Beginners Guide: How to Reroll, Unique Character Stats, and Hero Battles

Beginners Guide
Step 1: Reroll
1. Acquiring the Heroes you want
  • Rerolling is defined by continuously restarting a new account till you are able to attain desirable unit(s) within a single account.
    • This is the only time you can continuously pull units until you get what you are looking and without spending any money.
  • You only have to finish the first 3 missions after the tutorial to get enough orbs for a multi-summon.
    • You need a total of 20 for a cost effective multi-summon:
      • 15 for the tutorial
      • 2 for the log in bonus
      • 3 from first 3 missions.
  • Avoid linking you Nintendo account until you have found an account you wish to keep.
  • If you get the error message just spam retry, don't go to the title screen, it will restart progress.
  • Unfortunately there is no way to get around the 300MB download as of now for unrooted devices.

Tips (those with rooted phones):

  • Open File explorer
  • Find "com.nintendo.zaba" and open
  • Find the "shared_prefs" folder
  • Delete the "deviceAccount.xml"

Now you can start over without downloading any game data again.

▲Every Character can reach max rank.
2. Every Hero can rank up to 5 stars (Max Rarity)

Regardless of the hero's starting rarity, they can all reach 5 Star rarity with enough leveling up and sufficient promotion materials.  So if you attain the right unit but with a lower rarity, all hope is not lost.  Each unit's stats may vary from one to the other.  They will have completely neutral stats (no bonus or penalty) or they will have a bonus on one stat and a penalty in the other.  So it may be a good idea to know whether you wish for your desired unit to have a specific bonus/penalty or not.  For reference, the bonus-penalty for units have several names: the unit's IVs, the unit's nature, the unit's boon and bane, etc.

3. Reroll Criteria

Proceed through the game quickly

Progression through the game will reward you with more orbs which will allow you to pull more units.  So attaining a good unit in your first 20 orbs can go a long way to speeding up the "rerolling" process.

Pick your favorite character

Different characters are featured at different times.  They are featured on the "banners" that you can view at the Summon page.  If you have a specific favorite character from a different title, you can increase your odds of pulling them if they have a current banner that feature them.

Step 2: The Battle System
Step 2: The Battle System
Element is Important!

Like other Fire Emblem games, units have different Element (Weapon) types and each one has their favorable and unfavorable match-ups. Favorable match-ups deal 20% more damage and take a reduced 20% damage.


Applies to enemies that you fight

Obviously this also applies to enemies that you fight in-game. If your opponent has Heroes with better element match-ups, you will have a tough time winning. Therefore, it is good to have a diverse team.

Effective Damage
▲Don't stack characters with the same element, even if they are strong.
Effective Damage

Flying units are weak against Bows

Units on Pegasus's are considered "Flying Units" and are weak against Bows.  Flying Units are capable of moving longer distances, therefore new player tend to over extend with them. If you are new to the game, keep this in mind.

Skills can deal effective damage

Certain units can deal effective damage based on their skill set. For example, "Wyrmsbane" can deal Effective Damage against units on Dragons or units that can transform into Dragons.

Danger Areas
▲Tiki is a character who turns into a Dragon, keep her away from Wyrmsbane.
Danger Areas

At the start of every turn, be aware of the "Danger Area" as it indicates whether or not you can be attacked. If your units are not ready for battle, keep them outside of this zone to avoid any enemy attack. 

Danger Areas
Step 3: Level up your Heroes!
Step 3: Level up your Heroes!
1. There are 2 ways to raise Hero level

Level up through Battling (Most Basic)

The most basic way to increase your units level is through battling. When you battle an enemy unit, you will receive EXP. If you want to efficiently level up a certain character and gain more EXP, make sure that the unit gets the last hit on the opposing enemy unit.

Level up with crystals

You can also level up your units outside of battles with Crystals.

2. Castle

This will require Orbs, but once you purchase the Castle, it will permanently increase EXP that you acquire. The Castle can grant you up to +100% (2x) more EXP, so if you want to grind faster it is a highly recommended upgrade.

3. Acquire Skills with Skill Points (SP)

Different system than EXP or Hero Level

Each Hero can learn their own Skills. You acquire SP by defeating an enemy and leveling up a unit.  Try to spend your SP efficiently since it takes a while to obtain.

3. Acquire Skills with Skill Points (SP)
Step 4: Ranking Up and Limit Break
Step 4: Ranking Up and Limit Break
1. Increase Hero Rarity by Ranking Up

Once your Unit reaches level 20, you can "Rank Up" by 1, which enables you to raise your unit's stats even higher and learn stronger skills.

2. Limit Break Stats with Duplicate Heroes

If you get multiples of the same Hero, you can use them to Limit Break the Hero's stats, enabling you to raise your Hero's stats above it's cap and gain SP.  There are still lots of unknown things about limit break that needs to be researched.

Step 5: Acquire Heroes from Hero Battles!
Step 5: Acquire Heroes from Hero Battles!
Acquire Hero's for free

Hero Battles will enable you to acquire a variety of Heroes by winning battles! The event will switch almost daily and you will be presented with the opportunity to get different Heroes.

Special Event

Other than Hero Battles, there are also Special Events. They are similar in terms of gameplay, however, there are some significant differences such as different levels of difficulty.  Like Hero Battles, if you beat them, they will join your team!

Step 6: Get Rewards from Arena (PvP)!
Step 6: Get Rewards from Arena (PvP)!
Test your strength in Arena!

Get rewards from Arena

There are two rankings for Defending and Attacking, the higher your rank, the more rewards you get.

Season and Bonus Units

There will be bonus units that change every season. Create your team comp based on the different meta games!

Step 7: Unique Stats and Growth Rate
Step 7: Unique Stats and Growth Rate
1. Heroes have unique individual stats

Stats differences

Heroes have unique stats. For example, you could have two Marths, one with higher damage and lower defense or vice versa.


If you want the best unit, you may need to grind for it.

2. Growth Rate

Units have certain stats that are weighed higher than others. For example, Oboro's defense stat increases more, while Lilina's power stat increases more.