Which 1 is the best for arena scoring? I thought it would be armor +1 ( i.e. fallen robin with aether) but for somehow my Nino +10 without anything special got higher scoring.... hmm

Asked by WinterMetarot
2 minutes 33 seconds ago

pulled a very confusing sherena. was hoping if i were to get a yolo sherena i would make it bladetome like nino. but sadlt she was atk+ hp- and wasnt the spd+ i was hoping for. without spd+ nino…

22 minutes 27 seconds ago

To me, having New Tellius Banner having Shinon ( maybe Tanith and Promoted Ike) makes perfect sense cause

in Chapter 18, Promoted Ike's first…

Asked by PokeTrainer43
57 minutes 38 seconds ago

Any ideas or opinions of who will be summoned? A new Legendary Hero, Halloween Henry and Jakob, and... who more?

Asked by FTWerty
57 minutes 52 seconds ago

A straightforward question. I have had a +def -spd B.Ike for quite some time and recently I got a +spd -res one.

The question is that I'm not entirely sure about which one to fodder off. I…

Asked by Guts
1 hour 16 minutes ago

Although it is gimmicky, the good thing about Chill Res is that it can reduce the effectiveness of enemy Ploys. Because they could potentially have the highest Resistance among their teammates,…

Asked by riccochet
1 hour 22 minutes ago

So I pulled a Brave Lyn from the new banner but have a really bad iv. Do I merge her with my other Lyn or inherit skills onto someone else? If inherit, which skill and to who? eg Mia or Sigurd…

Asked by TrickyZen
1 hour 45 minutes ago

So I was quite eager to build Finn, and I... I killed my Roderick.
Aside from questioning my life choices, do you guys have any recommendations for his B skill? I'm wondering about…

Asked by Spursy
2 hours 14 minutes ago

Got Sonya with +hp -atk, which kinda bites. I really don't want to force myself to sacrifice her for one of her skills, so how can I salvage her if it's possible?

Asked by SapphireSea
2 hours 27 minutes ago

I have 2 B!Ikes with +def/-spd and +res -hp IVs. I want to fodder one for steady breath and keep the other with his vanilla skillset for PVE content.
Which one should I keep?

Asked by Mit feh
3 hours 6 minutes ago

Pulled ayra with +res -hp iv, still worth to build ? If yes, any recommend to build her ?

Asked by Romy8686
3 hours ago

For a second time, I got her with (+DEF/-ATK) IVs! There's two paths I was thinking of taking:

Wo dao+/Firesweep Sword+, flashing blade + regnal astra
Ayra's blade, life and…

Asked by Kizana
3 hours ago

For infantry Ephraim, which 1 would u choose? Need some help coz I need to boost my arena scoring by changing a unit now since new Olwen got very low BST and I got Ephraim +1 (which I forgot about…

Asked by WinterMetarot
4 hours ago

I was messing around on a unit builder and created this monstrosity. Forgive me, please...

Also, this is with TT buffs, just a heads up.

Asked by CozmicKoala
4 hours 17 minutes ago

Hey guys, I managed to pull a Deirdre on today's banner.
She's +SPD/-HP, my first Deirdre is +Atk/-SPD. I presume the new one is better so I'm currently training her, but do you think it's…

Asked by Hugo-Zinzin
5 hours 51 minutes ago

I plan on merging my eirika, she is going to be buffed by tactics in my team.
The best ivs i got are -hp +spd and -hp +atk
Which one is the best for Eirika?

Asked by sfeli
6 hours 28 minutes ago

Hey guys, I came back to this game after quite a long time and I'm pretty surprised with how much they actually improved the number of weapons we can refine. That leads me to my question: Which…

Asked by Guts
6 hours 32 minutes ago

I was saving for the legendary banner (73 orbs) but this boost banner just to good to pass up since im currently merging all these units but it was worth it
2 sonyas
1 ayra

Asked by antsims93
6 hours 35 minutes ago

Got pity broken by +spd/-def Luke right off the bat, 15 orbs, on the combat boost banner. Like what do I even do with what might be the worst red unit summonable at 5* post the massive 3*-4*…

6 hours ago

So i just got a +atk -spd Normal Olwen, any build suggestions guys?

Asked by Lyndis7372
6 hours 51 minutes ago