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Analysis by Naz
Bridal Caeda - Talys's Bride


Obtainable as a 5 only

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Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 33
ATK 29
SPD 37
DEF 19
RES 30

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 15 6 8 3 7
Middle 16 7 9 4 8
High 17 8 10 5 9

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 30 25 34 16 26
Middle 33 29 37 19 30
High 36 32 40 22 33

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.


  • +SPD: A boon in Speed will further expand upon Caeda’s exceptional base value of 37, giving her more longevity in both performing and avoiding follow-up attacks. This is particularly effective when using a Blade tome.

  • +ATK: Attack is another good choice of boon, as it will further increase her raw damage output. In particular, this can more effective against slow opponents with high bulk.


  • RES: Lowering Caeda’s Resistance is discouraged, as it is a superbane and can be detrimental to her survivability when taking magical damage as well as her ability to effectively utilize Ploy skills.


  • -DEF: At an already low base value of 19, Caeda can easily drop her Defense without much hindrance to her overall performance.

  • -HP: A bane in HP is comparable to a bane in Defense but takes away from her overall bulk, making it less desirable than the aforementioned.

Skill Sets

Till Death Do Us Part (Offensive Nuker)

Blárblade+ A Swift Sparrow 2
Alternate: Fury 3
Ardent Sacrifice B Desperation 3
Glimmer C Spd Ploy 3
SP1995SRes Ploy 3

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  • Preferred IV: +SPD or +ATK / -DEF or -HP

  • Weapon: Blárblade+

  • Assist: Ardent Sacrifice / Draw Back

  • Special: Glimmer / Moonbow

  • Passive A: Swift Sparrow / Life and Death / Fury

  • Passive B: Desperation

  • Passive C: Spd Ploy / Res Ploy / Flexible

  • Sacred Seal: Res Ploy / Heavy Blade / Speed +3 / Attack +3

As with most Blade tome users, Speed is Caeda’s most important stat. This makes a boon in Speed the best nature that Caeda can take in order to maximize her damage output by securing additional follow-up attacks. A boon in Attack also makes for a good option, as it increases her overall damage. In particular, this makes it a more effective against slower bulkier opponents such as Hector and Fallen Male Robin.

Ardent Sacrifice is a great choice of assist, as it has great synergy with Desperation. Caeda’s terrible physical bulk of 52 makes her susceptible to getting killed in only one hit; by dropping her HP without the need to engage in combat, Caeda can safely get into Desperation’s 75% HP threshold. Otherwise, any choice of movement skill such as Draw Back will make for a suitable Assist.

Glimmer is a fantastic choice of Special on any Blade tome user, as it scales with the additional damage received from Hone/Fortify buffs and activates within a reasonable timeframe despite the cooldown penalty tied to Blade tomes. Alternatively, Moonbow can be used as a more effective option against opponents with exceptionally high Resistance such as Lute and Female Morgan.

Swift Sparrow is a top-notch choice of A skill, as it provides Caeda with a strong boost to her offensive stats on initiation without losing anything else. A higher risk higher reward option is Life and Death, as it boosts her offensive stats even higher at the cost of severely damaging her overall bulk. This makes her even more susceptible to getting OHKO’d by both physical and magic damage alike. Fury makes for another solid choice by making it easier to get into Desperation range through the 6 damage recoil taken after combat as well as by increasing her overall bulk at the cost of a marginally weaker offense. In addition, the boost in Resistance improves her ability to utilize Ploy skills.

Desperation is a crucial aspect of this build; once in the HP range, Caeda will be able to safely perform follow-up attacks without the risk of getting killed on the counterattack. As for C skills, Caeda’s relatively high base Resistance of 30 allows her to effectively utilize Ploy skills. In particular, Res Ploy increases Caeda’s overall damage output while Spd Ploy secures her additional follow-up attacks assuming they land. Otherwise, the C slot can be replaced as needed to suit the team.

Last but not least, Caeda has several options for Sacred Seals. If she isn’t already utilizing Res Ploy in her C slot, it can also be run in the Sacred Seal slot. Heavy Blade is another option with a consistent activation thanks to the damage scaling property of Blade tomes. This allows Caeda to activate her Special more frequently. Finally, both Speed +3 and Attack +3 make for good picks in order to give Caeda a solid offensive stat boost

Sacred Vows (Enemy Phase Ranged Tank)

Blárserpent+ (+Res) A Distant Def 3
Alternate: Fury 3
Draw Back B Quick Riposte 3
Iceberg C Atk Ploy 3
SP1505SDistant Def 3

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  • Preferred IV: +SPD or +ATK or +RES / -HP or -DEF

  • Weapon: Blárserpent+ (+Res)

  • Assist: Draw Back / Flexible

  • Special: Iceberg / Glacies

  • Passive A: Distant Def / Warding Stance / Fury

  • Passive B: Quick Riposte / Vantage / Dull Ranged

  • Passive C: Atk Ploy / Flexible

  • Sacred Seal: Distant Def / Quick Riposte

This build aims to make Caeda a strong mage tank by stacking as much Enemy Phase Resistance as possible. Blárserpant fits this playstyle perfectly, as it provides 6 Def/Res when initiated on. For her IVs, a boon in Speed further improves Caeda’s already exceptional ability to avoid getting doubled while a boon in Attack increases her overall damage output. Additional Resistance also makes for a suitable option, as Caeda’s primary function is to take magical damage. As for Specials, Iceberg is chosen due to its consistently high damage output with Caeda’s Resistance. Glacies is another option that trades a shorter cooldown for more raw power.

Since the core of this build is stacking Enemy Phase Resistance, Distant Def is the choice A skill. With both this and Blárserpent, Caeda will receive a whopping +12 Def/Res and a total of 80 magical bulk when initiated on. Warding Stance is also acceptable, as they are functionally the same for Caeda. If neither are available, Fury makes for a good budget option by increasing Caeda’s Atk/Spd/Def/Res by 3 at the cost of 6 damage taken after combat.

Quick Riposte guarantees Caeda’s follow-up attack against high-Speed mages. This is very important in securing the KO as well as activating her Special. Alternatively, Quick Riposte can be moved to the Sacred Seal slot in favor of running another B skill such as Vantage. This pairs especially well with Iceberg, as Caeda will almost always have it ready to activate after her first round of combat assuming that Quick Riposte is active. This gives her the potential to take out multiple opponents in a single Enemy Phase. Another good choice is Dull Ranged, as it gives Caeda an immunity to her opponent’s Hone/Fortify buffs. This is particularly useful in nullifying the damage received from Blade tomes.

Atk Ploy further improves Caeda’s ability to tank ranged damage by severely hindering the damage output of affected opponents. As for Sacred Seals, Distant Def allows Caeda to stack her magical bulk even further. When combined with Blárserpent as well as having Distant Def in the A slot gives Caeda a staggering +18 Def/Res when initiated on by a ranged opponent. Lastly, If not already being used in the B slot, the Quick Riposte seal allows Caeda to consistently double opponents in the Enemy Phase.


Caeda sports the statline of a typical offense-oriented mage. Although her Attack may be somewhat on the low side, she makes up for it with her extraordinary Speed. At a base value of 37, Caeda is very effective in both doubling units as well as avoiding doubles herself. In addition to this, her relatively high Resistance makes her a solid user of Ploy skills giving her longevity in supporting both herself and her team.

Unfortunately, her defensive potential is quite low overall. At a base value of only 54, Caeda’s physical bulk is very poor. This makes her often rely on Desperation in order to avoid counterattacks from Distant Counter units, as they will likely take her out in only a single hit. Despite her relatively high Resistance, her magical bulk is nothing impressive either at a base value of 63.

Overall, Caeda is a solid unit but doesn’t do much in order to stand out among other blue mages. She is often outclassed offensively by units such as Ishtar and Linde as well as defensively by units such as Female Morgan due to their more optimized statlines.


Excellent Speed

Caeda’s fantastic 37 base Speed is currently the second highest of any tome user in the game. This makes her proficient in both performing and avoiding follow-up attacks.

Good Resistance

In addition to having better damage soak again both mages, Caeda is able to make effective use of Ploy skills. This increases her effectiveness as both a support and as a standalone unit.


Subpar Attack

At a base value of only 29 Attack, Caeda somewhat lacks in the raw damage department and often requires team support in order to secure kills. This is especially prevalent when using a Blade tome.

Awful Physical Bulk

With only 53 physical bulk, Caeda is highly susceptible to getting killed in only a single hit by many physical attackers. In addition to this, her pathetic 33 HP leaves her open to almost any user of Panic Ploy.

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Blue Tome Users Only
50 2 4
Blue Tome Users Only
100 2 6
Blessed BouquetGrants allies within 2 spaces Def/Res+2 through their next actions after any combat this unit initiates.
Blue Tome Users Only
200 2 9
Blessed Bouquet+Grants allies within 2 spaces Def/Res+2 through their next actions after any combat this unit initiates.
Learns by default at 5 ★
Blue Tome Users Only
300 2 12
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Special Skills

Special Skills SP Turns
Chilling WindBoosts damage dealt by 50% of unit's Res.
Learns by default at 5 ★
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
100 4
IcebergBoosts damage dealt by 50% of unit's Res.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units.
200 3

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Resistance +1Grants Res+1
Inheritable by all units.
Attack/Res 1Grants Atk/Res+1.
Inheritable by all units.
Attack/Res 2Grants Atk/Res +2.
Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Hone Spd 1Grants adjacent allies Spd+2 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
Inheritable by all units.
Hone Spd 2Grants adjacent allies Spd+3 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
Inheritable by all units.
Hone Spd 3Grants adjacent allies Spd+4 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★

Other Info

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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