Hello, I'm trying to build Zelgius. I currently have:
W: Alondite
A:Steady Breath
C:Armor March
S:Heavy Blade

Thinking to replace QR with Wrath, or…

Asked by VERSUS
2 minutes 36 seconds ago

I just got a fallen robin and celica and I was wondering if they were any good. As far as I can tell, the Robin is +Def/-Res and the celica is +Res/-HP (image below). Should I invest into these?…

Asked by jackal
6 minutes 18 seconds ago

I managed to Pull all three within 5 summons, wondering based on their IV's which one i should use and whether any are just worth trashing,

Hardin +ATK/-HP
Celica +ATK/-…

Asked by aonbgwi
18 minutes 14 seconds ago

I want to ask you people on which i should go first.

1.Go for a +10 Soleil
Idea build:+spd/-res Bravesword+,Moonbow,LND3,Desperation,Threaten spd/def,Heavy blade seal.

Asked by Makina
49 minutes 24 seconds ago

His IVs are +speed/-HP, should I even use him? I have an Effie who's trying to get a Vengeful Fighter, and without the superboon, he's not as good as my LA! Hector. I don't have a dragon team…

Asked by GGTG
1 hour ago

We are almost sure about Takumi's skills now. He's got Fury, Speed Smoke and Vengeance. His Skadi has 2 effects:
- Spd +3, allowing him to reach 40 with Fury
- At start of turn 3,…

Asked by Fumi
1 hour 17 minutes ago

I have a spare Black Knight. Should I merge it with my main BK or pass the skill for a manakete or another bulky unit?

Asked by rodrigonf
1 hour ago

Hey guys I managed to pull a Possessed Celica which unfortunately is -Atk +Def.
Also I somehow pulled a -Spd +Res Linde, whom I gave LnD3.

Do you have any idea how I could make that…

Asked by Hugo-Zinzin
1 hour 33 minutes ago

Fallen Celica -atk/+spd

Asked by MasterAnt
1 hour ago

I pulled her as soon as she was available which is awesome. However, her IV's aren't so good. +HP -Atk. Which isn't bad at all to me. I'm just confused on how to build her. I'm thinking Death Blow…

Asked by Astro
1 hour ago

Best girl?

1 hour 56 minutes ago

With his IVs, he is very tanky physically and has a better Lightning Breath to take out archers. However, I can’t say the same for his res. Should I make him even tankier physically or make him a…

2 hours 2 minutes ago

now that chill speed is inheritable, R.I.P speed demon.

Asked by gakii
2 hours 22 minutes ago

So, I got a +Hp/-Res and a +spd/-res, I'm not sure wich one to use.

Asked by 3DWaffle
2 hours ago

Got Robin. +Spd/-Res and a +Hp/-Res Sanaki and a +Hp/-Atk Boey along the way.

Are any of them salvageable?

Asked by ghw2012
2 hours ago

I went to the iv cal to check on their stats and im impress that IS made these 3 around the 170 to 190 bst mark. Out of the 3 Grima (spoilers, ok look Grima and Robin are the same otherwise Robin…

Asked by SlayerPro777
2 hours 48 minutes ago

I pulled these characters, i have 2 Fallen Celica. What is better, Neutral or +Def -Res? Merge or B Skill food?

And Grima Robin is +Res -Spd, +Res is a good boon for him?

Asked by Elpana11
2 hours 58 minutes ago

Fjorm, Gunnthrá, Laegjarn, Laevatein, Loki... I know they have to please their fanbase but Surtr was the only man introduced yet (and he's ugly as hell).
Come on IS, where are the bois ?…

Asked by Elemire
3 hours 5 minutes ago

I got Grima Robin today, who I really wanted from the banner. Sadly hes - Atk and + Res. He still gets 53 Atk with his weapon on lv 40 what still seems to be pretty high (but it would be 60 with a…

Asked by Shinchiro
3 hours 9 minutes ago

I woke up this morning to get ready for work and figured why not let's pull a few out of the Fallen Banner. Less than 70 orbs in I pulled a Hardin two grima's and a Shiro(who I did not have yet…

Asked by sherrick55
3 hours ago