FEH Content Update: 09/28/17 - Performing Arts

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Content Update Summary

  • Performing Arts Heroes are in.
  • Paralogue 12
  • 3 Heroes Quests
  • Arena Assault Chain Wins
  • October Quests

Content Update Text

Paralogue 12

MID_CHAPTER_TITLE_CX011: Paralogue 12
MID_CHAPTER_CX011: Performing Arts
MID_STAGE_TITLE_X0111: Paralogue 12-1
MID_STAGE_TITLE_X0112: Paralogue 12-2
MID_STAGE_TITLE_X0113: Paralogue 12-3
MID_STAGE_X0111: A Heartfelt Dance
MID_STAGE_X0112: A Bittersweet Melody
MID_STAGE_X0113: The Finale
MID_STAGE_TITLE_ST_X0010: Paralogue 11
MID_STAGE_TITLE_ST_X0011: Paralogue 12
MID_STAGE_TITLE_ST_X1011: P. 11 & 12
MID_CHAPTER_ST_CX006: P. 11 & 12

October Quests (1)

MID_MISSION_M201710A_TITLE: Oct Quests (1)
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A1: KO Foes w/Green
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A1: Use green-type allies to defeat enemies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A2: KO Foes w/Cavalry
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A2: Use cavalry allies to defeat enemies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A3: KO Red Foes
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A3: Defeat red-type enemies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A4: KO Infantry Foes
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A4: Defeat infantry enemies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A5: Win Arena Duels
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A5: Win Arena Duels at any difficulty.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A6: KO Lvl. 20+ Foes w/Blue
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A6: Defeat enemies that are level 20\nor higher with blue-type allies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A7: KO Lvl. 20+ Foes w/Inf.
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A7: Defeat enemies that are level 20\nor higher with infantry allies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A8: KO Lvl. 20+ Green Foes
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A8: Defeat green-type enemies that\nare level 20 or higher.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A9: KO Lvl. 20+ Cavalry Foes
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A9: Defeat cavalry enemies that\nare level 20 or higher.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A10: Win Int.+ Arena Duels
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A10: Win Arena Duels on Intermediate\nor higher difficulty.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A11: KO Lvl. 35+ Foes w/Red
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A11: Defeat enemies that are level 35\nor higher with red-type allies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A12: KO Lvl. 35+ Foes w/Fliers
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A12: Defeat enemies that are level 35\nor higher with flier allies.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A13: KO Lvl. 35+ Blue Foes
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A13: Defeat blue-type enemies that\nare level 35 or higher.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A14: KO Lvl. 35+ Flier Foes
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A14: Defeat flier enemies\nthat are level 35 or higher.
MID_MISSION_M201710A_A15: Win Adv. Arena Duels
MID_MISSION_H_M201710A_A15: Win Arena Duels on Advanced difficulty.

October Quests (2)

MID_MISSION_M201710B_TITLE: Oct Quests (2)
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A1: Tower: 1st Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A1: Clear First Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A2: Tower: 2nd Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A2: Clear Second Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A3: Tower: 3rd Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A3: Clear Third Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A4: Tower: 4th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A4: Clear Fourth Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A5: Tower: 5th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A5: Clear Fifth Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A6: Tower: 6th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A6: Clear Sixth Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A7: Tower: 7th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A7: Clear Seventh Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A8: Tower: 8th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A8: Clear Eighth Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A9: Tower: 9th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A9: Clear Ninth Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A10: Tower: 10th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A10: Clear Tenth Stratum of the Training\nTower. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A11: Tower: 10th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A11: Clear Tenth Stratum of the Training\nTower using only infantry allies.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A12: Tower: 10th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A12: Clear Tenth Stratum of the Training\nTower using only armored allies.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A13: Tower: 10th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A13: Clear Tenth Stratum of the Training\nTower using only cavalry allies.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710B_A14: Tower: 10th Stratum
MID_MISSION_H_M201710B_A14: Clear Tenth Stratum of the Training\nTower using only flying allies.\nAll four allies must survive.

October Quests (3)

MID_MISSION_M201710C_TITLE: Oct Quests (3)
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A1: Clear 2-1
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A1: Clear Chapter 2: Part 1. All\nfour allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A2: Clear 2-2
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A2: Clear Chapter 2: Part 2 with a\nred-type ally on your team.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A3: Clear 2-3
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A3: Clear Chapter 2: Part 3 with a\nblue-type ally on your team.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A4: Clear 2-4
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A4: Clear Chapter 2: Part 4 with a\ngreen-type ally on your team.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A5: Clear 2-5
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A5: Clear Chapter 2: Part 5 with a\ncolorless-type ally on your team.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A6: Clear 5-1 on Hard+
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A6: Clear Chapter 5: Part 1 on Hard\nor higher difficulty. All four\nallies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A7: Clear 5-2 on Hard+
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A7: Clear Chapter 5: Part 2 on Hard or higher\ndifficulty with a red-type ally on your team.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A8: Clear 5-3 on Hard+
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A8: Clear Chapter 5: Part 3 on Hard or higher\ndifficulty with a blue-type ally on your team.\nAll four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A9: Clear 5-4 on Hard+
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A9: Clear Chapter 5: Part 4 on Hard or higher\ndifficulty with a green-type ally on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A10: Clear 5-5 on Hard+
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A10: Clear Chapter 5: Part 5 on Hard or higher\ndifficulty with a colorless-type ally on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A11: Clear 8-1 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A11: Clear Chapter 8: Part 1 on Lunatic\ndifficulty. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A12: Clear 8-2 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A12: Clear Chapter 8: Part 2 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with a red-type ally on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A13: Clear 8-3 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A13: Clear Chapter 8: Part 3 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with a blue-type ally on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A14: Clear 8-4 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A14: Clear Chapter 8: Part 4 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with a green-type ally on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_M201710C_A15: Clear 8-5 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_M201710C_A15: Clear Chapter 8: Part 5 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with a colorless-type ally on\nyour team. All four allies must survive.

Performing Arts

MID_MISSION_S201709STORY02_TITLE: Performing Arts
MID_MISSION_S201709STORY02_A1: Clear P12-1 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_S201709STORY02_A1: Clear Paralogue 12: Part 1 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with a lance user on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_S201709STORY02_A2: Clear P12-2 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_S201709STORY02_A2: Clear Paralogue 12: Part 2 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with an axe user on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.
MID_MISSION_S201709STORY02_A3: Clear P12-3 on Lunatic
MID_MISSION_H_S201709STORY02_A3: Clear Paralogue 12: Part 3 on Lunatic\ndifficulty with a sword user on your\nteam. All four allies must survive.

AA Chain Wins

MID_MISSION_S201710CHAIN01_A1: Arena Assault: 2 in a Row
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHAIN01_A1: Win two consecutive battles in Arena\nAssault.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHAIN01_A2: Arena Assault: 4 in a Row
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHAIN01_A2: Win four consecutive battles in Arena\nAssault.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHAIN01_A3: Arena Assault: 6 in a Row
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHAIN01_A3: Win six consecutive battles in Arena\nAssault.

Three Heroes

MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_TITLE: Three Heroes
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_A1: Defeat an enemy.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_A2: KO with Fir
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_A2: Use Fir to defeat an enemy.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_A3: KO with Sully
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_A3: Use Sully to defeat an enemy.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_B1: KO Level 20+ Foe
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_B1: Defeat an enemy that is level 20\nor higher with Fir.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_B2: KO Level 20+ Foe
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_B2: Defeat an enemy that is level 20\nor higher with Sully.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_B3: KO Level 20+ Foe
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_B3: Defeat an enemy that is level 20 or\nhigher with Frederick: Polite Knight.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_C1: KO Level 35+ Foe
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_C1: Defeat an enemy that is level 35\nor higher with Fir.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_C2: KO Level 35+ Foe
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_C2: Defeat an enemy that is level 35\nor higher with Sully.
MID_MISSION_S201710CHARA01_C3: KO Level 35+ Foe
MID_MISSION_H_S201710CHARA01_C3: Defeat an enemy that is level 35 or\nhigher with Frederick: Polite Knight.

Character, Weapon, Skill Descriptions

MPID_舞踏祭オリヴィエ: Olivia
MPID_舞踏祭アズール: Inigo
MPID_舞踏祭黒アクア: Azura
MPID_舞踏祭シグレ: Shigure
MPID_HONOR_舞踏祭オリヴィエ: Festival Dancer
MPID_HONOR_舞踏祭アズール: Indigo Dancer
MPID_HONOR_舞踏祭黒アクア: Lady of Ballads
MPID_HONOR_舞踏祭シグレ: Dark Sky Singer
MPID_H_舞踏祭オリヴィエ: A dancer who brings a smile to people's faces.\nShe had appeared at a performing arts festival\nin Ylisse. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.
MPID_H_舞踏祭アズール: A descendant of the dancer Olivia. He carries\non his departed mother's dancing and her\npower. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.
MPID_H_舞踏祭黒アクア: A mysterious songstress who appeared at the\ntheater in Cyrkensia. Has overwhelming singing\nabilities. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.
MPID_H_舞踏祭シグレ: A descendant of the songstress Azura. Sings\nin Cyrkensia while hiding his identity.\nAppears in Fire Emblem Fates.
MPID_VOICE_舞踏祭オリヴィエ: Karen Strassman
MPID_VOICE_舞踏祭アズール: Mick Wingert
MPID_VOICE_舞踏祭黒アクア: Rena Strober
MPID_VOICE_舞踏祭シグレ: Matt Mercer
MPID_ILLUST_舞踏祭オリヴィエ: Chiko (チーコ)
MPID_ILLUST_舞踏祭アズール: Suekane Kumiko (スエカネクミコ)
MPID_ILLUST_舞踏祭黒アクア: kaya8
MPID_ILLUST_舞踏祭シグレ: Yura (由良)
MSID_ウルズ: Urðr
MSID_扇子: Dancer's Fan
MSID_扇子+: Dancer's Fan+
MSID_楽譜: Dancer's Score
MSID_楽譜+: Dancer's Score+
MSID_舞踏の輪: Dancer's Ring
MSID_舞踏の輪+: Dancer's Ring+
MSID_業火の舞い1: Blaze Dance 1
MSID_業火の舞い2: Blaze Dance 2
MSID_業火の舞い3: Blaze Dance 3
MSID_疾風の舞い1: Gale Dance 1
MSID_疾風の舞い2: Gale Dance 2
MSID_疾風の舞い3: Gale Dance 3
MSID_静水の舞い1: Torrent Dance 1
MSID_大地静水の舞い1: Geyser Dance 1
MSID_大地静水の舞い2: Geyser Dance 2
MSID_魔防の大紋章1: Drive Res 1
MSID_魔防の大紋章2: Drive Res 2
MSID_青魔の技量1: B Tome Valor 1
MSID_青魔の技量2: B Tome Valor 2
MSID_青魔の技量3: B Tome Valor 3
MSID_H_ウルズ: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3.
MSID_H_扇子: If unit initiates attack, adjacent allies recover 7 HP\nafter combat. Also, enemy suffers Def/Res-5 after\ncombat until the end of foe's next action.
MSID_H_扇子+: If unit initiates attack, adjacent allies recover 7 HP\nafter combat. Also, enemy suffers Def/Res-7 after\ncombat until the end of foe's next action.
MSID_H_楽譜: If unit initiates attack, adjacent\nallies recover 7 HP after combat.
MSID_H_楽譜+: If unit initiates attack, adjacent\nallies recover 7 HP after combat.
MSID_H_舞踏の輪: If unit initiates attack, adjacent\nallies recover 7 HP after combat.
MSID_H_舞踏の輪+: If unit initiates attack, adjacent\nallies recover 7 HP after combat.
MSID_H_業火の舞い1: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Atk+2.
MSID_H_業火の舞い2: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Atk+3.
MSID_H_業火の舞い3: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Atk+4.
MSID_H_疾風の舞い1: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Spd+2.
MSID_H_疾風の舞い2: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Spd+3.
MSID_H_疾風の舞い3: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Spd+4.
MSID_H_静水の舞い1: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Res+3.
MSID_H_大地静水の舞い1: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Def/Res+3.
MSID_H_大地静水の舞い2: If Sing or Dance is used, target\nalso granted Def/Res+4.
MSID_H_魔防の大紋章1: Grants allies within 2 spaces\nRes+2 during combat.
MSID_H_魔防の大紋章2: Grants allies within 2 spaces\nRes+3 during combat.
MSID_H_青魔の技量1: If unit survives and uses a blue tome,\nunit gets 1.5x SP. (If similar skill effects also\nused, only highest multiplier applied.)
MSID_H_青魔の技量2: If unit survives, all blue tome users on\nteam get 1.5x SP. (If similar skill effects\nalso used, only highest multiplier applied.)
MSID_H_青魔の技量3: If unit survives, all blue tome users on\nteam get 2x SP. (If similar skill effects\nalso used, only highest multiplier applied.)

Azura's Dialogue:

MID_AQUA_DANCE_HOME1: Life is so much easier when I wear a\nveil. No one can tell who I am... So no\none pries into my affairs.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_HOME2: The shows in Cyrkensia are grand.\nAristocrats—even royalty—come from\nall over just to see them...$k$pI've even heard tales of a songstress\nwho became a queen. Once the king\nsaw her sing, it was love at first sight.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_HOME3: Do you have trouble sleeping?\nEveryone in the Order of Heroes\nworks so hard...$k$pIf you want to hear a lullaby, don't\nhesitate to call on me.\n
MID_AQUA_DANCE_HOME4: Princess Sharena asked me to teach\nher how to sing. Why don't you join\nus? You might learn a little something.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_HOME5: I have an idea for a new song. I think\nit would be lovely to sing about this\nworld after I return to my own.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_FRIEND: I bring greetings from\n$Nf. $k$pIs there a reason you're looking at me\nso intently?
MID_AQUA_DANCE_LEVEL1: If I'm meeting your expectations,\nthen I'm happy.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_LEVEL2: I'm pleased that my skills are\ndeveloping.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_LEVEL3: What a shame.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_SKILL: You've decided to entrust me with\nthis power? Thank you.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_JOIN: I'm a songstress from another world...\nWho I am doesn't matter. Just know\nthat I'll fulfill my role.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_STRONGEST: While I was performing, I heard your\nvoice, clear and strong. It said that I\nwas needed.$k$pMy first thought was that I must go.\nI didn't understand what a summoner\nwas, then. But now, I'm happy to help.$k$pEven so, I cannot stay here very long.\nI'm on a journey into the darkness...\nand my true allies are waiting for me.$k$pThe path before me is dim. I don't\nknow whether I'll make it to the end...\nIf a cruel fate awaits me...$k$pIf I disappear... Call to me. Your voice\ncan give me form. I believe this, and I\nbelieve in you.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE04: I was careless...
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE05: My heart is singing!
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE06: Time for a requiem!
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE07: Let's strike up a tune!
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE08: It's curtains for you!
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE09: It's over...
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE11: Glad to sing for you.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE12: Please stay safe.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE13: I'm afraid that I must wear this to keep my identity in the shadows.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE14: I wonder if anyone in the Order of Heroes loves to sing too?
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE15: Just before I arrived here, I was part of a show in a place known as Cyrkensia.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE16: What a gift, coming here. The Heroes of so many worlds are able to share their songs with me.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE17: The power of song conveys honesty so purely. I hope you feel the truth of how I feel about you.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE20: Let us sing.
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE21: I'll try to save this world with my song.

Shigure's Dialogue:

MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_HOME1: I once thought this outfit too somber,\nbut I've come to think it suits me. I\ncan show a different side of myself...
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_HOME2: On stage, I cover my face with a veil.\nMy mother was a songstress with no\nequal, you see...$k$pI don't want that to color people's\nopinions of me.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_HOME3: There's always a price to be paid for\npower. You can summon Heroes, but\nat what cost to yourself?$k$pI hope I don't have to worry about you.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_HOME4: Come, let's go for a walk together. It's\ntoo bad my pegasus isn't here... We\ncould have strolled the skies.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_HOME5: Ah, it's you. I was just practicing my\nsinging. I wonder how far my voice\ncould reach...
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_FRIEND: You are the ocean's gray waves...\nAh, you've caught me in a song. I've\nsimply come to say hello...
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_LEVEL1: Wonderful. I can only grow by\nexperiencing many things.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_LEVEL2: I have a little catch in my throat...
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_LEVEL3: I am sorry. My feelings are muted\njust now. Ah, well.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_SKILL: I'm glad. This can only mean that\nyou have high expectations of me.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_JOIN: I'm Shigure. My songs hold\nmysterious power. Would you like me\nto sing one for you?\n
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_STRONGEST: You've come to hear me sing some\nmore? I like that you come alone. It\nhelps me concentrate.$k$pI prefer singing for just one person. I\nknow that you must be wondering why\nI performed at that festival, then...$k$pI'm searching for someone—my\nmother. She went missing after the\nwar ended.$k$pYou see, I thought that maybe, just\nmaybe...if I sang there, and if I used\nthe power I have...$k$pThen maybe I'd see her in the\naudience. That's why I was there. I\nsound like a fool, don't I?$k$pI may not have found my mother, but\nI did find you. You need me, so I'll\nsing for you while I can.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE05: My heart is singing...
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE06: Time for a requiem.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE07: The end of melody...
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE11: Glad to sing for you.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE12: Don't exhaust yourself.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE13: My mother's singing brimmed with power. I thought that my singing...had no such effect.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE14: I love festivals. But less so, crowds.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE15: Please, there's no need to worry yourself over me.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE16: I'd like to sing my heart out somewhere. In some ruins, perhaps.
MID_SHIGURE_DANCE_VOICE17: I don't like singing for an audience. Unless, of course, that audience is you. You are often in my thoughts.

Olivia's Dialogue:

MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_HOME1: Dancing for the Order of Heroes is a\nlot of fun. And all my experiences\nhere will help me grow as a dancer.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_HOME2: I once ran into an old friend during a\nperforming arts festival in Ylisse. I had\nso much fun dancing with everyone!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_HOME3: I really appreciate how you watch\nover us all. If you ever need me to lift\nyour spirits, I'll dance for you, anytime.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_HOME4: Do you know how to dance? I'd love\nto learn some of this world's dances.\nI never forget choreography.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_HOME5: Whew! I'm all done with maintenance\non my dancing costumes and fans.$k$pThey're an important part of the\nperformance—they make everything\nmore enjoyable to watch.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_FRIEND: Well, hello there! I bring greetings for\n$Nu!$k$pWould you like to see a dance, too?\nI'd love to show you one!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_LEVEL1: Dancing is quite a workout!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_LEVEL2: I need to get in shape by the next\nfestival!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_LEVEL3: Oh, no! I guess it's practice,\npractice, practice for me...\n
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_SKILL: Thank you! I should be able to\ndance with strength now.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_JOIN: Hi there... I'm Olivia. I was performing\nmy dance at an arts festival. Where\nam I now?
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_STRONGEST: 5...6...7...8... Oh, hi there! Are you\ncurious to learn more about this\ndance? That's great!$k$pI'm thinking about performing this at\nthe next festival.$k$pWhen people watch dances from\nacross the worlds... You should see\nthe way their faces light up.$k$pI'm working out how to include some\nAskran flourishes. No, I misspoke...\nI'm basing my choreography on you.$k$pI always keep an eye on you—and\nhow you move.$k$pWhen you summon, during battle...\nAnd in particular, how you look at all\nof us Heroes. Your kindness shines.$k$pYou see, when I return home someday...\nI want everyone to really see\nwhat a wonderful person you are.$k$pThank you for that smile. It...means\na lot to me. You'll always have a place\nin my heart.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE05: Care to dance?
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE06: Let the music move you!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE09: What a stumble...
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE11: Always do my best!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE13: Before coming here, I was at a festival for singing and dancing.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE14: I'm often tripped up by my shyness. But when I'm dancing, it's like I'm another person!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE15: This isn't my usual outfit. It's... Well, I'm just not sure what to think of it!
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE16: Now, a twirl. And then, a step forward. You've got it, Olivia. You've got it.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE17: You know what gives me the confidence to stay in fine form? Well, the truth's you.
MID_OLIVIE_DANCE_VOICE20: Time to shine!

Inigio's Dialogue:

MID_AZUR_DANCE_HOME1: My, what a variety of Heroes! I never\nexpected to clap eyes on so many\nrealmsworth of adorable creatures...
MID_AZUR_DANCE_HOME2: I'm told some don't appreciate male\ndancers, but I do my best to support\neveryone all the same.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_HOME3: I lost my mother, and sometimes, I\nwonder if she'd smile if she saw me\nas I am now, carrying on her legacy.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_HOME4: At the performing arts festival, my\nfriends put on plays, they sang, they\ndanced...$k$pWhy don't we do something like that\nhere? A wonderful idea, wouldn't you\nsay?
MID_AZUR_DANCE_HOME5: When I'm dancing is the only time I\ndon't need to remind myself to smile.\nIt just happens naturally.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_FRIEND: I've moseyed over here to bring you\n$Nf's best.$k$pMy outfit? It's for dancing, of course!\nIsn't it something?\n
MID_AZUR_DANCE_LEVEL1: I've danced so much for you... I\nhave that to thank for this.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_LEVEL2: My dream came true—I'm a\ndancer. Now the real work starts!
MID_AZUR_DANCE_LEVEL3: How embarrassing! And it means\nmore practice, too...
MID_AZUR_DANCE_SKILL: With this power, I'll dance even\nmore beautifully. Just watch me!
MID_AZUR_DANCE_JOIN: I am Inigo. I've long dreamed of being\na dancer, and I'll dance my heart out\non this stage you've provided me.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_STRONGEST: I have to thank you for calling me to\nthis world and letting me dance for\nso many Heroes.$k$pI've been to a lot of places, seen a lot\nof things, and met a lot of people...\nMany of them are dear to me now.$k$pBut none of them—not a single one—\nwas able to see me as I am now.\nNobody saw my dream made real.$k$pBut now, thanks to you, my dream IS\nreal. Nothing could make me happier.$k$pIt's not so easy to say this, and maybe\nit's not easy to hear it, either... Your\nsupport means a lot. I'm in your debt.$k$pI hope to stay by your side for a long\ntime to come. I want to help you reach\nyour dream. I want to see you smile.$k$pNow, and heart brims\nwith affection for you.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE05: This'll make you smile!
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE06: One more dance? Sure.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE07: Watch these moves!
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE08: Grand finale!
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE11: Dazzling, yes?
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE12: A dance, just for you!
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE13: Does this outfit suit me? I had it made for the festival.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE14: Are you trying to catch me rehearsing my steps? I...I need to practice alone.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE15: Think this outfit will make the ladies swoon? Ha! I'd stake my life on it.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE16: With this sort of presence, I'll be sure to put a smile on each and every face.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE17: I'll show you, and only you, a special dance of mine. I put a lot of sweat and tears into this one. I hope you like it.\n\n
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE19: Let's dance.
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE20: Time for tea?
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE21: Someone call for a dancer to cheer the mood? I guess I'll do!

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