Dataminers: Kaz_Kirigiri, Xanek, Naz, & CCZeroFire


This contains all assets up until > 04/25/18

Here's what the entire asset collection includes:

  • All Backgrounds (Castle Designs, Summoning Screen)
  • All Battle Backgrounds
  • All Character Art and Sprites
  • All Maps
  • All Summoning Movies + Opening Movie
  • All Music
  • All Sound Effects
  • All Menu Banners
  • All Summon Banners (Before they started being encrypted)
  • All UI/Menu buttons, etc.
  • All Voices (English and Japanese)
  • All Weapon Sprites

This collection also includes the font file used in FEH.  The sound effects and voice files are in a format called .ckb, which cannot be played by normal audio players. The collection includes a .ckb player and a .ckb to .wav converter. To use them, just unzip them, and drag the files you would like to play/convert onto the .exe.