This site kinda forgot this skill. haven't seen it mentioned at all in any build lately. (considering to make Berkut a destroyer ;) )

Asked by Dunras Thul
6 minutes 51 seconds ago

Alternating between 19-20 and since i've yet to see a succesfull defense.
Even tried to optimize by not putting a bonus Unit.
Tried the Big ass merged Horse emblem.
Tried the…

Asked by nerebane
3 hours 26 minutes ago

any news on upcoming events or banner? Thought I read a week ago or so that IS wanted to release stuff which is going to follow soon.
(It's also a question of saving orbs xD)

Asked by Dunras Thul
4 hours 15 minutes ago

I got a bad HP+ Def- 5 star Catria with a Def+ Res- Delthea (bummer) should I give her Killer Lance to my Spd+ Res- Est?

Asked by longth
5 hours 7 minutes ago

Both of them have really good IVs; Takumi is +Atk/-Def and S!Gaius is +Atk/-Res. I have one 5* Klein, so I can inherit Death Blow 3 and Brave Bow+ onto one of them.

Takumi has better…

Asked by Infinite99
5 hours 13 minutes ago

I just got FUCKING CELICA while using my orbs to try and get Leo in the new banner. I was shocked because I wanted her so bad when she first arrived. Thank you RNG for this blessing.

So her…

Asked by Rein
6 hours 15 minutes ago

I've wanted a Nowi for a while. I just checked the IVs on my only one (4*) and turns out she is -atk and +def. Is she worth investing into? I know -atk is less than desirable but will TA help fix…

Asked by zaphkiel
6 hours 48 minutes ago

Which is the best special trigger for this person c:?

Asked by GenXD
8 hours 22 minutes ago

who has gotten this? I personally feel you should always get feathers from units and it shouldn't cap at 2000.

Notable skills: Dire Thunder, Blarblade+, Reposition, Moonbow, Icerberg, Fury…

Asked by Amaterasu
8 hours 50 minutes ago

Think we'll get
Rowan, Lianna, Darius, Yelena, and children units?

Would love to see Morgan^^^^ And if you couldn't tell I love flashing this picture whenever i possibly can xp

Asked by Amaterasu
10 hours ago

I pulled a -attack/+def hinoka still i Need her for flier emblem (i got Cordelia too but not 5 star)
A +Speed/-res sheeena 4 star i won't use her much but She and zephiel are the most closer…

Asked by WrathBlow
13 hours 53 minutes ago

I hate the aesthetics of the Ruby Sword especially on Palla because it's so big and clunky so I'm thinking of giving her Silver Sword from Laslow and Iote's shield. Should I? I saw Yamada Kotara (…

Asked by longth
14 hours ago

I just pulled +atk/-res nino, should I give her DB 3 from my Hawkeye? I'm ftp and tbh I like the speed from LnD/fury better I think?

Or should I up my -atk reindhart to 5* and give it to…

Asked by Phantomal
14 hours 14 minutes ago

I don't know if I want to merge my Sonya's together, but if I decide to I'm debating on with one to keep, I have a +ATK -RES and a +SPD -HP. With moonbow charged and Dark Excalibur, I've been able…

Asked by parkermasko
15 hours 21 minutes ago

At last I got a good Cherche (-Hp +Atk), so I'm looking forward for that Death Blow-Brave Axe combo but right now I don't have a Death Blow 3 fodder just DB 2, is that enough for her or should I…

Asked by jorgalro95
15 hours 44 minutes ago

Do you think defiant skills would see any use if they triggered at 75% HP (the same way Desperation and Vantage do) instead of 50% HP?

I personally think I might have considered using some…

17 hours 3 minutes ago

I love this game; I really enjoy it, but I am so close, close as the distance between your fingers and the keyboards, to uninstall the game because I freakin hate arena. I hate it as much as Satan…

Asked by Fabustachio
18 hours 21 minutes ago

I summoned a spd+/HP- four star Fae, and I was wondering if she was worth upgrading, or should I wait until I get a better one?

Asked by sarah_385
18 hours 43 minutes ago

I have Camus, Xander, Berkut, +Res -HP Cecilia, +Spd -Atk Cecilia, Ursula and +Spd -HP Eliwood. I have 7 Jagens for Fortify Cav. and 1 Gunter for Hone Cav.

Asked by Corrinel
19 hours 18 minutes ago