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Shiro - Raw Talent


Obtainable as a 5 only

Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 41
ATK 35
SPD 30
DEF 35
RES 22

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 18 8 5 8 4
Middle 19 9 6 9 5
High 20 10 7 10 6

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 37 32 27 32 19
Middle 41 35 30 35 22
High 44 38 33 38 25

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.


  • +DEF: A Defense boon improves upon his already fantastic physical bulk and helps minimize the damage he takes from sustained pressure; it also increases the power of Defense-scaling Specials like Bonfire. 
  • +ATK: An Attack boon is also an excellent choice and provides Shiro with a solid boost to his overall damage output increase outside of Special activations.
  • +SPD: Building upon his Speed through a boon and outside support is also an effective strategy, regardless of the build he is running; Enemy Phase builds appreciate the extra boost to his survivability from negating follow-up attacks, while mixed phase builds have the potential to raise his Speed to high enough a level to make him reliably perform follow-up attacks himself. 


  • HP: Raising Shiro’s HP is not a priority but is best left untouched, as this is a superbane and lowering it causes the stat to decrease by 4 points opposed to the usual 3; this can prove to be quite the detriment to Shiro’s excellent physical bulk if using his native Bright Naginata. 


  • -RES: Shiro often finds himself needing all of his other stats to function properly and at an already low base value of 22, taking a bane in this stat is ideal as lowering it further brings no considerable change to his overall performance. 

Skill Sets

Scion of Thunder (Enemy Phase)

Slaying Lance+ (+Def)
Alternate: Slaying Lance+ (+Spd)
A Steady Breath
Alternate: Steady Stance 3
Alternate: Swap
B Guard 3
Alternate: Renewal 3
Alternate: Aether
C Atk Smoke 3
Alternate: Spd Smoke 3
SP1,545SQuick Riposte 3

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  • Preferred IV: +DEF or +ATK or +SPD / -RES
  • Weapon: Slaying Lance+ (+Def) / Slaying Lance+ (+Spd) / Bright Naginata
  • Assist: Reposition / Swap / Flexible
  • Special: Bonfire / Aether / Ignis
  • Passive A: Steady Breath / Steady Stance 
  • Passive B: Guard / Renewal / Wrath / Quick Riposte
  • Passive C: Atk Smoke / Spd Smoke / Flexible
  • Sacred Seal: Quick Riposte / Close Def / Quickened Pulse

An Enemy Phase build that revolves around Shiro’s ability to tank physical hits with ease and then strike back with great force; this is his most potent set and allows him to be extremely self-sufficient. A boon in either his Defense or Attack stat makes for an excellent choice of IVs, though a Speed boon is also a good choice, as his Speed stat is high enough to be built upon to avoid doubles and thus lower the amount of damage he takes. 

His weapon of choice for this build is a Slaying Lance, which has great synergy with Steady Breath and lets Shiro frequently activate his Special. The refine taken here should be correspondent with his IVs - if working with a Speed boon, take a Speed refine, but if working with any other IV, then a Defense refine will be his best choice. His personal weapon, Bright Naginata, is also a fantastic option on budget and grants him a simultaneous increase to his damage output and survivability during Enemy Phase.

His Special choice is mostly up to personal preference with his most noteworthy Special being Aether, granting him concurrent sustain and damage output increase. When used in tandem with Slaying Lance, Steady Breath, and Quick Riposte, Aether will be able to activate in any combat where Shiro can counterattack, regardless of whether or not he gets doubled; this makes a Speed boon particularly more alluring in comparison to other boons. However, should one value raw damage over sustain, Bonfire is then his preferred Special and will be fully charged after he is hit just once. 

Though Steady Breath is Shiro’s ideal A slot and has the best synergy with the rest of this set, his native Steady Stance may also be used if on budget. Regardless of his A slot, Quick Riposte is of the utmost necessity, as stacking his Speed with this build is meant to prevent doubles instead of causing them; the choice on whether to use it in his B slot or Seal slot boils down to personal preference. Using it in his Seal slot opens his B slot to other options like Guard, Renewal, and Wrath. 

Guard lets him shut down several prominent meta threats who rely on fast Special activations to deal large amounts of damage, with some notable examples being Zelgius, Fallen Hardin, and Ayra. Renewal also works wonderfully and gives him more sustain, letting him stay in Quick Riposte’s HP threshold much more reliably. In contrast, Wrath lets Shiro take a more aggressive play style and opens his Special up to more powerful ones like Ignis, as its -1 cooldown effect makes it so that Ignis will activate as frequently as Bonfire when using Steady Breath; it also works with Aether and helps him heal off more damage. Alternatively, using it in his B slot lets him make use of the Close Def Seal for added survivability or the Quickened Pulse Seal for faster Special activations. 

Shiro’s C slot is fairly flexible here, though Atk or Spd Smoke both make for fantastic options. Both bolster his ability to tank multiple opponents in one Enemy Phase, with Atk Smoke giving greater survivability while Spd Smoke decreases his chances of getting doubled. Otherwise, his C slot can be filled by any skill that suits his team’s needs. 

Reckless Storm (Mixed Phase)

Slaying Lance+ (+Spd)
Alternate: Bright Naginata
A Fury 3
Alternate: Swap
B Wrath 3
Alternate: Moonbow
C Threaten Spd 3
Alternate: Threaten Def 3
SP1,485SSpeed +3

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  • Preferred IV: +SPD or +ATK / -RES
  • Weapon: Slaying Lance+ (+Spd) / Bright Naginata
  • Assist: Reposition / Swap / Flexible
  • Special: Bonfire / Moonbow
  • Passive A: Fury 
  • Passive B: Wrath 
  • Passive C: Threaten Spd / Threaten Def / Def Tactic / Flexible
  • Sacred Seal: Speed +3 / Quickened Pulse

Though Shiro’s stats lend themselves to a more Enemy Phase oriented build, he can still run a mixed phase build to great effect but requires slightly more outside support. As this build is more reliant on his ability to frequently activate his Special for his damage output, a Speed boon is his preferred boon; when combined with a Speed refine, Fury, and the Speed +3 Seal, Shiro manages to reach an impressive 42 Speed while still remaining exceptionally bulky. An Attack boon may also be taken to increase his damage output outside of Special activations but will make Shiro slightly more reliant on buffs to his Speed. 

The Slaying Lance will again be his weapon of choice, as the -1 cooldown complements Wrath’s playstyle and further increases the rate at which his Special activates. His Bright Naginata may also be used on a budget but will force him to focus more on his match-ups in the Enemy Phase since Bright Naginata does nothing for him in the Player Phase. For his Special, the decision between Bonfire and Moonbow is largely up to personal preference. Bonfire is best utilized when used in tandem with Infantry Pulse allies and Quickened Pulse, offering the more destructive power of the two, but Moonbow will activate more frequently and has the potential of activating twice in one combat when under Wrath’s HP threshold. 

Fury is Shiro’s ideal A slot for this build, and offers Shiro a solid boost to all his stats while also letting him safely drop into Wrath’s HP threshold through its recoil damage; this recoil damage is extremely beneficial to him, as his great physical bulk could otherwise prove to be a detriment and make reaching Wrath’s HP threshold somewhat difficult.

For his C slot, Threaten skills are a great option and help Shiro be more self-sufficient. Threaten Spd helps increase his chances of doubling while Threaten Def is better for an overall increase in damage output. Alternatively, Shiro can also run supportive skills, like his native Def Tactic, for a more cohesive team composition but this is again up to personal preference. Lastly, aside from the Speed +3 Seal, Shiro also has the option of using the Quickened Pulse Seal alongside Infantry Pulse allies to make use of more powerful Specials like Ignis; it can also be used alongside Moonbow to have it instantly charged for his first engagement. 


Originally from Fire Emblem Fates, Shiro is a physically bulky lance wielder who also boasts an impressive base Attack stat of 35. He is most comparable to other similarly tanky lancers like Lukas and Ephraim. Though he does lack some physical bulk in comparison to the aforementioned, he makes up for it with his decent Speed stat. While it is not extraordinary, with enough investment/support, Shiro is capable of avoiding being doubled fairly often and gives an edge over his competition; his personal weapon, Bright Naginata, helps differentiate him from other lancers as well. He also has the benefit of having boosted BST, meaning that he scores more highly in Arena compared to the majority of other infantry melee units. 

However, his stat spread’s focus on physical bulk leaves his magical bulk rather lacking, and at an unimpressive base Resistance of 22, he is extremely susceptible to any form of magical attack from both mages and dragons. Furthermore, Shiro’s role as a blue is already highly contested, and lacking the availability or utility that other such units possess, Shiro will have a difficult time competing for a spot on a team. Nevertheless, Shiro can still prove to be an incredibly versatile unit at one’s disposal and is capable of fitting into a variety of different team compositions in need of a powerful defensive bruiser. 


Boosted BST

Like many recent additions to the game, Shiro joins the fray with boosted BST; at a neutral BST of 163, Shiro garners more points in Arena in comparison to the majority of other infantry melee units, as he falls into the 160-164 BST bin as opposed to the typical 155-159.

Great stat spread 

Luckily for Shiro, his few extra stats did not go to waste and possesses a fantastic stat spread. Boasting impressive base Attack and Defense stats of 35 with a decent HP pool, Shiro fits excellently into the role of that of a defensive bruiser. His base Speed stat of 30 is also quite decent and is high enough to avoid, or even cause, follow-up attacks with some investment. 


Though Shiro’s native weapon, Bright Naginata, does force him to lean towards an Enemy Phase oriented build, the advent of weapon refines and Shiro’s stats allow his role on any given team to be fluctuate depending on what is needed of him. 


Low Resistance 

At a low base value of 22, Shiro’s Resistance leaves a lot to be desired and makes him exceptionally easy prey to most blue and green mages in addition to dragons; this is only further accentuated by the fact that his Resistance is considered his dump stat, leaving him even more vulnerable to magic attacks. 

Competitive class typing

Being an infantry lance unit, Shiro faces heavy competition for a slot on a team. Many lance users such as Ephraim, Brave Lucina, and Azura are able to provide a similar offensive presence while also being able to provide more utility than Shiro. 

Team Options

Mages are Shiro’s biggest weakness, and as such, units who can promptly deal with them are greatly appreciated. Units who commonly utilize Infantry Pulse are also a fantastic choice of an ally, as Shiro’s damage output is largely attributed to his Special procs. Strong reds who can provide Weapon Triangle coverage are also a good option. 

  • Anti-mage units: Units such as Felicia, Halloween Sakura, Kaze, Niles, and Fjorm who can effectively put a stop to mages are great allies to have and relieve Shiro of the worry of having to deal with mages. 
  • Infantry Pulse: Stacking units who commonly use Infantry Pulse such as Nowi, Fae, Lon’qu, and Lukas is a great strategy to employ when using Shiro and allows him to use stronger Specials for higher damage output.
  • Strong reds: Greens, in general, pose a threat to Shiro, so strong reds such as Bridal Tharja, Ares, Eirika (SM), and Ayra who can provide Weapon Triangle coverage to the team are welcome allies. 


Regardless of how high one stacks Shiro’s defenses, strong and tanky greens can easily take the brunt of his attacks and dispose of him quickly. His low Resistance leaves him vulnerable to any form of magic attacks, making mages and dragons alike effective counters. 

  • Strong and tanky greens: Units like Hector (LA), Winter Chrom, and Amelia are great counters to Shiro, utilizing their high Defense stats and Weapon Triangle advantage to take minimal damage from his attacks. 
  • Mages: Shiro’s pitiful Resistance stat allows strong offensive mages like Nino, Sonya, Reinhardt, and Ishtar to ORKO him with no issue whatsoever. 
  • Dragonstone ysers: Particularly those who specialize in the Enemy Phase, dragonstone users like Nowi, Fallen Robin (M), Fae, and Kana are able to similarly dispose of Shiro by targeting his Resistance stat. 

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Iron Lance
Lance Users Only
50 1 6
Steel Lance
Lance Users Only
100 1 8
Silver Lance
Lance Users Only
200 1 11
Bright NaginataGrants Atk/Def+4 during combat if foe initiates combat.
Learns by default at 5 ★
Non-Inheritable skill.
400 1 16
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Support Skills

Support Skills Rng. SP
SwapSwap places with an adjacent ally.
Learns by default at 5 ★
1 150

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Steady Stance 1Grants Def+2 during combat when this unit is attacked.
Inheritable by all units.
Steady Stance 2Grants Def+4 during combat when this unit is attacked.
Inheritable by all units.
Steady Stance 3Grants Def+6 during combat when this unit is attacked.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Inheritable by all units.
Def Tactic 1At start of turn, grants Def+2 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that ally's movement type on current team ≤ 2.
Inheritable by all units.
Def Tactic 2At start of turn, grants Def+4 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that ally's movement type on current team ≤ 2.
Inheritable by all units.
Def Tactic 3At start of turn, grants Def+6 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that ally's movement type on current team ≤ 2.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Inheritable by all units.

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