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Legendary Knight


Obtainable as a 4 - 5 only
Hero Ratings
Overall Rating
/ 5
Attacker Rating3 / 5
Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 35
ATK 29
SPD 32
DEF 24
RES 34
Stat Variations
Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 15 6 7 6 7
Middle 16 7 8 7 8
High 17 8 9 8 9

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 32 25 29 21 31
Middle 35 29 32 24 34
High 39 32 35 27 37
IV Sets
Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.
  • +atk and +res are the gems for Mathilda. +spd is useful too, but not quite as much.
  • -def is ideal, as -hp makes it harder to handle Reinhardt's assault (and Mathilda shouldn't be handling physical attackers anyway).
Skill Sets
Your hooves are your sin
Ridersbane + A Distant Counter
Ardent Sacrifice B Vantage 3
Iceberg C Def Ploy 3

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  • Preferred nature: +atk/-def or +atk/-hp or +res/-def or +res/-hp
  • Weapon: Ridersbane+
  • Assist: Ardent Sacrifice
  • Special: Iceberg / Glacies
  • A slot: Distant Counter
  • B slot: Vantage 3
  • C slot: Panic Ploy 3

Mathilda's main claim to glory is Ridersbane+ (yes, it is inheritable, but she's its first wielder), and this build aims to maximise this claim and establish cavalry supremacy.

Ridersbane+ gives Mathilda 43 base atk (neutral). This build is meant to be run with cavalry buffs, so you're likely receiving at least a Goad if not a Hone - which pushes you to 47\~49 atk. Against cavalry, you get 1.5x that value, which is 70\~73 - enough to nuke most non-green cavalry units in one hit.

Then, you add Distant Counter, Vantage and Panic Ploy into the mix and you start giggling a little madly. Distant Counter means Mathilda can counterattack against Reinhardt (let's be real: he's one of her main foes), Vantage means she hits first and nukes him with zero damage, and Panic Ploy helps her soften her foes (with her huge res, she will trigger it on virtually everyone).

Mathilda running this build is basically a walking anti-cavalry nuke. The scary part is she's not even the best wielder of that build - just the default one (this build is looking to preemptively nuke, which makes res borderline irrelevant). Peri, with her 33 base atk, will wield it better - and that's not even talking about infantry units. Ridersbane+ is just that good.

Keep your hype down
Ridersbane + A Fury 3
Reposition B Drag Back
Iceberg C Hone Cavalry

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  • Preferred nature: +res/-def or +res/-hp
  • Weapon: Ridersbane+
  • Assist: Reposition / Reciprocal Aid
  • Special: Iceberg / Glacies
  • A slot: Fury 3 / Res +3
  • B slot: Drag Back / Renewal 3 / Guard 3 / Cancel Affinity 3
  • C slot: Hone Cavalry

Somewhat standard anti-magic tank. With Fury and a +res nature, Mathilda reaches an impressive 40 res on her own, which is enough to tank two 56 atk hits from Reinhardt unless she's -hp (she'll take 32 damage). Add a Fortify Cavalry to the mix, and you're looking at 46 res (20 total damage from Dire Thunder, and she can even survive a Moonbow).

Of course, Ridersbane+ means Mathilda tears through Reinhardt as well as virtually any non-green cavalier... but that's not really Mathilda's fault.

B-slot pick is based on player preference. Drag Back is preferred for mobility's purpose, Renewal can be used for sustain (especially Tempest Trials), and Guard can be wielded as an extremely specialized anti-Quickened-Pulse-Reinhardt countermeasure. Lastly, Cancel Affinity turns the tables on Titania but is otherwise kind of forgetable.

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User Build Statistics
Support # of Builds
Rally Resistance 16
Reposition 11
Swap 3
Ardent Sacrifice 1
Draw Back 1
Weapon Skills

Effective against cavalry units.


Effective against cavalry units

Learns by default at 5 ★
Support Skills

Grants Res+4 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Passive Skills

Any weapon triangle affinity granted by unit's skills is negated. Also negates any weapon triangle affinity granted by foe's skills.


Any weapon triangle affinity granted by unit's skills is negated. If affinity disadvantage exists, weapon triangle affinity granted by foe's skills is negated.


Any weapon triangle affinity granted by unit's skills is negated. If affinity disadvantage exists, weapon triangle affinity granted by foe's skills is reversed.

Unlocks at 5 ★

Grants adjacent allies Atk+2 through their next actions at the start of each turn.


Grants adjacent allies Atk+3 through their next actions at the start of each turn.


Grants adjacent allies Atk+4 through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Unlocks at 5 ★


  • Great res, high spd.
  • Capable of soaking Reinhardt's damage output.
    • Fury +res neutral hp Mathilda takes 16 damage from 56 atk Reinhardt's Dire Thunder (so, 32 damage total). She tanks without any buff.
    • With cavalry buffs, she can even tank a Moonbow'd 56 atk Dire Thunder.
    • With Ridersbane+ and her spd she obliterates him back. Ridersbane+ gives her (Fury, neutral atk) 69 atk against cavaliers, which is actually enough to kill most Reinhardt in one hit (thus bypassing even Lancebreaking builds).
  • Needless to say, red magic bounces off her.


  • She'll have a hard time shining offensively outside of cavalier hunt.
  • Pretty fragile on the physical side of the spectrum.
  • She can only safely bait Linde with Blue Tomebreaker - else, Linde is nearly guaranteed to land a double attack and nuke her.
    • Needless to say, Nino has little difficulty getting rid of her (she's Linde, but worse, from Mathilda's perspective).
  • By nature, Mathilda is a very hit-or-miss character - depending on opposing team, she may be your best asset or a borderline dead weight.

Reinhardt's reign may be coming to an end. Okay, not really, but Mathilda certainly has arguments to make the Reinhardt hype calm down a little.

Mathilda's stats and starter kit seem tailored specifically to counter Reinhardt. Between her (for a cavalry unit) huge res, her decent hp, her usable spd and her native Ridersbane+ (1.5x atk against cavalry), she has everything she needs to bait Reinhardt, barely survive his Dire Thunder (yes, even Moonbow'd 56 atk Dire Thunder) and destroy him on her turn.

Unfortunately, the magic fades away when you realize Reinhardt is the only prominent (blue) mage Mathilda actually counters. She'll destroy most red mages and she can kill a fair amount of cavaliers thanks to Ridersbane+ (including Titania if she's running Cancel Affinity), but she'll also get killed by physical cavalry (Frederick), Cecilia, Linde and Nino.

She also doesn't have high enough an atk to do anything else than her specialty well, which can be frustrating.

  • Capable of soaking every variant of Reinhardt.
    • And actually, she can nuke Reinhardt on bait with Vantage and Distant Counter (assuming she's receiving Hone Cavalry). Which is kind of cool in itself.
  • Ridersbane+ actually makes her capable of threatening most cavaliers on player phase.
    • With Cancel Affinity, she fights Emerald Titania with even footing color-wise and actually destroys her with Ridersbane+.
  • Also basically counters red mages.
  • Weak against non-cavalry units.
  • Don't throw her at Linde and expect her to win (unless you're running Blue Tomebreaker but that's not a good idea).
  • Either the opposing team has some of the things Mathilda counters (Reinhardt, some variants of Olwen, Titania, most non-green cavalry units), or it doesn't. If there's no cavalier to take down, Mathilda's usefulness quickly plummets.
  • She does soak Reinhardt, but she needs to be healed right afterwards (or kept away from danger until some form of recovery becomes available).
Team Options

Mathilda benefits greatly from cavalry buffs, and she loves being paired with a healer. This naturally points to cavalier healers as some of her best possible partners.

She's most scared of green physical attackers, most of whom will be handled safely by red tanks such as Chrom or Zephraim (or Eldigan, to stay in cavalry terrain).


Her low defense makes her trivial to take down with physical assault (and especially Brave weapons). She also loses most of her brilliance when wielded by the AI as her brilliance comes from player-controlled position play - as a foe, she's basically just one more annoying cavalier to take down.

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