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Narcian - Wyvern General
Hero Stats
Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 42
ATK 29
SPD 29
DEF 32
RES 26
Stat Variations
Level 1 Stat Variation
Middle 18 7 7 8 7

Level 40 Stat Variations
Middle 42 29 29 32 26
IV Sets
Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.

Since Narcian is a Grand Hero Battle unit, it is impossible to recommend any nature for him. All Grand Hero Battle units are always a neutral nature.

Skill Sets
Specialized tank
Emerald Axe+ A Distant Counter
Reposition B Quick Riposte 3
Bonfire C Hone Fliers
SP1,935SIote's Shield

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  • Preferred IVs: N/A
  • Weapon: Emerald Axe+ | Slaying Hammer (+Def)
  • Assist: Reposition | Swap
  • Special: Bonfire | Ignis | Aether
  • A Slot: Distant Counter | Fury | Close Defense
  • B Slot: Quick Riposte | Axebreaker
  • C slot: Hone Fliers | Goad Fliers | Threaten Def
  • Seal: Iote's Shield | Close Defense

With this set, Narcian is flier emblem's one-stop shop for anti-blue, which allows him to counter popular meta threats, such as a fully buffed and optimal Linde, Reinhardt, and Olwen.  He can also effectively counter bows with the Iote's Shield seal, allowing him to bait out units like Klein, or Bridal Cordelia (with buffs). This set also allows him to trade with Halloween Jakob safely and knock him out of Wary Fighter range.

In keeping his Emerald Axe and utilizing Quick Riposte, Narcian becomes an effective counter for Effie and Ephraim as well, even without the usage of Lancebreaker.  Narcian walls off bulky blue units and even the faster blues can't make a dent in his armor.  Distant counter is vital in securing enemy phase KOs against blue mages and archers, though if you'd prefer to play Narcian as a melee-user only, you can swap out for Close Defense and utilize him primarily on Enemy Phase. Axebreaker helps Narcian against his more neutral matchups.

Of course, if you'd prefer to have an anti-armor unit, Narcian is surprisingly good at killing armors due to his decent defenses. His middling speed doesn't hurt him as much vs armors because the majority of them are all rather slow anyway- equipping him with a +Def Slaying Hammer allows him to tank through even the most powerful armor retaliations, and giving him Close Defense and using him as a bait unit for armors allows him to be something of a walking fortress.  Slaying Hammer is preferred here, as is taking Axebreaker over Quick Riposte- that will help him to secure kills against Amelia, Hector, Winter Chrom, and Winter Lissa.

Hone fliers works on him because Narcian cannot fully utilize the speed boost from it- he'd much prefer to get a Fortify Fliers buff instead, and so he's capable of being the Hone Fliers buffer on your team without too much detriment to himself.

Debuffing Support
Legion’s Axe+ (+Spd) A Life and Death 3
Reposition B Windsweep 3
Bonfire C Spd Smoke 3
SP1,445SPhantom Spd 3

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  • Preferred IVs: N/A
  • Weapon: Legion's Axe + (+spd forge)
  • Assist: Reposition | Swap | Draw Back
  • Special: Bonfire | Moonbow
  • A Slot: Life and Death | Darting Blow | Swift Sparrow
  • B Slot: Windsweep 
  • C Slot: Spd Smoke | Atk Smoke | Savage Blow
  • Seal Slot: Phantom Spd | Atk Smoke | Savage Blow

This is a prime debuffing support build that turns Narcian from a mediocre enemy phase unit to a player phase debuffer that can set up enemy units for his team members to kill.

With Windsweep, Narcian can freely apply panic on one enemy and his choice of either atk or spd smoke, or additional damage, to enemies in a 2 square radius.  In order to ensure a Windsweep proc, Narcian has to build up his speed- he does this through a combination of +spd forging (32), Life and Death (37), and Phantom Spd seal (47). Additional flier buffs would be helpful, but not wholly necessary, as 47 is a relatively high speed cap and most units won't be able to counter him. You can forgo Life and Death for Darting Blow if you desire for an extra point of speed, but ultimately it shouldn't make too much of a difference on his Windsweep procs and he'll miss the extra 5 damage.

There are other benefits of Windsweep as well- Narcian will be able to freely damage an enemy at no cost to himself, which can help take down armor units who would otherwise pose a significant threat in Enemy Phase (with Vantage/Bonfire Hectors being the prime example).

If you have a Hone Fliers buff you're willing to give him, it's possible to forego Phantom Spd for more debuffing potential- you can add in Attack Smoke or Savage Blow, though with this, Narcian will only hit 44 effective speed, making him a little more vulnerable to the speedy meta game.

Be careful with Savage Blow, however- you don't want to accidentally trigger an enemy Wings of Mercy into warping right into Narcian's face.



  • Free unit.
  • He is a flier, which means he has access to potent Flier buffs.
  • Good defensive spread.
  • Naturally comes with Emerald Axe, meaning he is an excellent counter to blue units, particularly lances. His mixed defenses of 32 def/ 26 res means that he's capable of baiting out blue mages easily as well.


  • As a flier, he shares flier weaknesses- particularly a weakness to arrows and the Excalibur tome.
  • Unable to receive a significant amount of merges (at this point if you've been playing since release, it's possible to have a +5 Narcian).
  • His stats give him a 'jack of all trades, master of none' quality- and in this meta, you really want to be a master of something.

Narcian was the first Grand Hero Battle unit to be released. He’s a flying axe-user with good defense who can make short work of enemy lance users. However, his default skillset means he's a hyper-specialized character who demolishes blue units and doesn't do much of anything else. With inheritance, his prospects become a little better since it gives him access to valuable Flier buffs, but his overall generalist stats mean he's going to be relegated to a tank role for the most part, and he'll require decent team support no matter what.


Flier movement type

  • As a flier, Narcian is capable of flexible mobility and can easily cross trees or rivers that your other units will have trouble with
  • He's capable of receiving movement-type buffs, meaning that all of his stats can increase a whopping +6/+6/+6/+6 with the right buffs.

High soak

  • Narcian's relatively mixed defenses and high HP means that he doesn't have a weak point for an enemy unit to take advantage of. With 42 hp, 32 def, and 26 resistance, oneshotting Narcian takes 74 neutral physical damage or 68 neutral magical damage.
  • This allows him to perform reasonably well as a bait unit

Low Speed

  • Despite his tankiness, Narcian's low default speed means that it's possible for opponents to double him, which renders many of his defenses pointless
  • This also means that his functionality as an offensive unit is crippled, as it's difficult to get him to double his enemy.

Low Attack

  • To round out his low speed, Narcian's low attack means that he'll likely not be doing much damage to the opponent either.
  • From an offensive standpoint, he leaves a lot to be desired- unless attacking blues or lancers, Narcian's effectiveness at doing damage is unimpressive
Team Options

Narcian's middling stats and tanky offenses means that he can do some work with a team that needs a staple green to eliminate blues.

  • In flier emblem, Narcian's defenses really shine, as a +6/+6 to def/res allows him to tank any blue unit in the game- even meta threats, such as Reinhardt, Effie, and Ephraim. He pairs with Caeda or Summer Corrin well as they can give him that valuable buff. He'll also play nice with Minerva and her Ward Fliers, which offers him a substantial +4/+4 def/res buff.
  • Functioning as an anti-blue means that he facilitates red fliers, particularly ElinciaPalla, and Halloween Nowi. He can also help squishier blue fliers to avoid their own color, like CordeliaEst, and Shanna. As a benefit, blue fliers will help to protect him from powerful reds, which will take Narcian apart in a heartbeat.

In general, a team lacking a counter to blues such as Effie, Ephraim, or Reinhardt might want to look toward Narcian for a little extra help. He's a great backup unit to have in Arena Assault in case you run into an all-blue defensive team, or even an armor heavy team with units like Effie and Christmas Robin.


Narcian can be rather easily countered by many non-blue units, much to his disdain.

  • Red units in particular are threatening to him, assuming Narcian keeps his axe. This means that units such as OgmaTharjaLeo, and Eirika will all pose threats to him.
  • Fast units as well will be able to double him easily for a quick KO: this means that units like Ayra and Mia pose significant threat to him, while even fast axes like RavenCamilla, and Minerva will all be able to double him fairly easily for a kill.
  • Being a flier, Narcian shares flier weaknesses and as such is inherently weak to Merric, as well as bow users such as Brave LynBridal Cordelia, and Halloween Jakob.
Weapon Skills
Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Iron Axe
Learns by default at 2 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
50 1 6
Steel Axe
Learns by default at 3 ★
Unlocks at 2 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
100 1 8
Emerald AxeGives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle advantage, Atk-20% if disadvantage.
Learns by default at 4 ★
Unlocks at 3 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
200 1 8
Emerald Axe+Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle advantage, Atk-20% if disadvantage.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Inheritable by Axe users only.
300 1 12
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades
Special Skills
Special Skills SP Turns
RetributionBoosts damage dealt to foe by 30% of damage dealt to unit.
Unlocks at 3 ★
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
100 3
VengeanceBoosts damage dealt to foe by 50% of damage dealt to unit.
Unlocks at 4 ★
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
200 3
Passive Skills
Passive Skills SP Slot
Lancebreaker 1If unit's HP > 90% in combat against a lance user, unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot.
Unlocks at 2 ★
Non-Inheritable by red units.
Lancebreaker 2If unit's HP > 70% in combat against a lance user, unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot.
Unlocks at 3 ★
Non-Inheritable by red units.
Lancebreaker 3If unit's HP > 50% in combat against a lance user, unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot.
Unlocks at 4 ★
Non-Inheritable by red units.
Savage Blow 1If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 3 damage after combat.
Unlocks at 3 ★
Inheritable by all units.
Savage Blow 2If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 5 damage after combat.
Unlocks at 4 ★
Inheritable by all units.
Savage Blow 3If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 7 damage after combat.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Inheritable by all units.
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Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

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