How to use a Dragon Team


Similar to Armored teams, Dragon teams become immensely tanky with Fortify Dragons, so the main priority is to stick them together. You only need 2 Fortify Dragons to buff all four units, so more than that isn't necessary. You can put Hone Atk/Spd or Threaten Res/Spd on the other 2 members to improve their damage output since their actual damage output is quite low.

There should be at least one or two Reposition users in the team and one Reciprocal Aid to maximize their high effective HP and baiting potential. Reciprocal Aid will help out a lot against mono color teams to prevent being cheesed, while Reposition gives you enough flexibility to secure important vantage points. Ideally, 2 Reciprocal Aid and 2 Reposition users are good. But as long as you have at least one of each, you are good to go.

Unlike Flying and Cavalry teams who require engaging the enemy to sweep the map, Dragon teams are incredible at baiting enemies and prefer to sit back instead of charging in. The sheer amount of bulk combined with their built-in Distant Counter makes them quite easy and simple to run. It can boil down to these guide lines:

  • Stick together to make full use of Fortify Dragons
  • Using units with the appropriate color to bait appropriate enemies
  • Use Reciprocal Aid to heal whenever necessary, or if you run into Mono color teams (such as focusing on healing Nowi to deal with 4 Falchion users)
  • Use Reposition to bail a unit out of a dangerous area if you have to initiate the battle (Nowi cannot tank too many Falchion users in the same turn but she can kill some of them without taking any damage, so there are moments which requires her to initiate)
  • Fully abuse Defensive Tiles: They are perfect for Dragon Teams as all of its members prefer to bait enemies in unlike Flier/Horse Teams, and they have a 2 movement range to get there faster unlike Armored Teams.
  • Abusing the Support System: Dragons have "generalist" stats line that doesn't particularly excel in a certain thing, but rather they tend to be reasonablygood at multiple things. Both the support system enhance their generalist base stats to incredible stats line across the board. If you use a 2 Dragons core, definitely have them support each other to fully take advantage of both Fortify Dragon on top of the Spur effect buff from Support. The two best Dragon units to receive Summoner Support are Nowi and Tiki, due to most of their stats being at the brink of greatness and only need a slight boost. Nonetheless, most dragons are very strong recipients of both Support systems.

Arena Threats Checklist:


She is the biggest counter of Dragon teams due to her high RES and obscene base attack with Poison Dagger. In most case the only members that should be soaking her damage are Nowi, Y!Tiki, and CorrinF thanks to their high speed and Defense. They might very likely fail to KO her but at least they will survive, giving you the chance to initiate on the next turn. 

Difficulty Rating: 5/5


The most dangerous and most popular of all Falchion users. The reason Lucina is so strong is by virtue of her incredible base speed, allowing her to double most members of a Dragon team.

Even with Triangle Adept, Nowi can still fall to a Lucina yielding enough buffs and a double attack. She will also one-round most of your other dragons if she can get to them.

The best way to deal with Lucina is either to engage onto her since her Res is poor, or to maintain Fortify Dragons on your Nowi at all times to avoid taking a lot of damage.

Difficulty Rating: 4/5

Hector, Zephiel, Effie
Hector, Zephiel, Effie

The easiest win ever. Armored teams are hard countered by Dragon teams. If you lose against these units, you will be sent to the shadow realm for treason against the honor and pride of Dragons.

Difficulty Rating: 0.5/5

Takumi, Jeorge, Klein

These guys can seriously hurt you. Their Brave Bows have incredible firepower and they can deal a lot of damage to your winged lizards if you do not pay attention. Hone Speed is the best counter against them as it prevents them from quad-striking your Nowi and Tiki.

Of the Archers, Bow Lyn is the biggest problem. Not only she packs the most firepower with proper support, she also possess very high Res that effectively prevent most dragons from 1 rounding her even with Quick Riposte or Bowbreaker. Against Bow Lyn, Steady Breath is one of the best counter against her, as Dragons can tank her initial hit and fire back with their specials in that circumstances.

Difficulty Rating: 4.5/5


Only engage her with the Tikis, else she will destroy your team. Letting her attack your Red dragons is fine, though engaging her will help you avoid her retaliation. Afterwards, you can Reposition the attacking unit away. Very dangerous with a Dancer or if carrying Wings of Mercy.

Diffculty Rating: 4.5/5

Blade Tome Users
Cecilia / Spring Camilla / Leo / Reinhardt / Olwen / Linde / Ursula

Basically Cecilia / Spring Camilla / Leo / Reinhardt / Olwen / Linde / Ursula.

They are terrible outside of their respective teams, or if you kill their buffers. Nonetheless, their mobility and damage are huge problems. If you can bait them out of their team's buff range they become quite easy to deal with. If you can't, try engaging against them on Defensive Tiles to avoid unnecessary damage.

Difficulty Rating: 3.5/5

Felicia / Niles
Felicia / Niles

They have fantastic RES and you do not have a color advantage against them, meaning they are very annoying and can hurt you if they carry Glacies. They might drag the battle for too long, spelling disaster to your team if you don't finish them off before their teammates catch up.

Try to bait them further forward and pile on them quickly. Also, Hone Attack/Threaten Res are lifesavers if your team has trouble facing them. Running Luna instead of Bonfire is also a decent way to help dealing damage against the mage killers.

Difficult Rating: 4.5/5


Their danger lies in their unpredictability and the reach of their units. By themselves, they are nothing special. Try your best to split them apart from their teammates or let them dance the slowest units while you deal with the other ones.

Difficulty Rating: 4.5/5


Other units can be easily countered by pitting the Dragons with a strong color against them.