Feh Manga
Chapter 53: A New Formation
Chapter 52: Enemy Nation
Chapter 51: Combat Manuals
Chapter 50: A Pleasant Name
Chapter 49: Confer Blessings
Chapter 48: Accessories
Chapter 47: VS. Sigurd
Chapter 46: Riddle
Chapter 45: Ike and Mist
Chapter 44: Oh, for the God's Sake!
Chapter 43: Stay Positive
Chapter 42: Battle In The Tempest
Chapter 41: Opinions
Chapter 40: A Quick Break
Chapter 39: A New Hero From Choose Your Legends Appears!
Chapter 38: Responsible For the Loss
Chapter 37: Warm Form
Chapter 36: The Strongest Warriors
Chapter 35: The Peace and Safety of Heroes
Chapter 34: Memo Stand
Chapter 33: A Different Approach
Chapter 32: Mischievous Copies
Chapter 31: Crossing Wires
Chapter 30: Teach Us, Ms. Anna!
Chapter 29: Support Bonding
Chapter 28: The Muscle Festival
Chapter 27: Proud of Our Retainers
Chapter 26: Taking Command
Chapter 25: Mastering Support Skills
Chapter 24: Song Selection
Chapter 23: The Armored Units' Secret
Chapter 22: Even Fully Upgraded, It's Still Only +3 Speed
Chapter 21: Summoning
Chapter 20: A Day in the Life of Heroes
Chapter 19: Wait, so Cavalry Can Move After Attacking?
Chapter 18: Not What I Had In Mind
Chapter 17: Giant FEH(?)
Chapter 16: Jealous of Half a Body
Chapter 15: Half a Body? I'm Half Convinced
Chapter 14: Mission Failure
Chapter 13: Let's Organize My Favorite Units
Chapter 12: My Goal
Chapter 11: For the First Time
Chapter 10: Skill Inheritance
Chapter 9: Unmet Condition
Chapter 8: The Safe Future That I Spoke Of
Chapter 7 : Joy and Amazing Embarrassment
Chapter 6: The Sprinting Armored Knight
Chapter 5: Feh's Design Change
Chapter 4: Xander and Veronica
Chapter 3: I'll Clear It in Fewer Turns So...
Chapter 2: Feh the Owl
Chapter 1: I Forgot Felicia Was Clumsy!

Translations: Coolmanio (Sereneforest.net)

Typesetting: Linkmstr

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