Bound Hero Battle: Cecilia & Lilina

Bound Hero Battle: Cecilia & Lilina
Required Stamina
Map/Enemy Details
Map/Enemy Details
Infernal Stats
58 49 28 25 32
Weapon Gronnraven+ A Attack +3
Support B Escape Route 3
Special Blazing Wind C Hone Atk 3
57 58 28 21 34
Weapon Bolganone+ A Attack +3
Support B R Tomebreaker 3
Special Growing Flame C Spur Atk 3
52 43 39 24 40
Weapon Sapphire Lance A Swift Sparrow 2
Support B
Special C
59 42 27 32 18
Weapon Brave Bow + A
Support B Swordbreaker 3
Special C
57 46 22 28 33
Weapon Brave Lance+ A
Support B Pass 3
Special C
52 44 35 22 31
Weapon Rauðrwolf+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Support B G Tome Valor 1
Special Blazing Flame C Drive Atk 2
Naga Bless Sonya

Submitted by Neilson



Sonya (+HP -Def)
-Fury 3
-G Tomebreaker 2
-Res Ploy 3

Camus (N/A)
-Fury 3
-Vantage 3
-Hone Calvary

Xander* (N/A)
-Attack + 3
-Quick Riposte 2
-Fortify Calvary

Reinhardt (+Atk, -Def)
-Death Blow 3
-R Tomebreaker 1
-Fortify Calvary

*You dont necessarily need Xander, since all he will do is provide the fortify calvary buff. Therefore, use anyone that can provide this buff.

STRATEGY: With this team, Sonya and Reinhardt (of course) will be putting in most of the work. First, position Sonya so that she can debuff the lance cavalier's Res on the next turn otherwise Reinhardt, surprisingly, won't be able to kill him. On the second turn, have fully-buffed Reinhardt defeat the lance cavalier and end your turn. On the enemy phase, the red mage will not be able to OHKO Reinhardt despite the Redwolf tome, and Reinhardt will be KO the red mage. On the third turn, move all units out of range except Sonya, who will e placed in Cecilia's range while being out of range of the blue flier. On the enemy phase, Cecilia will be KO'd thanks to Dark Excalibur + Moonbow. On the fourth turn, have Sonya deal chip damage to the blue flier and have Camus deal the landing blow; Camus will also be put in range of Lilina. Again, make sure Xander and Reinhardt are out of range. On the enemy phase, Camus will deal with Lilina just fine. Finally, on the fifth turn, simply have Reinhardt defeat the archer.

Infernal Clear Complete Step By Step Guide (Replacements in Explanation)

Submitted by Sushimada


Listed units are all 5* and Lvl 40 unless otherwise stated. Particularly important skills are emphasized with a *. Keep in mind that these are simply the exact units I used, so the exact IVs and skills may or may not be necessary. Units are listed in the same order as the positions displayed in the map above.

1. Frederick (+ATK, -RES)
Weapon: Brave Axe*
A: HP 1
B: Drag Back*
C: Fortify Defense 3
Special: Luna
Support: Reposition*
Sacred Seal: Foritify Res 1
Notes: Can be replaced by any hard-hitting unit, preferably green, with similar stats that can one round KO the blue flier.

2. Camus
Weapon: Gradivus*
A: Fury 3*
B: Vantage 3*
C: Goad Cavalry 3
Special: Bonfire*
Support: Reposition
Sacred Seal: Spur Def 1
Notes: Vantage and a damaging special like Bonfire are absolutely necessary.

3. Ike (+ATK, -RES)
Weapon: Ragnell*
A: Heavy Blade 3
B: Quick Riposte 3*
C: Threaten Def 2
Special: Aether
Support: Reposition*
Sacred Seal: HP 1
Notes: Replacements include Ryoma, Xander, or any unit that can tank a hit from Cecilia and kill her in return.

4. Delthea (+HP, -ATK)
Weapon: Dark Aura
A: Death Blow 3*
B: Desperation 3
C: Drive Attack 2
Special: Miracle
Support: ---
Sacred Seal: ---
Notes: Since mine is a -ATK nature, death blow 3 is absolutely necessary to one shot Lillina. Life and Death 3 leaves her with 1 HP. If you have a -SPD nature, Life and Death will be better so that you can double her. Replacements include any hard hitting unit (usually a blue mage) that can one round kill Lillina, and at least has some way of buffing Camus' attack.

Turn 1: Move all units up 1 space.
(Enemy Phase): Nothing happens.

Turn 2: Use Reposition with Frederick to move Camus left. Kill the blue lance cavalier with Camus. This will put Camus in Vantage range and get his Bonfire ready. Move Delthea up one space.
(Enemy Phase): The red mage should suicide on Camus. All other enemies should start moving right.

Turn 3: Retreat everyone down as far as possible, leaving Ike in range of Cecilia to kill her. Put Camus out of range of any threats if necessary.
(Enemy Phase): Cecilia to die to Ike. Other enemies should continue moving closer.

Turn 4: Move Delthea up 2 spaces and kill Lillina. Use Reposition on her with Ike to move her down. Kill the blue flier with Frederick. Drag Back should put him out of range of the archer. Camus can do his own thing.
(Enemy Phase): The archer should move closer.

Turn 5: Kill the archer with any combination of your units. If your Delthea has Desperation, she should be able to do the job alone.

As usual, I do not guarantee success as small differences may trigger changes in AI behavior. Good luck!

Cavalry Coup [step by step guide]

Submitted by RkStarz


This guide will showcase placement; assuming horizontal spaces are lettered A-F, and vertical spaces are labeled 1-8 top to bottom (eg. Cecilia is on C1 and Archer is on A3)

Your team should contain 2 Hone Cavalry, and 2 Fortify Cavalry, or 2 Hone Cavalry, 1 Fortify Cavalry and Reinhardt with Ward Cavalry.

Reinhardt must have Death Blow, Lancebreaker, Ward/Fortify Cavalry. Reposition, and Miracle if he does not have neutral HP and RES Boon. Have him hold the Attack+1 Sacred Seal.

Camus should have DEF+3, any B Slot [preferably Renewal as it works as reassurance], Hone/Fortify Cavalry, Reposition, and Noontime. He should be holding the HP+3 Sacred Seal.

Olwen, Cecilia, or any Cavalry Mage that is able to deal 50 damage to a Blue unit can be used here. [Delthea may be used here though that means Camus must use Fortify Cavalry] Must have Reposition, Fortify/Hone Cavalry [or in Delthea's case, Dark Aura and Hone SPD or Drive ATK] and Breath of Life 1 Sacred Seal for reassurance.

Priscilla should be sporting RES+3, any B Skill, [preferably Live to Serve, but I was using a Wrathful Staff build, so this spot is flexible] Fortify Cavalry, Recover/Rehabilitate, Imbue and RES+1 Sacred Seal [the Sacred Seal is optional]

With all these presets out of the way, the guide starts here.

Begin with this configuration:
Reinhardt on E6; Olwen/Cecilia on F6; Priscilla on E7; Camus on F7
1. Reinhardt break E4 barrier
2. Camus to F5
3. Priscilla to E5
4. End turn 1.
5. Priscilla to E2
6. Reinhardt to E3
7. Reinhardt eat ENEMY Pegasus Knight [D2]
8. Camus to E4
9. Camus reposition Reinhardt to E5
10. Olwen/ Cecilia to F5
11. End turn 2.
12. Reinhardt to F3
13. Reinhardt eat ENEMY Cecilia [D3]
14. Priscilla to E5
15. Priscilla heal Camus
16. Olwen/Cecilia to E6
17. Olwen/Cecilia reposition Priscilla to E7
18. Camus to E5
19. End turn 3.
20. Reinhardt to E4
21. Reinhardt eat ENEMY Lilina [E2]
22. Olwen/Cecilia to F5
23. Olwen/Cecilia eat ENEMY Blue Cavalier [D5]
24. Camus reposition Reinhardt yo E6
25. Priscilla to F6
26. End turn 4.
27. Reinhardt to D5
28. Reinhardt eat ENEMY Red Mage [D3]
29. Camus to E4
30. Camus eat ENEMY Archer [E3]

Possible complications [untested by me]
-Cecilia/Ursula/Blue Cavalry mage did not KO Blue Cavalier in step 23
•Try to equip Death Blow 3 or another such attack buffing A Skill. Although, already buffed with Priscilla's Hone Cavalry, a poor IV can create this predicament.

-Reinhardt died to Lilina in between steps 19 and 20.
•If this problem occurs, try to equip Miracle if it has not been done already. If that fails to work, I cannot help then.

-Camus died to the Archer in between steps 27 and 28.
•Try equipping Renewal 2/3 on him. Make sure you have an HP+3 Sacred Seal equipped.

Lunatic & Infernal

Submitted by randante


1st destroy the northern wall
2nd kill the blue flyer with Reinhardt and pull him back
3rd kill Cecilia with Xander, Lilina and Blue Lancer with Reinhardt
4th kill the mage with Mathilda and the archer with Reinhardt


Wrath tome and bow(infernal)

Submitted by WrathBlow


Sanaki must have draw back and Red tome breaker. Fist Kill the blue flier with brave bow b Cordelia then use reposition twice with the help of a turn with Cordelia kill the Blue horse use reposition and use dance to save Cordelia. Next turn Then kill lillina with Cordelia,kill Cecilia with sanaki and use dance to save Cordelia. Next turn you should have killed the Red mage with sanaki then finish off the bow user with b Cordelia. Also ninian Can be changed to any dancer and sanaki is Better If She has a special like iceberg and She has TA (She could also work good with Green tome breaker but Is Better Red One). Bridal Cordelia has lnd2 and brave bow.

gAleForce to be Reckoned With (Infernal)

Submitted by Morrighan


Weapon: Brave Lance+
A- L&D
B- Pass (Not needed)
C- N/A
Support: Reposition (Needed)
Special: Galeforce
Seal: Attack (Not needed)

Weapon: Excalibur
A- Attack
B- Lancebreaker
C- Spur Res (Not needed)
Support: Drag Back (Needed)
Special: Ignis
Seal: Quickened Pulse (Needed if running Ignis)


Cordelia's job is to kill everything besides the Cavalier and Flier.

Part 1:
Starting off, we want to simply destroy the first block. From there, DO NOT buff Merric, if you do he can potentially OHKO the flier. After the block is destroyed, position Merric right in front of the broken tile, with Cordelia directly behind him. Make sure that Olivia is in range of Merric, not directly beside him.

Part 2: Attack the Flier with Merric, and it should take two shots to kill. If you have Ignis, your special should be at 1 now. Use Cordelia to Reposition Merric. From there, dance on Merric and use Drag Back on Cordelia to remove her from enemy range.

Part 3:
Everyone will pretty much mob rush you here, which is what we want. Cordelia should be in range to attack both Lilina and Cecilia from below the broken tile. Cordelia is capable of killing both, so it doesn't matter the order. Use her to kill Lilina, then with Olivia Dance, and kill Cecilia.

Final Part:
Galeforce activates. The archer should be right beside a newly broken tile (2nd one). Kill him. Merric comes in, and with a hit and Ignis proc, the lancer goes down. Next turn kill the red mage that followed behind the lancer.

Merric is not mandatory, but you should have a high damaging green mage that can successfully take care of both blue units. Drag Back is mandatory.

Cordelia is not Mandatory. As long as you have a high damage/speed Brave user that is NOT using a sword and has Galeforce, they can work. Reposition is mandatory.

Dancer is mandatory.

Yet Another Strategy with Camus (Hard, Lunatic, Infernal)

Submitted by VIXsterna


For Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal.
Eldigan and Cecilia are replaceable. The one unit really needed is Camus with Vantage, and to a lesser extent Reinhardt with Lancebreaker. Cecilia and Eldigan supply Fortify and Hone Cavalry respectively. Eldigan can be replaced with any (horse unit ideally) that can take out a weakened Cecilia, so just about anyone. Cecilia can be anyone.

*On Hard, Camus baits Cecilia, Lance Cavalier, and Lilina by moving into nearest red space. He can kill all of them on response. On the next turn, he can also handle the Lance Flier, and Reinhardt handles the Bow Cavalier.

*On Lunatic and Infernal, instead break the wall in front. Use Reinhardt to quickly take out the Lance Flier and have Camus use Reposition to get him back to safety, leaving Camus in the danger zone. Camus can take the subsequent attacks from Cecilia and Lilina, killing Lilina with Vantage and Bonfire. Next turn, Eldigan can finish off Cecilia and Reinhardt can take out the Lance Cavalier. Next turn, Reinhardt takes out the Red Infantry Mage (Infernal only), Eldigan chips at the Bow Cavalier and Cecilia uses Reposition to get Camus in range to finish it off.

Necessary/helpful skills:
5* Camus:
Fury 3
Vantage 2
Goad Cavalry

5* Reinhardt:
Death Blow 3
Lancebreaker 1
Ward Cavalry

5* Eldigan:
Hone Cavalry

4* Cecilia:
Fortify Cavalry

I have a -ATK Reinhardt and a 4* unbuilt Cecilia, this strategy's pretty flexible.

Horse Cavalry Teams ( Lunatic and Infernal)
Desperado with Flying Dancers (Infernal Clear)

Submitted by robin.emblem92


Cordelia and Nino have Desperation 3
Azura and Olivia have Wings of Mercy 2/3

Horse Emblem with Dancer (Infernal)

Submitted by Muchacho


With Reinhardt Kill the blue lance above you, use olivia on reinhardt and use reposition on olivia drag them back to safety. on the next round use reinhardt to kill the lance guy and cecilia or eldigan on the enemy cecilia. use olivia on reinhardt eliminate lilina. use reposition from whoever you didn't use to get anyone back to safety. last round kill the rest of enemies and you are done

Cavalry Team

Submitted by GiantDwarf


Xander - Res+3, QR2, Hone Cav, Bonfire, Squad Ace A1
Cecilia - Gronblade (don't need +) Darting Blow, G Tome Breaker, Ward Cav, moonbow
Camus - Fury, Vantage, Fortify Cav, Moonbow
Reinhardt (+atk), Atk +3, Lancebreaker, Hone Cav

Initial orientation:

Turn one, everyone moves up one space, Ce breaks the right side wall.

Turn two, R kills the lance flyer, X repositions him to safety. Ensure Ce is close enough to give X Ward Cav. Xander should tank and kill Lilian and Cecilia.

It should be pretty straightforward to clean this up from here. Cecilia kills the blue Cav on the next turn. The turn after that is mop up with R wiping the red mage and Ce and either Ca or X killing the archer.

Xander, Camus, Titania + Video Infernal

Submitted by Lafargo


Xander Needs to get the hone cavalry buffs to ORKO Lilina and he needs draw back
Camus must have Vantage to survive the wolf tome mage
Azura can be switched with any dancer

One Bride and Three Dancers [INFERNAL]

Submitted by accidentalgreed


This is for teams that already have a semi-fully-built Quadelia with Desperation in their hands, as well as several dancers in their inventory.

This particular map is tricky because Cecilia's Gronnraven prevents Cordelia from simply shanking her in a single Brave Bow strike. Position Cordelia and the dancers so that Cordelia can take down the pegasus knight first, escape by being Danced, and use Reposition or Drag Back to take the dancer to safety. The rest of the enemy units will march towards your team, so the rest is a matter of careful positioning.

First, you want to intentionally take damage from the Sniper since he won't kill Bridal Cordelia in a hit. Without proccing Cordelia's special, engage the Sniper and allow him to damage Cordelia at full health while she OHKOes him back. This activates Desperation 2-3, allowing Cordelia to safely take out Cecilia without Cecilia retaliating with Gronnraven.

In my playthrough, Cecilia was the one who died last, and I had to make sure Cordelia was out of her range. I highly recommend Olivia over other Dancers since the Dancers won't be doing anything else other than, well, dancing, and Olivia can tank a hit from Gronnraven unlike Azura.

For people with Cordellia (Infernal)

Submitted by clearandsweet


This build hinges around a +atk Cordelia and a WoM dancer to cheese this map.

Cordellia must have +atk nature with atk seal and Death Blow, plus Galeforce. This coupled with Goad Fliers from Camila from across the wall will allow her to one shot the lance knight without taking damage.

Takumi (or whatever archer/mage you want to use to duel Liliana) just needs Smite to push her in range turn 2.

She can then kill the red mage next turn (after taking his double), Azura can port over and galeforce will activate, allowing her to kill the archer she baited in the same turn.

Spring Camilla should bait Cecilia with QR and kill on turn 4. Any flier can really fill her role, but it may mess up agro priority. Takumi or replacement can kill Liliana or duel her into WoM range to set up Azura.

Cordelia kills the pegasus knight as it agroes to her.

Blue and Red Infernal Team

Submitted by tails512


Started with units in the positions: Celica 1, Reinhardt 2, Azura 3, Xander 4. Move all units up 1 space while breaking the wall with Reinhardt. Next turn move up Reinhardt to nuke the lance. Celica uses Draw Back on Reinhardt. Azura dances for her (on the right of Celica) and Celica uses Draw Back again on Reinhardt. Xander doesn't move. Next turn, Celica nukes Cecillia. Reinhardt nukes the lance cavalier. Azura dances for Reinhardt (while below him). Reinhardt nukes Lilina. Xander Repositions Reinhardt out of danger. Next turn, Xander moves 2 spaces to the left. Azura dances for him. Xander attacks the bow unit. Celica finishes off the bow unit. Reinhardt nukes the red mage.

Sets are:
Reinhardt (-Hp, +Def)
Dire Thunder, Reposition, Moonbow, Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker 3, Threaten Res 3, Quickened Pulse

Siegfried, Reposition, Bonfire, Attack 3, Quick Riposte 2, Hone Cavalry, Hp 3 Seal

Celica (-Hp, +Atk)
Ragnarok, Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Life and Death 2, Renewal 3, Threaten Res 2, Speed 1 Seal

Azura (40+1, +Spd, -Res)
Sapphire Lance+, Sing, Moonbow, Fury 3, WIngs of Mercy 3, Hone Atk 3, Squad Ace A

Non cavalry team - Infernal step-by-step

Submitted by Drew


All units 5 star except olivia, she's 4 star, but all she does is dance and give buffs.
Brave bow+
Draw back
Life and death 3
Desperation 3
Threaten spd 3

Brace lance+
Draw back
TA 3
Drag back
Hone speed 3

Darting blow 3
Desperation 3
Hone speed 3
Hp +3 sacred seal

Ruby sword
Hone attack 3
Fortify res 1 sacred seal

VERY IMPORTANT to have hp seal on tharja and fortify res seal on Olivia, otherwise cecilia can take out tharja.
First turn: move everyone up one space so you have cordelia top left, tharja top right, olivia bottom left, klein bottom right.
Second turn: Move Cordelia into the corner on the right and use oliva to dance her down to take out the cavalier. Use tharja to reposition Olivia to safety.
Third turn: kill red mage with cordelia, the bowman with tharja, the pegasus rider with Klein, then dance klein so he can kill lilina.
The following enemy phase cecilia should attack klein, he'll survive with a little bit of hp and kill her on the following turn.

Dire Thunder with 2 dancers

Submitted by byronbyronbyron


basically xander (G tomebreaker) kills Cecilia, while LV. 5 Reinhart (lancebreaker) kills everyone else with help of dancers.

Teleporting horses (infernal)

Submitted by Fish_Beans


Everyone has wom 2, Camus gets fortify and hone calvary buff & has moonbow, grani's shield, and quickened pulse. Xander is just there for hone calvary. Use Camus to kill the lance cavalier and red mage on enemy turn. Move Camus to safety, then back azura, Reinhardt, and Xander into the corner & out of enemy range and end turn. Teleport Reinhardt next to Camus to attack Cecilia, then teleport azura next to Reinhardt to kill her.

Horse Emblem

Submitted by Avory


Camus, Reinhardt, and Cecilia are more important here but Reinhardt and Cecilia can be traded for similar units. I used them for the cavalier buffs. Destroy the wall and kill the flying lance unit with Cecilia, then use reposition with Camus, who should have vantage 3, Fury 3, and Bonfire. He'll survive Cecelias attack and will kill Lilina. Use Eldigan or Camus to kill Cecilia and use Cecilia to kill the blue horse unit. Move Reinhardt out of the way of the red mage and kill the mage the next turn. This should leave you with the brave bow unit, which Cecilia can kill.

Camus 5*
Fury 3
Vantage 3
Hone Cavalry

Eldigan (Flexible unit)
Ward Cavalry

Reinhardt 5*
Dire Thunder
Death Blow 2/3 (mine has Death blow 2)
Vantage 3 (or any B skill)
Hone Cavalry

Cecilia 5*
Gronblade tome
Death Blow 2/3
(Any B skill)
Goad Cavalry

Low Tier Cavaliers, Mae + Klein(4S)

Submitted by F2P.GG


Eliwood (5S)
W = Durandal
Sp = Chilling Wind
A = Def+1 (lol)
B = Axebreaker 3
C = Ward Cavalry

Titania (5S)
W = Emerald Axe+
Su = Reciprocal Aid
Sp = Dragon Fang
A = Armored Blow 3
B = Guard 3

Mae (5S)
Weapon = Blarowl+
Su = Draw Back
Sp = Night Sky
A = Defiant Def 2
B = Desperation 3
C = Blue Tome Exp 3

Weapon = Brave Bow
Sp = Glacies
A = Death Blow 3
B = Quick Riposte 2

This team features some low tier units obtainable by the F2P community, as well as a couple I lucked out on summoning. To start, position Titania on the square below the first broken wall, where she will be out of everyone's range. Next, move her down the hallway so she can bait out the brave lance cavalier. If your Eliwood has Ward Cavalry, this can be used to lessen the damage Titania takes. Position your other three units near the first broken wall. Next, use Klein to take out the flier. Send Titania into the bottom left corner; the archer or Lilina can ORKO her. This should bait Lilina towards the top left. Cecilia will attack Klein, leaving him with 1HP. Now that Lilina is in the corner, Mae can deal with the archer, and Eliwood can take out Cecilia. Now all that's left is chasing down Lilina. This might take a couple tries to get the positioning right, but it works. I DON'T NEED BROKEN UNITS TO BEAT LUNATIC TAKE THAT IS

Semi Horse Team

Submitted by Blasttrooper5


Can't edit my last one oops
Watch that to see how to do it with these units

A Case of the Blues (Infernal Map)

Submitted by rokubiraijuu


A minimal-inheritance team that I used to defeat the Infernal map. Lukas is the only unit that's decked out with inherited skills, and essentially minimaxed. His role is to bait and tank, especially the Brave Bow unit, essentially taking 0 damage from all non-magic units. His stats:

Lukas+1 ( +def -spd ) | Killer Lance+ | Swap | Ignis
Fortress Defense
Quick Riposte 3
Threaten Atk 3

Klein has his base kit with the addition of Reposition. Reposition is vital. He also had Hone Atk 3 but I don't think that's essential. I also gave him the Attack +1 seal but also, not essential.

Mathilda also has her base kit ( she actually has Hone Cavalry, which is obviously not essential here, and I didn't give her Cancel Affinity, but that doesn't matter here either ). With a neutral speed nature, she requires the Speed +1 seal in order to secure essential doubles on Cecilia and Lilina.

Azura has base kit and could possibly be replaced with any refresher unit, although I found her high Attack and the fact that she was a blue unit helpful.

First two turns are setup.

First turn: break the northern wall with Klein.

Second turn: move Klein so he's just below the new gap in the wall, Azura in the space directly below him. Mathilda must be in the corner space to the right of Klein, Lukas below her.

Third turn: move Klein up two spaces to kill the flier. Dance him with Azura. Move Klein back down two spaces and use Reposition to move Azura to his other side. You should be in the same formation you started the turn in.
Everyone will rush you on enemy phase, but no one should be able to attack.

Fourth turn: Move Mathilda up to kill Lilina -- Lilina MUST die first. Dancer Mathilda with Azura, and then move Mathilda to the far upper right corner to kill Cecilia. This positioning is essential so the Brave Bow user can't reach her. Use Klein to Reposition Azura below him again, then move Lukas up one and swap him with Klein. The Brave Lance cavalier has pass, but with this setup, he can only attack Lukas.
On enemy phase, the Red Mage will do basically nothing to Azura, and with Quick Riposte and Ignis, the Brave Lance cavalier should suicide himself on Lukas.

Fifth turn: Move Lukas up two spaces to bait Brave Bow user. Mathilda is dangerously in his range, so move her all the way down to the gap in the wall. Use Azura to dance her, then move Mathilda two spaces below the bit of wall remaining on the right side ( she should be just below Klein now ). This is to get her out of the way of Raudrwolf ( she should be able to tank it, but I don't like to take risks ). Move Klein two spaces down to below Mathilda so he doesn't die to Raudrwolf.
Enemy phase, Brave Bow guy will do heavy damage to Lukas with Luna, but shouldn't kill him. Red Mage will continue to do chip damage to Azura.

Sixth turn: Lukas should have Ignis charged again. Nuke Brave Bow guy. Move Azura up two spaces, dance Lukas, use him to kill Brave Bow guy ( my Lukas did JUST enough damage to kill ). Move Mathilda out of the way of Red Mage again.
Enemy Phase, Red Mage will move up two spaces and attack Azura for more chip damage.

Seventh turn: Lukas with a dance from Azura finishes off Red Mage.

If you don't want Lukas to do all the work at the end, you can probably also use Mathilda to bait Red Mage ( she shouldn't die even with Raudrwolf ) and kill him with her and Klein.

Lunatic : (kinda) Horse Emblem + Dance

Submitted by Kraagenskull


Reinhardt and Camus have Reposition and Eldigan has Draw Back.

Reinhardt must be +Atk and heavily boosted in order to kill the Cavalier at the bottom left on initiation. I used Hone Cavalry boost from Eldigan, along with Death Blow, Quickened Pulse Seal and Moonbow to kill him. Then Reinhardt must have Red Tomebreaker to beat the Red Mage when he attacks you.

Camus has Lancebreaker so he can kill the attacking Pegasus Knight on next turn, Reinhardt kills Lilina, then use Danse from Olivia and Reposition / Draw Back from your Cavaliers to escape from Cecilia's wrath.

Semi Horse team redone [Infernal]

Submitted by Blasttrooper5


Essentially the same with different units

Marth can be any unit that can kill Cecilia in one turn (preferably a red melee)

Olivia can be any dancer at any level (preferably 4 star with the atk buff)

Reinhardt can be any ranged horse unit with reposition that can kill the Pegasus Knight and Lilina (Reinhardt, Olwen, Ursula)

Cecilia can be any horse unit that can reposition and kill the Blue Knight without taking damage from the red mage (Melee should consider drag back)

Good Luck!

Double dancer (Inferno Proof)

Submitted by Grasschopp


Olivias * 2, with Wings of Mercy
Cordelia with Hone Speed, Reposition and Galeforce
Nino with Draw Back
Nino, with Hone speed buff should be able to clear the blue flier. Cordelia then flings Nino to the backline, and with a dance from Olivia, Nino drags Cordelia a space back into safety.
On second turn, Cordelia first triple attacks the blue rider, then with a dance from Olivia, is able to take out Lilina.
Nino first takes down Cecelia and then the archer.
Then simply kill the red mage.

Infernal Steed, again

Submitted by Duran


For infernal, you will need inheritance to optimize units esp. ones with imperfect IVs. My Reinhardt is not perfect as he is +spd -def (not +atk).

Reinhardt is to handle the left side (Lance cav., Red wolf tome and Bow) while the others team up to face C and L (+Lance flier).
For this purpose, Reinhardt should have these skills:-
Dire Thunder
Death blow (esp. if you don't get +atk version of him)
R tomeBrk (if he is not +atk)
And you should consider these C-skill on other members:-
Hone cavalry
Goad cavalry
Ward cavalry - if you got -res of -hp version of Reinhardt, to save him from the wolf tome.
I use Goad on Camus, because my Rein is not +atk but neutral res.

Xander is to provide Hone cav. and to be emergency tank against Lilina, I also think Leo is also great for this job but I don't have him.
Cecilia is to provide Fortify cav. which is crucial for Xander to tank Lilina's strong magic attack, and with Hone cav. and Life 'n Death she is able to ORKO her doppelganger. She also major attacker on Lance flier.
Lastly, Camus is here to provide Goad cav. and being a clean finisher on Lilina.
Camus is definitely weak to Cecilia but he can tank some hit from her, I recommend Fury and Vantage build which makes him very strong on Enemy phase.

The strategy is as I mention above, Reinhardt will get ready in the tile south of the right breakable wall and put Xander next to him to provide Hone. In the next turn, move the buffed Reinhardt to finish Brave lance and move Camus next to the other side of the wall to provide Goad for Reinhardt.
The next turn, red mage shall commit suicide and leave Reinhardt at a little HP left, and the others shall break the wall and proceed to Xander's group.
If the flier approaches, Cecilia should take it out and remind to keep her out of Lilina's range with reposition from Xander or Camus, then Cecilia can take out Cecilia (hahaha) and Camus will wipe Lilina away.
For me, the tricky point is the archer which has ridiculous res and can KO Reinhardt in retaliation, I must put Camus near enough to goad Reinhardt.

Infernal: Quad Archer/Dancer/Red Unit/Bulky Blue Unit

Submitted by SpootSpooty


Explanations in Video Details

Quad Archer with Draw Back (Summer Gaius, Setsuna, Bride Cordelia)
Close Range Red Unit with Swap that can KO Cecelia
Close Range Blue Unit with Swap that can KO Blue Lance Unit and can survive hits from the Blue Lance Unit and Red Mage Unit.

Horse dancer Buff (Infernal)

Submitted by Alexplain


1. Reinhardt 2. Eldigan
3. Olivia 4. Eirika
1st turn: break wall with reinhardt move Eldigan and Eirika up one.
2nd turn: move up one tile with Reinhardt and Olivia up one keeping her behind him
3rd turn: kill Lance flier, dance Reinhardt and reposition Olivia back to safety with Reinhardt
4th turn: kill Lance next to Reinhardt, Eldigan kill Cecilia, dance Olivia above Reinhardt(crucial) and have him kill Lilina from the right most tile (to the right of Eldigan)
5th turn: bow and Red approach, kill bow with Reinhardt and dance again to get rid of red time unit. All done.
Reinhardt has lancebreaker btw

No Horse Battle

Submitted by zZAgeTZz


*Nino with atleast:
+Total Spd: 44
+Total Atk: 61
+Def + HP: 43
+Res + HP: 50
*Cordelia: Gale Force + Drag Back + Quickening Repulse
*Healer: Rehabiliate + Wings of Mercy
+(Before Combat) Break the 1st wall and let all team member stand safe behind it, end turn.
+Bring Nino to kill the lance flier then make Cordelia fling Nino back, then dance Nino and make her drag Cordelia to the safe place, end turn.
+Cordelia kill the Blue Cavalry, after that go back 1 space due to Drag back and triggering her Galeforce. Make her defeat Lilina right after and she will go back, make space for Nino defeat Cecilia then, but her health can be bad after trade hit. Control Healer with Wings of Mercy fly "in front of" Nino and fully heal her with Rehabiliate, dancer come behind Nino and make her attack the bow user, end turn.
+Cordelia now can easily defeat the remaining red mage but better be careful.
*Note: Better considering about position, make sure Nino can get all the best buff posible

1 HP Win

Submitted by Gopherlad


Reignhart: Dire Thunder, Draw Back, Rising Thunder, Death Blow, R Tome Breaker 2, Goad Calvary, +1 attack (Seal) /// HP 34, attack 42, speed 21, def 27, res 25

Hector: Armads, Draw Back, Pavis, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, Threaten Attack 2, +3 HP (Seal)////
HP 52, attack 55, speed 24, def 37, res 19

Olivia: just there to dance really, but mine had hone attack 3

Elise: only skill that really matters is Hone Calvary

Set up: at the nearest broken wall you want to be in the formation of Hector in front beside the breakable (also go ahead and break it) wall, Reignhardt middle behind Hector, Oliva to the right of Reignhardt and Elise behind Reignhardt...
After the set up it works like so:
Turn ("1") Reignhardt goes to attack flier, Hector Draw Back, Olivia dance, Hector draw back again, Elise moves to bottom right corner
Enemies turn
Turn ("2") move Olivia right above Elise, Hector into Olivia's old spot so he can battle Cecilia and horses, and move Reignhardt straight down beside Elise.
Enemies turn, Hector gets beat up pretty badly but lives with 11 HP and kills Cecilia.
Turn ("3") Reignhardt (with buff) moves and kills flier, Olivia dances him (she will be right beside him) and he also kills Lilina. Hector kills the horse guy in front of him.
Enemies turn: Red mage sends Reignhardt to 1 HP but we kill him next turn so it's ok.
Turn ("4") Reignhardt kills red mage, and activates Rising Thunder to kill the bow guy after Olivia dances him again.

Easy 4 turns with Glass Canon

Submitted by hanyuu


Any dancer can work with proper c slot. You need a strong enough Kagero(pretty sure you need +atk, else put luna instead of moonbow to OS Lilina maybe). Any BB+ user that can acheive good atk and 32 speed somehow but the support skill seems needed or give it an atk boosting C skill for kagero.


1: B Cordelia(-spd, +def)
Weapon: Brave bow+
A: L&D 2
B: Desperation 3
C: Threaten Atk 2/anything your team need
Special: Luna
Support: Rally Atk/speed / Rally atk if kagero is to weak

2: Delthea(+def, -res, any really, mines are meh)
Weapon: dark aura
A: death blow 3
B: Desperation
C: Drive atk 2
Support : Reposition
Special: Chilling wind LOL(did not need obv)
Seal: +res/not needed

3. Kagero(+atk, -def)
weapon: Poison dagger+
A: L&D 2 (3 would be nice but expensive)
B: Vantage 3 (any level will work here)
C: Spur/hone speed or atk to help the archer if necessary. I needed spur spd 1 because -spd Bridelia for exemple.
Support: Reposition
Sacred Seal: +hp

4: Azura(any)
Vanilla azura with base skills, only dances twice and that could not even be necessary if you have a c skill on your archer to boost kagero and a green mage but drive atk 2 will alse be missed. Just take any unit with fortify res 3 then.

Turn one, advance everyone 1 space and destroy wall with kagero.

Turn two, kill the flyer with Brave bow user and reposition the archer to safety with kagero, move delthea bellow the archer to drive atk kagero. Dance Bridelia to rally kagero (you don't need to do that if you have boosting atk c skill on the bow user). Kagero tank somehow Cecilia(so bad omg) and deal great damage, enough to finish her next turn(moonbow). Lilina suicide on kagero, I did 60 with drive atk and rally and I am merge +1 with my kagero so you have something to work with, expecially since my kagero lived with 5 hp (fortify res 3).

Turn three, kagero finishes Cecilia and Cordelia Kills the archer with quad strike. Delthea kills the lance Cavalier with the help of Azura.

Turn four, Delthea kills the red mage. Actually, all cordelia with luna, kagero with moonbow and Delthea ORKO him so you have a lot a flexibility to build this, as long as your Kagero is OP enough.

TLDR: +atk Kagero is a freaking monster!

This will come as a surprise, but it involves Reinhardt

Submitted by Cav829


Reinhardt: Reposition, Luna, Death Blow, Lancebreaker, Goad Cavalry

Xander: Reposition, Bonfire, Triangle Adept 2, Quick Riposte 2 Hone Cavalry,

Any Dancer is fine

Any Cavalry unit with Hone Cavalry is fine.


Take out the top right breakable wall. Set up Reinhardt below it, Xander to his right, Olivia below Reinhardt, and Titania to her right.

Take out the blue flier. Dance Reinhardt back and have him reposition Olivia to safety. Next turn, have Xander take out Cecilia and use Reinhardt to take out the blue cavalier and Lilina. Finally, use Reinhardt to take out the remaining red mage and archer.

I took randante's strategy mentioned above, so refer to his video if my explanation doesn't make sense. I didn't want to burn one of my last two Henrys for Green Tomebreaker and noticed you could achieve the same effect instead with the Goad and Hone Cavalry combination.

Horse Emblem And Dancer Infernal

Submitted by LukasIsGod


Xander - 5*, Neutral IVs, Fury 3, QR2, Hone Cavalry, Reposition, Ignis, Squad Ace A

Reinhardt - 5*, +Atk -HP, Fury 3, Lancebreaker 2, Goad Cavalry, Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Fortify Res 1 Seal

Camus - 5*, Neutral IVs, No A Skill, Vantage 3, Goad Cavalry, Reposition, Ignis, HP +3 Seal

Olivia - 4*, Forgot the IVs, but all she needs is Hone Atk 3. She doesn't take any hits, so level 40 isn't needed.

You want to break the Eastern wall and kill the Lance Flier with buffed Rein, then get him to safety with Reposition and Olivia, but do it so Xander can buff Camus and Rein next turn. Do the following next turn in this order: Both Rein and Camus get Honed by Xander, Camus attacks Lilina from the right, Olivia dances for Camus after killing Lilina, then have Camus move next to the Archer after he gets danced, but do not attack him, as this allows him to trigger Luna and kill Camus on enemy phase. Camus will kill the archer on enemy phase if he didn't attack him on player phase. After you do this, have Rein kill the Lance Cavalier but but stay out of the Raudrwolf mage's range. If done right, Xander be goaded by both Rein and Camus, which allows him to double and kill Cecilia. Next turn, kill the red mage and get your sweet orbs.

Cain is Able (Infernal- no damage)

Submitted by King Cairo


All units 5* except Olivia.

Rein has to have lancebreaker to one shot the lance user and two shot the flier, and Cain has to have Draw Back to pull Rein completely out of the flier's zone with the help of a dancer. Cain can kill Lilina and Cecilia in one turn with hone attack + Dance from Olivia. He can also weaken the archer for Reinhardt and kill the red mage in one turn with dance. Azura and Olivia were used completely for support (Dance, hone attack). Any dancers should do, and brave sword + mobility and decent strength is more important than having Cain himself.

The Power of Positioning (and Horse Emblem)

Submitted by Gummybear-chan


Reinhardt: +Atk/-Spd, Dire Tome, Draw Back, Luna
DB3, Lancebreaker 3, Hone Cavalry, Atk+1 Seal

Cecilia: +Res/-HP, Gronnblade+, Reposition, Iceberg
L&D2, Escape Route (any B slot will do), Fortify Cavalry, Spd+1 Seal

Xander: Default weapon and neutral stats, Draw Back, Ignis
Fury 2, QR2, Hone Cavalry

Camus: Default weapon and neutral stats, Reposition, Bonfire, Spur Def 1 Seal
Fury 2, Vantage 3, Fortify Cavalry

Move Cecilia to the top far right and destroy the block. Have Reinhardt behind her, Camus behind him, and Xander behind him to form a line.
Have Cecilia kill the flier. It MUST be Hone Cavalry buff or else she won't one shot the flier.
Use Camus to Reposition her to safety.
Draw Back Cecilia with Reinhardt and place Xander in between Cecilia and Camus to bait the lancer.
Enemy Cecilia will attack Camus but not kill him and he will do severe damage to her. Lilina will attack him afterward, but due to Vantage and Bonfire charged up, he will kill her first.
From here, it's a bit straightforward. I let Camus finish off Cecilia since, despite color disadvantage, Enemy Cecilia has bad defense and he doubles her. Make sure he isnt in range if the archer, though.
Use Cecilia to kill the lance user. Make sure Xander is next to Cecilia for the boost. Finally, have Reinhardt kill the mage and Cecilia finish off the archer. If you want, you can have Xander attack the archer then Cecilia finish him off for some extra SP lol.

if Nino atk < 60

Submitted by bg+s


You can use this team, if atack of your Nino isn't enough to kill Cecilia.
See all tactics in team by zZAgeTZz.
Instead of healing Nino, use Leo to kill Cecilia, after Nino killed archer.


Submitted by Asant


Hero: Summer Leo +HP -Atk (😢)
(Key stats: 41 hp, 39 res, 44 atk, 30 speed)

Weapon:Tomato Tome+
Assist: Reposition
Special: Iceberg
A slot: Fury 3
B slot: G tomebreaker 3
C slot: Atk ploy 3
Sacred Seal: Res +1

Hero: Leon +Spd -Def
(Key stats: 51 atk, 38 spd)

Weapon: Firesweep Bow+
Assist: Reposition
Special: Moonbow
A slot: Life and Death 3
B slot: Guard 3 (probably not useful but eh)
C slot: Threaten Def 2
Sacred Seal: Atk +1 (necessary)

Hero: Olivia (any dancer works, I used Olivia and no buffs for any characters are needed. Should always be on the RIGHT side of the screen.)

Hero: Celica (any Red unit with draw back, I used Celica. Strong enough to kill weakened Celicia.)

Turn 1: Position S!Leo at the bottom left tile until he is needed. Break the wall directly above and position Leon right before the walls, next to or under him have Celica there. Olivia should be diagonal from Leon (2 spaces from each wall.)

Turn 2: Now attack the Pegasus Knight with Leon to cleanly 1 shot the Pegasus (52 exact) now draw back Leon then use Olivia to draw back once more. (Make sure Olivia should be RIGHT of Celica, not below her.) Leo stays put.

Turn 3: After this things might gets tricky. Kill the horse lancer with Leon and draw back downward. Now move Olivia down 1 and allow Celica to move to the bottom right corner. She does one last job though. Now use Leo to reposition Leon so that only Leo is in the danger zone.

Turn 4: Leo shouldn't have died from both the red mage and Celicia's attacks. Now have Leon ORKO Lillina above then reposition once more. Now have Celica finish off Celicia. Leave Leo where he is, he shouldn't die from the red mage still.

Turn 5: Now finally kill the Red mage with Leo (with iceberg to kill), Leon attacks the Archer but he wont die, no worries, dance for Leon again and then the battle is complete! 4 orbs yay---*summons* damn it i got a 5 star Wrys :^)

Extras: Having a brave bow archer will most likely make this easier, although I kept the Firesweep so Leon wont get hit in return with his abysmal Res. S!Leo "could" be switched with another Red mage to not have any triangle disadvantage from either attacks, although i havent tested this and only high res and spd mages could be applied(?)

Double Dragon Dance

Submitted by Dualahan


For this team (Y) Tiki needs at least 33 speed and needs fortify dragons. Use these buffs to bait both mages after you use Nino to kill the blue unit next to Lilina. Then you will need reposition on Tiki to bring both units you use up top (Nino and Azura). Then both mages will attack and so long as you have a neutral res on Tiki with the fortify dragons she will survive. Now you want bonfire or a 3 turn special that boosts her atack then you will kill both mages with her and if done properly Tiki will be safe from the bow man. Then use nino to kill the blue units comming from the left. You wioo then need to bait the bow man with ninian who needs to be at atleast 28 def and have at least 43 hp. Then use Tiki and a dance to kill the bow man. Once this is done you clear up the red mage with Azura and use Nino for all and only the blue units. Wings of mercy 1 or avove helps with Azura's movment but isnt required.

The handsome Ike

Submitted by cinnamon chan


Okay this team's called the handsome Ike since he is the one to kill both Celicia and Lilina. So cool (๑>◡<๑)
My choice is Ike but you can choose any other sword users as long as they have distant counter, strength high enough to kill Celicia in one hit (of course with hone attack) and hp high enough to take one hit from Lilina
Special skill: glimmer recommended cause the cooldown is 3 and is enough to kill Celicia
Passive: reposition
A: +4hp
B: vantage (any will do cause after one hit from Lilina he'll have 1 or 2 hp left
C: N/A
Seal: +3hp
Boon speed is preferred
A: fury 2
B: desperation 3
C: hone attack
Special skill: moonbow
*Robin (M)
A: triangle adept 3
B: anything
C: hone speed 3
Passive: reposition
Special skill: anything
*Olivia or any dancer with hone attack
Turn 1: move nino to the upper right and destroy the nearest wall, followed by robin, ike in single file, olivia next to ike
Turn 2: move nino right in front of the broken wall, dance then kill the lance flier, reposition ike, use ike to reposition nino back behind him.
Turn 3: kill the cavalier with nino, dance her and reposition her with ike, use her to kill the bow user. Finally, kill the red mage with robin.
That's it for infernal mode. Thanks (*⁰▿⁰*)

Infernal Ike + Rein Carry (summer tiki can be substituted)

Submitted by AlpaLord


Units I used:
Ike: +atk/-hp, fury 3, vantage 3, hone atk 3, reposition, glimmer
(only actually need vantage 1, draconic aura can be used instead of glimmer)
Reinhardt: +def/-spd, death blow 3, lancebreaker 3, hone spd, draw back, bonfire
(+atk is better of course, luna is also better than bonfire, especially if yours isn't +def)
Virion: Virion's skills dont matter, all he did was break a wall. He can be replaced with any ranged unit. I personally used a 1 star level 1 Virion.
Summer Tiki: fortify res 3
summer tiki can also be swapped out for any unit with fortify res 3, because she does not participate in combat either. In fact, by putting the HP +3 sacred seal onto my Ike, I was able to do it using a 1 star level 1 gunter instead.

Reinhardt should start in the top left spot, Ike should be in top right, virion in the bottom left, summer tiki in the bottom right.
To start off, move them all up one space.
Next, have Virion break the wall above Reinhardt.
Have Reinhardt attack the lance flier. Lancebreaker means he will hit 4 times total, activating his special and killing despite the 40 res.
Use Ike to reposition Reinhardt behind him.
End your turn.
On the enemy's turn, Lilina will attack Ike and leave him at 2 health, reduced to 1 after combat due to fury, but Ike will retaliate with 2 hits, killing her and charging his special. Cecilia will then attack him but will die to Ike's special before being able to hit him thanks to vantage.
Next, kill the Lance Cavalier with Reinhardt.
Move Virion so that the red mage can not kill him.
End your turn.
The enemies will not be able to attack anyone on their turn.
Now, attack the red mage with Reinhardt from over the wall so that he is not in range of the archer.
Move Ike down as well so he is not in range of the archer either.
End your turn.
Finally, kill the archer with Reinhardt.

Some notes:
I think a +atk Reinhardt with Luna would make Ike's Hone Atk 3 wholly unnecessary, as he would still be able to kill the enemies he needs to.

I also think using a +atk fury vantage ryoma instead of Ike would make the Fortify Res 3 unit unnecessary because he has 3 more res naturally, and would survive lilina with 1 health unaided.

Infernal Hector Wings of Mercy Master

Submitted by Earthes


B.Cordelia - Life Death Brave bow build w/Draw back
(+ HP bias - def)
Hector- Distant/Wings of Mercy/Threaten Build w/ Draw back
Ninian- Wings of mercy Build
Reinhardt- Glass Cannon build w/ reposition

Phase 1: the setup
Place You units up to danger zone with the front debris cleared. place your units in the following order:

Phase 2
use Cordelia to destroy the wing lance. use rein to reposition, dance cordelia to draw rein away from danger zone, hector draw back ninian (this is a must for hone attk.)

Phase 3
Cordelia destroys Cecilia with 1 Hp remaining. use reinhart to destroy Lilina on the top square in front of B.Cordelia. this ensures rein does not die to lance
Escape route hector moves under Cordelia to taunt Lance unit to attack him. Move ninian away from danger zone via spawn area (doesn't matter, her WoM will come in play next turn, keep her safe)

Phase 3
Combat evasion mode
Blue lance suicides into hector, brave bow moves up. red mage moves up. move rein to the top right corner to avoid getting bow'd. move cord up below rein. hector wings of mercy in front of cord. keep ninian safe.

Phase 4
Red mage and bow will move up. Rein deletes Bow,Wings of mercy Ninian teleport up to Rein, dance, rein destroy red mage.

Delthea's Miracle [Infernal] + Video

Submitted by Lafargo


Olivia is literally level 1 so any dancer will do
Delthea's +HP - Res and has Quickened Pulse Miracle(hence the title) and Reposition
Legion Has Fury and Infantry pulse
and Clarisse is a standard brave bow set up so any brave archer should do