Damage Calculation Guide

Damage Calculation Guide
Two Different Types of Damage

There are currently two types of damage in FE Heroes, Physical and Magic. Physical damage corresponds to Def and Magic Damage corresponds to Res.

Damage Formula
Psycial$$ {(Damage Stats) - (Def Stats)}$$
Magic$$ {(Damage Stats) - (Res Stats)}$$
Weapon Table
FireSword1 SpacePhysical
FireTome2 SpaceMagic
FireBeast1 SpaceMagic
LightningLance1 SpacePhysical
LightningTome2 SpaceMagic
LightningBeast1 SpaceMagic
WindAxe1 SpacePhysical
WindTomb2 SpaceMagic
WindBeast1 SpaceMagic
NoneBow2 SpacePhysical
NoneShuriken2 SpacePhysical
NoneRod2 SpaceMagic
Damage Calculation
Damage Calculation Overview

This formula will help you calculate exactly how much damage you will deal to a unit.

*Rods deal 0.5x less damage

*Special Weapons deal 1.5x additional damage

Physical Damage

$$ \small {(Unit Atk * Weapon Triangle * Weapon Skill) - (Enemy Def)}$$

Magic Damage

$$ \small {(Unit Atk * Weapon Triangle * Weapon Skill) - (Enemy Res)}$$

Weapon Triangle

  • +20% (Advantage)
  • -20% (Disadvantage)
Damage Calculation Examples
Damage Calculation with Weapon Advantage
Example 1: Damage Calculation with Weapon Advantage

1. 20% of unit's Atk from weapon advantage.

2. Add result from step 1 to unit's Atk.

3. Subtract enemy Def from result of step 2.

$${(36 * 0.2 + 36) - 17 = 26}$$

For weapon disadvantages, subtract 20% of the Unit Atk instead.

Damage Calculation with Weapon Advantage + Weapon Skill
Damage Calculation with Weapon Advantage + Weapon Skill

1. 50% additional damage from Weapon Skill

2. Add result from Step 1 to unit's Atk.

3. Calculate 20% of result from Step 2 (Weapon Advantage).

4. Add result from Step 3 to the result from Step 2.

5. Subtract enemy Def from the result of Step 4.

$${(37 * 0.5 + 37) * 0.2 + (37 * 0.5 + 37) - 18 = 49 }$$
*Round to the nearest 10th at the end

When calculating both Weapon Advantage and Weapon Skill, the order of calculation is important. Always calculate Weapon Skill and then Weapon Advantage.