Brave Lucina

Updated for Dauntless Crimeans
Analysis by takaminacchan
Lucina - Brave Princess
Brave Princess


Obtainable as a 5 only
Hero Ratings
Overall Rating
/ 5
Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 41
ATK 34
SPD 36
DEF 27
RES 19
Stat Variations
Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 16 7 9 7 3
Middle 17 8 10 8 4
High 18 9 11 9 5

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 38 31 33 24 16
Middle 41 34 36 27 19
High 44 37 39 31 22
IV Sets
Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.
  • You should nearly always prefer +spd if it's available to you, but +atk and +def work well too.
  • -hp has the advantage of making it easier to transfer low hp counts to teammates with Reciprocal Aid to trigger Desperations, but this is marginal. -res usually won't be a problem because Brave Lucina shouldn't have to deal with magic in the first place.
Skill Sets
Edge Multiplier (Support - Specialist)
Geirskogul A Fury 3
Reciprocal Aid B Renewal 3
Aether C Drive Spd 2

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  • Preferred nature: +spd/-hp or +spd/-res
  • Weapon: Geirskögul
  • Assist: Reciprocal Aid
  • Special: Aether / Bonfire
  • A slot: Fury 3
  • B slot: Renewal 3
  • C slot: Drive Spd 2

Geirskögul makes Brave Lucina a walking physical Goad (and with Drive Spd, she's simply the best at it), but Rally Atk/Spd actually leaves to be desired as a buff. Enter class buffs and the massive +6/+6 values they provide.

For instance, a flier receiving Hone Fliers and acting in Brave Lucina's range will be wielding a supermassive +9/+12 atk/spd overall increase. For reference:

  • Brave Axe Life and Death Cherche reaches 37 spd in this scenario, 41 if she's +spd.
  • Brave Lance Life and Death Cordelia reaches 47 spd, 50 if she's +spd.

Of course, the same goes for cavalry units!

  • Brave Bow Life and Death Lyn reaches the same values as Cordelia (47 spd, 50 if +spd).
  • Brave Lance Life and Death Peri reaches 45 spd, 48 if +spd.

Long story short, this build combined with a class buffer enables most non-infantry physical units to perform ridiculous feats, and in particular it makes it much simpler to achieve Quad Strikes with them.

Reciprocal Aid, Fury and Renewal enable Brave Lucina to stop punches with her teeth, bite the fingers off, transfer the damage to a teammate to boot their Desperation and meditate the wounds away.

Edge Sharpener (Support - Generalist)
Geirskogul A Sturdy Blow 2
Rally Atk/Spd
Budget: Rally Speed
B Desperation 3
Aether C Drive Spd 2

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  • Preferred nature: +spd/-res or +spd/-hp
  • Weapon: Geirskögul
  • Assist: Rally Atk/Spd / Rally Spd / Rally Atk
  • Special: Aether
  • A slot: Sturdy Blow 2
  • B slot: Desperation 3 / Drag Back / Renewal 3
  • C slot: Drive Spd 2

In the right hands, Geirskögul combined with Rally Atk/Spd and Drive Spd produces an overall +6/+9 atk/spd buff to physical attackers (+3/+3 Hone, +3/+6 Drive - the Drive's range is two spaces). Give this buff to a Brave attacker (pick any, really), and laugh madly at the now trivial Quad Strikes you're landing. Or just use this with more traditional physical units, really - the spd buff in particular is extremely powerful and will shift many matchups in your favor.

This is Brave Lucina's base build, with an added Assist and B-slot. The B-slot is the only slot really up for debate here, and should be picked based on play style or team needs. Use Desperation for more offense, Renewal for more defense and Drag Back for superior position play.

Rally Spd may be selected instead of Rally Atk/Spd if you want the absolute maximum amount of spd honing possible (+10 instead of +9).

Peoplekiller (Killer of people)
Geirskogul A Life and Death 3
Budget: Fury 3
Reposition B Desperation 3
Aether C Drive Spd 2

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  • Preferred nature: +atk/-res or +spd/-res
  • Weapon: Geirskögul / Brave Lance+
  • Assist: Reposition / Ardent Sacrifice
  • Special: Aether / Luna
  • A slot: Life and Death 3 / Fury 3
  • B slot: Desperation 3
  • C slot: Drive Spd 2

"Standard" Life and Death abuser. Either keep Geirskögul for massive offense, or switch to Brave Lance+ and Luna for a shot at Quad Strike. In the latter case, you'll want to use Ardent Sacrifice to boot Desperation.

This build isn't exactly what Brave Lucina does best, but it's still provided for the sake of complete information.

Wall-L (Tank)
Geirskogul A Fortress Def 3
Budget: Defense +3
Reposition B Renewal 3
Bonfire C Threaten Atk 3
Budget: Drive Spd 2

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  • Preferred nature: +def/-res
  • Weapon: Geirskögul
  • Assist: Reposition
  • Special: Bonfire / Aether / Ignis
  • A slot: Fortress Def 3 / Atk/Def +2 / Def +3
  • B slot: Renewal 3 / Quick Riposte 3 / Lancebreaker 3 / Swordbreaker 3
  • C slot: Threaten Atk 3 / Drive Spd 2

This build plays to Brave Lucina's general physical bulk, turning her into a surprisingly tough tank (well, for an infantry unit, anyway). She reaches 33 effective def with a positive nature, and her A-slot is there to inflate this further.

Bonfire is the preferred Special for this build, as it hits a good balance of ease-of-use and damage increase. B-slot selection depends on play style - Renewal for durability, Quick Riposte for baiting and Breakers for specialized nuking.

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User Submitted Build Statistics
Weapon Skills

Grants Def+3. Grants allies with sword, lance, axe, bow, or dagger within 2 spaces Atk/Spd +3 during combat.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Special Skills
4 Turns

Heal 30% of damage dealt

Learns by default at 5 ★
4 Turns

Heal 50% of damage dealt

Unlocks at 5 ★
5 Turns

Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%.

Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt.

Unlocks at 5 ★
Passive Skills

Grants Def+2 druing combat if unit initiates the attack.


If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Def+2 during battle.


If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Def+4 during battle.

Unlocks at 5 ★

Grants adjacent allies Spd+2 during combat.


Grants allies within 2 spaces Spd+2 during combat.


Grants allies within 2 spaces Spd+3 during combat

Unlocks at 5 ★


  • Excellent spd, great atk, good def.
  • Geirskögul is (among) the best support weapon(s) in the game.
    • It provides +3/+3 atk/spd to every physical unit in range, which is nearly as good as a Goad without class limitations.
  • Capable of providing high-level support while comfortably pushing her own weight as an attacker at the same time.
    • (She is, after all, Lucina except blue.)


  • In spite of her color change, she remains bad at resisting magic.
  • She lacks Falchion's Renewal, forcing her into more careful play styles than standard Lucina.
  • Geirskögul favors physical teammates only.

So, Brave Lucina. She's Lucina, but blue and with two points of base stat transferred from her hp to her def (making her bulkier to physical attacks, and slightly frailer to magical attacks). And with Geirskögul instead of Falchion, which tilts her more towards offensive support than her counterpart.

Brave Lucina is definitely top percentage material. She's the fastest infantry lancer, which in itself is an achievement; she also has an impressive atk (especially when paired with that spd) enabling her as an attacker. Geirskögul allows her to take a few hits, and she's the best possible partner to Quad Strike builds (think Brave Bow Lyn).



  • Fast and powerful, without this leading to too much frailty.
  • Insanely good at support (she enables a brand new tier of buffing and is alone in that tier).
  • Barring Brave Lance+ for Quad Strike builds, there is no need to change her weapon - it's good both for offense and support.


  • Fears magic.
  • Can't buff magic users (and especially Blade tome users).
  • She will usually be less mobile than the units she's buffing, requiring some work to position correctly.
Team Options

Pair her with non-infantry physical Quad Strikers for ridiculous synergy (she usually upgrades these by a tier or two if played right). A few suggested partners: Peri, Brave Lyn, Draug, Caeda, Cordelia, Shanna, Tana, Camilla, Cherche, Minerva, Amelia.

More generally speaking, she does better in physical damage based teams (as Geirskögul doesn't affect magic users). She's naturally countered by magic users (especially green magic users), as well as green tanks, so bringing a red unit capable of disposing of these is a good idea.

Most of the time, Brave Lucina wants to be slightly behind the frontline, instead of leading it. In your team design, you should pick her to enable and complete other nukes.


Strong green tanks will wall her, and non-red magic is usually potent enough to kill her. She doesn't have access to Falchion either, so non-red dragons can easily defeat her.