Every skill is now inheritable, so it every weapon and every special... give it to me, what's the most broken busted set you can think of
Vassals Blade
Future Vision

Asked by edo5990
40 minutes 53 seconds ago

Which one do you think is better, +Atk/+Spd for Lon'qu? Both are -Res.

Asked by dark_fliers
42 minutes 52 seconds ago

I only have one Hector and I don´t know who is a better candidate to DC, -Def+Res Summer Tiki or +Res -HP Halloween Myrrh. I want to know what do you think. Thanks for your answers.

Asked by Luigisinki
43 minutes 29 seconds ago

Whats the best build for Alfonse or Legion at 5* that won't cost me high value 5*? I need their bonus for arena scoring

Asked by jellyson
1 hour ago

So with over 500 dew, I opted to finally refine Neph's lance as well as used my remaining coins to upgrade the Darting Stance seal. But now I'm thinking of giving her a breath, Fierce or Steady?…

1 hour 30 minutes ago

I have a +Atk -Def Halloween Mia. She currently has Witchy Wand+ (Wrathful), Attack +3, Dazzling Staff 3, Hone Fliers 3, and Live to Serve 3. I'm open to other combinations of seals and C-Slot,…

Asked by Blackdrakon30
1 hour 40 minutes ago

So my build is:

+Def forged Folkvangr
Dual Rally
Brazen Atk/Def
Drive buff
Close Def 3

I am currently in Great Summoner tier, but…

Asked by riccochet
1 hour 55 minutes ago

As a preface, I want to recognize that there are different ways of playing arena defense; some people do some deceptively dangerous wary fighter stuff and charge up +10 ignis on Sheena or…

Asked by Seeker
2 hours 3 minutes ago

I don't have any Wifi and the 1200+ GB update time for Heroes is a bitch and a half with my data :/
Need to know because I want those sweet rewards before they go.

Asked by ShieldOfWind
2 hours ago

But with just over 500 divine dew, the new Darting Stance seal (haven't upgraded it yet but I have just enough coins to), and the extra resources for this was contemplating giving this to my +atk…

2 hours 16 minutes ago

1. Zero in game counter towards event progression

2. First round started at the worst time possible during dead game period

3. During the first round they had to implementon a cop…

Asked by badmrslappy
2 hours 35 minutes ago

So i used my free summon to get an extra B!Ephraim and was wondering who to give it to:
Halloween Myrrh
Valentine Hector

Asked by Demigami
2 hours 40 minutes ago

I've been wanting to build a F!Corrin built strictly as a defensive wall/debuffer.

So far I have:
+Spd, -Res
Dark Breath, Def refine
A - Brazen Atk/Def, at…

Asked by Kuribabylon52
2 hours 59 minutes ago

Drew a -Spd OG Lyn (+Res) makes 6 nonfocus 5* now. Ready for this bad luck streak to end.

Asked by Dan
3 hours ago

Like it feels like it matches pretty well honestly. But I still need to find a good accessory to put on her? The glasses look nice but my Micaiah is already using them so I'm torn.

3 hours 8 minutes ago

I just upgraded my +Atk, -HP Fir to 5 star and gave her Nameless Blade. Any recommendations for budget sets? Or just go with the standard Fury, Desperation combo with Iceberg as her Special for…

3 hours 9 minutes ago

...and he’s +HP -RES. It doesn’t seem too bad to me...but also doesn’t look anything amazing. Kinda feels like having a neutral unit. Any suggestions what to do with him?
Close Def is very…

Asked by 13shion
3 hours ago

Thinking of running winter Lissa like
Handbell(Res) DC/Bold/QR

Asked by Hussain
4 hours 52 minutes ago

Brave axe+
glimmer(Instant proc with BF)/galeforce
A- Death blow 3
B- Bold fighter
C- Hone armor/armor march(When i pull a pity breaker Amelia :)
D-Attack +3/QP/…

Asked by Hussain
4 hours 54 minutes ago

So hit 20k feathers for the first time since max merging my Catria. And now my arena core is basically max out on merges, Micaiah's only +6 but she's 5* locked so saving feathers for her is…

4 hours 57 minutes ago