander should be in the range of the thief and green mage. Everyone else is safe
End turn.

Enemy phase:
-Red cav should move up to rally the thief.
-Thief should hit xander for 0 dmg and die.
-Green mage will hit xander and die.
-Eirika moves diagonally down right.
-Enemy!Ephraim moves diagonally down left.

================Turn 3================
Player Phase
-Move Ephraim up one spot so that he's in Eirika's range.
-Move Nino under Ephraim for buffs.
-Move Lyn over two to attack the red cav.
-Move Xander to hit/KO the red cav from Lyn's left (/from below the red cav). Make sure Xander is not in enemy!Ephraim's range.

Enemy phase:
-Eirika will attack Ephraim and die.
-Enemy!Ephraim moves closer

================Turn 4================
Player Phase
-Have Lyn Reposition Nino so that Nino is closer to enemy!Ephraim.
-Nino attacks and KOs enemy!Ephraim.
-You win

No need for brave heroes
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by cinnamon chan


All you really need to focus on this team is positioning.
Robin needs hone speed and reinhardt needs +res seal, both need reposition
Tharja and nino need life and death, moonbow.
For the team's starting position, place tharja and nino where they can get the most buffs
Turn 1: use nino to bait the green mage
Turn 2: use tharja to finish off the green mage, reposition her with robin, kill ephraim with nino and reposition her with reinhardt.
Turn 3: kill the red cavalier with reinhardt, draw him back, kill the ninja with robin
Turn 4: kill eirika and stay away from the blue mage
Turn 5: kill the last blue mage with nino.
That's it (๑╹ω╹๑ )

Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Dorje


Only unit that matters is Cecilia. Mine has Gronnblade, Close counter, and Vantage. Buff her with a hone and fortify, and she'll kill everyone but Eirika and the Sword Cavalier.

Infernal Battle w/ Guide
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by yasendai


Hector (-def/+res)
Distant Counter
Vantage 3
Attack +1 Seal

To be honest, it doesnt need to be zephiel. Just as long as you have someone with pivot and fortify armor, then you're good. My zephiel doesn't even have his legendary wep.

Brave Lyn (Neutral IV)
Just the base loadout of Brave Lyn with Reposition added in.

Delthea (-atk/+res can literally be any IV though)
Only skills that matter are Dark Aura, reposition, Fury3, and Drive Attack.

Turn 1 and 2: have delthea break the wall, and move everyone one space. Then, on turn two, move delthea to the left once and end turn so that you can apply the +6 attack buff to hector
Turn 3: Move everyone but Brave Lyn up one tile. Hector will be baiting and killing the two mages and the ninja. The attack +1 seal is absolutely necessary as he will deal exactly the amount of damage needed to kill the blue mage.
Turn 4: move Brave Lyn up one and left one to attack the sword rider. Finish off the sword rider with delthea.
Turn 5: Thanks to pavise, hector will survive Emphraim's attack with 1 hp. Use hector to kill ephraim and then move him behind delthea with reposition. then have zephiel move once to the left and pivot behind Brave Lyn. Then have Lyn move once to the right and reposition Delthea to the space below her.
Turn 6:Attack Eirika with Lyn and then Delthea (or the other way around for these two it doesnt make a difference). Finish off eirika with Hector.

And that's it.

Horse Emblem not required, though ideal
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Cav829


Compared to some other Infernal maps, this one is straight-forward. The easiest way to deal with this map is to take out the blue mage (with this comp, that duty falls to Lyn, though any green mage with 40 speed or blue mage with 57 damage value and the ability to double him will do the job) and then use a non-infantry red unit with reposition and triangle adept to move that unit out of the way and tank the Thief and the green mage. It's more ideal for said unit to have distant counter, so while Horse Emblem isn't required, Xander is still the ideal unit for this situation. Ike is another good option.

After that, you just need units to clean up Erika, Eraphim, and the Sword Cavalier. A blue mage with Lancebreaker will make short work of Ephraim. Erika's attack is relatively low, so a blue physical tank or a red around 40 Def w/ buffs or Xander should be able to tank her even with Moonbow likely procing.

Ike Reinhardt dancer brave lucina (infernal)
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by MiThiKaL


Start by inching your units just outside the danger zone. Ike on the lower left corner, azura to his right, lucina above azura and Reinhardt to the right of lucina.

Move Ike up and left one, have azura dance him so he can attack the red horse on bottom left. Lucina moves to bottom left where Ike started ( so she can buff him, not positive if this is necessary but I did it anyway). Then have Reinhardt reposition azura to the right to safety.

Horse Emblem
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Master_Aoshi


- Siegfried
- Reposition
- Ignis
- Fury 3
- Vantage 3
- Hone Cavalry
- (no Seal)
- Support: Titania (Rank B)

Titania: (unfinished)
- Emerald Axe+
- Reciprocal Aid
- Night Sky
- Fury 3
- Desperation 3
- Fortify Cavalry
- (no Seal)
- Support: Xander (rank B)

- Gradivus
- Reposition
- Moonbow
- Fury 3
- Vantage 3
- Goad Cavalry
- (no Seal)
- Support: Brave Lyn (Rank B)

Brave Lyn: (unfinished)
- Mulagir
- (empty)
- Dragon Fang
- Swift Sparrow 2
- Sacae's Blessing
- Hone Atk 2
- (no Seal)
- Support: Camus (Rank B)

First, use Lyn to defeat Blue Mage and use Xander's Reposition on her. Red Horseman will buff Ninja and both Ninja and Green Mage will attack Xander. Green Mage will be defeated by this.

Next, use Lyn to kill Ninja and Camus to kill red Horseman.

Afterwards you can defeat Ephraim and Eirika quite easily by attacking with Lyn and kill with Camus/Titania/Xander.

Cavalry team + dancer / infernal
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by ÄäliöGaming


Lyn Brave Lady - Default skills
Reinhardt - Draw back, Draconic Aura, DB3, LB3, Goad cav
Xander - Reposition, Bonfire, AB3, Vantage3, Hone cav
Olivia - Ruby sword+, Moonbow, Fury3, WoM3, Hone atk3


Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Sof


Must have reposition for Xander and Lyn
Xander quick reposte 1 and Fury 3
1. Lyn will kill the blue tome then Xander will reposition Lyn, get Lyn out of the way. Xander will tank the damge of the dagger and the green tome
2. Reinhardt will kill the calvary(sword)
3. Kill Ephraim and Erika

Horse Emblem for all
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by LuxSaul


Here are the videos: (builds in description)



Maining Brave Lyn
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by Fehish


None of these specific characters are needed besides Brave Lyn. Make sure to put Desperation on her, even if it's just 2. Which dancers you have doesn't matter as long as they all have Wings of Mercy. The fourth can either be another dancer or a cavalry unit with Hone Cavalry. Lyn sweeps the whole map.

Taking All Down!!
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by DrLong


The key to win this Infernal BHB is using Brave Lyn kill the blue mage unit with slot C (Atk Smoke 3), and then using melee tank Heroes that can counter those range units (like Ike, Ryoma, Hector,..), the rest'll be esier with Robin (M) using TA3 and Swordbreaker

Probably not for F2P, but maybe.
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by vvanky


So, Brave bow Lyn with LnD
Merric with Triangle Adept 3 to tank some hits and potentially kill Ephraim. Reposition is needed on Lyn and Merric.
Dancer with Hone spd, neither of the dancers do any combat.
Kill the dagger user with Lyn, dance her, and reposition the dancer into safe space.
Kill the Sword user, and tome user by dancing lyn and keep Ephraim and Eirika busy in the top left corner, tank one hit from Ephraim, Eirika wont attack if you just stand in his face.
Unless you're special, you should be able to kill the 2 characters with 2 dancers and a Brave Lyn. And potentially Merric.

Horse Emblem Ultima
Updated: 2017-09-07

Submitted by riccochet


Standard Brave Lyn plus Hardy Bearing, Raven Cecilia (TA+GTomebreaker), Fury Camus, and unfinished Xander.

Turn 1-2, make sure none Cecilia is not buffed. Turn 1, break obstacle, then next turn bait the green mage with Cecilia.

Turn 3 - Lyn kills green mage ignoring its Vantage. Camus kills red cavalier. Cecilia repositions Lyn to the bottom. Dagger attacks Camus and gets Poison Striked.

Turn 4 - Lyn doubles Eirika for 56 damage. Xander gets the kill. Cecilia attacks Ephraim for 43+6 Fury damage. Camus kills Ephraim with Moonbow ready. Dagger dies on enemy phase by Xander counterattack.

Turn 5-6 - Get the blue mage closer until Camus can kill it.

Clear! 4 orbs.