Legendary Lucina

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Analysis by SirOxorsid
Legendary Lucina - Glorious Archer


Obtainable as a 5 only

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Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 36
ATK 34
SPD 35
DEF 25
RES 20

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 16 7 8 5 4
Middle 17 8 9 6 5
High 18 9 10 7 6

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 33 31 32 22 17
Middle 36 34 35 25 20
High 40 37 38 29 23

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.


  • +ATK: An Attack boon will be appreciated to improve Lucina’s damage output.

  • +SPD: Speed is a very good and overall the most useful boon for Lucina, allowing her to double as many units as possible.


  • HP: It is preferred to not lower Lucina’s HP so as to not affect both her physical and magical bulk, but it is an acceptable bane.

    • It should be noted that taking an HP bane will slightly help Lucina reach Desperation range, so it may even be beneficial in some cases.


  • -DEF: Defense is a usable bane. However, it may affect Lucina’s abilities to deal with Distant Counter units.

  • -RES: Resistance is a fairly safe bane for Lucina, although one should be aware that it puts Lucina at a somewhat low magical threshold of only 53.

Skill Sets

Our Future Can Live! (Offensive Archer)

Thögn A Swift Sparrow 2
Alternate: Fury 3
Future Vision B Desperation 3
Alternate: Atk/Def Link 3
Alternate: Luna
C Even Spd Wave 3
Alternate: Odd Atk Wave 3
SP1200SFlashing Blade 3

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  • Preferred IV: +SPD or ATK / -DEF or -RES

  • Weapon: Thögn

  • Assist: Future Vision

  • Special: Moonbow / Luna

  • Passive A: Swift Sparrow / Fury / Life and Death

  • Passive B: Desperation / Atk/Def Link / Chill Spd

  • Passive C: Even Spd Wave / Odd Atk Wave / Distant Guard

  • Sacred Seal: Flashing Blade / Speed +3 / Attack +3

Legendary Lucina’s stats and weapon lend her to be a very offensive Player Phase archer, and this set is focused on capitalizing on that.

Lucina will want to be doubling units basically every time she is attacking, so Speed is the preferred choice of boon. An Attack boon will work nicely as well though. Defense or Resistance can be taken as the bane.

Thögn is a very interesting weapon that works perfectly with Legendary Lucina’s offensive statline. Giving a passive +3 Speed and granting an additional +4 to all stats when initiating on sword, lance, axe, and dragon units is huge. When combined with a Speed boon and Speed increasing skills, Lucina will be doubling almost any melee unit in the game. While the boost in Attack from Thögn is obviously appreciated as well, the boost Lucina will be receiving in Def and Res will come in handy when initiating on Distant Counter units and dragons that can counterattack and deal some serious damage to Lucina.

Future Vision is a wonderful new Assist skill exclusive to Legendary Lucina. It allows Lucina to swap into a teammate and then move again, functioning as a sort of self-pseudo dancer/singer. If running a dancer or singer on the team, Lucina can actually use Future Vision, move again, and then have a dancer or singer use their Assist on her, allowing Lucina to move three times in one turn. In terms of Assist skills with great utility, Future Vision definitely stands out as a very solid choice.

Moonbow can be taken as the Special and can be activated every turn provided Lucina is running the Flashing Blade seal. Luna is another decent option if one prefers the increased damage and doesn’t mind the higher cooldown, or if an Infantry Pulse teammate is being used.

Swift Sparrow is a great choice for the A slot, and Lucina comes with it! Fury is a decent choice as well, giving Lucina increased bulk to help her survive any enemy counter attacks while providing chip damage that helps put her into Desperation range. Life and Death will provide marginally higher Attack and Speed at the cost of significant bulk loss. The big issue with Life and Death is how it affects Lucina’s abilities to tank units that can counterattack her.

Desperation is a great choice for Lucina, as her massive Speed will allow her to guarantee doubles on the vast majority of units. When combined with the Flashing Blade seal, Lucina will be able to activate twice instantly and activate Moonbow on the second hit each combat, making for a potentially devastating combo. The somewhat difficult part is getting Lucina into Desperation range; this can be achieved via a teammate using Reciprocal Aid, post-combat Fury damage, or just having Lucina tank a hit. Atk/Def Link is another interesting option, synergizing well with Future Vision. Chill Speed is another decent albeit expensive option, and the extra Speed may be a bit overkill.

Even Spd Wave is a solid option for Lucina, allowing her to maximize her chances of doubling enemies (every other turn at least). If Lucina is already receiving Speed buffs or Even Spd Wave is not available, then Odd Atk Wave is a great choice as well. One should note that Odd Atk Wave and Atk/Def Link will not stack Attack, so even though Atk/Def Link will still be useful on Even turns, it is essentially going to some waste on Odd turns if Lucina is using Future Vision. Otherwise, Lucina’s default Distant Guard is a great C skill that her teammates will no doubt appreciate.

The Flashing Blade seal is a great choice that will activate nearly every time Lucina attacks given the massive Speed she will be hitting. If Flashing Blade is not available or Lucina has a Speed Bane, Speed +3 can be taken instead to help patch it if needed.

The Trials of a Princess (Firesweep)

Firesweep Bow+ A Life and Death 3
Alternate: Swift Sparrow 2
Future Vision B Chill Spd 3
Alternate: Swordbreaker 3
Alternate: Luna
C Spd Smoke 3
Alternate: Def Smoke 3
SP2170SSpeed +3

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  • Preferred IV: +SPD / -DEF or -RES

  • Weapon: Firesweep Bow+

  • Assist: Future Vision

  • Special: Moonbow / Luna

  • Passive A: Life and Death / Swift Sparrow

  • Passive B: Chill Spd / Swordbreaker

  • Passive C: Spd Smoke / Def Smoke / Even Spd Wave / Distant Guard

  • Sacred Seal: Speed +3 / Flashing Blade / Quickened Pulse

The standard Firesweep Bow set that Legendary Lucina can run quite efficiently.

Despite not being able to match the 35/35 offenses of Bridal Cordelia and Summer Takumi nor having the capabilities of being able to effectively run Ploy skills such as Innes, Lucina stands out in her own way with a Firesweep build thanks to her Assist skill Future Vision. Lucina is capable of swapping into a unit and then attacking an enemy, something other archers cannot do. The fact that Lucina is a blue archer also helps her damage output significantly with common red threats.

Future Vision can be kept for the same reasons stated above; it’s a great skill that gives Lucina more flexibility in her map movement, and being able to take another turn without the aid of a dancer or singer is huge.

Moonbow is the preferred choice of Special due to its low cooldown, but Luna is another decent option.

As Lucina shouldn’t be getting attacked anyways with this set, it’s fine to take Life and Death as the A slot for the little bit of extra Attack and Speed. Life and Death is not necessary though, and Lucina’s default Swift Sparrow will still work great as well.

Chill Spd will work wonderfully to help Lucina double pesky high Speed enemies. Those high Speed enemies are often sword units as well, who Lucina happens to have a color advantage over! If Chill Spd is not available a simple Swordbreaker can be taken instead to guarantee doubles against those high Speed swords.

Spd Smoke is a great choice for the C slot and will work particularly well if Lucina is being run with a dancer, allowing her to attack an enemy and then attack the enemy’s nearby debuffed teammates. Def Smoke is a good option as well. Even Spd Wave is a decent choice like in the previous build but is by no means necessary.

As Lucina will not be receiving the effects from Thögn with this set, Speed +3 can be run as the seal to help compensate. However, Flashing Blade is still a great choice as Lucina will still be fast enough to double the majority of units. Quickened Pulse is another decent option as well.

Brave Lucina (Except With a Bow Instead of a Lance) (Brave Bow)

Brave Bow+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Alternate: Death Blow 3
Future Vision B Chill Def 3
Alternate: Swordbreaker 3
Alternate: Luna
C Odd Atk Wave 3
Alternate: Distant Guard 3
SP1710SAttack +3

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  • Preferred IV: +ATK / -DEF or -RES

  • Weapon: Brave Bow+

  • Assist: Future Vision

  • Special: Moonbow / Luna

  • Passive A: Swift Sparrow / Death Blow / Life and Death

  • Passive B: Chill Def / Atk/Def Link / Swordbreaker

  • Passive C: Odd Atk Wave / Distant Guard

  • Sacred Seal: Attack +3 / Quickened Pulse

Legendary Lucina can also run a Brave Bow set to decent effect if one desires to do so.

An Attack boon will be wanted to maximize Lucina’s damage output. As per usual Defense or Resistance are serviceable banes.

Like with the Firesweep build, Lucina’s access to Future Vision and the fact that she is a blue archer is what allows her to stand apart from other offensive archers with similar stats that run similar builds.

Moonbow is a decent choice of Special. Luna is another decent option but as Lucina will not be able to very effectively run the Heavy Blade or Flashing Blade seal due to Brave Bow’s low mt and the Speed penalty, higher cooldown Specials probably should not be run unless Quickened Pulse is used.

Swift Sparrow or Life and Death can be used to try to preserve Lucina’s quadding abilities. Otherwise, Death Blow is a good option for pure damage.

Chill Def is a great option, essentially allowing Lucina to deal 14 more damage to any unit it affects. Atk/Def Link is a solid option as well. Swordbreaker can be taken as a more budget option.

Odd Atk Wave will significantly increase Lucina’s damage output. Keep in mind that Odd Atk Wave will not stack with Atk/Def Link, so only one of the two should ideally be taken.

Attack +3 should be taken for the seal slot to maximize damage output if Quickened Pulse is not taken instead to allow for an instant Moonbow proc/allow Luna to activate more quickly.


Legendary Lucina makes her appearance as the first blue archer in the game. Sporting a decent offensive spread, a great Assist skill, and a solid prf weapon, Lucina makes for an interesting unit.

Essentially, Legendary Lucina seems to somewhat be a “physical Ishtar”, having access to similar Speed-increasing weapons and a similar offensive statline. Compared to other offensive blue mages such as Ishtar and Linde that target Resistance, Lucina may not be dealing as much damage to common threats that have a higher Defensive stat. However, it should be noted that being blue significantly helps Lucina as opposed to Legendary Lyn who is green, as many of the common threats that Lucina will be going against are red, whom she will have an advantage over.

Overall, Legendary Lucina is a solid unit that will be able to pull her own weight in most teams given the right kit and team support.


Great Assist Skill

Future Vision is a wonderful Assist skill, essentially allowing Legendary Lucina to move twice in a single turn as long as an ally is nearby.

Great Prf Weapon

Thögn is a very good weapon that complements Legendary Lucina’s offensive stats well.

Solid Offenses

34/35 is a great offensive spread for an archer. Although not as high as the 35/35 of Bridal Cordelia or Summer Takumi, the fact that Lucina is a blue archer will allow her to deal more damage against red units.

Blue Ranged

Being a blue archer is beneficial overall to Legendary Lucina considering how prevalent red units are in the meta.

Legendary Unit

Being a Legendary Unit, Lucina provides a Speed buff to all teammates running a Wind blessing during the Wind season, which can be significant in battle.


Low Defenses

Lucina’s main problem is her poor physical and magical bulk. However, Lucina can usually survive a single hit to put her into Desperation range through the use of bulk-increasing skills and Thögn.


Although generally a good thing given the common red threats, the fact that Legendary Lucina is a blue archer means she will not be able to attack green threats as effectively as the colorless archers can.

Legendary Unit

Being a legendary unit also means that Legendary Lucina will only be available on legendary banners, somewhat limiting her availability.

Team Options

In general, Legendary Lucina will want teammates that can cover her color weakness as well as accentuate her offensive prowess.

  • Sing/Dance Units: Despite having Future Vision, Lucina can still be danced or sung to in order to have yet another action, allowing her to potentially deal some real damage in a single turn. Dancers that cover her color weakness such as Lene, Olivia, and Olivia (YT) will be particularly useful.

  • Solid Red Unit: As Lucina has middling defensive stats across the board, Lucina will definitely want to be paired with a red unit that can cover her weakness to green effectively. Ayra, Karla, Soleil, any of the Tikis, Zelgius, Black Knight, and Legendary Ike are just some of the many units that can do this job well.


If running any other bow than Firesweep, Legendary Lucina will have to be wary of a couple threats.

  • Green Bulky Units: The obvious counter; Lucina should not be attacking any bulky green units unless running the Firesweep build and wanting to get some chip damage in. This includes units such as Brave Ike, any of the Hectors, Sheena, Amelia, and Winter Chrom.

  • Dragons: Although the bonus from Thögn will help Lucina a bit, dragons will still target her lower Resistance stat and do significant damage to her. Green dragons in particular such as Myrrh, Fae, and Fallen Robin (M) should not be initiated on by Lucina.

  • Wary Fighter: All the Speed in the world won’t matter if Lucina is attacking an armored unit with Wary Fighter. Slower units such as Effie and Winter Chrom commonly have it.

  • Powerful Units with Distant Counter: Although Thögn does help Lucina survive some counterattacks, she will still be susceptible to some units given her mediocre physical bulk, and is particularly prone to being OHKO’d if she is running a Defense/HP bane and the enemy is receiving team support.

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Iron BowEffective against flying units.
Only Inheritable by Bow users.
50 2 4
Steel BowEffective against flying units.
Only Inheritable by Bow users.
100 2 6
Silver BowEffective against flying units.
Only Inheritable by Bow users.
200 2 9
ThögnEffective against flying foes. Grants Spd+3. If unit initiates combat and foe uses sword, lance, axe, dragonstone, or beast damage, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 during combat.
Learns by default at 5 ★
Non-Inheritable skill.
400 2 14
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Support Skills

Support Skills Rng. SP
SwapSwap places with an adjacent ally.
Learns by default at 5 ★
1 150
Future VisionUnit and target ally swap spaces. Grants another action to unit. (Additional action granted once per turn only.)
1 400

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Death Blow 1Grants Atk+2 if unit initiates combat.
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
Swift Sparrow 1If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Spd+2 during battle.
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
Swift Sparrow 2If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Spd+4 during battle.
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Wings of Mercy 1Enables unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP ≤ 30%.
Inheritable by all units.
Wings of Mercy 2Enables unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP ≤ 40%.
Inheritable by all units.
Wings of Mercy 3Enables unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP ≤ 50%.
Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Distant Guard 1Allies within 2 spaces gain: "If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, grants Def/Res+2 during combat."
Inheritable by all units.
Distant Guard 2Allies within 2 spaces gain: "If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, grants Def/Res+3 during combat."
Inheritable by all units.
Distant Guard 3Allies within 2 spaces gain: "If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, grants Def/Res+4 during combat."
Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★

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Fire Emblem: Awakening

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