Feh Channel Update July 27th: What Happened?

Nintendo broadcasted a live video for Fire Emblem Heroes on July 27th, providing information on a ton of upcoming updates. 

Here's the breakdown: 

  • Bound Hero Battle: Etrurian General Cecilia and Delightful Noble Lilina! Starting August 7th.
    • Both heroes on the same map
    GHB Lilina and Cecilia

    GHB: Valter, Dark Moonstone! Coming Late August

    • Unique Weapon: Cursed Lance(uninheritable): Grants Attack/Speed +2 and accelerates Special charge by -1, takes 4 damage after combat

    New Tempest Trial & New Features!

    • Reunited at Last; Featuring Shadows of Valentia units
    • Featured Banner: Celica, Gray, Delthea, Sonya
    • Continuous Auto; carry over your auto-battles into new maps
    • New Team Management Interface
      • Up to 10 teams supported
    • New Easy Difficulty battles, starting at lvl 10
    • Revamped Scoring System
      • On your first two TT runs, you get triple the points
      • Bonus Allies receive +10 HP and +4 to all stats, as well as 2x XP and SP
    • Featured Rewards: Attack Ploy 1 and Clive
    Tempest Trial - Reunited At Last

    Version 1.6 Update: Starting August 8th

    • New Arena Mode: Arena Assault!
      • New team per map(like Assault Squad)
      • "Special Items" featured, take up to 3 items each run
      • No stamina or Dueling Swords required
      • New Reward: Sacred Coins, use currently unknown
    • Feature: Catalog of Heroes!
      • View battle animations, summoning sequences, and voice lines whenever you want
      • Keeps track of heroes acquired
    • Other Features coming in 1.6
      • Hero Merit increased to 3000
      • More EXP and SP in Arena
      • Training tower Changes

    New Banner: Nohrian Summer! Starts July 28th 12PM PST

    • Female Corrin: Flier Blue Mage
    • Leo: Red Infantry Mage
    • Xander: Infantry Fish(Axe)?
    • Elise: Green Infantry Mage

    Battle at the Beach Voting Gauntlet! Starting August 1st

    • Ylissean Summer vs. Nohrian Summer
    Voting Summer Gauntlet

    Six Month Anniversary Celebration! Starting August 7th

    • Log-in Bonus: get 2 Orbs a dayon the home screen. If you log in 10 times you get more orbs (20 Orbs for 10 days)
    • Aug 7 - Aug 22, and then Aug 22 - Sept 11 for a total of 40 Orbs!
    • Daily Training Tower Quests
    • Extra Sacred Seals Quests
    • Turn Limit Special Maps
    • Daily Special Maps

    Starter Support Event: Hero Fest! Starting August 10th!

    • 5 Star Heroes Focus Rate Starts at 5%
    • Log-in Bonus: Another 20 Orbs
    Starter Support Hero Fest

    Speculated Hero Fest units: Genny, Ninian, Julia, Ike

    Changes to Summoning! Starting August 7th

    • 3 star and 4 star offering rates switched!
    • 4 Stars will be 58%
    • 3 Stars will be 36%
    • Free First Summon for each banner!