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Free Spirit


Obtainable as a 5 only
Hero Ratings
Overall Rating
/ 5
Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 33
ATK 36
SPD 34
DEF 13
RES 31
Stat Variations
Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 15 9 7 2 6
Middle 16 10 8 3 7
High 17 11 9 4 8

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 30 33 31 10 28
Middle 33 36 34 13 31
High 36 39 37 17 34
IV Sets
Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.


  • With a speed as good as Delthea, a +Speed boon is highly recommended to perform doubles and deny those from other mages.

  • 36 base attack is no joke, and utilizing a +Attack IV can give Delthea amazing shotgun-like damage similar to Sanaki.


  • Let's take a look at her defense stat and move on.

  • If using a build which doesn't require an "all or nothing" mindset, a -Resistance bane can be taken to avoid tampering with her physical defense.

Skill Sets
Tell me I'm FREAKIN' AMAZING! (Hybrid Support)
Dark Aura A Life and Death 3
Reposition B Desperation 3
Draconic Aura C Drive Atk 2
SP1,365SSpeed +3

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  • Preferred Nature: +Speed / -Defense
  • Weapon: Dark Aura
  • Assist: Reposition / Rally Def/Res / Rally Defense
  • Special: Draconic Aura
  • A Slot: Life & Death / Swift Sparrow / Fury
  • B Slot: Desperation
  • C Slot: Drive Attack / Hone Speed
  • Sacred Seal: Speed +3 / Fortify Resistance

A very similar build to the commonly seen Blade builds. Though, this time around Delthea dethrones the Renais twins Eirika and Ephraim.

This set is available for budget players looking to use only 4 star or lower units. Simply swap out the expensive skills with the listed cheaper ones.

Projection? No worries!~ (Blade)
Blárblade+ A Life and Death 3
Ardent Sacrifice B Desperation 3
Moonbow C Drive Atk 2
SP1,815SSpeed +3

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  • Preferred Nature: +Speed / -Defense
  • Weapon: Blue Blade
  • Assist: Ardent Sacrifice
  • Special: Moonbow / Draconic Aura
  • A Slot: Life & Death / Swift Sparrow
  • B Slot: Desperation
  • C Slot: Drive Attack
  • Sacred Seal: Speed +3

The standard Blade build.

Rho Aias (Raven)
Blárraven+ A Triangle Adept 3
Draw Back B B Tomebreaker 3
Draconic Aura C Drive Atk 2
SP1,815SAttack +3

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  • Preferred Nature: +Attack / -Resistance
  • Weapon: Blue Raven
  • Assist: Draw Back
  • Special: Draconic Aura
  • A Slot: Triangle Adept / Death Blow / Fury
  • B Slot: Blue Tomebreaker
  • C Slot: Drive Attack
  • Sacred Seal: Attack +3

The Raven tome build. Used more for destroying the colourless units rather than taking a hit from them.

By reason of Cancel Affinity's introduction, it may be a good idea to run Death Blow or Fury rather than Triangle Adept. While it is indeed a great skill and guarantees bulk against triangle advantage and colourless units, the fact that it is possible to encounter an enemy Bridal Cordelia with Cancel Affinity means that caution and preparation should be taken.

Blue Tomebraker is taken to deal with Linde on counter/engagement and Reinhardt on initiation.

Goddess Picking Favourites (Owl)
Blárowl+ A Fury 3
Swap B Quick Riposte 3
Iceberg C Drive Atk 2
SP1,875SSpeed +3

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  • Preferred Nature: +Speed / -Resistance
  • Weapon: Blue Owl
  • Assist: Swap
  • Special: Iceberg
  • A Slot: Fury
  • B Slot: Quick Riposte
  • C Slot: Drive Attack
  • Sacred Seal: Speed +3

An Owl set for Delthea.

With how easy it is to acquire one adjacent ally, Swap lowers the effort needed to have two. This translates to an extra 4 speed. With the addition of the Sacred Seal, Speed IV and Fury, Delthea can reach a value of 45 speed and 53 attack without effort. She will also earn some bulk, resting at 53 physical and 68 magical soak.

Due to the nature of the build focusing on counter attacks, Quick Riposte is taken.

User Submitted Builds
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User Submitted Build Statistics
Weapon Skills

Grants adjacent allies who use sword, axes, lances, or dragonstones Atk +6 through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Special Skills
5 Turns

If HP > 1, survive a lethal attack with 1 HP remaining.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Passive Skills
Unlocks at 5 ★

Grants adjacent allies Atk+2 during combat.


Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk+2 during combat.


Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk+3 during combat.

Unlocks at 5 ★


  • Legendary Tome with a steroid for Melee units
  • Good offensive spread
  • Great base kit


Delthea, a cheerful and free lass, is a Blue Tome user with a unique weapon exclusive to her, the Dark Aura.

Her legendary tome grants an even better Hone Attack, albeit restricted to melee units only. This means she has excellent synergy with Brave users.

She has a great offensive spread, with both attack and speed close to the 35 point value.

Delthea's base kit is quite good, making her very budget friendly. Drive Attack is a fantastic anti-situational support and synergizes perfectly with her weapon. A player who has earned their luck can easily use the lass with little inheritance.

Unfortunately, she is strictly worse than Linde when it comes to stats due to having 2 less points in speed than her (although having 1 more point in attack). This means that while Delthea may perform the best with a Blade build, Linde is the better option between the two. Of course, this applies to that specific build only.

She also has the physical frailty of a mango: Easily sliced.

In conclusion, Delthea is an offensive blue mage with slightly less speed than a certain other character. However, her legendary weapon and stat spread are both good, making Delthea a very good unit to have on your team.

  • Good offensive spread

    • With her natural kit, Delthea reaches an impressive 50 base attack.
    • Her speed isn't on par with the brown haired mage, but 34 speed is enough to deny doubles from those in tiers around her.
  • Legendary Tome, Dark Aura

    • Has the effect of Hone Attack, but instead of a 4 point increase, it's a 6 point increase.
    • Unfortunately, unlike Sieglinde and Siegmunde, this only applies to melee units.
  • Pitiful defense

    • 46 physical soak is absolutely atrocious, and Delthea is one of the frailest units in the game.
  • OK resistance

    • Reinhardt will definitely kill her.
    • It will take an enemy mage either 64 neutral or 54 advantage attack to one-hit Delthea.
    • Follow-ups will instead require either 48 neutral or 60 disadvantage attack to kill her.
  • Her physical defense

    • Self-explanatory.
Team Options

If using her legendary magic, it is absolutely imperative that a melee unit be added alongside her. Otherwise, she will work the same as the current popular mages. That is, with Dancers and Buffers:

Delthea will be eaten alive by Hector, and as such it is heavily advised to bring a unit to deal with him.

Onto the builds:

"Projection? No worries!~" is the very standard and oft seen Blade build. Pair it up with a buffer and a dancer/singer for the best results.

"Tell me I'm FREAKIN' AMAZING!" utilizes Delthea's base weapon and additional skills to enhance her melee allies' effectiveness to great extent. Has potential with Brave users.

"Rho Aias" is the Raven build. Caution should be taken against archers, and the player must always look at their B slot in case Cancel Affinity is present.

"Goddess Picking Favourites" uses the Owl tome for extra speed. While definitely not the best set out there, it allows Delthea to gain speed akin to Life & Death without crippling the user's bulk.


Any. Physical. Attack.

Or a +Attack Death Blow Reinhardt.

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