A first look at: World of Shadows

Update (2nd): Windsweep's description has been clarified.

Update (1st): the stats should now be accurate.

New units are in! (Stats are approximate, we'll refine them as more data becomes available.)


  • 45 hp, 35 atk, 22 spd, 38 def, 17 res.
    • These stats are pretty similar to Ephraim, but with a greater emphasis on def (at the cost of a few spd points).
    • This 40 value, if real, is monstrously high (highest defense right now, and this includes armors).
    • He basically feels and plays like an infantry unit with armor stats.
      • Lacking access to Wary Fighter will hurt, though.
  • Killer Lance, Sacred Cowl, Obstruct.
    • Useful without being stellar.
  • Fortress defense (A slot, -3/+5 atk/def).
    • Great defensive skill, combines well with Bonfire/Ignis (especially Ignis, which gains 4 in firepower just from this skill). Probable staple of tank units.
  • Nice base skills set. You can get him to proficiency with relatively little investment.


  • 37 hp, 26 atk, 36 spd, 24 def, 33 res.
    • Best described as flying Setsuna. She'll be a perfect fit for quad-strike builds.
    • One more great unit for Flier Emblem.
  • Silver Lance, Harsh Command, Spur Speed.
    • Nothing supernotable here. Most of her base kit is irrelevant to her actual potential.
  • Hit and Run (B slot, unit retreats after attacking - similar to Drag Back but without dragging the foe.).
    • Very similar to Drag Back, but with less danger to the unit.
    • Allows for a much more careful attack style.
  • Her base skills don't work well with the story her stats tell, but she's a great inheritance unit.
  • She's especially relevant to flier teams.


  • 45 hp, 30 atk, 25 spd, 26 def, 31 res
    • Nile's res, Gordin's atk and spd.
    • Her stats make her a slow magus killer.
    • Ultimately, just like most archers, her stats are usable, not stellar.
  • Noontime, Wings of Mercy, Bow Experience.
    • Her base kit makes her an atk support. She can easily provide a third atk after one of your wounded frontliner melee units' attacks.
    • Noontime is always useful to stay alive and provide sustain.
  • Firesweep bow+ (Weapon slot, 11 atk, prevents counterattacks involving this unit (both on attack and defense).).
    • This bow is game-changing, and cements her role as a magus killer (mages can't counterattack against this bow).
    • Unfortunately, it would work better on Niles (whose speed would allow more double attacks, which ultimately helps more than atk against most mages).
    • Combines well with Breaker skills.
    • It should bypass Vantage, but this needs testing. Update: it does.
  • The unit itself isn't particularly brilliant (although her base kit makes her useful for PvE and some situations in Arena).
  • On the other hand, that bow is game changing so there's that.


  • 45 hp, 33 atk, 30 spd, 28 def, 22 res
    • A slower Lucina. Not exactly thrilling for a red lord (Lucina works because she's fast).
    • Doesn't keep him from being useful, but he's basically average leaning on the offense rather than a specialist and that'll limit him.
  • Falchion, Draconic Aura, Atk+.
    • Straightforward kit, everything in there is useful.
  • Windsweep (B slot, Unit's follow-ups are prevented when attacking. Counterattacks from physical foe are prevented if the unit is quicker.).
    • A game changing skill. Bypasses Vantage which is helpful in offense (but it's not quite broken - in defense, it's useless and it will also slow Special charging).
    • Needs testing to see how it interacts with Breaker skills.
    • Update: it only actually prevents follow-ups from the user, not the foe. As a result it's only useful on fast units, and does not interact with Breaker skills (either you're cancelling counterattacks or you aren't cancelling anything).
  • Just like Faye, Alm brings an absolutely fantastic skill to the skills pool, but the unit itself is average.
  • The era of Vantage Hector may be coming to an end.

General comments

Lukas and Clair have great potential. Alm and Faye not so much but their skills are game-changing.

-- by takaminacchan