GamePress Hero Rankings Explanation

GamePress Hero Rankings Explanation

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What are GamePress Aggregated Hero Rankings?

GamePress Aggregated Hero Rankings (Hero Rankings for short) involves volunteers in the GamePress team finding out our top picks for units in Heroes. While the Tier List attempts to find an objective opinion of different units with a reasonable middle-ground, Hero Rankings is meant to be reflective of the team’s subjective opinions on the current state of the game.

How are Hero Rankings Conducted?

Writers will submit their top picks for Red, Blue, Green and each class of Colorless unit. The current number is set to Top 30 for Red, Blue, Green and Combat Colorless, and Top 12 for Stave and Refresher (Sing / Dance) units.

The following will influence the rankings of decreasing weight:

  • Number of votes
  • Average rank (excluding 2 lowest and 2 highest of ranks)

After all volunteering writers submit their rankings, results will be aggregated and the Hero Rankings will be generated. The following data will be available for public access.

  • Overall Rankings
  • Hero Rankings Analysis

Hero Rankings Analysis comprises of the following:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Individual Writer Rankings.

What is "Advanced Analytics"?

The limitation of a ranking system is that gaps in power between ranks might be relatively unequal. Advanced Analytics attempts to solve this problem by showing the top unit’s average rankings plotted on a scatter plot. This allows interested players to identify potential clusters of power and will be more reflective of the state of the game.

In general, the scatter plots are meant to show a decreasing trend. However, there will be cases in which a lower ranking unit has a relatively higher position on the scatter plot. This is because that unit (and thereafter) has substantially fewer votes than the higher ranking units during the exercise, hence the lower rank.

How frequent are Hero Rankings updated?

Hero Rankings will be updated on an approximately monthly schedule.