Bound Hero Battle: Alm & Celica

Map/Unit Overview
Bound Hero Battle - A&C

Bound Hero Battle: Alm & Celica

The siblings are back, and they’ve brought trouble. This map can be difficult, especially with the addition of a flying axe unit with Reciprocal Aid on Infernal difficulty. Once your units move in range, you must be ready for their tanky defenses(aided by the defensive tiles) and beefy hits. Also, Windsweep on both Alm and the green mage should not be taken lightly.

Step 1: The Green Mage

This mage is the key to getting the battle turned in your favor. Baiting this unit with either a tome user or a high resistance unit will allow you to kill it back with a blade tome user, such as Tharja or Nino. If you get the kill with Nino, paired with a dancer, they may be able to bait and kill the blue tome cavalry unit to the left.

Step 2: Sweep and Swap

Once all units on the field have moved up toward the castle wall, it will be much easier to pick them off. Your main priority is to get your blade tome user out of harm’s way. In positions three and four you would do well to have a unit with support and reposition skills, and a brave tome user.

Repositioning skills are a must. Draw Back, Swap, and Pivot will help your units(Especially mages!) get out of attack range. Consider having your dancer(Ninian, Azura, or Olivia) take a hit if you need to; it might allow your units to get the perfect counterattack. With Azura, it’s very possible to get a kill or two with her Sapphire Lance+.

Reinhardt or Olwen will be your finishers; their brave tomes can make quick work of Alm and Celica. The flying unit should be left, but with it using Reciprocal Aid throughout the battle, its HP will be low enough to be easily taken care of.

Recommended Units:

Mages are going to be MVPs in this battle. Melee characters get wrecked by two units with Windsweep. Bow users will have a tough time as well, due to the blue tome cavalry with Bowbreaker and the flying unit with Iote’s Shield. Three blade tome users and a dancer seems to be very viable. Here’s a few units to consider:


  • Azura: Best dancer in the game, and with her Sapphire Lance+, does well against Alm and Celica.
  • Eirika: One of the best buffers, she will help you prevent double hits and can protect units with Reposition.
  • Ninian: Second best dancer with  Wings of Mercy will allow you to get out of tough spots.
  • Ryoma: With his weapon and the right buffs, can ORKO the green mage.
  • Ephraim: Great buffs, and his blue lance can help with Alm and Celica. Rally Defense is helpful, but probably not preferred.


  • Reinhardt: Best unit for taking out Alm and Celica. High mobility means they can stay out of harms way until the right time to strike.
  • Olwen: Reinhardt Lite™
  • Tharja: Only preferred to Nino due to Darting Blow and color advantage. Using her is a trade off, since the blue units on this map are no joke.
  • Nino: Her blade tome and high speed will make quick work of blue units and green units alike.
  • Linde: Give her Blarblade+ and you’re good to go! This unit can make work of the lance cavalry, Alm, and Celica.
  • Bride Caeda: See above.
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Don't know how i made it.
Updated: 2017-07-12

Submitted by Alf


Nowi +HP -RES with triangle adept
Klein +ATK -DEF
Olivia 4s

Simple Team For Infernal (no merged units)
Updated: 2017-07-10

Submitted by GintaxAlvissforever


This is a simple 5 star team. Nino is the green mage that needs buffs from Erika to get the job done. If Nino has at least G Tome Breaker 2 when you all the units to the far left of the screen, this will lure out the blue tome user due to the green AI tome user not wanting to deal with it. If Azura is blocking the center after Nino gets rid of both the green and blue mage, then she can tank Alm's attack as the green Pegasus Knight will stand behind Alm for support. That unit should be the last one. If Celica tries to go around to hit your team, heal up before you have Azura and Nino with you. If Azura has Moonbow charged, she should be able to take out more than half of Celica's HP. A buff Nino with Fury 3 can finish Celica off without dying herself. Azura needs Speed + 3 for her A skill and Speed + 1 for her seal in order to not get doubled by buffed Alm when defending. Once Alm is gone, quickly move Erika in front of the green Pegasus to finish it off. Erika having Swordbreaker works for the turn you move Azura to attack Celica as Alm can't one-shot with this and doesn't allow the Pegasus Knight to move. Heal when necessary and you should finish the trial with no real problems. If Priscilla has Fear or Panic, then killing Alm will be even easier if she's not healing that turn (-6 attack or reverses the speed buff Alm gets).

Infernal: Hector/Cordelia/Olivia/celica
Updated: 2017-07-10

Submitted by MiThiKaL



Death blow 2
Drag back

Hone attack

Draw back
Life and death 2
G tome breaker

Hone attack on celica and have bait and kill green mage, keep hector on left to bait blue horse mage after it breaks the block. Cordelia on right to take out blue horse lancer. Galeforce Should activate allowing you to get to safety. Celica kills green flier in 2 hits with dance. Cordelia can reposition her to the right to a safe spot. Hector swaps with Olivia so he is safe. Which will put Olivia in danger, she WoM and dance celica to draw back hector. Celica kills alm next turn with dance. Cordelia kills celica next turn with dance.

For The Good Of The Realm
Updated: 2017-07-10
Baiting out the Infernal Mice
Updated: 2017-07-10

Submitted by MegaGD


Xander - Siegfried,Defense 3, Quick Riposte 2, Hone Cavalry
Swap, Bonfire
Minerva - Hauteclare, Life and Death 3, Hit and Run, Ward Fliers
Sacred Cowl
Ursula - Blarblade, Death Blow 3, Red Tomebreaker 3, Fort Cavalry, Reposition, Chilling Wind
Olivia - Silver Sword, T.Adept 1, Wings of Mercy 2, Hone Attack 3
Dance, Eschutcheon

First part is to break the wall with Minerva, Olivia dances her to safety.
Next turn will be positioning Olivia in the bottom left bridge with Minerva on top of her, Xander acts as bait for Green Tome, with Ursula under him.
Next turn after Green attacks, Minerva Proceeds to rid of Blue Tome Cav, falls back with Hit and Run, Olivia dances M back to the bottom bridge, Xander and Ursula are to be placed at the left where the enemy range doesnt reach.
Next turn, Ursula hits Alm and beats him, O dances U under her, U repositions O to the right, M flies to the bottom right, Xander is to be placed at the bottom left
bridge, Blue lance hits him, he lives at 4 hp, (make sure he gets buffed by Ursula's Fort Cav!)
Next Turn Minerva wipes out Blue Lance, and Ursula doubles up on Celica, taking her out, Olivia then warps to where Xander after he is placed to the left of the map, away from the greens. Green tome and Axe Peg come out to after you on the right entrance.
Next turn, Xander can attack the green tome, with some assistance with Olivia, Ursula hits the Axe peg, make sure the reds are placed where the peg cant reach Ursula, peg knight goes for Olivia, gets beaten by Olivia for Victory!

Hope this helps.

Close Call Crew
Updated: 2017-07-09

Submitted by ajdaniels2001


This team is good for hard and lunatic modes (infernal is literally impossible for this team). This team does have reasonable heroes without dancers or any s+ heroes, so don't worry about that. You probably have a 4* of one of these heroes. Anyway, here's the strategy. You're going to want to put Katarina next to Eirika at the beginning to give her some speed. Put her on the wall where the green mage can attack her, but not the blue one. With Mist, break open the left wall so that the blue mage either attacks her or Soren. Eirika should be placed next to Soren for the start of the next turn. Now, eliminate the blue and green mages while healing with Mist. Celica should attack Katarina this turn (if not the next turn) Which will make Katarina's glacies activate and do massive damage. With alm at your side, deal with him will all of your magic users, while keeping Eirika and Katarina together, with Katarina up against the wall. This will cause celica to attack Katarina, leaving her at very low health. (Forgot to mention the Lance cavalier, just use Soren to take him out.) Celica will be the last one left, which you can use Katarina to take her out. I know it's kind of vague, but that is my best outline I can give to help you beat the lunatic mode well. I hope this helps you out!

Double Trouble
Updated: 2017-07-08

Submitted by R00DB34R


Azura: Fortify Def 3 and Fortify Res 1 seal
Olivia: Hone Atk 2
Bridal Cordelia: BB+, DB3, Atk seal
Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Fury 3, Hp seal

Azura and Olivia can be put on either side of Cordelia so that she gets their buffs. Once the turn starts move Cordelia into range of the green mage and let him hit her, she'll hang on and revenge kill the next round with the BB+. Then use Olivia to grant Cordelia another turn to take out the blue mage.
Move Azura to the left of the rubble wall and keep Cordelia in front of it. Move Rein to the left of Olivia and end turn.
Turn 2 move Rein in to attack Celica, use Olivia to allow him to finish her off. Move Cordelia to attack and finish of the blue cavalier. To end the turn have Azura block the entrance to the left.
Turn 3 attack Alm with Rein, use Olivia to let him finish him. Move Azura out of the way and have Cordelia finish the battle by attacking the green flier.

No Mage/Hard Difficulty/Free To Play Budget
Updated: 2017-07-08

Submitted by madkat65


IV's should not matter, but here were mine.

Lucina is +HP/-Res, Defiant Spd/Knock Back/Spur Atk 3/Luna/Falchion

Azura is +HP/-Res, Spd +3/Renewal 2/Fortify Res 2/Glacies/Sapphire Lance+/Sing

Camilla is +Spd/-HP, Darting Blow 3/Savage Blow/Brave Axe+/Draconic Aura

Lissa is +Atk/-Res, HP +5/Renewal 3/Threaten Res/HP+3 Seal/Fear/Rehabilitate/Swift Winds Balm

Lissa can be replaced with any healer that has Rehabilitate and Swift Winds Balm/Kindled Fire Balm depending on your team and its stats. It does not matter the defensive stats, as the enemy should not go after the healer. Every time I completed the battle she did not take any damage.

Turn 1: Have Lissa, Azura, Camilla, and Lucina ordered in that way from left to right. Have Lissa break the wall, then Azura jump to her left and sing. Lissa takes cover by moving one space below and Camilla moves to where Lissa was with Lucina moving right next to her. The enemies will become baited out with the Blue Mage dealing around 7 damage to Camilla.

Turn 2: Have Camilla move up (after being healed) and take out the blue Mage, which fills up her skill gauge entirely. Azura then moves up to her left and sings so Camilla returns to the space she was in leaving Alm's range. Lucina remains in place. Azura will be in range of the green Mage and take quite a bit of damage, but mine was -Res and survived the attack with 7 health remaining. If your Azura is -Res/HP and +a different stat she may end up dying, I'm not entirely sure.

Turn 3: Lissa goes to the space below Azura to heal her, if Rehabilitate is equipped it will return her to max. Lucina moves up and attacks and takes out the green mage, Azura sings her to return Lucina to the space she was at and Camilla moves to take out the blue lance user. If she quads and activates skill, she will take no damage. Alm and Celica both target Azura, bringing her skill gauge to max without losing much health.

Turn 4: Lissa attacks Alm to chip him down, while Lucina comes in and finishes him off, her skill gauge should be charged to seal the deal. Azura then attacks Celica, if her skill is charged and her resistance high enough, this should take out Celica.

I have been playing since launch and not spent a single dollar for orbs. Most of the skills given were in built skills. This team probably doesn't work on Infernal Difficulty.

Blast canon team, try them. :)
Updated: 2017-07-08

Submitted by Sadisaster


I use the same ideas as the team like the spam wizards infernal in the recently post, but a little different, not much. :)
My teams is all 5*, except Olivia.
My Rein is +spd/-atk, normal skill sets with reposition, spur atk 2 and squad ace seal.
My Nino has +spd/-def, +atk seals, normal skill sets with a slot fury 3, b slot desperation 3, special moonbow.
My Tharja is +1, +atk/-res, hp +3 seal, normal skills set.
Olivia lv 40 (40+ is ok.) has fortify res seal.
Just don't too worry about the stats. :)
Try and you will know how to change. :
Start position is O, T, R, N.
Then you place T in the range of green mage near right entrance, the 4 block of 6.
N stay where she is.
R repo O, place O under N.
(Ur choice to place R under Y by using N dragback).
Then N kill blue lance.
T kill green mage.
Dance N in blue mage range and atk Alm, use R to repo T.
Then when blue mage kill by N, move her near O (probably near bridge ,if it's true then u are following the right way :) ).
Use R kill Alm.
Move O down the bridge and T out of green axe range.
Then after C atk R, use T or N to kill green axe.
Then try to bait C out of her Defense block where O can atk C, R can have hone atk buff and finish her (but still hide other characters, probably the easy place to do it is the right wings, where ur team on the left wings with C on the right wings).
Hope this could help u guy, cuz it's really a hard map.
Goodluck. :)

Ranged attack shower - Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-08

Submitted by robin.emblem92


A bit of luck on clearing this battle. The main goal I did is to not let anyone cross to your side, while you reduce them one by one.

Just be careful of Celica, because Celica hits really hard, especially at full HP.

Fast Magic
Updated: 2017-07-07

Submitted by aaronaut


Use the color triangle, Linde. Use the color triangle.

Random Team Complete Step by Step Guide For Inferno (Replacements in Explanation)
Updated: 2017-07-07

Submitted by Sushimada


Not exactly easy to get units, but if you happen to have them, this worked for me.

Ike (+ATK, -RES) Skills literally don't matter at all. He doesn't even need distant counter. He can likely be replaced with any decently tanky sword unit as all he does is (almost) kill the green mage and tank one hit from Alm.

Frederick (+ATK, -RES) Brave Axe (Mine doesn't have +), Luna, A slot doesn't matter (mine is just HP 1 lol), Drag Back (this one is important), hone attack 2 (this isn't really necessary, but have some kind of hone skill on him, even his native fortify cavalry, at least), reposition (also important), and fortify res seal (Not mandatory, but helps Olivia tank the green mage, and provides a small buff to Mae). Pretty common/easy unit to get.

Olivia - Mine was a lvl 35 4*, and I don't know what her IVs are. If you have a lvl 40 one though, you should be good to go. She should be able to tank 2 hits from the green mage. Skills don't really matter (except dance of course, and hone attack is always nice). Free to play and easy to get.

Mae (+SPD, -DEF) Blade Tome (not +), Darting Blow 3, Desperation (These skills may or may not be necessary). Replacements may include other standard blade tome users, powerful and preferably fast raven tome users, or Reinhardt.

Turn 1: Position (from left to right) Ike, Frederick, Olivia, Mae. Have Ike move up 1 and break the wall. Have Olivia go up to his right and dance. Move Ike down. Move Mae up and right to the corner at the wall. Leave Frederick where he is.
(Enemy Phase: The green mage should attack Olivia, and units should start coming down.)

Turn 2: Kill the blue mage with Frederick. Move Ike one space right. Move Olivia to where Ike was, and dance for Frederick. Move Frederick right, parking next to Mae. Leave Mae where she is.
(Enemy Phase: The green mage should attack Olivia once more. Alm should come down behind the green mage with Celica next to him. The green axe flier and lance cavalier should both attack Frederick, which Frederick will be able to easily tank. Keep in mind the lance cavalier has pass so he should end up to Frederick's left.)

Turn 3: Kill the green flier with Frederick. Drag back should put him out of reach of Celica. Move Mae up and left onto the defensive tile and kill the lance cavalier. Here is where we take advantage of stupid AI. Move Olivia 2 spaces right. Move Ike up to the green mage and shank him. It shouldn't kill, but severely wound the mage.
(Enemy Phase: Celica should attack Mae, which Mae should be able to tank fairly easily. This will ready Mae's dragon fang. The green mage should run away, and Alm should attack Ike.)

Turn 4: Kill Celica with Mae. Move Ike 2 spaces right. Move Frederick up 1 space and reposition Ike to the other side of him. Then, dance for Frederick with Olivia, and use him to kill the green mage. Once again, drag back should put him out of the range of Alm.
(Enemy Phase: Alm should be the only enemy left. He will start moving closer to your units.)

Turn 5: At this point, it's GG unless you royally fuck up. Just play around with dance and positioning skills to get a nice setup, buff Mae, and nuke the shit out of Alm. EZ enjoy your 4 orbs.

(Disclaimer: even though this should work, I don't guarantee success as small differences may cause small differences in AI decisions.)

Infernal/Lunatic - Azura and the 3 Mages
Updated: 2017-07-07

Submitted by PSI_FeelingOkay


All 5*'s, Level 40's

Lady of the Lake - Azura
HP 45
ATK 40
SPD 30
DEF 22
RES 30
Brave Lance + / Sing / Moonbow
A-HP+4 / B-Wings of Mercy 3 / C-Hone ATK 2
Sacred Seal - HP+3

Thunder's Fist - Reinhardt
HP 39
ATK 45
SPD 18
DEF 23
RES 25

Dire Thunder / Draw Back / Luna
A-Death Blow 3 / B-Lanceb.3 / C-Threaten Res 3
Sacred Seal - Quickened Pulse

Dark Shadow - Tharja
HP 39
ATK 48
SPD 35
DEF 23
RES 17
Rauorblade+ / NA / Retribution
A-Darting Blow 3 / B-G Tomeb 3/ C-None
Sacred Seal - Speed +1

Naga's Blood - Julia
HP 34
ATK 50
SPD 26
DEF 20
RES 32
Naga / Rally Attack / Dragon Gaze
A-T.Adept 3 / B-L.breaker 1/ C-Breath Of Life 3
Sacred Seal - Attack +1

How to use the team
Turn 1

Have Tharja go into the range of the green mage on the far right tile of its range. Below Tharja, use Rally attack, and have Reinhadrt on the right of Julia, With Azura on the left. The Green mage will kill itself againt Tharja, and every unit moves down.

Turn 2

With Julia, kill the Lance Cavalier on the right side, then have Reinhdarth use Draw Back to get her out of the range of the Axe pegasus. Use Tharja to attack the Axe knight, then have Azura use sing and have tharja move all the way to the right.

Turn 3
Have Julia go all the way to left and attack the blue mage. Have Azura use sing right on the right of her, and move Julia to the left to bring her out of range of the flier and kill the blue mage. With Tharja, have her block Reinhart, and attack the flier so he doesn't get ORKO'd by the Flier.

Turn 4

On Turn 3's Enemy phase, Alm should have ran down and attacked Tharja, leaving her at 3 HP. Have Reinhart ORKO Alm, and have Tharja kill the flier. With Azura, use Sing on Reinhart and have him ORKO Celica.

Bait out Green mage with Tharja, Kill both blues with Julia, Have Tharja clean up the green unit, and Reinhardt ORKO both Alm and Celica.

Hellish Steed
Updated: 2017-07-07

Submitted by Duran


The first step is to lure the green mage with Cecilia, placing her just beneath the breakable wall (do not break it yet). Xander is at left side and Camus waits below her.
The blue cavalier will break the wall and they are finally exposed, finish the green mage with Cecilia and push Camus to kill the blue, Camus received Fortify Cavalry from Cecilia to be able to withstand Celica's Ragnarok and some hits from Alm. And within that turn Ninian danced Cecilia to blast off the Mounted Lancer.
Camus will be heavily injured by the Bound Heroes but he is ready to finish Celica off her marks, after that I pushed Xander to reposition Camus back and Xander is right in the Def. tile to deal with Axe flier and Alm quite easily.

BHB: A & C (video)
Updated: 2017-07-07

Submitted by aiunii


Nino: +SPD/-DEF
Priscilla: +ATK/-DEF(doesn't matter really)
Xander and Camus: Neutral
(Skills are in the video)
Didn't really have to use any fancy units for this, but here's an overview:

Xander's sky-high defense allows him to take hits and with QR 2/3, he can charge his special, Ignis, much faster. Camus' job is to finish off the blue mage, Alm, and body Celica; however, his resistance is lacking which is why Priscilla was chosen. Priscilla was there to heal, provide Xander with 6 extra DEF thanks to Spur Def 3 and Spur Def seal, and also provide the team with +4 Res which allows Camus to survive Celica's attacks. Finally, Nino is just here for the green mage and to damage Alm, though my Nino does have Sparrow Strike 2 so killing the green mage would be difficult without it.

Best to watch the video to fully know placements(recommended to follow step by step)

Tread Very Carefully
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by chromswaifu


Ryoma here is the saving grace. With his high speed and attack, he's a good counter to Celica but ONLY will this work if you can time astra with it so he can OHKO her. Shanna can also take a hit from Celica from the wall, she's not very good at countering Alm. But she does kill the other enemies decently with quad attack with a brave lance. Sakura rehabilitates everyone, and Nino is an extra drag back, you'll need it. The only 5* is Ryoma, everyone is is 4*

1. Start on the left and lead with Shanna, have Ryoma drag her back
2. Let Shanna take the hit, then let Ryoma kill the enemy in front of her, then have Shanna kill the horseman to the right.
3. From what I can remember, Ryoma will kill most units while Shanna stalls the mages.
4. Towards the end, if all goes well you should have Ryoma and the rest of the team out of range, when she steps forward and you have Astra charged, you should be able to kill her instantly. (Sorry for bad explanation, I can hardly remember what exactly I did).

Desperate Blades
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by VDD


Made a picture guide that works better at showing off positioning as well as the stats and skills my team had

Horse Power-All 3 levels
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by TG15


This team has the following inherited skills:

Elise: rehabilitate, hone cavalry
Camus: reposition, ignis, fury 3, quick riposte 2, HP +3 seal
Xander: reposition, ignis, fury 3, quick riposte 2, fortify cavalry, speed +1 seal
Reinhardt: reposition, draconic aura, attack +1 seal

The first 2 difficulties can be beaten without breaking a sweat. Infernal is challenging, but doable if you make a flawless run.

Turn by turn on infernal:

Setup: E X R C

Move Xander up to the wall to bait the green mage, and place Elise under him. Camus must be on the left of Elise, Reinhardt on the right. Xander should decimate the green mage on enemy phase, and the blue cav mage should break the wall to your left. Send Camus to fight him and kill him instantly on player phase, and position Xander just barely within the reach of the blue lance cav, BUT NOT WITHIN ALM'S REACH. Heal Xander with Elise on the left side of Xander, and place Reinhardt within reach of Xander for Goad bonus. On enemy phase, Camus should take no damage, and should kill Celica with 9 hp to spare. The lance cav should attack Xander, and with a charged ignis, he should be at 4 hp, with fury taking Xander down to 5. On the next player phase, dispatch the lance cav with Reinhardt, position Camus 2 spaces below the defense tiles on the west, and heal him immediately. His ignis should also be charged at this time. On enemy phase, he will deal near lethal damage to alm, with the flying axe closing in close behind. On player phase, you can dispatch Alm with ease, reposition Camus out of there, place Xander in attack range and heal him immediately, and watch the battle end as the flying axe suicides to Xander on enemy phase.

3* Team + 4* Palla
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by guocamole


FTP Donnel and Narcian
Donnel had HP +3 SS
Narcian had Spur Def 1 SS

Spam Wizards Infernal
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by AlexHam36


5* Tharja
(must be + attack or +speed which makes it easier), life and death not recomended as she will need all resistance posible. Desperation 3 not necessary. Spur resistance 3

4* M Robin makes a tight map, 5* recomended. Triangle adept 2/3, QR 2/3, HONE SPEED if tharja is neutral speed. Hp +3 sel. Reposition needed

Any dancer with hone attack 3 and fortify resistance

5* nino
Fury 3, any b slot, hone attack 3, moonbow optional, attack seal, draw back.

Turn 1
Olivia, Tharja, Robin, Nino start arrangement
- move tharja 1 space to bait gren mage, move robin behind her and reposition olivia. Move olivia to the right of nino en draw back to keep nino close to robin.
Turn 2
-kill the axe pegasus with tharja, kill the lance cavalry with nino, dance tharja and move at the right of nino, reposition nino with ribin so she is left at the bridge
Turn 3
-Kill blue tome horse with nino, reposition nino with , dance robien, robin to the left of olivia, move tharje infront of nino.
Turn 4
-Kill the green mage with tharja, move robin infront of olivia - dance, then move him to the defensive infront of alm.
Turn 5
- finish celica with robin, kill alm with tharja-dance-tharja

Infernal Bound Hero Battle
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by imasalesman


Requirements, +SPD Nino, Darting Blow Tharja, Hone Spd+Rally Defense Ephraim, Triangle Adept Bridal Caeda

Use Ephraim to buff Nino and Tharja to have them tank and nuke their color advantages, Caeda tanks Celica and Alm.

3* 4* Heros
Updated: 2017-07-06
Simple Cavalry (Worked on all difficulties for me)
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by angelofebus


Reinhardt with Dire Thunder, Goad Cavalry and Death Blow
Azura with Sapphire Lance and Fury
Leo with Rauorblade , Quick Riposte and Fortify Cavalry
Cecila with Gronnblade and Hone Cavalry

Finally I got it !
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by ShoutFox


Sanaki : Draw Back, Fury 3 / QR 2
Standard Azura Dancer
Takumi : Brave Bow+ / LnD3 / Axe Breaker 1 / Threaten Spd 3 / Luna
Reinhardt : Draw Back / Death blow 3 / Red Tome breaker

1- Sanaki bait the green mage
2- Takumi kills the lancer
3- Takumi kill the blue mage, Azura dance for him, Takumi kills the axe.

Some draw back to keep your Takumi out of Celica's range.

4- Reinhardt kills Celica
5- Takumi kills Alm

I guess you need some good placements in order to win this. But it's possible.

Infernal no dancer step by step
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by Demeion


No merged units
Ryoma +speed L&D2 Reposition (other slots dont matter)
Ephraim +atk Blue tomebreaker Honespeed 3 rally def fortify res seal (other slots dont matter)
Nino +speed Greenblade+ Draw Back Hone atk 3 (other slots dont matter)
Rein Neutral Atk+3 Red tomebreaker Luna Reposition (Other slots dont matter)

1) Bait Green mage with ryoma (he needs hone speed buff to kill it) , put Ephraim under ryoma and put nino right to Ephraim, Rein on the right bridge;
2) Ephraim rallies nino that kills blue lancer, move rein to one tile up and right, ryoma repositions Nino on the bridge;
3) Ephraim kill blue horse mage, ryoma kills green flier and Rein goes up killing Celica and putting himself between ryoma and Alm (Rein will take around 7 damage by alm)
4) Just bait Alm and finish him off with Rein and Ephraim

Infernal BHB
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by Kenshiroh


Key of the strategy is to assign QR (1, 2 or 3) to Sanaki, just simply bait the green mage with Sanaki.

She will slap him back twice, the rest is easy. Ursula will tank Celica & Alm after one shoot the blue horseman.

No idea how I won
Updated: 2017-07-06
Long range killers (both lunatic and infernal)
Updated: 2017-07-06

Submitted by randante


Long range units (mages and archers) are awesome for this maps.

1st. Lure and kill the green mage with Tharja.
2nd. Kill the lance cavalier with Cordelia and fall back.
3rd. Kill the axe flier with Cordelia, the blue mage with Azura and Celica with Reinhardt.
4th. Ended with Reinhardt tanking Alm.
5th. Finish him off with anyone you like.

Link for Lunatic:
Link for Infernal: