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Obtainable as a 5 only
Hero Ratings
Overall Rating
/ 5
Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 43
ATK 34
SPD 36
DEF 25
RES 19
Stat Variations
Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 18 7 9 5 3
Middle 19 8 10 6 4
High 20 9 11 7 5

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 40 31 33 22 16
Middle 43 34 36 25 19
High 46 37 39 29 22
IV Sets
Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.

Speed is the most important boon, followed by attack. Lucina isn’t as fast as Mia or Ayra and needs all the help she can get to keep up with them, and prevent them from doubling her. Defense and resistance are roughly on par: If you intend to send Lucina against dragons, she actually wants her resistance to take their hits better. Otherwise, defense is the more desired of the two for a boon. HP is the only truly safe bane for Lucina.

Skill Sets
Dragon Slayer/Team Support
Falchion A Fury 3
Reciprocal Aid B Renewal 3
Noontime C Atk Smoke 3
Budget: Threaten Atk 3
SP1,545SClose Def 3

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Lucina is great at providing team support through healing and dragon slaying ability. This build lets Lucina heal for ten on 5/6 turns. On turn six, Lucina will heal for 20: On maps where enemies don't rush forward, you can attack on the turn she recovers 20 HP, giving her a lot of effective HP. Lucina needs the extra speed from Fury, and also appreciates the defensive stats. Close Def gives her another six effective resistance vs. dragons, vastly improving on her base 19. Reciprocal Aid lets Lucina transfer her health to allies, effectively healing them.

If you feel that Fury is causing too much drain on her HP, Close Defense is the best skill alternative. And if you want to take her healing to the max, Lucina can also run Breath of Life on her C slot skill and seal. However this takes away her tankiness significantly.

Slaying Edge+ (+Spd) A Fury 3
Reciprocal Aid B Wrath 3
Moonbow C Atk Smoke 3
Budget: Threaten Atk 3
SP1,545SClose Def 3

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Ironically, Lucina's best combat set takes away her Falchion, instead going for a Slaying Edge. She is faster than ever thanks to Fury and Slaying Edge's forging option. With Moonbow coming off Wrath, it hits very hard and charges quickly thanks to her Slaying Edge.

Close Def gives Lucina a much-needed defensive boost, but she has a lot of freedom in choosing her seal. Speed+3, Quickened Pulse, Atk Smoke or even Panic Ploy are effective options.

User Submitted Builds
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User Submitted Build Statistics
Weapon Skills
Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Iron Sword 50 1 6
Steel Sword 100 1 8
Silver Sword 200 1 11
FalchionEffective against dragons. At the start of every third turn, unit recovers 10 HP.
Learns by default at 5 ★
400 1 16
Special Skills
Special Skills SP Turns
New MoonResolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-30%
Learns by default at 5 ★
100 3
LunaResolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%
Unlocks at 5 ★
200 3
AetherResolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%. Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt.
Unlocks at 5 ★
500 5
Passive Skills
Passive Skills SP Slot
Defiant Spd 1Grants Spd+3 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%. 40
Defiant Spd 2Grants Spd+5 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%. 80
Defiant Spd 3Grants Spd+7 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Spur Atk 1Grants adjacent allies Atk+2 during combat. 50
Spur Atk 2Grants adjacent allies Atk+3 during combat. 100
Spur Atk 3Grants adjacent allies Atk+4 during combat.
Unlocks at 5 ★


  • Great statline.
  • Excels at her niche.
  • Very useful outside of the Arena.


  • Low resistance.
  • Legendary weapon is somewhat niche.

Lucina is one of the game’s most popular heroes, and appears in Fire Emblem Heroes as a red sword-user. Her viability has been somewhat of a wild ride, being one of the best units in the game at release and falling somewhat since then. Her excellent stat spread makes her an attractive proposition, but her Falchion has failed to keep up with the power of other unique weapons, and her resistance is now a real problem for her.


Great statline.

  • Lucina’s statline for a long time was the benchmark for swords that wished to reach top tiers. Offensive stats 34/36 allow Lucina to hit hard and fast, and her physical defense of 25 is decent when combined with her HP of 43. Lucina is very tough to double, and has a much higher HP than most units of her archetype.

Excels at her niche.

  • There is one thing that Lucina does uniquely well, and that is slay dragons. Julia/Deirdre are very strong vs. Nowi, Ninian and Corrin(F) but Lucina is the best choice against both Tiki formes. Lucina is the fastest dragon slayer in the game, and with some investment, will easily double and KO dragons she faces. Dragons are one of the best unit archetypes in the game and are very common in the Arena, making her a decent pick there.

Very useful outside of the Arena.

  • Lucina is a great choice of unit in modes such as the Tempest Trials and Chain Challenge. Her healing build can restore quite a lot of health with Reciprocal Aid, although she will not heal as much as a dedicated healer.

Low resistance.

  • Many units have low resistance, but this is a problem for Lucina more than others. Lucina is first and foremost a dragon slayer, meaning more often than not, dragons are who she intends to fight, and they deal significant damage to her thanks to her low resistance. She is easily affected by Ploy skills, which are very common, particularly Atk Ploy.

Legendary weapon is somewhat niche.

  • Lucina’s Falchion has two effects: It grants her Renewal 2, and the weapon deals effective damage vs. dragons. Renewal 2 is a decent effect but poor by itself, and its dragon slayer properties are only valid vs. a very small percentage of the cast. Lucina is more niche than other red swords and with the powerful effects of other weapons, it’s hard to legitimise using her over other units when dragons aren’t on the field.
Team Options

Lucina wants a team-mate who can handle blue mages for her: good team-mates include Dorcas, Hector, Nino, Sonya and Soren. Amelia, Narcian, Camilla, Titania and Brave Ike are also noteworthy with a Distant Counter build. Lucina provides a decent modicum of healing to the team with her dragon slayer set, and can provide quite a bit of support. Those who fear dragons also want Lucina as a team-mate: Nowi, Fae and Tiki are all extremely potent units who can wall large numbers of units.


Lucina’s low resistance is her only real weak point, but nonetheless many foes can exploit it. Blue mages such as Linde, Delthea, Reinhardt, Olwen and Ursula have the power to one-shot Lucina with ease. Lute is a big problem, as she can also reduce Lucina’s coveted speed with her Weirding Tome, and is usually run with other Ploy skills in tow. And while she is strong against dragons, she must be wary of their builds. Not so long ago, Triangle Adept was the most common choice of A slot skill for dragons. If Nowi, Ninian and Corrin(F) are running this skill, Lucina will not be able to duel them and win. She must also be wary of Swordbreaker. High defense blues such as Ephraim, Effie and Nephenee will beat Lucina handily, despite her speed.

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