Is there a reason for Brave Lyn being demoted from Tier 1 Star into Tier 1? Is the reason for this the abundance of Dragon Units or is it something new that has been discovered in the meta?

Asked by ThiefofRPG
1 hour 11 minutes ago

Is +atk/-spd or +def/-atk better for a bladetome build?

Asked by Colter
1 hour 31 minutes ago

For those who didn't see (like me), the summer banner units have been leaked! Enjoy!


Asked by soultorrent
1 hour 41 minutes ago

I don't know whether to promote my Linus or Maria (+spd -hp) to 5*. If I promote Linus then I can merge him with my other 5* Linus or I can promote Maria to add to my team. Any thoughts?

Asked by Draco
1 hour 50 minutes ago

So Ive been wanting to build a really tanky Sophia for quite a while, what do you think of her stats?


+10 merge with summoner support

Hp: 47…

3 hours 37 minutes ago

Well, like 80% anyway.
Just wanted to post that my julius could take on the entire Oliver GHB infernal with only some healing/stat boosts and a little bit of help with the last green dragon…

Asked by Sir of Coffee
3 hours 50 minutes ago

Okay this time what is your favorite dragon unit to use in heroes? Mine are Kana (M), Corrin (F), and Legendary Robin. Very simple and sweet and short but why could also be cool not that I have…

3 hours 55 minutes ago

i've read Vassal Blade's effect. do y think that phantom speed is useful?

Asked by Xillac
3 hours 59 minutes ago

I loved his character is Sacred stones but I feel IS hasn't done the man justice yet!
a flying axe dragon I feel like we already have so many candidates

Asked by Hussain
4 hours 4 minutes ago

Thinking of putting a squad of
Julius,Lyon,Hardin,Fallen Takumi
#any other substitutes

Asked by Hussain
4 hours 30 minutes ago

I'm using my merge project Nino for the first time in Arena and I've never seen so many teams with either F!Celica or Gunnthrá or both. Since Nino is easily the lowest def, highest spd unit I run…

Asked by WeekendOtaku
4 hours 39 minutes ago

So after recently 5 staring my L&D Firesweep Sword Navarre, it has inspired me to make a trash tier team. Navarre is considered one of the worst sword users so I proved everyone wrong and…

Asked by ShieldOfWind
5 hours 10 minutes ago

Yay i finally got bridal charolette after getting 2 bridal caeda, it was my yolo summon and i got her omg, shes the unit i wanted the most since i first saw her omg im so happy i just wanted to…

Asked by kimi21
5 hours 47 minutes ago

I got a new +Atk Charlotte and I've been meaning to try her out with it (staple Death Blow build)...but with a twist. She has Heavy Blade, Dragonic Aura and Wrath. It's obviously not good against…

Asked by Nogitsune
5 hours 50 minutes ago

I pulled Bridal Cordelia with +Def,-HP (Bad IVs but she's what I have). Is it worth sacrificing 5* Klein with +Atk,-Res (Optimal IVs). As Bridal Cordelia has no stat lower than Klein other than Hp…

Asked by Firepower357
6 hours 35 minutes ago

Apparently, a chinese web leaked the new artworks of the next banner. Here are the artworks and the banner:…

Asked by DarmanInigo
6 hours 42 minutes ago

Mine is +hp -spd, merged +1. I’ve had her since she first came out, but I’ve been more and more unsatisfied with that lately. I want to keep her B skill, and for A, I don’t want to give her Fury.…

Asked by kageroo
7 hours 30 minutes ago

I only want a Linde since the release day of feh but...

Asked by Nathaniel
7 hours 55 minutes ago

I've pulled a Leo the other day and he's +def-res.
I've found out that I like him, somehow he reminds me of Frieza from DBZ but, his ivs are not that great and I know Sophia is a better…

Asked by Fuyutsuki
8 hours 50 minutes ago

i rlly don't understand how does it works. can someone explain that plss?

Asked by Xillac
10 hours 8 minutes ago