ss!tiki, myrrh, ayra, karla, or someone else. I got an off banner hector. I could also give dc to an arena merge project, but don't think I will

Asked by callcth
1 minute 18 seconds ago

So, I've decided that I'm going to build Priscilla up to +10 so that I can lead with her for Rival Domains / Grand Conquest and have another Dazzling Staff user for Arena Assault alongside my…

Asked by Master NaCl
4 minutes 32 seconds ago

So my current merge project is Lukas, he’s currently at +5. So I’m wondering what unit I should choose for my next project (not another blue unit, and preferably a unit that has decent enough BST…

Asked by Perjutsu545
4 minutes 44 seconds ago

Xander: Weapon: Siegfried. Assist: Reposition. Special: Bonfire
A - Distant Def 3 / Close Def 3
B - Swordbreaker
C - Hone Cavalry
S - Distant Def 3
Reinhardt: Dire…

Asked by Arckiel
30 minutes 19 seconds ago

Currently doing a merge project with Chrom and is used as a core asset for my arena team providing dual Tactics, he's currently +HP -Spd, but I recently pulled a +Def -Res one which can really…

Asked by LJ
37 minutes 54 seconds ago

Hi guys, I just got pitybroken by Shigure (+ATK -DEF) while looking for more Hardins in the Fighter skills banner. I have a 4* (+SPD -RES) in case building him is the best choice.


Asked by locombc
38 minutes 46 seconds ago

So,I decided to do a +10 Mae And I Thinked to Merge only + Atk Or +Spd One, so I Can give her L&D.
Do You Have Any Suggest?

Asked by Cartamoneta
1 hour 6 minutes ago

This is somewhat of a new concept for me. I keep seeing people ask about their teams...and I don't think I ever thought about team compositions, aside from your character and a potential support…

Asked by Nogitsune
1 hour 10 minutes ago

Any suggestions or changes I should make?

Asked by Lazerpants
1 hour 49 minutes ago

Devil has gotten into me, and I gave some love to her. The +12 on Atk and Spd is awesome. Hope that someday I can get a +spd Lucina.

Any idea for Special? I inherited Glimmer due to the…

Asked by Ryusaiga
1 hour 51 minutes ago

So I summoned a Summer Tiki a while back and think now it's time to build her and put her on my dragon team. With Joshua in the latest tempest trials, do you think I should put Windsweep 3 on her…

Asked by Civil
2 hours ago

Is he worth using or should he be fodder? I know he's monstrously good, but that is a pretty bad IV. Is it salvagable, or should I use him as Vengeful food?

2 hours 18 minutes ago

I just got hoshidan summer Micaiah and she's +Res/-Atk...

what should i do whit her?

Asked by Fouffy
2 hours 37 minutes ago
Asked by Nogitsune
2 hours 49 minutes ago

So I have a H!Henry that I really haven't used, and considering foddering off for Armor March. I'm considering giving it either to BK or Hardin (both have Ward Armor currently), so which one would…

Asked by Blaze240
4 hours ago

Is reposition or pivot the better choice? This is my second character build (today's my 10th day in the game), so I'm still trying to figure everything out. I just heard from people that she is a…

Asked by IanHavoc
4 hours 12 minutes ago

She just had to mention this now I wish we also got a dancing Sothe alt. Who wouldn't want to see that midriff dancing?

4 hours 26 minutes ago

Which option ? I didn't counted 17 neither 27

A or b?

Asked by rubemartur
4 hours 29 minutes ago

My main team Ayra, Robin (M), B!Ike, and B!Lyn. I’m think of replacing Lyn. Should I replace her with B!Cordelia or L!Lucina or keep her?

Asked by MasterAnt
4 hours 35 minutes ago