• New Fire Emblem Heroes Update Coming
  • Concert Hall - Select Music From All FEH Games
  • New Weekly Revival Summoning Events
  • Rokkr Sieges - New Game Mode

There's a new video out for Fire Emblem Heroes and it discusses new changes coming in a summer update!

You can check out the full FEH Channel video below:

One of the big new changes is a brand new Concert Hall where your heroes can beat the summer heat. Features of the Concert Hall include:

  • In the Concert Hall, players can enjoy some of the best songs from the FEH series
  • You can watch your heroes dance, and even coordinate some sweet moves
  • You can get more songs by exchanging R&R Affinity
  • Set the songs to play in other areas (Home Screen, Aether Raids, Aether Resort) 
  • More songs are coming in the future

There's also more features coming to Aether Raids. Players will now be able to save up to five different Aether Raid setups. These setups will include an offense map, a defense map, and a defense team. You can also copy setups to make creating new setups even easier.

You'll also be able to test your defenses as if it were the next season, assisting you in making the best choices for your various setups. It will include next seasons blessings and bonus allies to ensure you're getting accurate results. Next version will also include a boost to the maximum Hero Merit (from 5000 to 6000). 

In addition, there's going to be Weekly Revival Summoning Events which will include five star heroes who appeared during Book 1. The three focus heroes will change each week with 20 total weeks of variations on the three focus heroes. This will also buff the appearance rate of these focus heroes to 4%.

Finally, there's another new game mode coming: Rokkr Sieges. In Rokkr Sieges, your heroes get to take on fearsome new enemies in the forms of giant shadows. Select a difficulty setting and take on these terrifying new challenges.

This looks to be quite the update! Gear up heroes! And dive into our community forums to discuss theorycrafting for these new Rokkr Sieges with the link below!

Rokkr Siege Theorycrafting Gamepress Forum