So I'm overall quite disappointed with both.
They didn't fix the problem the game has, like summoning pool or the game becoming stale and repetitive.
Mythic heroes seems like them…

Asked by Yezzo97
1 minute 44 seconds ago

I like to chose ally supports making fitting couples. I also like to give blessings according, as much as I can, to their original games.

First thing first, these new blessings ruined my…

Asked by Ivanorion
11 minutes 33 seconds ago

If you put a mythic blessing on a hero, they will never gain bonus stats outside AR. It's a trade-off.

Which, again, is a slight nudge to get people to whale even harder because now you "…

Asked by Seeker
16 minutes 57 seconds ago

I am so pleased Ogma has finally gotten a refine, and a really good one at that imo. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to how to build him around his new refine? I was initially…

Asked by HeyItsDrew
18 minutes 28 seconds ago

Wait until beast units mechanics reveal to make major foddering decisions? Because as much as it's going to be another groan, there's probably significant merit to this point.

Asked by Seeker
20 minutes 8 seconds ago

Fuck Hel.

Asked by Pizzaguy
26 minutes 11 seconds ago

Finally pulled a +Spd -Def Eir, now the real question this has been the best summon session I've ever had while sniping a single color.... Do I continue and try to get that sweet +10 or start…

Asked by GVader
31 minutes 18 seconds ago

Hey, so with the new mechanisms I am reorganizing my offense team, and my idea is to just have my +10 DC/Iotes Shield Camilla enemyphase the whole team. With summoner support she will have 46/56/…

Asked by Selas
32 minutes 35 seconds ago

Jokes aside, I was fortunately able to get an eir from the banner, with +att-hp ivs.
While not a serious aether raid player and being a f2p player, I wonder if I should inherit her B skill…

33 minutes 10 seconds ago

Is my phone hacked or is there any game mechanic, that may show this information?

Asked by mudyez
53 minutes 30 seconds ago

I don't want to hold on this Surtr with the worst IVs ever (+Spd -Atk)....

Asked by riccochet
53 minutes 56 seconds ago

So I'm glad my +10 Catria finally got a prf. And the refine effect is good, however, my current arena core is Ares (+6), Catria (+10), and Micaiah (+8). So it doesn't really help sadly. I mean I…

54 minutes 50 seconds ago

Thank god, I wasn't effected on this new update BS that came out.
Nothing new, nothing to talk about.
*That's just a joke*

Asked by Lain
56 minutes 35 seconds ago

So regarding her death yes it was sad, yes I felt horrible, but at the end of the day it made me more intrigued to see what Alfonse would do afterward. Usually the Parental figures die, but this…

Asked by Kaia
1 hour ago

Everyone that has been paying attention to my post/comments knows I wanted to save my orbs for when A.F.Corrin came back..... and well I kinda like Eir so I caved and pulled.... after 180 orbs got…

Asked by GVader
1 hour ago

both have -HP bane. Which boon would be more helpful in the long run?? I can't decide

Asked by Neprezi
1 hour ago

Where's the bowstring...?

Asked by meh boi
1 hour 8 minutes ago

Kinda wanted to share what I've come up with for the builds of these two.

These are the most appealing for me to build.

I'll post my reasoning here, but the builds below. So you can…

Asked by Sir of Coffee
1 hour 13 minutes ago

Basically don’t enter a battle without Eir since she boosts lift. Otherwise your missing out on points. Should probably use those free stones we got and add her to all offense teams?

Asked by MiThiKaL
1 hour 19 minutes ago

So many of the units which are already blessed now will be re-blessed with the new blessings, making the original blessings wasted. :(

Asked by mudyez
1 hour 35 minutes ago