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Tier 1

Tier 1 units represent the most prominent and impactful units in the current metagame: they are among the strongest in the game and the best of their respective roles. Tier 1 units can perform exceptionally well in almost any team with little reliance on external support and have fantastic matchups against the majority of units.

Tier 2

Tier 2 units are among the strongest in the game, but are slightly less impactful than units in Tier 1. These units will have great matchups against many common Arena threats, making them some of the strongest choices for a core Arena team. With an ally or summoner support, and a synergistic team composition, many of these units can be just as powerful as those in Tier 1.

Tier 3

Tier 3 units are solid additions to most teams, with great matchups against common units. These heroes are more than capable in their favoured roles, but may have slightly weaker statlines than similar units in higher tiers. With that said, they can still perform their given role well with great success. Some of these heroes may be somewhat reliant on a support or sacred seal to perform as well as units in higher tiers.

Tier 4

Tier 4 units are reasonably strong in most teams, with good matchups against common units. Most of these heroes may be more niche or have less specialised stat distributions than units in the above tiers, but they can still perform their given role. Most of these heroes can be somewhat reliant on a support or sacred seal to perform as well as units in higher tiers.

Tier 5

Tier 5 units have decent match-ups against most units, but are often outclassed by units in higher tiers, or provide more niche use to a team. These heroes are by no means weak, but they are less consistent choices for arena teams, and are much more reliant on ally/summoner supports and sacred seals to perform effectively.

Tier 6

Tier 6 units have somewhat poor matchups against most units, and will require heavy investment from the rest of the team to be viable. These units are hard to recommend: many of these units will require a summoner support or ally support to repair awkward stat lines, whereas others are generally outclassed by units in the tiers above. With that said, Tier 6 units can be passable with enough investment.

Tier 1 Explanations
Hero Explanation

Dorcas is a powerful unit for many of the same reasons as Hector: high HP, attack and defence make him a fantastic front-line unit that can butcher enemy melee units, whereas Distant Counter allows him to threaten ranged units as well. The obvious difference is the infantry vs. armor trade-off: Dorcas' stats are weaker than Hector's, but the extra movement grants him more options on the player-phase. The other notable difference is in the A and B slot skills: Hector's greatest strength is his ability to pair a B slot skill with Quick Riposte 2 thanks to Armads. Dorcas doesn't have this luxury, but he does have a free A slot, which can be used for fantastic skills such as Steady Breath, Distant Defense or Fire Boost. Infantry Pulse in his base-kit is another fantastic trait, considering the relative scarcity of the skill. All-in-all, while arguably weaker than Hector, Dorcas is a fearsome enemy phase unit that can deliver some meaty blows to the enemy.

Hector has been a dominant force since the game’s release thanks to the combination of Armads and Distant Counter alongside his fantastic HP, attack and defence stats. What makes Hector particularly powerful is his ability to utilise Quick Riposte in conjunction with a second B slot skill such as Vantage, Renewal and more. Hector's great bulk and offensive capability makes him a solid check to most units in the game, including common blue mages and select sword wielders. Though his build flexibility is limited, the combo of Armads and Distant Counter, as well as his stellar stat-spread, make Hector a top-tier unit.

Ike - Brave Mercenary is undeniably one of the top defensive threats in Fire Emblem Heroes. At a glance, his stats don't set him apart much from other defensive units like Xander or Hector. His real strength comes from Urvan as well as his A and B slot skills: Urvan mitigates a huge amount of damage from damage dealers who rely on consecutive attacks like Bridal Cordelia, Reinhardt and Lyn - Brave Lady to name just a few. The skills available to him in his base kit make him particularly powerful as well, with Steady Breath allowing him to activate powerful specials after a single round of combat. Though Ike is one of the only units with a near complete build in his base kit, he can gain a lot from Skill Inheritance: Distant Counter can allow him to check ranged threats without having to counterattack during the player phase, whereas Ignis allows him to bait and KO Ryoma, provided Ike is also equipped with Steady Breath and a Quickened Pulse seal. Though his player phase is weak, his access to unique skills, a powerful legendary weapon and a solid defensive stat-line grant him a place in Tier 1.

It should come as no surprise that Ayra is one of the strongest player phase units in the game. With exceptional stats almost across the board, a powerful unique weapon and a superb, low cooldown special, Ayra can singlehandedly cleave through enemy teams. With a heightened BST, Ayra's only stat below 30 is her 21 resistance, and her surprisingly high defence lends itself perfectly to her sweeper playstyle. Ayra's Blade complements this playstyle further, as the extra 3 speed allows Ayra to safely take a hit from almost any enemy without Swordbreaker, and have her special Regnal Astra charged and ready for the counter attack. On the other hand, Ayra can abuse her weapon's amazing effect to charge slower special skills like Galeforce. Her stellar stats and skills makes it easy to set up a strong player-phase with Desperation: which only the most defensive of blue units will survive. Though she lacks the coverage of sword users with access to Distant Counter like Ike and Ryoma, Ayra's immense power and impressive survivability grants her a spot in Tier 1.

Lyn - Brave Lady was easily the most feared unit of the four "Choose Your Legends" heroes before her release, and rightfully so. A stellar offensive stat line of 33/35, a legendary weapon with a powerful effect, a B slot skill that nullifies Distant Counter and a unique role as a mounted archer give her a well deserved spot at Tier 1. Though Lyn can reach truly insane levels of power as part of a Cavalry team, she can still excel among infantry thanks to her impressive kit. Mulagir bolsters her already impressive speed stat to ensure follow-up attacks, though inheriting a Brave Bow+ allows her to fell most units in the game before they can respond. Bulkier units that would survive her attacks and retaliate with access to Distant Counter such as Xander, Camus or most common armour units, are left unable to thanks to Sacae's Blessing. This allows Lyn almost complete immunity during the player phase, though she will have to rely on the rest of her team to pull her into safety if she overextends. Nevertheless, Lyn is an offensive threat with near unrivalled levels of strength and mobility.

Mia is very similar to Ayra in both stats and playstyle. Including the bonus stats from each of their unique weapons, Mia has the slightly stronger offensive spread; a solid 35/40 compared to Ayra's 33/40, though Ayra does have higher defense and HP. Nevertheless, the major difference between the two is in their exclusive blades: Mia's Resolute Blade is effectively a Wo Dao+ with an additional 6 attack, which grants her fantastic, albeit sporadic, combat potential. Regnal Astra and Flashing Blade built into her weapon gives Ayra consistent damage output on a short cooldown, whereas Mia's lack of a unique special means that she cannot rely on her special as much for damage. With that said, the +10 damage from Resolute Blade can shift many match-ups in Mia's favour, and pairing this with Wrath can allow her to deal huge amounts of damage - even to blue units. Though less consistent than her rival Ayra, Mia's insane damage output easily makes her one of the strongest player-phase units in the game.

Nowi is a fantastic check to many of the most common arena threats. The Distant Def seal allows her to shrug off Reinhardt's attacks without sacrificing a powerful A slot skill like Steady Breath, and Lightning Breath+ can bypass Brave Lyn's B slot skill to retaliate and KO her. These are just the most prominent threats: Nowi can handle most units in the game with this combination of skills, with the exception of green units like Brave Ike, Julia and Deirdre. Julia and Deirdre are obviously hard counters to Nowi, but they're rare enough on defense teams for this to be a trivial issue.

Tier 2 Explanations
Hero Explanation

Arden sets a new standard for defensive units: with a whopping 60 HP and 41 defense, Arden has the highest physical soak of any unit in the game. If that weren't enough, he also has fearsome offensive capability thanks to the Follow-up Ring and a Brave Sword+, which when combined, allow him to perform four attacks despite having one of the lowest speed stats in the game. Arden's flexibility as a stellar offensive or defensive unit gives him an advantageous position to suit the needs of his team.

As a dragon unit with decent bulk, Fae can be used to good effect as a tank or support. Light Breath+ can be swapped for Lightning Breath+ to turn Fae into a strong anti-blue unit capable of countering at range: allowing her to check Reinhardt, Delthea and Linde. Fury is a great A skill to inherit thanks to its synergy with Renewal. However, her mediocre speed and decisive weakness to Falchion and the book of Naga is a big obstacle. With that said, it should be clear that Fae is undeniably the best choice for a green dragon unit.

As a flier with a phenomenal attack stat, Cherche can serve as one of the most mobile offensive units in the game. 41 base attack with a +Atk boon is absurd, and grants an effective 55 attack when coupled with a Brave Axe+ and Death Blow before any other effects; including ally buffs, supports or Sacred Seals. Furthermore, Hit and Run or Drag Back as a B slot skill makes it easier for Cherche to stay out of enemy attack range, either by retreating out of all enemy ranges or close enough to allies for them to reposition her. Overall, a stellar offensive unit that can be just as fearsome outside of a Flier team.

As a ranged dancer, Inigo possesses a frighteningly low BST, sitting at a measly 140 before boon/bane stats. With that said, his position as a green mage makes Inigo a perfect counter to two major threats: Brave Lyn and Reinhardt. With the classic TA + Raven tome set popularised by units like Robin, Inigo can shrug off attacks from a +Atk, merged Reinhardt with ease. Brave Lyn also becomes more trivial with the addition of Bowbreaker 3 to that build, which easily shuts down most of her common sets. Though his use outside of this role is niche, his ability to check these two units makes one of the best choices for a dancer.

Azura (Performing Arts) is easily among the strongest dancers in the game thanks to her unique weapon Urðr. Not only does the weapon help improve her naturally low arena weighting, but it also grants +3 to every stat but HP to any ally that Azura dances for. Though Azura's ally must have already taken an action to receive these buffs, the sheer power of +3 to every stat can be enough to push most fights in favour of the player. In addition, she's quite a capable unit on her own: her stats are near identical to those of Azura - Lady of the Lake, but with slightly improved offenses for weaker HP and Def. This makes her a great candidate for more offense-oriented skills like Fury or Distant Counter compared to other dancers, though Triangle Adept is always a safe choice to guarantee strong matchups against blue units.

Bridal Cordelia's offensive spread of 35/35 is the highest of any archer in the game; pretty good for a lance-wielding pegasus knight. Inheriting a Brave Bow+ allows her to become an offensive powerhouse with a variety of skill options depending on her boon and bane stats. +Atk or +Spd are both excellent boons on her, she can accomodate weaker stat spreads as well: while -Atk would be a crippling bane to have, -Spd can be mitigated well thanks to her solid base stats. She has several options for skills as well, including Death Blow, Life and Death, Swordbreaker, Desperation and more.

Celica's strong offensive stat distribution of 32/33 in attack and speed, plus her legendary tome Ragnarok, make her a powerful magic user. The extra +5 attack and speed from Ragnarok is incredibly powerful, and pushes her offensive stats slightly beyond those of similar units like Nino, Linde and Delthea; though only for her first attack. Celica's B slot skill choices are also very noteworthy: Renewal allows extra value out of Ragnarok, whereas Swordbreaker improves a wide number of matchups. In addition, Celica can still use a Blade tome to great effect; making her a reasonably strong user of the classic Desperation build.

Divine Tyrfing and Crusader's Ward turn Sigurd into a fearsome ranged tank, able to shrug off both archers and mages reasonably well. Close Def 3 in his base kit greatly improves his skirmishing ability, and with a Distant Def 3 seal, Sigurd can survive attacks from almost any ranged unit in the game. The major exceptions include strong blue mages with Blade tomes like Linde and Olwen in a cavalry team. This includes Reinhardt and Brave Lyn, both of whom are particularly common in defense teams currently. With that said, he will be unable to retaliate against these enemies without giving up his A slot for Distant Counter: though he can take hits from these units well, Sigurd will have to rely on his teammates to KO enemy units.

Effie currently boasts the highest attack stat in the game, with great baseline skills to boot. With that said, she gains a lot from SI, namely access to Distant Counter, a better support skill for mobility, a special skill and the Brave Lance+ for a more offensive build. Effie has two exceptional builds: a defensive build with Slaying Lance+ and Distant Counter, or an offensive build with Brave Lance+ and Death Blow. Her high base attack and defence allow her to perform both builds expertly and this flexibility is what makes Effie such a powerful unit.

Elincia is one of the most dangerous melee attackers in the game thanks to her stellar offensive spread and her legendary weapon Amiti. 34 attack and 36 speed is already impressive, but an additional 11 might and a brave effect for only a -2 penalty to speed turns Elincia into a fearsome offensive threat. If that weren't enough, Death Blow in her base kit ensures that she can always be effective, as even a neutral Elincia will have an effective 51 attack with a brave effect. Adding a low cooldown special skill to her kit, as well as the Quickened Pulse seal, allows her to deal staggering damage to the first enemy she attacks. Access to Hit and Run also improves her survivability, though her frail defenses mean that she will always have to have a teammate close at hand to pull her out of enemy attack range, as Hit and Run will not always be enough on its own.

Halloween Jakob is the first armoured archer in the game, and he's an impressive unit. 42 HP, 35 attack and a defensive spread of 33/32 turn Halloween Jakob into a fearsome unit, capable of taking physical or magical attacks with ease. He's one of the strongest candidates for Close Counter: with a Slaying Bow+, Halloween Jakob can deal considerable damage to any enemy that he enters combat with, and Wary Fighter ensures he will almost always survive the encounter. He can also run an offensive Brave Bow+ build to great effect, though his poor mobility may become more of a hindrance. Nevertheless, Halloween Jakob is a powerful and flexible unit.

Ike faces heavy competition from Ryoma and Ayra: the former boasts higher speed and an identical weapon, whereas the latter has superior offensive capability. However, Ike's solid HP and Defence give him a role as a more defensive user of Distant Counter. He has great build flexibility, with Swordbreaker, Quick Riposte, Vantage, Renewal and Wrath all serving as great choices for a B slot skill. He has similar flexibility with his A slot skill, in skills such as Heavy Blade or Fury. Ike's flexibility and strong defensive capability make him a solid unit.

Innes has an impressive offensive spread of 33/34, putting him just behind the powerhouse archer that is Bride Cordelia. Innes' potential doesn't end at his offensive stat line however, Nidhogg can grant Innes exceptional bonuses to all of his stats if you can ensure that he remains close to his allies. Furthermore, his high neutral resistance of 31 and access to Cancel Affinity in his base kit highlights his strength as a mage-killer; particularly against Raven tome users who had countered archers in the past.

Lucina has always been a powerful offensive unit, and Lucina - Brave Princess is no exception to that. She retains her solid offenisve stat-line of 34/36 in attack and speed respectively, making her one of the strongest lance users available. Her unique lance Geirskogul allows her to take on another role however, as a near unrivalled supporting unit. +3 attack and speed to sword, lance, axe and bow users makes her the strongest support choice for any unit with these weapon types, and she can provide these bonuses from within 2 spaces of her ally, and to multiple allies at once. She cannot support units that rely on bonuses for other effects: including Blade tome mages, as well as any unit with Heavy Blade. Her strong offensive stats and fantastic support qualities make her a great addition to any team.

Lute is superior to many of her fellow blue mages: the +3 Spd from her exclusive weapon puts her base offensive spread at 36/35 - one Spd higher than Delthea and four points higher than Mae. The Weirding Tome's effect complements her stats nicely, with Spd Ploy allowing her to turn many attacks into double attacks, allowing her to secure KOs. Unfortunately, there are a few nuances about Lute which hold her back. Firstly: Lute is particularly reliant on the +3 Spd from the Weirding Tome, as her base speed of 32 is unimpressive compared to the likes of other mages. Though this is offset by her tome's Spd Ploy effect, this requires careful positioning from the player, and will not work against every enemy: especially if Lute is running Life and Death 3. Additionally, her reliance on the Weirding Tome's bonus speed makes her a weaker choice for a Blade-tome mage than Linde or Delthea. Lute is a powerful blue mage, but she's a lot more reliant on careful positioning and Desperation.

Roy - Brave Lion is arguably the weakest of the four "Choose Your Legends" heroes, but that doesn't mean he isn't an impressive unit. Blazing Durandal has an effective 19 MT, making it the strongest of all legendary weapons in raw power. The Heavy Blade effect allows Roy to charge his special attacks more quickly than his competitors, with the +3 attack from his weapon improving the odds of its activation. 34 speed is a respectable base, and his defensive stats aren't too awful for a primarily offensive unit. Overall, Roy can make a fearsome offensive cavalry unit thanks to his incredibly unique weapon and some solid base stats.

Ryoma’s unique weapon Raijinto granting him Distant Counter sets him apart from other sword-infantry. His solid offensive spread of 34/35 and decent enough defense at 27 makes him a great frontline unit. Furthermore, Vantage ties his kit together perfectly, allowing him to deal considerable damage to targets at range, and KO many of them with or without his special skill ready.

Similar to Nowi, Tiki (Y)’s balanced stats grant her a number of options for skills. Though she has weaker matchups against Falchion users than Nowi, she fares better against Julia as a red dragon unit. She also has access to the powerful weapon skill Lightning Breath+, allowing her to counter ranged units while still running skills like Fury, though some may opt to keep Flametongue+ for its higher might. Skills like Fury, Swordbreaker, Steady Breath and Quick Riposte can be put to great use by Tiki (Y).

Tiki (A) is much more specialised than her Shadow Dragon variant: high attack and defense in exchange for low speed and resistance makes her an effective physical wall. Like Nowi, you'll want to use Lightning Breath+ as her breath skill to counter at range without sacrificing her A slot skill, which can be used for skills like Fortress Def, Steady Breath or Fury. Of the three aforementioned skills, Steady Breath in particular is a great choice for Tiki (A) if available, as it allows her to retaliate against melee or ranged units with a special attack immediately, which will often KO.

Summer Elise is undeniably strong: 36 attack and 34 speed is an offensive spread identical to that of Delthea. With the highest attack of all green mages, Summer Elise can wreak havoc with skills like Gronnblade, Life and Death, Desperation and Moonbow. However, she does face a number of shortcomings in regards to her usability and practicality: she is a seasonal unit with limited availability and she also requires heavy skill investment. Therefore though her statline is impressive, players may prefer to invest in mages with better availability such as Nino.

Tana can easily be considered one of, if not the strongest lance wielding flier in the game thanks to her stellar base stats and legendary weapon, both of which grant her fantastic build diversity. Vidofnir granting +7 defence against swords, lances and axes allows Tana to take on the role of a physical wall, and can surpass a total of 40 defence with the right skills and a defence boon. On the flip side, Tana makes for a phenomenal physical attacker thanks to her offensive spread of 34/36. A Brave Lance+ can be used with the standard +Atk build or a Quad-oriented +Spd build, or Tana can stick with her default weapon for the 16 might. Overall, an incredibly versatile unit.

The strongest competition for the reigning champion of the Armour units comes in the form of a small girl from Grado. Amelia currently boasts the highest stats in the game thanks to her role as both a trainee and an armour unit. Better yet, these stats come in a powerful distribution: 34 in attack and speed makes her one of the more powerful offensive threats in the game, and a defensive spread of 47/35/23 in HP/Def/Res respectively gives her immense survivability. Her high speed nullifies the usefulness of Wary Fighter and instead allows her to run more threatening skills in the B slot such as Quick Riposte or Vantage. Similarly, solid stats across the board allow for great diversity with her A slot as well; a defensive variant with Distant Counter is an obvious choice, but she can allows perform exceptionally well with offensive skills like Swift Sparrow and Life and Death 3.

These mages have been placed alongside each other for one main reason; they all have great attack and speed, and are the best candidates of each colour to run a Blade-tome build. These three can run incredibly powerful glass cannon builds with great success and they would easily be in Tier 1 if it weren’t for their dependency on a support unit. Nino and Linde desperately want to be used alongside a unit such as Eirika or Ephraim to maximise their potential. Their strength should not be underestimated, as the pair are easily on par with Tier 1 units with the right buffs.

Delthea is very similar to Linde: slightly higher attack in exchange for slightly lower speed and higher resistance. Provided she can make follow-up attacks consistently, she is a stronger choice than Linde. With that said, the difference is minimal: both are exceptional mages.

These three have all been placed in Tier 2 for their access to Dance and Sing. Though their combat strength leaves a lot to be desired, granting another turn to an ally is incredibly powerful in the right circumstances. It can also be used to allow slower units to reach the front more quickly, or reposition an ally within enemy attack ranges.

If a distinction had to be made between the three, the hierarchy would probably be Azura > Ninian/Olivia. The Sapphire Lance+ and her high attack and speed allow Azura to fight red units reasonably well. Ninian comes next thanks to her blue colour, high speed, decent bulk and access to breath attacks. Olivia is about as strong as Ninian, but red is a more coveted colour on most teams for an offensive unit like Ryoma, Lucina or Tharja.

With a solid offensive spread of 35/35, Cordelia is one of the more flexible offensive units. She can run a Quad build with +Spd and the Brave Lance+, a standard +Atk build or something else entirely with a different weapon. Her defensive stats are poor however, making her reliant on repositioning skills, dancer support or flier buffs.

With stats akin to Amelia, the Black Knight has one of the strongest base stat totals and spreads in the game, and thus contributes highly to arena scoring. But as if that weren't enough, he also packs two exclusive skills that turn him into a fearsome unit: Alondite and Black Luna. Alondite is the twin blade to Ike's sword Ragnell and is identical in almost every area, as Alondite is also a 16 might weapon with Distant Counter. This is crucial, as it allows him to counter at range without sacrificing powerful options for an A slot skill like Steady Breath. Black Luna is an exclusive special skill that ignores a huge 80% of enemy defence, allowing the Black Knight to burst down high defence units and blue units alike. Overall, the Black Knight can excel at whatever role is required of him thanks to his great stats across the board and unique skills, though he should still stay clear from mages if at all possible.

With the exclusive Dire Thunder tome, Reinhardt is one of the most oppressive player phase units in the game. With the addition of Death Blow to his kit, Reinhardt can secure ORKOs against most top tier threats, with his only major obstacles being Brave Ike, Julia and other high res green units. With that said, Moonbow and a Quickened Pulse seal allows him to activate his special during his first attack, which allows him to deal with many more threats that would normally shut him down. With that said, Reinhardt does rely on a +Atk quite heavily, and will have to rely on teammates to keep him out of enemy attack range.

Tier 3 Explanations
Hero Explanation

A strong sword-wielding infantry unit who can deal bonus damage to dragons, but he faces heavy competition from Lucina. He trades some points in his offensive stats for bulk, which makes A slot skills like Fury a perfect choice. With that said, Marth is capable of running more offensive builds with skills like Death Blow or Life and Death if that is what's required from him.

Among the fastest of the dragon units, Corrin (F) can be a great defensive unit thanks to her solid speed and defense. Her attack is somewhat lacking however, so she is used mainly as a debuffer and can't secure kills by herself, thus relying entirely on her team. Skills that improve her bulk can be used to significantly improve her capabilities.

Another sword infantry with solid offensive stats of 35/34, but his base kit gives him a Brave Sword+. This isn’t a bad choice per se, but Ogma can make more use of his great speed with a Silver Sword+ or Wo Dao+. A better special skill would also work well on him.

Arvis's major selling points should be pretty clear from the get-go: great attack and resistance, decent speed, low HP and defence. Valflame is a pretty awesome tome however, as it combines the effects of Atk Ploy 2 and Res Ploy 2. With that said, Arvis' low speed makes it hard for him to pull off an offensive blade tome build akin to those popularised by mages like Nino. Recovery Ring also finds little place on and offensive build, as Arvis' low defence means he'll only ever get value from the skill after combat against mages. Valflame and Recovery Ring therefore set him up to take on a more supportive role, in which he can debuff enemy units and heal his allies. This is no bad niche to have, but he'll struggle to compete against the more offensive mages.

As a Falchion user, Chrom is one of the weaker of the group. His low speed means that any enemy he fails to OHKO will likely make two attacks against him. However, his gargantuan 37 attack makes him a great candidate for a Brave Sword+, with which he can become a much more threatening offensive unit. Death Blow or Heavy Blade are great choices for the A slot skill.

As one of the two Sacred Stones siblings, Eirika is in possession of a powerful legendary weapon with the Hone Atk 2 effect. This makes Eirika one of the go-to choices for a Blade mage support in particular, though her buffs are useful to any ally in an infantry heavy team. Her strength as a combat unit leaves a lot to be desired however: 35 speed is fantastic, but 26 attack means that Eirika will do very little damage on her own. Triangle Adept can fix her match-ups against green units, but if the team doesn't need a red unit then you'll find more capable support units in Ephraim or Brave Lucina. With that said, she's the most accessible partner for a Blade tome mage and can find a place alongside most of these units outside of a class type team.

Athena's impressive offensive spread of 31/38 lends itself perfectly to a Desperation build. She is arguably more suited to this build than other similar infantry like Lon'qu as her base HP is naturally below 40. However, Athena is a very frail unit: enemies with Swordbreaker, or any enemy that can circumvent her high speed will KO her with ease.

Both Lucina (S) and Olwen are strong units, but they take up very similar roles to Linde and Reinhardt respectively. They have somewhat weaker stat spreads, but can still perform well with the same inherited skills. Lucina (S) wants Blárblade, Olwen wants Death Blow, both want an offensive special skill.

Bridal Caeda is very similar to Spring Lucina, but arguably a little stronger. +1 speed is a small but significant improvement, and her higher resistance lets her duel other mages more effectively. However, while she can perform well as an offensive unit, she too remains outclassed by Linde.

Both Sanaki and Lilina possess mediocre speed, but they make up for it with high attack power. Rauðrraven is an interesting choice for these two, as it improves their matchups against archers and ninja. Quick Riposte is another useful addition.

Bridal Charlotte has an impressive offensive stat spread of 36/31, making her one of the strongest candidates for a Brave Lance+. Her high health pool lends itself to Fury, but she can also get great mileage out of Death Blow+ if players are looking to maximise her offensive capability. However, she has less attack and defense than Effie as well as less mobility than Cordelia or Hinoka.

Donnel also makes for a strong Brave Lance+ user, but can also be used more defensively thanks to his solid HP and defence. 35 attack means that he can still be a strong offensive unit, but 24 base speed with a Brave Lance+ leaves him incredibly vulnerable during the enemy phase.

Camilla is a respectable choice for a green anti-magic unit, thanks to her high base resistance of 31. Camilla's optimal build can be a bit costly, but inheriting Distant Counter and an Emerald Axe+ can turn her into a solid counter to blue mages such as Reinhardt, Delthea and Linde, though she won't be able to achieve much outside of this niche role. With that said, a +Atk merged Reinhardt will do next to nothing against her.

Eldigan is a powerful mounted unit, but his low speed makes it difficult for him to secure KOs and hurts his survivability. Swordbreaker can give him favourable matchups against other sword-wielders and is a vast improvement over Lunge, whereas Quick Riposte gives him a great boost during the enemy phase. He faces heavy competition from his friend Sigurd, however, who can serve as a great physical and magical tank.

Ephraim is packing 35 attack alongside great HP and defense, making him a fantastic wallbreaker or Quick Riposte user. Though he faces heavy competition as an offensive or defensive lance user from Nephenee and Lukas respectively, his possession of Siegmund, gives him a firm role as one of the strongest candidates for a support unit. Though he faces fierce competition from Lucina - Brave Princess in this role as well, Lucina's buffs are unable to affect magic users, making Ephraim the go-to choice for a Blade mage support. His strength as a combat unit and as a support unit grants him a place in this tier, and no Blade tome mage outside of a class type team should go anywhere without either of these units.

Frederick's solid attack and defense stats of 35 and 36 make him a powerful front-line unit. Much like Cherche, he can benefit from inheriting Death Blow and a Brave Axe+ to become a major offensive threat, or he can focus on a more physically defensive set with Fortress Def and a Silver Axe+. The Hammer+ helps his match-ups against Hector and Effie, but hurt those against every other unit, making it a niche weapon.

Gray has fantastic stats across the board, with the lowest being his 22 resistance. Besides that, he boasts strong HP, attack, speed and defense; making him a formidable front-line unit. His main problem is that his 32 speed is rather weak compared to the more popular sword users like Ryoma and Lucina. An optimal boon, Fury or Life and Death can improve his speed, but he will still be comparatively weaker. A Brave Sword+ can be another alternative, but he is outclassed by Chrom in this role. Nevertheless, Gray is a good option for a frontline unit with decent power, speed and bulk.

Halloween Henry is the first magical armour unit in the game (sorry Arvis), and brings a breath of fresh air to the role of an armour. His offensive stats are surprisingly good, with 33 attack and 34 speed before boons, banes, skills or buffs. His other noteworthy stat is his stellar 36 resistance, which allows him to comfortably wall any and all blue mages. He has great flexibility in his choice of tome as well: his limited movement make Swap and Gronnowl+ appealing choices, whereas Gronnraven+ and Gronnblade+ are equally appealing choices for a more offensive and defensive variant respectively. Gronnraven+ is a particularly interesting addition to his kit, as it can help make up for his somewhat middling HP and defense stats. Overall, a strong and flexible unit that is limited only by his availability and mobility.

Halloween Sakura's stats are incredibly optimised for her ideal role: an anti-mage dagger user. Compared to the obvious comparison, Felicia, she trades a small amount of speed and resistance for a much higher attack stat. This makes her much more effective when it comes to KOing magic users rather than merely tanking them, especially with her unique weapon: the Kitty Paddle+. Effectiveness against magic users allows her to win almost any match-up against tome users; with the major exceptions being any mage using a Raven + TA build. Halloween Sakura's solid anti-mage role and her fabulous stat-line place her among the strongest dagger users in the game.

Hana's offensive spread of 35/36 is among the strongest of all sword infantry units. +Spd and Life and Death 3 puts her at 40/44 in attack and speed respectively; before weapon might. This makes her a great candidate for a Brave Sword+ Desperation build, or other offensive builds with a Wo Dao+. With that said, her lack of an exclusive weapon and her frail defense makes her a comparatively weaker choice than other similar units like Ayra or Ryoma.

Jeorge, Klein and Virion can all run an offensive Brave Bow+ build to great effect. Brave Bow+, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2 and Swordbreaker allow the trio to deal with most units in the game, making them great choices for offensive colourless units. Of the three, Virion is the most accessible but also the weakest as he has the lowest offensive spread.

Though somewhat fallen from grace from his days before skill inheritance, Takumi remains a powerful unit. Close Counter in his base kit lends itself nicely to a Vantage build. On the other hand, he can also run an offensive build with Brave Bow+, Life and Death, Desperation or Swordbreaker, etc. just as effectively as other archers, making Takumi one of the more flexible choices of all the archers.

Kagero has high speed, higher attack and the Poison Dagger+ give her fantastic KO potential against infantry, though she may find herself with out any suitable targets against class-type teams. Gaining access to Death Blow and a stronger special skill improves this further, making her a fearsome unit that only non-infantry can deal with effectively on the enemy phase.

Gaius on the other hand boasts impressive speed which allows him to land follow-up attacks consistently. With a Poison Dagger+, Gaius can compensate for his middling attack stat with two high-power effective attacks against any infantry enemies.

Lucina's highlights are her legendary weapon Falchion, as well as her stellar offensive spread of 34/36. Though the occasional healing from Falchion will rarely have a practical use outside of 'medic' builds, bonus damage against dragons is a great asset granting her great match-ups against Fae, Tiki (A), Tiki (Y) and others. Unfortunately, Falchion's bonus damage isn't enough for Lucina to reliably win the match-up against Nowi, which harms her usefulness as a dragon check. Her reasonably high HP stat also makes it harder for her to reach the threshold for Desperation, making it harder for her to set up a sweep. Nevertheless, strong offenses and reasonable build flexibility makes Lucina a solid choice.

Lukas is essentially an armoured unit with two movement. Compared to most other lance infantry, he trades a lot of points in speed and resistance for a fantastic 35 attack and 38 defense. This allows him to run physically defensive builds with Steady Breath or Fortress Def, or offensive builds with a Brave Lance+ and Bonfire/Ignis. However, his stellar physical defense is offset by his pitiful resistance: low speed and low resistance allows almost any mage in the game to tear through Lukas like a hot knife through butter. Therefore, he should be kept away from magic users as much as possible. Though he can be a bit expensive to build, Lukas is undeniably one of the strongest physical walls in the game if you're willing to give him the necessary skills.

Masked Marth is identical to Lucina in almost every way: she cannot have a boon and bane stat however, and has no merge potential. This makes Lucina the stronger of the two if you have a decent boon/bane and if she can merge, but Masked Marth is a solid unit nevertheless.

Minerva's stats are relatively balanced across the board: 31 attack, 33 speed and 32 defence make her a formidable front-line unit. Hauteclere is another exclusive asset, as the weapon's flexible effect supports her generalist playstyle well. Minerva's attack and speed are strong enough to serve as a passable offensive unit, while her defense and HP allow for a decent defensive role. The problem is, Minerva faces opposition to both of these roles: Cherche is far and away the superior offensive unit, whereas Minerva faces stiff competition in a defensive role from Michalis, Camilla and even Beruka. Unless you value a generalist, there are stronger choices for the roles Minerva would want to serve.

Nephenee's solid stat-line allows her to take on a number of different roles without falling short in any of them. Compared to Lukas, her stats are less specialised, but 31 attack, 35 speed and 34 defence sets her up as a fantastic duelist. Her high speed allows her to survive some encounters with mages - provided she can avoid follow-up attacks - whereas her attack and defense stats give her great combat power. Overall, Nephenee is a great unit thanks to her flexibility, but with a smaller HP pool compared to Lukas she's far more reliant on avoiding follow-up attacks to stay alive.

One of the things that sets Lyn apart is her weapon: the Sol Katti. Granting the effect of Desperation 2, Lyn can turn into a truly fearsome unit when she falls below 50% HP with the right build. With the Sol Katti, Wrath 3 and a Brash Assault 3 seal, Lyn can make guaranteed, hasted follow-up attacks against any enemy with boosted special attacks on a shorter cooldown. Though the build relies on Lyn falling below 50% HP, these skills allow her to tackle almost any enemy in the game with ease; the exceptions being high defense blue units such as Lukas.

Peri: everyone's favourite pity-breaker. Her offensive stats are surprisingly high at a balanced 33/33, making her a reasonably strong offensive unit, but her defensive spread of 23/30 means that she’ll struggle to take physical hits well. Her low defence means that Peri is very reliant on KOing her opponent, meaning that skills that further improve her offensive capability are a must. Swift Sparrow is an expensive, but effective choice for the A slot, whereas Death Blow is more obtainable and more effective if you're also willing to give Peri a Brave Lance+.

Oscar is a very similar unit to Peri: his offensive stats are near identical as he has one point more in speed. His greatest defining feature is his 26 defence, compared to Peri's 23. Though this makes him the superior melee unit in most situations as almost all melee units will target defence, the difference before boon/bane stats is very small.

Raven's stellar offenses and reasonable bulk make him a great candidate for a frontline axe wielder. He can run a solid Brave Axe+ build with Death Blow or Life and Death depending on player preference, or a slightly more defensive build with Slaying Axe+ and complementary skills like Wrath or Vantage. Raven's solid stat-line and relative flexibility make him a solid choice for arena.

Sheena is one of a handful units that had a great stat spread, but no skills to really make the most of it. With the addition of skills like Slaying Axe+, Armour March and Steady Breath, Sheena can become the ultimate defensive wall if you're willing to invest in her. Her fantastic defensive spread of 36/33 in defense and resistance allows her to take several attacks better than any other unit in the game. Ignis can grant consistently high damage on a shorter cooldown with a Killer/Slaying Axe+, and access to Wary Fighter vastly improves her already impressive survivability. Low mobility is difficult to work around however, and though this can be somewhat remedied with Pivot it hurts Sheena's usefulness outside of armour class teams.

Shigure's best merits are very similar to those of Inigo. Raven + TA is a solid combination, but Shigure's role as a blue tome user means he doesn't have as many crucial targets as Inigo does. While Inigo can check both Reinhardt and Bow Lyn with ease, Shigure has no such advantage over the former, as well as the plethora of other blue mages including Delthea and Linde. Shigure can serve as a solid check to Celica, and other red mages, but outside of class type teams these units aren't too common. With that said, Shigure's most obvious advantage is Sing, which puts him among the best support units in the game. With that said, he's arguably among the weakest of the performance units.

Sonya's base skills are among the most powerful compared to some of her rivals Nino, Julia, Deirdre and Soren. Though her offensive stats are somewhat middling, her exclusive tome serves to boost her damage by a considerable amount, and her high resistance allows her to reliably check the standard Reinhardt build with great build flexibility. With neutral res and Life and Death 3, Sonya can survive against a +Atk Reinhardt with Death Blow, Moonbow and Quickened Pulse. This makes her a great alternative to Julia or Deirdre for players looking for a more offensive green mage without sacrificing a Reinhardt counter.

Sophia doesn't have as much speed as mages like Sanaki or Lilina, she does have quite impressive bulk. A defensive spread of 28/29 alongside 40 HP gives her surprisingly respectable bulk, especially when coupled with a Raven tome and Triangle Adept. With these skills, Sophia will take minimal damage from green and colourless units, making her a solid check to any of these units with low resistance. Hector and Brave Ike are great examples of common threats that Sophia has a distinct advantage against.

Soren can lazily be described as Nino with more bulk. He carries a solid offensive spread of 33/33 alongside a respectable 29 resistance, allowing him to play the role of an offensive mage reasonably well, though he won’t be as reliable as Nino in securing ORKOs. Triangle Adept and Watersweep are interesting options for players looking for something other than ‘Nino 2.0’ from Soren.

Spring Camilla has an offensive spread of 35/25 in attack and speed respectively, meaning that she can deal fantastic damage but will rarely be able to make a follow-up attack. Though she will only truly excel in a Flier class type team, she can perform pretty well on a standard team with a Blade tome build and a support unit like Eirika or Ephraim backing her up. Being able to fly over terrain allows her to engage against enemy units from safe positions, allowing her to attack without fear of retaliation.

Summer Corrin is a very similar case: her offensive spread of 31/34 allows her to perform well as an offensive unit, but she will only excel in a Flier class type team that can provide the necessary buffs for a Blarblade build. Nevertheless, Summer Corrin's high speed arguably makes her more usable outside of Flier teams than Spring Camilla as she will achieve follow-up attacks more consistently with standard Hone buffs.

And of course, to complete the trio, we have Halloween Nowi. Her stats are very similar to those of Summer Corrin, though her offensive spread of 34/32 gives her a little more firepower. The Grimoire tome is a noteworthy part of her kit but will rarely have a practical use, as though the Wings of Mercy 3 effect is powerful, Nowi's great mobility means she should have little difficulty approaching enemy units. As is true for Camilla and Corrin, Nowi has a lot to gain from a Blade tome - especially if she's to be used in a flier class type team.

Summer Gaius is currently the strongest choice for a Quad Build on an archer: 30 attack and 37 speed are superior to the previous candidate Setsuna, and a respectable 28 resistance improves his matchups against mages and dragons with Lighting Breath+ and also allows good use of Def Ploy, which he has available in his base kit. With that said, a quad-attacking archer build is less reliable than a standard Brave Bow+ build with +Atk and Death Blow or Swift Sparrow. Expensive and limited in availability, but a strong unit.

Tailtiu is the definition of an average blade mage. 35 speed is pretty fantastic, but 32 attack means she's strictly worse than Linde. Delthea is also a stronger choice with her offensive spread of 36/34, though Tailtiu is arguably stronger than Mae as the Blade tome makes up for the loss of raw attack. Outside of her comparative strength, there isn't a lot to say about Tailtiu: her HP stat is pretty decent, but her resistance is mediocre and her defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Tharja's offensive stat distribution of 32/34 in attack and speed is identical to Katarina's, and the Raourblade tome in her base kit allows her to become a powerful magic user. With a dedicated support unit, Tharja can deal heavy damage to any enemy unit that doesn't have a colour advantage against her. However, Tharja is something of a one-trick pony: Celica has only 1 speed less and can use both Ragnarok and Raourblade to great effect in several different builds. Tharja is somewhat limited to running a Desperation build as she is too frail for a Raven tome, and an Owl tome will rarely match the damage output of a Blade tome. She also faces heavy competition from other mages like Delthea, Nino and Linde, who all have stronger colours for mages and stronger offensive stats.

Katarina is very similar to Celica and Tharja: her offensive spread is slightly stronger at 32/34, and she has a defensive spread more suited to duelling mages thanks to a strong 32 resistance. However, like Tharja, she is confined to standard tomes, meaning she will often be outclassed by Celica. Nevertheless, she can perform exceptionally well with a Blade tome and buffs from her team.

The first lance user with a Distant Counter weapon, and he's a powerful one at that. 32 attack and 33 speed are strong enough to make him a powerful offensive unit with skills like Life and Death or Fury, whereas 31 defense and 42 HP lend themselves to more defensive builds with skills like Vantage or Quick Riposte. Gradivus naturally grants him an advantage to all sword users, including Ryoma, Ike and Xander. Overall, a powerful and flexible unit.

The stats of these pegasus riders puts heavy emphasis on using a Brave Lance+. Both Est and Hinoka posses a fantastic 35 attack, so they’re great at taking out red sword users and mages. Death Blow improves this further and is highly recommended in the A slot skill.

Though she only has 31 speed, Mae's whopping attack stat of 36 makes her a powerful magic damage dealer, and she has a lot to gain from Skill Inheritance. Darting Blow, Life and Death or Fury are all stellar options on Mae to enable more follow-up attacks, and a blade tome can bolster her damage output immensely.

Though Zephiel was once the pinnacle of physical defence, that title has recently been stolen by Arden: a sword armour who boasts superior HP, Attack and Defence to Zephiel. Nevertheless, Zephiel is a solid physical wall with a decent legendary weapon in Eckesachs. Zephiel's decent defensive stats and Wary Fighter allow him to survive attacks from most enemies without Swordbreaker or another means of bypassing Wary Fighter, allowing him to deal considerable damage on the counterattack. Though he may be somewhat reliant on Distant Counter, Zephiel can be a great choice for a defensive unit who can deal significant damage with his decent offensive strength and a special skill like Bonfire or Ignis.

Valter is a defense-oriented lance flier that has a few interesting skills in his base kit. The Cursed Lance is a great exclusive weapon that improves Valter's somewhat middling offensive stats, but the -4 damage from every encounter hurts his effectiveness as a defensive unit in extended battles. As a Grand Hero Battle unit, he is also unable to fine-tune his stats with a boon/bane. Despite this, Valter can be the most impressive defensive lance wielder among the fliers if you have the right skills to invest. Close Defense can allow him to shrug off enemy melee units and Quick Riposte can compensate for his middling speed stat.

With 34 base attack, Leon is among the strongest candidates for a Brave Bow+; second only to Bridal Cordelia and Halloween Jakob in terms of raw attack. Though his low speed ruins his chances of making four attacks, complementing his high attack with a -breaker skill allows him to address a wide number of units. His solid defence can allow Leon to survive some encounters with low-speed physical attackers as well: including Ephraim, Xander and more.

With fantastic attack and resistance, Julia is able to serve as one of the strongest counters to two of the most threatening units in the game: Nowi and Reinhardt. With a legendary tome that deals bonus damage to dragons coming from a base 35 attack, Julia can reliably OHKO Nowi and Ninian, as well some of the other dragons if she inherits an offensive A slot skill. Her high resistance makes her a great check to Reinhardt as well as other mages such as Linde and Delthea.

Deirdre is near identical to Julia - unsurprising consider she's her mother. Compared to Julia, Deirdre has -2 HP, -2 Atk and -1 Def in exchange for +2 Spd and +3 Resistance. This makes Deirdre a better magic tank, but in all other aspects Julia is the stronger of the two. Deidre's speed is too low for the extra 2 points to make a difference, and every other one of Deidre's stats is weaker.

With respectable offensive stats and the best support skill in the game, Olivia - Festival Dancer is arguably the strongest dagger user in the game - for all that it's worth. Her strong base speed makes a Poison Dagger+ the obvious choice for an offensive weapon, and her position as a colourless dancer gives her more interesting choices for an A slot skill. Though losing Triangle Adept 3 is a heavy blow to her combat potential, other skills such as Swift Sparrow 2, Death Blow 3 or Darting Blow 3 are among the best choices for Olivia's A slot to those looking to use her offensively. Alternatively, she can pull off a great high-res build with Distant Def 3 and the identical seal. Overall, a decent choice for a dancer that can take on a magic-tank role or damage infantry units if she ever needs to.

Xander is often compared to Eldigan, but his legendary weapon grants Distant Counter instead of reduced special charge time. Access to Distant Counter and a free A slot is a great boon, allowing him to run powerful skills like Fury. He also has good choices for a B slot in Swordbreaker, Renewal, Quick Riposte and Vantage. Though he has low speed, his high defence means that defense-boosted special skills like Bonfire or Ignis can make up a lot of damage.

Tier 4 Explanations
Hero Explanation

A mounted red mage with a legendary weapon sounds great at first glance, but Leo’s disappointingly low stats make him hard to recommend. Offensive stats of 29/22 are mediocre at best, and his respectable defensive stats of 25/30 mean very little when Leo is taking follow-up attacks so often. Leo can be reasonably effective with a Close Counter + Quick Riposte, but he's still heavily reliant on buffs from his allies to make this set work.

Abel does reasonably well with his respectable attack and a Brave Lance, with Death Blow improving his attack power. He's quite reliant on a +Atk boon with this build in order to secure KOs, but can find reasonable success. His defensive stats aren’t great though; much like Est, any enemy he fails to kill will likely KO him on the counterattack. This also makes it hard to recommend many defense-oriented builds for him outside of a build with Slaying Lance+, Fury and Swordbreaker. He can use a Firesweep Lance+ well, but his similarity to Roderick raises the question of why you wouldn't just use Roderick instead.

Anna has phenomenal speed, but much less impressive attack. This stat spread isolates Anna into a build utilising either Life and Death or Death Blow with little room for error if she wants to take on an offensive role. Otherwise, she can utilise skills like Fury to capitalise on the effect of her unique weapon, without sacrificing her offensive or defensive ability. Though she can still be used to great effect, she may miss some ORKOs on bulkier targets, and still has to beware of red enemy units. She's unable to have a boon and bane stat, but the fact that she is one of three permanent bonus units makes her a worthy investment.

As a defensive unit, Draug competes for a spot with Zephiel and Arden in most cases, but he does have a niche as a speedy armoured unit. Though his base 32 speed is slightly lower than that of the Black Knight, his ability to boost this with a boon stat pushes him ever so slightly ahead. Consider replacing his Brave Sword to make better use of his high speed.

Boey's stellar defense stat is unusual for a magic user, but it makes him a great choice for a Raven tome user. With the classic combination of Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept 3, Boey can serve as a hard check for any archer in the game as well as most blue units. Though he'll struggle against any unit outside of this criteria, he's a great inclusion in an Arena team looking to check any major blue or colourless threats.

Catria is a pegasus knight with solid attack and speed, but relatively balanced stats compared to the several other pegasus knights available. She cannot run a Brave Lance+ build as well as Cordelia, Hinoka or Est, leaving her with the choice of a Killer/Slaying Lance+ build, a Desperation build or a Firesweeper build. Of the three, she's arguably best suited to a sweeper build with Firesweep Lance+ and Drag Back.

Corrin (M)'s biggest problem is that his stats are too balanced: Corrin is too frail to run a more tank-oriented build, but is also outclassed in attack and speed to run offensive builds as effectively as other red infantry. With that said, the Yato blade is somewhat of a saving grace in this regard, as it allows Corrin to patch up his offensive stats - provided he's the one initiating combat. With a +Atk boon and Swift Sparrow, Corrin's offensive stats turn into a solid 35/32 with an additional +4/+8 in attack and speed respectively on initiation. This makes Corrin (M) a lot more competitive, though he'll still struggle to keep up with the likes of Ayra or Ryoma.

Eliwood's stat spread is mediocre for an offensive cavalry unit: his offensive spread of 31/30 is saved by his exclusive weapon Durandal, which grants an extra +4 attack on inititation. This effect stacks with Death Blow 3, which if used, can push a +Atk Eliwood's attack to a strong 57 effective attack. With that in mind, Eliwood's main problem is his speed: 30 base speed is very middling, and Eliwood cannot improve this stat without sacrificing some of his attack power. His 30 resistance gives him somewhat of a niche as a mage-check, but this role is better handled by Sigurd.

Faye's defensive stats give her an interesting role as a 'catch-all' defensive archer. With a Distant Defense 3 seal and the same skill in her A slot, Faye has an effective defensive spread of 37/42 before buffs. Adding a Slaying Bow+ to her kit lets her bait and KO ranged units with ease, and retaliate with strong special skills powered up by her high defense or resistance. Though she requires a lot of investment, Faye can be a powerful ranged tank.

For a long time, Hinata was a fish out of water: specifically an infantry that wished he was an armour knight. Nowadays Hinata can find reasonable value as a red physical wall: 47 HP and 36 defense is nothing to scoff at, and access to the Ruby Sword+ grants him a dedicated role as a green check. With that said, Hinata is much more effective with high value skills like a Slaying Edge+, Steady Breath, Swordbreaker or Quick Riposte.

Great offensive stats, a legendary weapon in the Regal Blade and a strong 30 resistance make Lloyd a fearsome red infantry unit. Unfortunately, his low defense means he will struggle against other melee units compared to his competitors, of whom there are many. Nevertheless, he has a strong niche as a mage-killer: Distant Counter allows Lloyd to deal with green mages without sustaining much damage at all.

Gwendolyn faces extremely stiff competition from Effie, who boasts higher HP and much greater attack. However, Gwendolyn is far superior as a defensive wall thanks to her huge HP pool, exceptional defense stat and average resistance stat. Support skills can greatly remedy her mobility problem as well, allowing her to find a spot on any team with enough investment. Like other armoured units, she desperately wants expensive skills like Steady Breath or Distant Counter, though Fortress Defense is a cheaper alternative for the A slot. Her Killer Lance+ should be replaced with a Silver or Slaying Lance+ if possible, as both are far superior options for a defensive build than the Killer Lance+.

Hawkeye's stats are relatively optimised to suit the role of a defensive powerhouse. 45 HP is solid; and helps him take full advantage of skills such as Panic Ploy or Infantry Pulse, whereas his defensive spread of 28/30 is pretty respectable as well. 33 attack is passable, though his speed stat is well beyond saving. Hawkeye desperately wants skills such as Slaying Axe+, Wrath, Distant Counter and Panic Ploy to take full advantage of his stat-line, but he can make do with other sets as well. Death Blow in his base kit lends itself to a Brave Axe+ build, for example.

Karel’s stats scream generic sword-wielder, though his mediocre attack is offset by his surprisingly high HP. In conjunction with his high speed, he can effectively take a hit in combat and retaliate with a strong special attack, strengthened by the Wo Dao+. Karel desperately wants skills that complement this strategy, making Vantage and Wrath some of the most appealing options for a B slot skill.

Laslow's stat-line makes it clear that he desperately wants a Brave Sword+. +Atk with Death Blow 3 and a Brave Sword+ grants an effective 52 attack on initiation before buffs or seals, which is enough to take care of numerous low-mid defense threats. Though he lacks the mobility of similar units like Luke, his solid HP and Defense give him reasonable survivability despite his low speed. With that said, he will still have to rely on getting bailed out by a teammate if his opponent survives his initial attack.

Legion is akin to Raven, but with more attack in exchange for lower defenses. He is also unable to tune his stats with boons and banes, making him marginally weaker in some cases. Legion's Axe+ is ironically, not too useful on Legion as he would much rather KO his opponent than turn their buffs into penalities. Nevertheless, he can be a fearsome offensive unit with the same sort of builds.

Like Summer Robin, Summer Tiki has balanced stats across the board and a somewhat low HP stat. Her main problem however is that her neutral speed is only 30, which leaves her vulnerable to follow-up attacks from a wide range of units. This is especially true considering she will often be using a Brave Axe+ to take advantage of her 36 attack. With that said, a +Atk Summer Tiki with a Brave Axe+ isn't much weaker than Cherche.

Luke has many similarities to units such as Laslow and Alfonse: high attack and defence, low speed and resistance. etc. He can be effective with a Brave Sword+, but he is very reliant on a +Atk boon and Death Blow to match-up to other offensive units. His mobility can be very useful in fulfilling this offensive role, but his low speed forces him to rely on teammates to pull him out of danger, which may be difficult at times.

Merric's stat-line is particularly awkward, especially considering all of his stats are quite important. He has surprisingly high bulk and respectable damage thanks to his exclusive tome Excalibur, though his offensive capability is vastly lower than that of mages like Nino and Linde. Effectiveness against fliers is useful, but Merric won't get too much mileage out of this effect against most teams. He can run the staple TA+Raven build well thanks to his high HP, so he can be a good choice for a filler check if need be.

Michalis has great attack, defense, a divine weapon and also has flier movement. This can make him a strong defensive unit with Bonfire and Quick Riposte but he faces heavy competition from other units such as Minerva or Camilla, both of whom can run generalist or offensive builds to greater success. No access to Steady Breath is also a crippling factor towards his defensive quality.

One of the few units most heavily wounded by Ayra's release, Lon'qu's offensive spread of 29/39 puts him in a strange scenario. Lon'qu will have little trouble securing follow-up attacks, but his low attack means he has to rely on his special for damage. The Wo Dao+ is therefore a solid investment, as are skills like Wrath and Moonbow. Though he doesn't chalk up to the sheer offensive might of Ayra due to his low base attack, he can still perform adequately with investment.

Put simply, Seth is a jack of all-trades, master of none. Middling stats across the board allows him to fulfil a wide number of roles, but he will struggle to outperform more specialised units. Xander is a better defensive option for his legendary weapon Siegfried and solid defence stat. Though Seth is more competitive as an offensive unit, Luke and Eliwood are arguably superior offensive units on the merit of 34 attack and Durandal respectively.

Robin (M) is the original Raven mage, a title that he carries with pride. Both Robin (M) and his counterpart Robin (F) have identical stats with decent values across the board, making Triangle Adept a highly recommended skill to make them more effective as counters to red and blue units respectively. The problem is, other mages can now use this combination more effectively than the two Robins thanks to their superior stat distributions, making it hard to recommend them over other available units. Nevertheless, either unit can be a solid check in a pinch.

Roderick is nearly identical in regards to stats, though he has slightly lower defence. The extra movement allows him to play more evasive, supporting builds with great success however. With a Firesweep Lance and Drag Back, Roderick can engage and isolate any enemy unit for the rest of your team to take out. Though effective, this means he does not achieve much without the help of his team.

Setsuna has fantastic speed, but mediocre attack compared to other available archers. With that said, she can perform very well with the right skills and a +Spd IV, allowing her to attack some enemies four times. With that said, she is outclassed by Summer Gaius: who remains the strongest choice for a Quad Build on an archer. She has superior HP and defense, but this advantage does not help her as much as more attack resistance would.

Shanna is a great player phase unit that excels with a Firesweep Lance build to draw out enemy units for the rest of the team to KO. Her high speed and respectable bulk compared to the other fliers is what makes her an effective unit for this build. With that said, she is not self-sufficient: Shanna will have to rely on the rest of her team to finish off any target she isolates.

Sharena has a solid stat spread to play the role of a bulky support. Fury and Lancebreaker allow her to deal with other lance wielders with ease, making her a great check to swords and lances. Though she faces strong competition from other lance infantry and she unfortunately cannot fine-tune her stats with a boon and bane, she can be a reliable addition to a core trio as one of three permanent bonus units.

Skill Inheritance has helped Bartre a great deal, as he can inherit a Brave Axe+ to make better use of his 36 attack. This makes him comparable to Cherche, but with lower attack and less mobility. His stellar HP makes him a great user of Panic Ploy, and his defense is reasonable enough for an offensive unit. His resistance is a glaring weakness however: he'll struggle to survive attacks from any mage, including blue mages. He's still a powerful unit, especially with inherited skills like Moonbow and Death Blow.

Spring Chrom is an axe-wielding infantry who can perform very well with a Brave Axe+ build thanks to his naturally high attack, or with a generalist build utilising the Carrot Axe+ or a Slaying Axe+. With a Brave Axe, he can both ORKO strong physical walls such as Effie, Lukas and Nowi. He will be very vulnerable against any enemy that he cannot defeat in one round of combat however: Chrom has decent enough defensive stats, but the loss of speed from the Brave Axe will leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Summer Frederick has good values in every stat except for resistance, making him one of the more flexible dagger users. However, he is generally outclassed by other dagger users who have higher attack and speed such as Kagero or Gaius. His stats and weapon push him into the role of a generalist, though he may be reliant on skills such as Close Counter and Vantage to perform this role effectively.

Summer Robin's somewhat balanced stats are salvaged by her impressive 34 speed, which is high enough to allow her to avoid most follow-up attacks with a +Spd boon. This is crucial due to her low HP stat, which is hindered further by -2 if she sticks with her exclusive weapon. Robin becomes a lot stronger with some skill investment however; Fury gives her an effective +5 to every stat on the first attack as it stacks with the Deft Harpoon, whereas Vantage allows her to survive past the first battle.

Titania has great speed, sitting at a neutral base of 34. A respectable defensive spread of 25/30 gears her towards a bulky cavalry unit that can take a lot of punishment. She fares particularly well against mages, as her extra movement can allow her to engage them from outside their attack range. She faces many shortcomings however; her HP is only a disappointing 37, and a neutral stat of 28 in attack means that she’ll fail to much damage to anything that isn’t a blue unit with the Emerald Axe+. Swapping her weapon for a Silver Axe+ or a Slaying Axe+ is an option, but Titania’s damage output will still be reliant on her special skill. Nevertheless, she can do pretty well on a cavalry team as a fast, defensive unit.

Ursula suffers from generally mediocre stats: quite balanced, with the exception of her pitiful 19 defence. She can take on the role of a Raven mage akin to Robin (M) reasonably well, but she faces heavy competition from Reinhardt and Olwen: two mounted blue mages with stronger stat-lines. Her usability is relatively limited to cavalry teams, where again, Reinhardt and Olwen remain the stronger options.

With 37 speed and 35 resistance, Felicia is a fantastic mage killer. Unfortunately, she has a pitifully low 23 attack, and has to rely on Iceberg or Glacies to deal consistent damage. With that said however, as a colourless unit with great speed and resistance, Felicia can deal with every mage pretty well. Warding Blow is a great replacement for Resistance +3 to prevent any and all damage from enemy mages. The Kitty Paddle+ is near essential as her primary weapon, as the effective damage against mages suits her mage-killing role perfectly.

With a unique spread of 35 speed and 35 defense, Subaki is a surprisingly bulky unit thanks to his ability to avoid follow-up attacks. Iote’s Shield helps to guard him from archers, making him a reasonably effective tank. Unfortunately, his low attack means that he’ll only deal reliable damage against red units with a Sapphire Lance+, or with a Slaying Lance+ and Moonbow. Hard to recommend over a stronger tank such as Effie or Nowi.

With an offensive spread of 32/25, Cecilia trades a lot of offensive power for her mobility. Blade tomes work well, but being unable to make follow-up attacks will prevent her from making several ORKOs. Thus, her usefulness outside of a cavalry team is questionable when compared to other mages. Though she can excel in a cavalry team, her poor speed, HP and defense leave her very vulnerable in any other team composition.

With the prevalence of Brave Lyn, Gordin finds a useful niche as a high defence archer. High def allows him to survive either her Mulagir or Brave Bow+ builds, and skills like Death Blow and Bowbreaker allow him to check almost every other archer in the game. Slaying Bow+ is also a great new choice for a weapon to complement a more defensive build.

Tier 5 Explanations
Hero Explanation

Alfonse, Prince of Askr, has a very straight-forward stat-line. High HP, attack and defense offset by low speed and resistance. Alfonse can pull his weight in Arena without too much investment, but he's still horribly outclassed by many other sword-wielders. Low speed hurts his usefulness as an offensive unit, and leaves him very vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Alfonse's unique weapon is situationally useful, so it's worth replacing it with a Brave Sword+ to take advantage of his high attack and Death Blow 3 in his base kit.

At first glance, Selena's biggest selling point is her solid 35 speed. Coupled with reasonable defensive stats of 32 defense and 28 resistance, Selena can serve as a passable defensive unit. Problem is, her base 25 attack means she'll retaliate the with the force of a wet tissue without an attack boon or Triangle Adept, meaning she'll only really be suited to fighting green units.

Barst has great or good stats in everything but resistance. His solid HP stat of 45 makes him a reasonably effective user of Panic Ploy, and his balanced stats make him an effective generalist with skills like Fury, Wrath and a Slaying Axe+. Though this build is expensive, replacing the Brave Axe+ improves his odds of avoiding follow-up attacks from speedy mages, many of whom will ORKO him if they can land a second attack. His offensive prowess cannot hold up to other axe wielders such as Cherche or Raven, but he can be a reasonably effective unit with some investment.

Berkut boasts great attack and defence just like both Xander and Camus, but the rest of his skillset makes him something of an oddity. His unique weapon and the Water Boost skill push him towards an anti-mage role, but he lacks the most crucial skill: Distant Counter. Ironically, this makes him weaker in this role than both of the aforementioned cavaliers: Berkut can inherit Distant Counter, but this is expensive and comes at the cost of an A slot skill. This means he would have to drop Water Boost and sacrifice his strongest anti-mage tool, as well as other A slot skills like Fury. Nevertheless, though outclassed by Camus, Berkut he has great attack and defense stats making him a powerful cavalier with skills like Quick Riposte making up for his low speed.

Beruka's got pretty fantastic stats for a defensive wall: 46 HP and 37 defense give her solid base stats to work with. Her main issue is that the rest of her stats don't live up to the same standard: 29 attack is mediocre, whereas 23 speed and 22 resistance leave her incredibly vulnerable to mages; even blue mages that she should have an advantage against. Her position as a flier does little to help her defensive capability either: the added mobility is not enough to compensate for a glaring weakness to archers, as well as a lack of access to Steady Breath. Beruka is a solid physical wall nonetheless, though she will struggle to keep up with other axe users like Hector, Brave Ike and Amelia.

Cain's stats are very mediocre, plain and simple. Compared to Seth or Stahl, his defense leaves a lot to be desired; though his base 32 attack means he can run a serviceable Brave Sword+ build with a +Atk boon and Death Blow. Though he'll be vastly outmatched by other offensive cavalry like Sigurd or Brave Roy, Cain can be a decent unit with some investment.

Clair has fantastic speed: a neutral base of 36 allows her to easily avoid follow-ups from common blade-tome mages with minimal investment. Her defense isn't too hot, but a solid 33 in resistance pushes her towards the role of an anti-magic flier unit that can take a lot of punishment. She fares particularly well against mages, as her strong mobility and high speed allows her to safely engage them without fear of dying. However; her 26 attack is generally too low to deal consistent damage against anything that she doesn’t have triangle advantage over, though this can be somewhat remedied by special skills like Glacies and Iceberg.

Clarisse has solid offensive stats to run the standard archer build: Brave Bow+, Swordbreaker, etc. Her biggest problem is that she cannot boost her attack or speed due to the lack of a boon and bane stat. Though she can still perform well, there are comparatively stronger options available in Takumi, Jeorge, Klein and Leon; provided they have a good boon stat.

Clive suffers from many of the same problems as Berkut. His low speed and lower resistance restricts him to Quick Riposte or Brave Lance oriented builds, and a lack of boon/bane stats means that other cavaliers with similar stat-lines will simply perform these roles better. Low speed and resistance means he'll be chewed up by enemy mages, but against physical threats he can fare reasonably well. There are stronger options for a physically defensive lance user however, namely Lukas, Effie or Nephenee.

If we didn't already have enough variants of Xander with absurdly high defence, Summer Xander is here to amend that. With that said, his decent attack and speed make him more usable than his Spring variant, and exclusive access to Infantry Pulse makes him a respectable defensive support unit. Unfortunately, his speed isn't quite high enough to avoid follow-up attacks from mages, making him incredibly vulnerable to even blue mages. In addition, he faces heavy competition for the role of a defensive axe wielder from Brave Ike, Hector, Amelia and Sheena.

Mathilda has a great resistance stat and a respectable speed stat, but her HP and defence are simply too low for a frontline unit. She has niche usage as a magic tank, as with a lot of expensive skills like Berkut's Lance+, Distant Counter and the Distant Def seal, she can reach a very high resistance stat. However, she remains outclassed in every other role.

Navarre is easily one of the greatest victims from the release of Ayra: a sword infantry who excels in every stat except 1 point in HP and 3 points in resistance. Navarre is by no means a bad unit, but he faces a lot of obstacles to reach the same heights as the Isaachian Princess. The lack of a boon or bane stat, his mediocre defence and his reliance on a new weapon showcase Navarre as a victim of circumstance. His attack and speed are reasonable, but he desperately needs a Wo Dao+ for more consistent damage, as well as offensive skills like Swift Sparrow or Wrath. But of course, even with all of these inherited skills, Navarre is still strictly worse than Ayra, or even Lon'qu, due to his lack of boon/bane stats.

Niles is a solid mage killer; though he faces fierce competition from Innes. The Frelian Prince sacrifices 3 points of resistance for 8 more attack, which makes him much more useful as an offensive unit. Niles unfortunately, has a pitifully low 25 attack, and has to rely on Iceberg or Glacies to deal consistent damage. With that said however, as a colourless unit with great speed and resistance, Niles can deal with most mages pretty well. Any of the Tomebreaker skills would make him more effective at his job.

Oboro shares a lot of similarity with Lukas, though her stats are less specialised to fit the same role. Her speed and resistance are too low for her to tank mages effectively, and she falls short of Lukas' attack and defence values. Lukas is the superior physical wall thanks to his high defence, whereas Nephenee is the superior magical wall thanks to her great speed stat. Ultimately, this makes Oboro strictly worse than the aforementioned pair, and likewise it is harder to recommend skills like Steady Breath or Slaying Lance+ that would make her much more usable.

Occupying an awkard middle-ground between speedy archers like Summer Gaius and Setsuna, and generalist archers including Takumi and Jeorge, is Rebecca. Rebecca has decent speed, but a relatively mediocre attack of 29 and a pitiful 21 base defense. This makes her a less suitable candidate for a Brave Bow+ than Setsuna or Summer Gaius, as well as a weaker generalist. Innes, Niles and Faye all have a stronger resistance stat, meaning Rebecca cannot really fill the mage-killer niche either. She's not a bad unit per se, but she doesn't bring much to the table to differentiate herself from other archers.

One of the four Falchion wielders currently in the game. His main obstacles are his mediocre stats compared to Lucina, Marth and Chrom: all of whom have stats that they excel in. Alm’s stats leave him unspecialised making him a flexible, albeit weaker offensive or defensive unit. He can perform reasonably well as a 'medic', utilising skills such as Renewal to coincide with the healing from Falchion, but this set is stronger in PvE gamemodes rather than Arena.

Palla is another sad story of mediocrity. She has some of the most balanced stats of any unit in the game, which will not inherently a bad thing, makes it difficult for her to take on a specific role within a team. She's outmatched by Elincia in terms of raw offense, in both stat-line and weapon. Though she doesn't face any major competition for a red, defensive flier, she doesn't bring much to the table in that role either. 31 base speed places her in a poor speed tier, and a defensive spread of 28/26 gives her middling bulk against most threats. Archers are also a major threat to her usefulness, as Brave Lyn is currently one of the most prominent units in Arena Defense.

Roy's biggest problems is that his stats are too balanced. He's got reasonable bulk, especially if you choose to keep the Binding Blade in his skillset, but low speed leaves him vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Skill Inheritance does allows him to ditch Triangle Adept, though it may be worth keeping it on Roy and using him as a check to green units, since he won't perform too well in any other role. He can pull of a generalist role reasonably well utilising skills like Fury and Vantage, or a more enemy-phase oriented build with Quick Riposte. His flexibility is useful, but there are stronger choices for offensive or defensive sword wielders.

Saber has a very balanced stat spread, with decent values in every stat but his resistance. Shield Pulse in Saber's base kit as well as his respectable HP and Def push him towards a more defensive playstyle, but he can still be an effective duelist with skills like Fury 3 and Swordbreaker. He can use Aegis and Shield Pulse well for niche usage, but this combo is better used by bulkier units like Brave Ike or Sheena.

Saizo has pretty great bulk for a dagger user, with 34 speed and 33 defence. He can take a physical hit reasonably well, but 16 resistance leaves him very vulnerable to mages. Considering that many different magic users are common in Arena, this makes him less useful than he first appears. 29/34 offensive stats means he’ll do alright with a Poison or Silver Dagger+.

Stahl has great HP, with pretty good attack and defense to boot. He's a strong front-line unit, but there isn't much he does that Eldigan does better. He has slightly higher speed and resistance, but both have speed stats so low that it doesn't make too much of a difference whereas neither can take a magical hit. Eldigan's legendary weapon Mystletainn is another considerable advantage that goes against Stahl.

Summer Leo boasts an exceptional resistance stat, but all of his other stats leave a great deal to be desired. 32 attack and 27 speed are mediocre at best, and present no reason for Summer Leo to be used over Sanaki or Lilina, both of whom have slightly lower speed but much greater attack. His defence is also pitiful, sitting at a measly 16. The final nail in the coffin is Summer Leo's poor base skillset: Iceberg and Atk Ploy suit his high resistance, but his tome is rather weak and Seal Resistance does little to improve Leo's offensive capability.

Though he can't hold much of feather (pun intended) to his seasonal variant, Henry at least has a niche as a high defense Raven tome user. His HP pool of 45 is massive for a mage, and 32 neutral defense gives him great bulk against archers. Though he is outclassed by Sophia, he can be an effective archer check in a pinch. With that said, he's incredibly reliant on Triangle Adept, and a strong defense-based special skill to do any signficiant damage.

Tier 6 Explanations
Hero Explanation

Arthur has incredibly mediocre stats: offensive stats of 32/29 means he won’t do much more than a dent in anything that isn’t a blue unit. On the flip side, his defensive stats aren't impressive enough to soak damage well, especially considering his low speed will leave him vulnerable to follow-up attacks regularly. Unfortunately, Arthur has no outstanding role that he can perform better than other axe users.

Caeda is the definition of missed potential: instead of her signature Wing Spear, Caeda's weapon is an Armourslayer+, which is doing her no favours with her 25 base attack. A Wo Dao+ can help improve her offensive potential, but she still can't hold a feather to other red fliers such as Elincia or Halloween Nowi. Her high resistance lets her take on the role of an anti-mage unit, but this advantage is not enough for her to compete against her rivals.

Contrary to his own praises, Narcian is an incredibly mediocre unit. With what are possibly the most middling stats in the game, his most standout qualities are 42 HP and 32 Defence. While these stats, with his Emerald Axe+, allow him to be a decent answer to blue units, this is literally the extent of his capabilities. His offensive stats are far too weak for an aggressive build, and the inability to fine-tune his stats with a boon and bane hurt his role as a defensive unit.

Fir's stellar speed stat and surprisingly high HP and resistance all serve to make her a solid anti-magic unit. She would excel in this role if it weren't for her biggest drawback: a measly 25 base attack. A Wo Dao+ can go a long way in patching up this shortcoming, but she is still massively outclassed in this role. Lloyd has near identical speed and resistance, in addition to a legendary weapon and 5 more points in attack. Fir can fill the role quite well with enough investment, but she still faces heavy competition from other units.

Florina is hard to recommend for a role that's already contested. As a lance flier, she has few noteworthy stats at all, save her 43 HP and 34 resistance. Her attack is too low for a Brave Lance, where she is surpassed by Est, Hinoka and Cordelia, whereas her poor speed and defence leave her unable to cope on the frontline with a Firesweep Lance+, where Catria and Shanna remain better options.

Gunter, like Frederick, has high HP, attack and defence, mediocre speed and poor resistance. Though Frederick is objectively stronger in every stat but resistance, Gunter can make a decent alternative. Gunter’s Hone Cavalry skill is a noteworthy attribute, but this can be passed on to another unit.

If you've ever been skeptical about Jaffar's title of 'Angel of Death', you can easily be forgiven. 26 attack is criminally low, and though it's somewhat offset by his unique dagger, it doesn't do enough to salvage Jaffar's capability as an offensive unit. The Deathly Dagger gives him an unrivalled ability as a support unit that can cripple and weaken his enemies for an ally to finish off. Dealing -7 to Def, Res and an effect akin to Savage Blow leaves most enemies broken and vulnerable, though he will rarely, if ever, be able to take on an enemy alone. Ironic, given his appearance in Battle Before Dawn.

It wouldn't be unfair to call Odin the weakest hero in the game: 22 attack was unusable before the introduction of supports, and his other stats really don't make up for this deficit. Odin has two features which make him salvageable - to put it very kindly. The first is supports: with both a summoner support and an adjacent ally support, Odin's neutral attack transforms from a pitiful 22 to a still poor 26 attack. +Atk pushes this further to 29, a value starting to enter the realms of viability. The second saving grace is his tome: the infamous Blárblade+. With its 13 base might and the right partner, this tome can push Odin's attack into the 50+ range. Of course, you could use one of the many other blue mages available to you and save yourself the headache, but we know that there will be some devoted players out there.

Jagen suffers from poor stats almost across the board with a single exception: his resistance. Though Mathilda or Peri are stronger alternatives to an anti-mage cavalier, Jagen can find niche use if he relies on Iceberg or Glacies to make up for his low attack.

Jakob's stat-line is depressingly mediocre: every single one of his stats is incredibly middling, and the fact that daggers are forced into a more supporting role means that Jakob can do little else other than serve as a support/debuffer unit. Unfortunately, this niche is particularly useless in Arena, where there is such a heavy focus on securing ORKOs on enemy units.

Matthew's high speed alongside reasonable HP and defense stats make him a surprisingly bulky unit; he may be reliant on skills or a +Spd boon to avoid follow-ups, but most units that are unable to make two attacks will struggle to KO him. With that said, Matthew's biggest problem is that he cannot do much to the enemy in return: 25 attack is pitiful, and as a dagger unit, this won't be improved much by his weapon's might.

Raigh’s stats are very balanced. This leaves him with too little speed to make consistent follow-up attacks, and too little attack to secure the same KOs as Lilina or Sanaki. Bonus damage against cavalry in his base kit is too niche, and inherited offensive skills just turn him into a much weaker mage compared to units like Tharja, Katarina or Celica.

Spring Xander's solid 35 defense is possible his only noteworthy feature, as the rest of his stats are quite lacklustre: excluding HP, Spring Xander's next highest stat is a 28 in speed. He can be a reasonable physical wall, but he faces competition from infantry and armour units such as Lukas and Effie for this role. His poor attack forces him to use Bonfire or Ignis as his only reliable source of damage, though the power of these special skills should not be underestimated.

Sully has generally low stats across the board outside of her HP and speed. She lacks the attack to be a solid offensive unit, as well as the defensive stats to survive on the frontline. Death Blow can give her a much needed attack boost if she can consistently make follow-ups, but she will still struggle to keep up with other lance wielders with stronger offensive spreads, such as Peri, Oscar, Abel and Roderick.

Tobin suffers from a lot of shortcomings that hinder his usability. He has fantastic defensive stats of 33/26 and 46 HP, allowing him to wall enemy units effectively. Unfortunately, he is an expensive unit that still ends up sub-par: his weapon has to be replaced, he ideally needs Distant Counter to deal with mages and being an infantry unit prevents him from accessing class buffs and Wary Fighter.

Closing Remarks

Tier lists are incredibly difficult to put together because of how subjective they are. Though we’ve listed give separate tiers, the differences between each tier are very small thanks to Skill Inheritance and the Support system levelling the playing field. This list shouldn’t get in the way of players investing in their favourite heroes, or be used to tell people not to invest in a certain hero. This list merely aims to provide a perspective to players debating what hero they should work on next, or which hero they could consider for an arena team to maximise their score. In addition, we recommend players to consider other tier lists as well as the opinions of experienced players when investing in a team, especially as more expensive, high value are released.

In addition, team composition matters just as much as individual unit strength. We’ve placed units such as Nino and Linde at tier 2 due to their need of a support unit, but having that support unit in the same team makes them just as strong as tier 1 units.

Lastly, it is natural for people to disagree with this list: something would be wrong if nobody disagreed at all! We're constantly looking for feedback on the list so we can determine if a unit needs a re-evaluation, so if you have any insightful comments then please get in touch. You can find most of us on the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit, or on our official Discord server.