Spring Lucina

Analysis by Ceui
Lucina - Spring Festival
Spring Exalt

5 Star Spring Festival

Obtainable as a 5 only - Spring Festival
Hero Ratings
Overall Rating
/ 5
Attacker Rating4 / 5
Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 35
ATK 29
SPD 36
DEF 22
RES 25
Stat Variations
Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 25 6 9 4 5
Middle 16 7 10 5 6
High 17 8 11 6 7

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 32 25 33 19 22
Middle 35 29 36 22 25
High 39 32 39 25 29
IV Sets
Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.

+Atk or +Spd are good IVs on her. +Spd is definitely better in most cases as it lets her double most meta units and goes well with Desperation, but +Atk can help remedy her mediocre base attack in some case. Nonetheless, if you run her with Blarrblade then Speed is universally better as Blarrblade build does not need any more attack for firepower.

Spring Lucina has better Def than Linde and thus she can actually reliably tank normal Takumi (no Brave Build) which is still commonly see. Her Res however isn't enough to tank Julia (she needs +Res to tank 1 hit from normal Julia with Fury) and certainly not enough to tank Nino. In the end either -Def or Res is fine depending on which units you want her to take a hit from.

Skill Sets
Desperation Glass Cannon
Blárblade+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Ardent Sacrifice B Desperation 3
Moonbow C Threaten Res 3

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  • Weapon: Blarrblade
  • Assist: Ardent Sacrifice / Reciprocal Aid
  • Special: Moonbow
  • A Slot: Swift Sparrow / Fury
  • B Slot: Desperation
  • C Slot: Threaten Res / Varies on Team
  • Boon/Bane: +Spd -Res
  • Sacred Seals: Spd +1

This is the cookie cutter Blarrblade build that most speedy mage runs so well. Spring Lucina has a head start thanks to her natural access to Swift Sparrow - one of the best A slot skill in the game for offensive units.

With this set up, Spring Lucina gets 44 Speed and 46 attack unbuffed (62 with one dedicated buffer like Eirika/Ephraim) and she can plow through almost anything with her insane firepower.

Ardent Sacrifice is used to bring her to Desperation's range easier. Reciprocal Aid is also a decent option but Ardent Sacrifice is easier to use.

Moonbow is chosen mainly because of its low cooldown due to Blarrblade's penalty, but she will rarely need any Special to finish her job.

Fury can be chosen over Swift Sparrow if player want her to be able to bait while not losing too much power. It gives her a much better Opponent's Phase and might be easier to get into Desperation's range.

Blárraven Adept
Blárraven+ A Triangle Adept 3
Reposition B Lancebreaker 3
Luna C Threaten Res 3

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  • Weapon: Blarrraven
  • Assist: Reposition / Draw Back / Rally Atk&Spd
  • Special: Luna / Moonbow
  • A Slot: Triangle Adept
  • B Slot: Lancebreaker / Bowbreaker / Swordbreaker
  • C Slot: Threaten Res / Varies on Team
  • Boon/Bane: +Atk -Hp
  • Sacred Seals: Atk +1

Spring Lucina can somewhat run the Raven set decently, thanks to her high speed. Her main problem running this set is she lacks the damage to cover both Sword and Lance comfortably, thus skill choice will depend solely on player's preference on which spectrum she needs to cover.

Outside of Blade Tome build, she does not need Ardent Sacrifice/Reciprocal Aid and thus can run Reposition/Draw Back to help teammate whenever she's not attacking. Rally Attack&Speed is also viable as it adds some value to her as a buffer (and also yield better arena score), but sacrificing Bridal Cordelia is expensive.

Luna or Moonbow are both fine as Special, due to her not being able to run Draconic Aura, Bonfire or Iceberg effectively.

Lancebreaker allows her to kill popular lance units like Ephraim, Charlotte or Sharena. She will need a Hone Attack buff to kill Effie however (and a lot other Lance users) but Lancebreaker gives her strong coverage. Swordbreaker is required to 1 round units like Ryoma or Lucina with Fury, since she won't be able to double them even if she run +Spd nature. Bowbreaker is to counter popular archers like Takumi or Bridal Cordelia, especially if they are merged.

User Submitted Builds
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Spring Lucina by Jill Pill 1 day ago
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User Build Statistics
Weapon # of Builds
Blárblade+ 27
Blue Egg+ 63
Blárraven+ 4
Blárblade 4
Weapon Skills

If unit initiates attack, unit recovers 4 HP after the battle.


If unit initiates attack, unit recovers 4 HP after the battle.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Support Skills

Grants Spd +4 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn

Learns by default at 5 ★
Passive Skills

Grants Spd+2 during combat if unit initiates the attack.


If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Spd+2 during battle.


If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Spd+4 during battle.

Unlocks at 5 ★

After combat, foe suffers Res-3 through its next action.


After combat, foe suffers Res-5 through its next action.


After combat, foe suffers Res-7 through its next action.

Unlocks at 5 ★

Spring Lucina is a Blue mage with high Speed and not much else. She faces strong competition from other competent Blue mages such as Linde, Reinhardt, Olwen, Mae and Bridal Caeda, some of which are simply better than her (Reinhardt, Linde, Caeda). Her stat spread is not optimized and she has much to be desired outside of the cookie cutter Blarrblade build.

Nonetheless, if your team does not have Linde or Bridal Caeda to run Blarrblade, then Spring Lucina is a great choice and she will do a fantastic job at that thanks to her 36 base speed.


High Speed:

  • 36 speed on a mage is incredible. She shared the number 2 spot amongst all mages after Bridal Caeda, tied with Linde and Nino.
  • It makes her deceptively tankier than she seems, since few units can double her at her full build

Access to Swift Sparrow:

  • Swift Sparrow is one of the best A-slot in the game and is only available to Spring Lucina
  • It makes strong even when running a mediocre tome like Blue Egg+ thanks to the boost in Atk and Speed

Sub-optimal stat spread:

  • Outside of her speed, Spring Lucina does not have much else to her. Mae surpasses her in attack and Res, Caeda has high Res and 1 more speed than her, and Linde is just straight up better than her at her own niche.
  • It limits her build options immensely and there are few instances where she is superior to her counterparts, if at all.

Requires hefty investment to function well:

  • Without inheritance, Spring Lucina has a poor base skill set. Her default tome is mediocre and 2 out of her 3 skills are not optimal.
Team Options

Spring Lucina functions best as a Blarrblade user, thus she is an unit that your team should revolve around if you decide to pick her up.

  • Eirika and Ephraim are the two best friends of Blade Tome users, thanks to their ability to buff 4 stats at once with Rally Def, Siegmund/Sieglinde, Hone Speed and Fortity Res Sacred Seal. They can give Spring Lucina a total of 16 attack and 4 speed which is enough to catapult her offensive power to incredible level.
  • Azura, Ninian and Olivia compliments her mobility, offensive power and allows her to easily sweep across the battlefield.
  • Spring Lucina struggles heavily against high Res Green units like Titania, Fae, Julia, Nino or Soren. A strong red units capable of dealing with them is a great asset to the team. Ryoma, Ike or Xander are fantastic teammates thanks to their ability to counter from range, and Sanaki, Lilina and Sophia are incredible high Res mage that can take the green damage for her with ease.
  • High Res green units such as Fae, Titania, Julia, Nino or Soren are some of Spring Lucina biggest counters since they have little problem tanking her and their counterattacks will most of the time kill her off.
  • High Res mage killers/infantry killers such as Kagero, Felicia or Niles pose a big problem to her because of their high Res and Speed. Kagero notably will one shot her if she can get off her attack
  • Hector is a great counter against her thanks to his massive HP pool and the ability to counter from range
  • Outside of those units, most Brave Lance / Brave Axe users have no problem killing Spring Lucina on initiation thanks to their massive damage. High damage physical green units like Minerva, Raven, Michalis, Bartre or Frederick can kill her with relative ease.
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