Restores HP = 50% of Atk +10. (Minimum of 15 HP.)

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Restricted to units that use a Staff.

Skillsets that use skill

ゴゴゴゴ (Offensive Utility)

You are insufficiently festive! (Offensive Support)

Scattered Cherry Blossoms (Offensive Support)

Petals on the Water (Full Support)

Fiery Festivities (Offensive Support)

Gift of Good Health (Full Support)

Mother of the Dark (Offensive Utility)

Mother of the Light (Full Support)

Witch’s WAHnd (Offensive Support)

Yied Traveler (Offensive Support)

Baldr's Grace (Full Support)

A Sister’s Admiration (Offensive Support)

Victorian Nuke (Offensive/Utility)

Velded to the ground (Full Support)

Hel Bringer (Offensive/Utility)

Harbinger of Ragnarök (Offensive/Utility)

Thïcc Thökk (Full Support)

Sacaen Healer (Dual Duty Healer / Chip Damage)

Shining Time (Offensive Support)

Jealous Streak (Offensive Support)

Troubadour (Full Support)

Raymond's Confidant (Offensive Utility)

The Frail and Sickly Monk (Enemy Phase Tank)

Dazzling Princess (Team Crippler)

Offensive-leaning Healer

Dazzling Pain+
Alternate: Wrathful Pain+
A Attack +3
Alternate: Atk/Spd Bond 3
Alternate: Physic+
B Wrathful Staff 3
Alternate: Dazzling Staff 3
Alternate: Miracle
C Savage Blow 3
SP1215SSavage Blow 3

Supportive-leaning Healer

Prepare to Be Dazzled! (Offensive Support)

Superlative Style (Full Support)

Not Delicate (Team Crippler)

Just like Minerva! (Offensive Healer)

No Protesting! (Team Support)

The Drill That Will Pierce the Heavens (Offensive Support)

Precious Cinnamon Roll (Full Support)

Offensive Healer

Dazzling Pain+ A Close Def 3
Alternate: Fortress Def 3
Alternate: Rehabilitate
B Guard 3
Alternate: Live to Serve 3
Alternate: Miracle
C Savage Blow 3
Alternate: Threaten Atk 3
SP1485SSavage Blow 3