Another Wave of Fire Emblem Heroes Summer Swimsuit Characters Arrive Today

  • Summer Wolt, Summer Lyn, Summer Ursula, and Summer Lilina are available now 
  • Summer Fiora will be available as a Tempest Trials reward

On July 9, 2019, a second wave of Fire Emblem Heroes characters were added to the roster. 

  • Summer Ursula, a cavalry dagger
    • Scallop Blade+, Rally Atk/Spd+, Def/Res Ruse, Even Res Wave
  • Summer Lilina, a cavalry red dagger
    • Broadleaf Fan+, Rally Up Res+, Atk/Res Solo, Sabotage Def, Atk Opening
  • Summer Wolt, a cavalry green archer
    • Big-Catch Bow+, Draw Back, Brazen Atk/Spd 4, Chill Spd
  • Summer Lyn, a blue archer flier
    • Deep-Blue Bow, Reposition, Sturdy Impact, Atk/Spd Link, Distant Guard

Summer Fiora, a flying sword unit, will also be arriving in a coming Tempest Trials. She has a Petal Parasol+, Swap, Spd/Res Link, and Atk Smoke.

You can check out their stats and analyses on their GamePress pages below.