So, these maps are fantastic for leveling units, and I'm wondering if they get reduced EXP for repeated runs because I had 3 5* units around level 5, and after running through the maps in this…

47 minutes 53 seconds ago

I think we can all appreciate the effort and dedication in the artwork that goes into this game, who's your personal favourite? Mines Hinokas :P

Asked by Senpai
56 minutes 55 seconds ago

I see everyone keeps mentioning they are building a certain character for the TT but where was that information released? and what are the 40% and 20% units going to be?

Asked by Leorio
1 hour ago

Finally pulled a bonus unit for the upcoming tempest trials, and it ended up to be a +HP/-SPD Oscar. Although the stats may be bad, are there any prefered builds/skills for him?

Asked by Alistair720
1 hour 34 minutes ago

Good news (for me). I was starting to feel a bit nervous with all the Wrathful Black Luna hype but I ran the calculations and it looks like mano-e-mano I'll be fine. The supreme physical wall that…

Asked by Kaihaku
1 hour 47 minutes ago

So, as I was trying to get Elincia and Nephenee, I ended up getting a 5 Star Nowi with aforementioned IV spread. What do I do with this? Is it good or bad? Idk.
The only benefit I see to…

Asked by Astro
2 hours ago

Ok this is like the fifth time Ninian has been on a banner and I have tried to exclusively go for any blue orbs and every single time I get above 4% I usually end up getting Effie or Catria. This…

Asked by Nightofslash
2 hours 30 minutes ago

First one I've pulled, been looking for her for a while however this iv seems suboptimal. 27 speed and 23 res just gets slaughtered by mages, especially Reinhardt. Does she have any other use…

Asked by Bobster1
2 hours 45 minutes ago

I just stumbled on the fact that the pity rate for summoning a 5* was different on each banner. Has that always been the case? I wish I'd known that sooner, I wonder how many banners I let expire…

Asked by Leorio
3 hours 3 minutes ago

Hi, I'm looking to fill the blue spot in my flier team and am trying to decide between a Valter or Cordelia.

I already have an Elincia and Cherche with Death Blow and Hit & Run and…

Asked by Floetry
3 hours ago

So I've been building a pretty good +atk/-hp 4* Effie in anticipation of BK, already gave her Brave Lance+. Just yolo pulled a +def/-hp 5* one from the DB3 banner since there were no colorless. I…

Asked by CASantos
4 hours 7 minutes ago

I was inspired by Strategistmaster's daring attempt to pull an Ike with his 250+ orbs on the TT banner (watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PcH61tOuds) and I happened to get my first…

Asked by Minnie
5 hours 1 minute ago

I've been sitting on a neutral Luke for about a month now. I have so many reds it makes sense to use him as Panic Ploy fodder. My original plan was to give it to Fae, but she's been relegated to…

Asked by Cav829
6 hours ago

So I've got a team consisting of an Elincia +Def -HP, Catria +Atk -HP, Minerva +Spd -Res, S!Camila +Def -Atk and would appreciate advice on improving or perfecting this team. I have yet to spend…

Asked by ace_cp
6 hours ago

Here are my main cavalry units (hence two neutral B!Lyns and a nice Peri ATK+/DEF- but just let's forget about them for a second):

Cain RES+/DEF-
Reinhardt ATK+/HP…

Asked by mudyez
7 hours 14 minutes ago

I summoned a Skinny Draug on a horse (Luke), and it turns out he is +HP -ATK. Should I keep him or Fodder him?

My current red 5*:
Gray (+Def -Atk)
Athena (+Spd -HP)

Asked by ShiningLugia
7 hours 31 minutes ago

With the orbs we got from the Warriors banner, I decided to do one last summon. I went in, and well...this happened!

There’s +ATK -SPD and +HP -SPD. Bad banes, but well...I can’t really…

Asked by lilacshadows
7 hours 37 minutes ago

After countless summoning sessions of mainly getting Draug (And Fir), I summoned on the tempest trials banner, and summoned a skinny Draug on a horse. Is this a coincidence, or is the game…

Asked by ShiningLugia
7 hours 54 minutes ago

the worst IV I could get I know. Is there a viable build for her?

Asked by longth
7 hours ago

Any idea if i can use her somehow? Quad build is out of the window, but is there anything else?

Asked by ZekeSinner
8 hours 29 minutes ago