Swap places with an adjacent ally.



Swap is a mobility assist skill, only one of two capable of moving both the user and target of the skill. Its uses are limited, but powerful. Swap effectively gives an ally a potential extra space of movement. It’s most common use is defensively: An ally who is in danger can be swapped out by the user of the skill, putting themselves in harm’s way. In this way, it’s similar to Pivot, but does not require an empty space in front of the target for the skill to activate.


Swap is best used by units with high defense, to take the place of weaker units on the frontline. As a space isn’t required in front of the target (unlike Pivot) this skill benefits offensive units who attack from melee range. Brave Weapon and Blow Skill users are excellent examples of units who benefit from receiving a Swap. They can launch their attack, and avoid taking damage the following round. Good users of Swap are those who can easily handle being attacked. Units with skills like Vantage and Quick Riposte can take advantage of Swap. The extra movement space is well appreciated by armoured units.


The main disadvantage of Swap is that is places an ally into danger. However, if used by the right unit, this can be one of its best traits. Swap is poor against defending from ranged damage as the target is only moved a single space away from their original location, still able to be attacked by an enemy ranged unit.

Units with Skill
Units with Command Skill Class Move
Stahl Stahl
Subaki Subaki
Arthur Arthur
Spring Xander Spring Xander
Gray Gray
Seth Seth
Learnable at 3 Stars
Units with Skill:
Arthur Arthur
Stahl Stahl
Subaki Subaki
Learnable at 5 Stars
Units with Skill:
Spring Xander Spring Xander
Gray Gray

Skillsets that use skill
Vallite Noble (Tanky Debuffer)
Nocturnal Patience (Owl Tome)
RRAWRR! RRAWRR! (Generalist Bait)
Deadly bait (Defensive Blade Tome)
Pillar of Darkness (Owl Tome)
The Male Pegasus Knight (Tank)
Fresh Fast Food Near You (Budget anti sword build)
Long Live Sheena (Fury + Renewal)
Was Your Shield on Sale? (Armor Team)
Pierce and Expose (Offensive Drag Back)
Alm's got nothing on me! (Triangle Adept)
Never count Tobin out! (Killing QR)
Goddess Picking Favourites (Owl)
Legolas Reborn (Brave Bow + Death Blow)
Loyal Frankenstein (Enemy Phase)
Halloween Hero (Defensive Generalist)