Inheritance Tier List

This list is based on individual unit performance and versatility while factoring in skill inheritance.

Inheritance Tier List
Table of Contents

The following is an explanation of how the tier list was made, the criteria each unit was evaluated against, and a short explanation on why each unit is placed as they are. Some subjectivity is unavoidable when it comes to tier lists, so we encourage users to provide their perspectives and opinions on the tier list to help us make improvements.

When placing each unit, this is the primary criteria we used:

  • Stats – How strong is the unit’s spread of stats for their given role?
  • Matchups – How well does the unit fare against some of the most common units in the arena?
  • Dependency – How well can the unit perform without the support of other teammates?
  • Comparative strength – Where does the unit place amongst other units within their given role?

Factors that were not considered with the same importance include:

  • SP expense – How much SP investment does a unit need for their strongest build?
  • Merging – Can a unit merge to +10, and how much does this impact their strength?
  • Availability – Has the unit been available to F2P players without the use of orbs, or can they only be summoned as a non-focus 5* unit?
  • Ease of use – How easy is it to play the unit well?
  • Sacred Seals – Does the unit require a Sacred Seal to ensure a KO or to survive a hit?

IVs are a bit more tricky. Some units become incredibly strong with the right IVs, or much weaker with hindering IVs. If a unit is much more reliant on an IV spread, it will be listed in the suggested builds on that unit’s hero page. There will be some mention of IVs here as well.

Any changes to the evaluation criteria will be listed here in the future.

Closing Thoughts:

Once again, tier lists are incredibly difficult to put together because of how subjective they are. Though we’ve listed 6 tiers, the differences between each tier are very small thanks to Skill Inheritance levelling the playing field. This list shouldn’t get in the way of players investing in their favourite heroes, or be used to tell people not to invest in a certain hero. This list merely aims to provide a perspective to players debating what hero they should work on next, or which hero they could consider for an arena team to maximise their score. 

In addition, team composition matters just as much as individual unit strength. We’ve placed Nino, Linde and Tharja at tier 2 due to their need of a support unit, but having that support unit in the same team makes them just as strong as tier 1 units.

Lastly, it is natural for people to disagree with this list: something would be wrong if nobody disagreed at all! Please offer us your feedback on the list so we can determine if a unit needs a re-evaluation.

Tier 1

Tier 1 units are amongst the strongest in the game and represent the best of their respective roles. Tier 1 units can perform exceptionally well in almost any team without support, and have fantastic matchups against the majority of units.

Tier 2

Tier 2 units are very strong, with great matchups against many units. Tier 2 units require a little more support from the team, or may have prevalent counters. Nevertheless, they can be just as strong as tier 1 units.

Tier 3

Tier 3 units are solid additions to most teams. These units have good matchups against common units, and can perform their given role reasonably well. Some of these heroes may need more considerable support.

Tier 4

Tier 4 units have decent matchups against common units, and are often more specialised and niche than units in higher tiers. These heroes are by no means weak, but are less consistent or require more support than those in the above tiers.

Tier 5

Tier 5 units have somewhat poor matchups against most units, and will require heavy support from the rest of the team to be viable. Some have niche usage, but they are generally outclassed by units in the tiers above.

Tier 6

Tier 6 units have poor matchups against most units, and require a great deal of investment and dedicated support from the whole team to make viable. Many of these units have unusual statlines, making it difficult for them to perform effectively.

Tier 1 Explanations
Hero Explanation

Currently has the highest attack stat in the game, with great baseline skills to boot. With that said, she gains a lot from SI, namely access to a better support skill for mobility, a special skill and the Brave Lance+ for a more offensive build. Powerful, flexible unit, capable of luring and surviving an attack from Nino while OHKOing her the following turn.

Hector has been a dominant force since the game’s release thanks to the combination of Armads and Distant Counter alongside his fantastic HP, attack and defence stats, but access to a range of powerful B slot skills has only improved his strength. Vantage allows him to deal with mages, Wings of Mercy can catch players off-guard, or Renewal can improve his impressive bulk. Access to a support skill and an offensive special skill is also a great boon.

Ike faces heavy competition from Ryoma, who boasts higher speed and therefore proves much better as an offensive unit. However, Ike's solid HP and Defence give him a role as a more defensive user of Distant Counter. Flexible choices for builds are what secure Ike's spot in Tier 1, as his stat-spread allows him to run Heavy Blade or Fury effectively in the A slot, or choices like Quick Riposte, Vantage and Renewal in the B slot.

Lucina is one of the strongest sword-infantry in the game, but Nowi can KO her with ease thanks to SI. Having access to Swordbreaker or Triangle Adept to turn the tables on her strongest counters gives her great strength. Lightning Breath+ is a great plus as well, due to the strength of Distant Counter.

Ryoma’s unique weapon Raijinto granting him Distant Counter sets him apart from other sword-infantry. His solid offensive spread of 34/35 (Atk/Spd) and decent enough defence at 27 makes him a great frontline unit. Inheriting Vantage allows him deal with some mages as well, who remain one of his strongest counters.

Tier 2 Explanations
Hero Explanation

A fantastically strong sword-infantry with superb offensive stats (34/36), her biggest obstacle to tier 1 is her poor matchup against Nowi. Nevertheless, strong choices for a B slot skill, and the ability to inherit a special skill with a shorter cooldown and a more reliable A skill make her a powerful unit.

Celica's strong offensive stat distribution of 32/33 in attack and speed, plus her legendary tome Ragnarok, make her powerful magic user. The extra +5 attack and speed from Ragnarok is incredibly powerful, and promotes more build flexibility by allowing her to use skills like Renewal or Vantage. In addition, Celica can still use a Blade tome to great effect; allowing her to run a Desperation build similarly to Tharja.

Her high speed, higher attack and the Poison Dagger+ give her fantastic KO potential against infantry. Gaining access to Death Blow and a stronger special skill improves this further, making her a fearsome unit that only non-infantry can deal with effectively on the enemy phase.

Jeorge and Klein can both run an offensive Brave Bow+ build to great effect. Brave Bow+, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2 and Swordbreaker allow the pair to deal with most units in the game, making them great choices for offensive colourless units. Windsweep is another option for a B slot skill that allows both to deal with slower units like Nowi, Hector and Effie.

The Sacred Stone Siblings are both powerful units in their own right: Eirika has a brilliant 35 speed with decent defensive bulk, allowing her to secure many KOs against red or green units that she can make follow-up attacks on. On the other hand, Ephraim is packing 35 attack with great HP and defense, making him a fantastic wallbreaker. In addition, both wield 16mt weapons that carry a Hone Attack 2 effect, making them the strongest candidates for support units. Eirika merely needs a Rally support skill to give a total of +11 in stat boosts to a teammate. Ephraim needs to inherit a Hone/Fortify C skill as well as a Rally support skill, but can perform just as well. Their strength as combat units and support units grants them a place in this tier.

These mages have been placed alongside each other for one main reason; all three have great attack and speed, and are the best candidates of each colour to run a Blade-tome build. These mages can run incredibly powerful glass cannon builds with great success and they would easily be in Tier 1 if it weren’t for their dependency on a support unit. Nino, Tharja and Linde all desperately want to be used alongside a unit such as Eirika or Ephraim to maximise their potential. Their strength should not be underestimated, as all three are easily on par with Tier 1 units with the right buffs.

These three have all been placed in Tier 2 for their access to Dance and Sing. Though their combat strength leaves a lot to be desired, granting another turn to an ally is incredibly powerful in the right circumstances. It can also be used to allow slower units to reach the front more quickly, or reposition an ally within enemy attack ranges.

If a distinction had to be made between the three, the hierarchy would probably be Azura > Ninian/Olivia. The Sapphire Lance+ and her high attack and speed allow Azura to fight red units reasonably well. Ninian comes next thanks to her blue colour, high speed, decent bulk and access to breath attacks. Olivia is about as strong as Ninian, but red is a more coveted colour on most teams for an offensive unit like Ryoma, Lucina or Tharja.

These two wyvern riders have great offensive power, but SI allows them to reach whole new levels of strength. Cherche can trade her Hammer in for a Brave Axe+, and with a +Atk IV and Death Blow, Cherche can ORKO almost any unit in the game. Minerva can ditch Sacred Cowl for an offensive special skill like Draconic Aura, but a more defense-oriented build with Quick Riposte is another strong option.

Though somewhat fallen from grace, Takumi remains a powerful unit after SI. His decent bulk compared to other archers makes him a great candidate for Vantage. On the other hand, he can also run an offensive build with Brave Bow+, Life and Death, Desperation or Swordbreaker, etc. just as effectively as other archers, making Takumi the most flexible of all the archers.

With fantastic attack and resistance, Julia is able to serve as one of the strongest counters to two of the most threatening units in the game: Nowi and Reinhardt. With a legendary tome that deals bonus damage to dragons coming from a base 35 attack, Julia can reliably OHKO Nowi and Ninian, as well some of the other dragons if she inherits Death Blow. Her high resistance makes her a great check to Reinhardt as well as other mages such as Linde and Mae.

With the exclusive Dire Thunder tome, Reinhardt is a fantastic player phase unit. With the addition of Death Blow to his kit, Reinhardt can secure ORKOs against Nowi, Effie and Ninian. This makes him a great counter to these heroes. Two things hurt Reinhardt's argument for a spot in Tier 1: his reliance on a +Atk IV and his need of dancing support. Without a +Atk IV, he misses out on ORKOs against Effie, Ninian and Cherche, whereas a lack of dancer support means that Reinhardt will often end his turn within enemy attack range, or he will miss out on additional KOs.

Zephiel has the highest HP in the game, as well fantastic attack and defence. Wary Fighter is a great baseline skill to have, but SI allowing him to trade out Life and Death opens up numerous possibilities. He can perform very well as an offensive unit with Death Blow, or as a primarily defensive unit with Fortress Def.

Tier 3 Explanations
Hero Explanation

A strong sword-wielding infantry unit who can deal bonus damage to dragons, but he faces heavy competition from Lucina. He trades some points in his offensive stats for bulk. Death Blow or Life and Death make for interesting options for his A slot if you’re looking to make him more offensive. He also dearly wants a special skill.

Among the fastest of the dragon units, Corrin (F) can be a great defensive unit thanks to her solid speed and defense. Her attack is somewhat lacking however, so she is used mainly as a debuffer and can't secure kills by herself, thus relying entirely on her team. Skills that improve her bulk can be used to significantly improve her capabilities.

Another strong Brave Lance user, but an infantry rather than a flier. He has good HP and defence, but loses some speed and resistance as well as the mobility. Still a strong choice, especially with skills like Death Blow.

Another sword infantry with solid offensive stats of 35/34, but his base kit gives him a Brave Sword+. This isn’t a bad choice per se, but Ogma can make more use of his great speed with a Silver Sword+ or Wo Dao+. A better special skill would also work well on him.

As a dragon unit with decent bulk, Fae can be used to good effect as a tank or support. Light Breath+ can be swapped for a different breath attack to fit Fae’s role. Fury is a great A skill to inherit thanks to its synergy with Renewal. However, her mediocre speed and decisive weakness to Falchion users is a big obstacle.

As a Falchion user, Chrom is one of the weaker of the group. His low speed means that any enemy he fails to OHKO will likely make two attacks against him. However, his gargantuan 37 attack makes him a great candidate for a Brave Sword+, with which he can become a much more threatening offensive unit. Death Blow or Heavy Blade are great choices for the A slot skill.

Both Lucina (S) and Olwen are strong units, but they take up very similar roles to Linde and Reinhardt respectively. They have somewhat weaker stat spreads, but can still perform well with the same inherited skills. Lucina (S) wants Blárblade, Olwen wants Death Blow, both want an offensive special skill.

Both Sanaki and Lilina possess mediocre speed, but they make up for it with high attack power. Rauðrraven is an interesting choice for these two, as it improves their matchups against archers and ninja. Quick Riposte is another useful addition.

Eldigan is a powerful mounted unit, but his low speed makes it difficult for him to secure KOs and hurts his survivability. Swordbreaker can give him favourable matchups against other sword-wielders and is a vast improvement over Lunge. Arguably the best candidate for a red sword user in a cavalry team.

Xander is near identical, but his legendary weapon grants Distant Counter instead of reduced special charge time. Having Distant Counter and a free A slot is a great boon, allowing him to run powerful skills like Fury. He also has good choices for a B slot in Swordbreaker, Renewal, Quick Riposte and Vantage.

Fights for a spot with Zephiel in many cases, but he does have a niche as a speedy armoured unit. Consider replacing his Brave Sword to make better use of his neutral speed of 32.

Frederick's solid attack and defense stats of 35 and 36 make him a powerful front-line unit. Much like Cherche, he can benefit from inheriting Death Blow and a Brave Axe+ to become a major offensive threat, or he can focus on a more physically defensive set with Fortress Def and a Silver Axe+. The Hammer+ helps his match-ups against Hector and Effie, but hurt those against every other unit, making it a niche weapon.

Great offensive stats, a legendary weapon in the Regal Blade and a strong 30 resistance make Lloyd a fearsome red infantry unit. Unfortunately, his low defense means he will struggle against other melee units compared to his competitors, of whom there are many. Nevertheless, he has a strong niche as a mage-killer: Distant Counter allows Lloyd to deal with green mages without sustaining much damage at all.

Lyn and Karel’s base skills push the two towards a build that is at its most powerful when the unit falls below 50% HP, as both have somewhat poor attack compared to their strong speed. SI should be used to improve both of their attack stats, and to replace their special skills with shorter cooldown skills like Moonbow.

Michalis has great attack, defense, a divine weapon and also has flier movement. This can make him a strong defensive unit with Bonfire and Quick Riposte but he faces heavy competition from Minerva, who can run the same build with similar success, or more offensive builds.

Phenomenal speed, but less impressive attack. This spread isolates Anna into a build utilising either Life and Death or Death Blow with little room for error. Though she can still be used to great effect, she may miss some ORKOs on bulkier targets, and still has to beware of red enemy units.

Setsuna has fantastic speed, but mediocre attack compared to the archers in Tier 2. With that said, she can perform very well with the right skills and a +Spd IV, allowing her to attack some enemies four times.

Sharena has a solid stat spread to play the role of a bulky support. Fury and Lancebreaker allow her to deal with other lance wielders with ease, making her a great check to swords and lances. Lukas is a bit more specialised, but just as strong. He trades speed and resistance for a fantastic 35 attack and 38 defense. This allows him to run physically defensive builds with Fortress Def, or offensive builds with a Brave Lance+ and Bonfire/Ignis.

Sheena has a fantastic defensive spread of 36/33 in defense and resistance, allowing her to take several attacks better than most other units in the game. Skill Inheritance makes this much more useful: Ignis can grant consistently high damage on a short cooldown thanks to her Killer Axe+, and access to Wary Fighter vastly improves her already impressive survivability. Low mobility is difficult to work around however, and though this can be somewhat remedied with Pivot, it hurts Sheena's usefulness outside of armour class teams.

Soren can lazily be described as Nino with more bulk. He carries a solid offensive spread of 33/33 alongside a respectable 29 resistance, allowing him to play the role of an offensive mage reasonably well, though he won’t be as reliable as Nino in securing ORKOs. Triangle Adept and Watersweep are interesting options for players looking for something other than ‘Nino 2.0’ from Soren.

Spring Camilla has an offensive spread of 35/25 in attack and speed respectively, meaning that she can deal fantastic damage but will rarely be able to make a follow-up attack. Though she will only truly excel in a Flier class type team, she can perform pretty well on a standard team with a Blade tome build and a support unit like Eirika or Ephraim backing her up. Being able to fly over terrain allows her to engage against enemy units from safe positions, allowing her to attack without fear of retaliation.

The stats of these pegasus riders puts heavy emphasis on using a Brave Lance+. With all three possessing a fantastic 35 attack, they’re great at taking out red sword users and mages. Death Blow improves this further, and his highly recommended in the A slot skill. Cordelia deserves special mention for having the highest speed stat of the three, sitting at 35, allowing her to attempt 4x attack builds.

These sword-infantry have fantastic offensive stats: Hana with 35/36 in attack and speed, Lon’qu with 29/39 and Navarre with 31/37. They all face stiff competition from other sword users however, many of whom carry a legendary weapon. Nevertheless, they can still perform very well. All of them would appreciate a new weapon and special attack, with the Wo Dao+ being one of the strongest available options.

These two are axe-wielding infantry who can perform very well with a Brave Axe+ build. With a Brave Axe, they can both ORKO common blue units such as Sharena, Ephraim and Nowi. They both struggle against all of the common sword users however, hurting their viability.

Though she only has 31 speed, Mae's whopping attack stat of 36 makes her a powerful magic damage dealer, and she has a lot to gain from Skill Inheritance. Darting Blow, Life and Death or Fury are all stellar options on Mae to enable more follow-up attacks, and a blade tome can bolster her damage output immensely.

Tiki (Y)’s stats are relatively balanced, whereas Tiki (A) trades a lot of speed for attack and defence. Whilst both are relatively strong, they suffer a lot more against Falchion users than Nowi or Ninian. Quick Riposte is a good option for the B skill on both.

Virion is in Tier 3 for the same build that Jeorge and Klein use so well. Brave Bow+, Luna, Swift Sparrow and Swordbreaker allow him to deal with most threats in the game, but his stat distribution makes him comparatively weaker to the above pair.

Tier 4/5 Explanations
Hero Explanation

A mounted red mage with a legendary weapon sounds great at first glance, but Leo’s disappointingly low stats make him hard to recommend. Offensive stats of 29/22 are mediocre at best, and his respectable defensive stats of 25/30 mean very little when Leo is taking follow-up attacks so often.

Arthur and Camilla both have incredibly mediocre stats. Arthur’s offensive stats of 32/29 means he won’t do much more than a dent in anything that isn’t a blue unit. Camilla on the other hand, has too low an attack stat for a Brave Axe+, and only 37 HP to use with her decent defensive stats. Both are outclassed as offensive and defensive units. Barst is very similar, but with higher stats in everything except resistance which sits at an awful 17. His crippling weakness to magic leaves him equally outclassed. Narcian is like Camilla, but with more HP in exchange for slightly weaker stats in every other area except defence.

Beruka and Spring Xander both have fantastic defense stats; 37 and 35 respectively. Unfortunately, the rest of their stats are quite lacklustre: excluding HP, Beruka's next highest stat is a 29 in attack and Spring Xander's is a 28 in speed. This limits these heroes to running builds that rely on Bonfire or Ignis to deal damage, though the power of these special skills should not be underestimated.

Both Caeda and Fir have fantastic speed and resistance, but mediocre values in most other stats. This puts both units in a mage-killer role, and it’s hard to have them do anything else effectively. Caeda and Fir both have a measly 25 attack, meaning their follow-up attacks won’t be doing much damage at all, even if they are easy to achieve. A Wo Dao+ with Moonbow can improve their damage output, but they’re still weaker offensive units than the choices available in higher tiers.

Catria is a pegasus knight with solid attack and speed, but relatively balanced stats compared to the several other pegasus knights available. She cannot run a Brave Lance+ build as well as Cordelia, Hinoka or Est, leaving her with the choice between a Killer Lance+ build or a Desperation build.

Corrin and Roy's biggest problems are that their stats are too balanced. Corrin is too frail to run a more tank-oriented build, but is also outclassed in attack and speed to run offensive builds as effectively as other red infantry. Roy has more bulk, but a weaker offensive spread which leaves him vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Skill Inheritance does allows the pair to ditch some relatively useless skills however, namely Obstruct and Triangle Adept. Though Palla is a flier, her issue is much the same as Corrin and Roy: her best option is an offensive build as part of a flier team.

Good defensive stats, with 28/30 in defence and resistance respectively, alongside 45 HP. Hawkeye’s problem is that red sword-wielders are incredibly common, and all of them can make follow-ups against him consistently due to his 22 speed. This leaves him incredibly vulnerable to ORKOs. 33 attack is nothing to write home about either.

Gordin boasts a surprisingly high defense stat in exchange for speed, but also suffers from very low resistance making him very vulnerable to mages. Gordin can make great use of Bonfire, and would possibly get more use out of a -Breaker skill than Vantage.

Gunter, like Frederick, has high HP, attack and defence, mediocre speed and poor resistance. Though Frederick is objectively stronger in every stat but resistance, Gunter can make a decent alternative. Gunter’s Hone Cavalry skill is a noteworthy attribute, but this can be passed on to another unit.

Gwendolyn faces extremely stiff competition from Effie, who boasts higher HP and much greater attack. Her previous niche of possessing Hone Armor is gone after Skill Inheritance, and the Killer Lance+ doesn’t compensate for the difference in attack power. She’s a stronger defensive unit, but she won’t deal nearly as much damage as Effie can.

Healers are in a pretty rough place right now. The reason these three aren’t in the tier below is because they have a horse, simple as. As healing skills can be inherited, Rehabilitate can be passed on to any of the healers available. The other healing skills aren’t really able to compete.

High defence for a dagger user, with 34 speed and 33 defence. He can take a physical hit reasonably well, but 16 resistance leaves him very vulnerable to mages. Considering that mages are more common than archers, this makes him less useful than he first appears. 29/34 offensive stats means he’ll do alright with a Poison or Silver Dagger+. Matthew’s stats are more balanced, but he still has a respectable 30 defence, allowing him to take on a similar role.

Hinata is an infantry unit that wishes he was an armoured unit. He has great HP and defence with reasonably strong attack, but his low speed and no access to Wary Fighter hurts his strength as a tank. His resistance also leaves a lot to be desired, sitting at a measly 18. Oboro is much the same story, but with a lance rather than a sword.

Immediate access to Wrathful Staff and a whopping 35 attack make Genny a strong choice for magic colourless damage. Not to be underestimated.

Jakob has the most balanced stats out of all of the dagger users, meaning he won’t excel as an offensive or defensive unit. He can do well as a debuffer unit, as Renewal gives him periodic healing to keep him in the fight. He’ll want a Smoke Dagger+ if he’s being used in this way, as well as a Threaten skill in his C slot.

Merric has very balanced stats, meaning he is comparatively bulky compared to other mages. However, this comes at the cost of offensive power: his poor offensive spread of 26/32 makes it hard to recommend them over Nino or Julia. The ideal mage would have strong offensive stats, whereas Merric has above-average HP and defense. He can run Raven-tome builds reasonably well because of this, but that’s about the end of his usefulness.

Boey is a similar case. His attack and speed are mediocre at best, but 43 HP and 32 defense are very high for a magic user. This makes him an effective user of a Raven-tome or with a skill like Close Combat, but he won't perform as effectively as other mages in offense.

Peri is a similar case to Caeda and Fir: her offensive stats of 33/33 make her much stronger as an offensive unit, but her defensive spread of 23/30 means that she’ll struggle to take physical hits well, leaving her with a mage-killing niche. Florina is much the same, except her only stats above 30 are her 43 HP and 34 resistance. Her attack is too low for a Brave Lance, whereas her poor speed and defence leave her unable to cope on the frontline.

Raigh’s stats are very balanced. This leaves him with too little speed to make consistent follow-up attacks, and too little attack to secure the same KOs as Lilina or Sanaki. Bonus damage against cavalry in his base kit is too niche, and inherited offensive skills just turn him into a much weaker Tharja.

Rebecca has great speed, but a relatively mediocre attack of 29. This makes her a less suitable candidate for a Brave Bow+: her speed is lower than Setsuna’s, meaning she will struggle to make four attacks against more enemies. Faye’s stats are a different story: she has respectable defensive stats with 26 defence at 31 resistance, but her 25 speed means she will take several follow-up attacks. This makes Takumi the stronger choice for a more defensive archer.

Seliph and Alfonse have very similar stat spreads. The pair both have great attack stats, with good HP and defense, but poor speed and worse resistance. Unfortunately, low speed leaves them incredibly vulnerable to blue units, or even buffed mages such as Tharja and Nino. Both can do considerable damage with Death Blow and a good special skill, but low speed cripples their survivability.

Skill Inheritance has helped Bartre a great deal, as he can inherit a Brave Axe+ to make better use of his 36 attack. This makes him comparable to Cherche, but with lower attack and less mobility. Still a powerful unit, especially with skills like Moonbow and Death Blow.

Stahl has great HP, with pretty good attack and defense to boot. He's a strong front-line unit, but there isn't much he does that Eldigan does better. He has slightly higher speed and resistance, but both have speed stats so low that it doesn't make too much of a difference whereas neither can take a magical hit. Eldigan's legendary weapon Mystletainn is another considerable advantage that goes against Stahl.

Swap Est’s attack for speed and you more or less have Shanna. She can be a great offensive character with Desperation and a Killer Lance, but her damage is less reliable than similar lance wielders such as Hinoka, Cordelia or Ephraim. Death Blow is a great choice for an A skill if she can consistently make follow-up attacks.

The Nohrian retainers both have one stat that is much higher than all of their others, with one stat lowered to balance it out. Selena and Laslow are very similar, but Selena has very high speed with poor attack (25/35) whereas Laslow has great attack and poor speed (35/26). This makes neither a great choice as an offensive front liner compared to other infantry with stronger offensive spreads. Clair is very similar to Selena, but with a lance instead of a sword and her defence and resistance swapped. Her attack is generally too low to deal consistent damage against anything that she doesn’t have triangle advantage over.

The remaining Falchion user. His main obstacles are his mediocre stats compared to Lucina, Marth and Chrom: all of whom have stats that they excel in. Alm’s stats leave him unspecialised making him a flexible, albeit weaker offensive or defensive unit.

The two lance cavaliers. Abel does reasonably well with his respectable attack and a Brave Lance, with Death Blow improving his attack power. His defensive stats aren’t great though; much like Est, any enemy he fails to kill will likely KO him on the counterattack. Sully on the other hand has generally low stats across the board outside of her HP and speed. She lacks the attack to be a solid offensive unit, as well as the defensive stats to survive on the frontline. Death Blow can give her a much needed attack boost if she can consistently make follow-ups, but she will still struggle to keep up with other lance wielders.

The two sword-wielding cavalry of this tier. Eliwood gains points for his legendary weapon, but his stats of 31/30 are a bit underwhelming for an offensive unit. This leaves him confined primarily to cavalry teams alone. Cain has much the same issue, but without the advantage of a legendary weapon.

These mages suffer from generally mediocre stats. Both Robin (M) and Robin (F) have identical stats, and have become popular units for a Raven tome build as an answer to colourless units. Triangle Adept will make them even more effective as counters, as well as a strong answer to red units and blue units respectively. The problem is, other mages can now use this combination more effectively than the two Robins, making it hard to recommend them over other available units. Ursula’s stats are also quite balanced, with the exception of her pitiful 19 defence. This limits her usability to cavalry teams, where Reinhardt and Olwen remain the stronger options. She is arguably a stronger candidate for Blárblade.

These two are the more offense-oriented dagger users. Giving Gaius a Poison Dagger+ can help make up for his mediocre speed, but his low resistance means he’ll take a lot of damage from enemy mages. Jaffar is very similar, but with slightly higher defensive stats.

Though Sophia doesn't have as much speed as mages like Sanaki or Lilina, she does have quite impressive bulk. A defensive spread of 28/29 alongside 40 HP means she can do particularly well with a Raven tome build, much like Robin (M). Triangle Adept is worth considering to improve her bulk and compensate for her low speed, but it does leave her very vulnerable to blue units.

Titania has great speed, sitting at a neutral base of 34. A respectable defensive spread of 25/30 gears her towards a bulky cavalry unit that can take a lot of punishment. She faces many shortcomings however; her HP is only a disappointing 37, and a neutral stat of 28 in attack means that she’ll fail to much damage to anything that isn’t a blue unit with the Emerald Axe+. Swapping her weapon for a Silver Axe+ is an option, but Titania’s damage output will still be less than stellar. Nevertheless, she can do pretty well on a cavalry team as a fast, defensive unit.

With 37 speed and 35 resistance, Felicia is a fantastic mage killer. Unfortunately, she has a pitifully low 23 attack, and has to rely on Iceberg or Glacies to deal consistent damage. With that said however, as a colourless unit with great speed and resistance, Felicia can deal with every mage pretty well. Warding Blow is a great replacement for Resistance +3 to prevent any and all damage from enemy mages.

Niles is much the same, but with a bow rather than a dagger. He comes with a great 34 speed and 34 resistance and inheriting a Tomebreaker skill would make him more effective at his job. Unfortunately, Niles won’t excel at doing anything else.

With a unique spread of 35 speed and 35 defense, Subaki is a surprisingly bulky unit thanks to his ability to avoid follow-up attacks. Iote’s Shield helps to guard him from archers, making him a reasonably effective tank. Unfortunately, his low attack means that he’ll only deal reliable damage against red units with a Sapphire Lance+, or with a Killer Lance+ and Moonbow. Hard to recommend over a stronger tank such as Effie or Nowi.

With an offensive spread of 32/25, Cecilia trades a lot of offensive power for her mobility. Blade tomes work well, but being unable to make follow-up attacks will prevent her from making several ORKOs. Thus, her usefulness outside of a cavalry team is questionable when compared to other mages.

Tier 6

Phew, still with us? This tier exists for the units that are really difficult to make viable (looking at your 22 attack Odin). Most of them have an unusual statline, with one stat grossly higher than the others.

The other inclusion is any healer that isn’t on a horse. We're working on overhauling the tiering of the healers thanks to the introduction of the Wrathful Staff skill.