When they announced The Legendary Banner on Feh Channel one thing I questioned was: Is it going to be one Massive Banner or two shorter banners?
The reason I thought this is because it would…

Asked by AbsolSlash
20 minutes 46 seconds ago

so as we all know, Staff unit's passive skills are all locked behind a 5* ranking.

When it was announced that we would be getting Stave+ and support+ upgrades, it kind of opened up more of…

54 minutes 7 seconds ago

My luck strikes Again...

Well sorry taco meat we had a good run old friend.

Asked by Skalvalki
58 minutes 14 seconds ago

I'm ready, please have vantage and qr!

Asked by Drizzy
2 hours ago


Asked by Nogitsune
3 hours 7 minutes ago

I want to see what everyone can come up in terms of weapons, so let your creativity flow. Balance is recommended but not required.

12 MT
Range: 3
Exclusive to…

Asked by Ringabel
3 hours 16 minutes ago

I asked this before, but I never got a clear or majority answer to it. I have a total of four H!Sakura but all of their IVs are off-putting. Which one should I keep? (Note: I have Distant Defense…

3 hours 20 minutes ago

This isnt as much a quesyion as its something i wanted to share.
Its a project i have been working on ever since the start of the game, back in february.
It took 9 months, a huge ton…

Asked by Rhin
3 hours 26 minutes ago

On my f2p account I invested orbs into the brave banner and was rewarded with a Lucina pull pretty early on. Randomly did a summon on my main account and got her again. However both have the exact…

Asked by acovarru91
3 hours ago

Just as the title says! I'm curious; design a boss character (whether from the main series or someone you think up) who could be a really fun as a boss in Tempest Trials or some other mode. Got a…

Asked by SSKablooie
3 hours ago

Out of the two cherches I have, I have one being +SPD -Def 3* and a +res -hp 4*. I'm planning on using her as a brash-desp destroyer so although I would like +atk the gotcha system won't give me…

Asked by Meltedbean
3 hours 50 minutes ago

Finally was able to pull a Halloween Jakob, alas, he his IV's leave much to be desired. +Spd/-Def...
While I'm excited about him, and it's not the WORST IV's... I'm still debating on whether…

Asked by RoseRaynier
3 hours 59 minutes ago

Counter Selena Miku:
Infinite Selena Miku:

Asked by Lu Bu
4 hours 8 minutes ago

So I plan to make a steady breath + qr + aether set with a distant defense 3 seal but I can't decide which dragon to use. Fae has huge res and can counter Reinhardt, but Nowi has huge def and can…

Asked by Revel
5 hours 12 minutes ago

Does anyone have an idea for a Joshua build? Something cheap if possible please. I also don’t want to lose his defense because almost nobody on my team can beat Hector and make it out mostly…

5 hours 39 minutes ago

I have all the fodder needed to make this and I'm dying to try it out. But before I do, I'd like some outside opinions on this.

I think the combination of Spd Smoke 3 and Monstrous Bow+…

Asked by pattersteen1
6 hours 1 minute ago

So I’ve been saving orbs for the legendary banner, but at the moment I dont own a bonus unit for next weeks arena, and getting one of the new heroes would help me in tempest and arena, should I…

Asked by Ancient
6 hours 8 minutes ago

She's +def/-HP, on her way to becoming a 5 star 10 merge. Panic Ploy, Distant Defense, and Atk+ seals are already taken. Her main role as part of my Arena offense team is taking care of all blues…

Asked by kratos10987
6 hours ago

What build is best for her?

Asked by Orochi
6 hours 55 minutes ago

When fusing heroes, are there any requirements to get an stat upgrade? I mean, if i fuse a 5* with a 4* i'll get a stat upgrade for the 5*? Or it must get fused with another 5* to get it? Or maybe…

Asked by antoj2k
7 hours 55 minutes ago