GamePress Hero Rankings Explanation

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What are GamePress Aggregated Hero Rankings?

GamePress Aggregated Hero Rankings (Hero Rankings for short) involves volunteers in the GamePress team finding out our top picks for units in Heroes. While the Tier List attempts to find an objective opinion of different units with a reasonable middle-ground, Hero Rankings is meant to be reflective of the team’s subjective opinions on the current state of the game.

How are Hero Rankings Conducted?

Hero Rankings is currently conducted in 2 phases.

Phase 1

  • Contributors will vote for the units which deserves to be in the rankings. Each contributor will be given a maximum number of votes depending on the color type (25 for Red, Blue, Green and Colorless, 12 for Healers and Dancers).
  • Depending on the number of votes, units with the highest votes proceeds to Phase 2. The remaining units will be removed.

Phase 2

  • For all units in Phase 2, contributors rank the units accordingly.
  • The average rank of each unit is then computed. The list is then sorted by average rank.
  • If a unit's average rank is within 0.5 of the unit at a higher rank, it is deemed as a "tie" and occupy the same position in the list.
  • Top 20 for Red, Blue, Green and Colorless and Top 10 for Healers and Dancers will be shown on the main rankings list.

How frequent are Hero Rankings updated?

Hero Rankings will be updated on an approximately monthly schedule.